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Whether you’re brand new to astrology, or more seasoned, our online digital astrology course library has something to offer you. Special topic courses include Your Soul Purpose, Do Your Saturn, Astrology of Relationships, Shamanic Astrology and more.

Astrology Courses for Every Level!

LEVEL 1 You're a complete newbie! You're very interested but don't know much beyond your Sun sign.
LEVEL 2 – You're beginning to grasp your chart beyond your sun sign: moon, rising/ascendent, and other planets like Mars, Venus, etc.
LEVEL 3 – You're learning how to read your chart and understand houses and aspects.
LEVEL 4 – You have a good grasp on how to read your chart and you're starting to look at other people’s charts and synastry.
LEVEL 5 – You are a pro at chart reading, regularly reading other people’s charts and synastry between charts.

Featured Astrology Course

Astrology Foundations Level 2 w/ Master Astrologer Rick Levine.



Astrology Foundations Level 1 was one of the biggest highlights of 2020 for us and many of our students. We are SO excited to have Master Astrologer Rick Levine back for another course to go even deeper into the skills needed to confidently translate the language of light.

💫 Inside Astrology Foundations Level 2, you’ll not only learn to read charts for yourself and others...

💫 You’ll gain a new perspective on nodes, transits, and aspects and how they impact a reading.

💫 You’ll learn how to work with outer planetary cycles and understand the magic of repeating cycles.

💫 You’ll discover how to weave mythology and storytelling into your chart reading to gain even deeper insights.

💫 And you’ll begin to acquire the tools needed to work as a professional astrologer down the line (if you so choose!).

More Astrology Courses

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Eclipse Mastery Astrology Program


Eclipses are an opportunity to look into a mirror at our own consciousness and transcend old ideas and limiting beliefs. In this 6 week training, you’ll learn about the deeper meaning behind eclipses and what they portend about our future. Discover how to use karmic eclipse triggers to shift your…

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Do Your Saturn


“Everybody has a Saturn in their chart, and where you find him you find purpose – why you're here in this life at this time.”- ANNE ORTELEE

In this 4+ hour self-paced workshop you'll learn how to work with your natal Saturn by understanding Saturn's strengths and weaknesses through the signs and houses.

Find Your Ideal Work, Ground Your Energy & Overcome Your Blocks To Mastery with the “Do Your Saturn” workshop!

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Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle


Learn Astrology in Community with the Masters & Transform Your Life in The Process!

Working With Jupiter Cycles

Working with Jupiter Cycles w/ Anne Ortelee


Are you interested in understanding what Jupiter Cycle you’re currently in, and what that says about the stage of life you are experiencing? In Working with Jupiter Cycles, predictive astrologer, and Astrology Hub favorite, Anne Ortelee guides you through a method to understand the Ages of Jupiter by looking at…

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The Pluto Generations


Learn how the influence of Pluto is specifically relevant to your individual life, and discover how to use the secrets Pluto reveals in your chart to become empowered and live the life you are destined to live. Understand Pluto's placement in your chart and what that says about your unconscious…

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Secrets of the Zodiac


Secrets of The Zodiac Online Astrology Course. Are you interested in the language of astrology but don’t know where to start? This foundation course makes it easy for you to begin your education by introducing you to each sign of the Zodiac and its opposition pair. In this audio course…

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Astrology Foundations w/ Master Astrologer, Rick Levine


A 5 Week Online Course on The Zodiac Signs, Planets, Houses, Aspect & The Astrological Chart. This is the only time Rick is teaching his approach to Astrology in decades! Rick brings years of studies and experience, making this a one of a kind opportunity to learn from one of the…

shamanic astrology training w/ Donna Woodwell

Shamanic Astrology


Over the course of 12 modules in Shamanic Astrology Training, you’ll learn about each of the planets through lessons and guided meditations, so that you can harness each planet’s unique energy to step into your power and heal your deepest wounds. Discover how to use the planets to access new…

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Health Secrets of The Planets


In this class, Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron Allen will help you learn about the interconnection of humans & planets in Nature. By realigning your connection to nature, you can understand how to properly nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Cameron connects the planets, plants, our organ systems, as well as the four elements and how they relate to polarity, tissue states within our bodies, and more.

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Health Secrets of The Zodiac


In his career as an Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron supports people to become sovereign in their health and healing practices, based on what's right for them, encoded in their chart… And in this one of a kind course, Health Secrets of the Zodiac, you'll learn about the herbs, crystals, plants and salts that correlate with your astrological blueprint, and your body.

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The Complete Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose


The Complete Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose is a deep-dive education into the Mars-Sun cycle and its 13 phases, and how to delineate them for individual embodiment of our Sacred Masculine in service to our shared, collective evolution. Adam Gainsburg is the originator of the Mars Cycle & Phases and owner…

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The Astrology of Relationships


In this in-depth workshop, you’ll explore how astrology can improve your relationships and help you create more harmony with the people you love. You’ll learn what to look for in your charts to find areas of compatibility, and potential relationship challenges, through synastry and composite techniques. You’ll develop a deep…

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Mastery Class Vault 2019


Have you ever wondered about working with Mercury’s cycles, how to incorporate the Nakshatras into your work with Astrology, or how to work with Venus for a more fulfilled and aligned life? You’ll learn that and so much more when you unlock the Mastery Class Vault. The Vault gives you…

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Your Soul Purpose


Discover how your astrological chart reveals your unique Soul Purpose during this 7-week course. If you aren’t sure which direction in life you should go in, or you’re searching for meaning or purpose, this is the course for you. Your astrology chart provides a blueprint for your soul that has…