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Whether you’re brand new to astrology, or more seasoned, our online digital astrology course library has something to offer you. Special topic courses include Your Soul Purpose, Do Your Saturn, Astrology of Relationships, Introduction to Astrological Magic and more.

We Have An Astrology Online Course for Every Level!

LEVEL 1 You're a complete newbie! You're very interested but don't know much beyond your Sun sign.
LEVEL 2 – You're beginning to grasp your astrological chart beyond your sun sign: moon, rising/ascendent, and other planets like Mars, Venus, etc.
LEVEL 3 – You're learning how to read your natal chart and understand houses and aspects.
LEVEL 4 – You have a good grasp on how to read your chart and you're starting to look at other people’s charts and synastry.
LEVEL 5 – You are a pro at birth chart reading, regularly reading other people’s charts and synastry between charts.

Online Astrology Courses

Your Astrological Initiation 1

Your Astrological Initiation w/ Richard Tarnas & Becca Tarnas


Practical Guidance for Using Astrology to Best Serve Yourself, Others, and the World

In this 4-Hour Exclusive Workshop, powerhouse father/daughter duo Richard Tarnas & Becca Tarnas will teach you everything you need to know to approach the practice of astrology respectfully and responsibly whether you’re applying astrological guidance in your own life, researching historical patterns, or preparing to offer readings to your community.

Step Away From The 7th House w Christopher Renstrom

Synastry: Step Away From The 7th House w/ Christopher Renstrom


There’s more to understanding astrological compatibility than just looking at the 7th house…

The Seventh House has been the predominant signature for relationships in astrology; in this Mastery Class, Christopher Renstrom will show you there’s much more to chart compatibility than just one house.

FWS Health Wealth Fulfillment Judith Workshop

The 12 Zodiac Signs in Medical Astrology: Bodily Rulerships, Functions, and Symptomology with Judith Hill


Unlock the unique coding of your Zodiac Sign as it relates to your body and physical health, with Judith Hill’s transformative workshop on “The 12 Zodiac Signs in Medical Astrology.” In this workshop, you’ll gain profound insights into the physical strengths and weaknesses associated with each zodiac sign, allowing you to optimize your well-being and overall health (and support your loved ones with the same!).

Astrolocality with Gemini Brett

The Philosophy & Techniques of Astrolocality w/ Gemini Brett


What you’ll get:

  • 3-Part course on Astrolocality in video, transcript, and audio format
  • Pre-recorded Q&A
  • Study Notes for all 3 parts
  • BONUS: 4 Bonus instructional videos to learn how to cast astromaps and relocated maps on astro.com


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Health Secrets of The Zodiac w/ Cameron Allen


In his career as an Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron supports people to become sovereign in their health and healing practices, based on what’s right for them, encoded in their chart… And in this one of a kind course, Health Secrets of the Zodiac, you’ll learn about the herbs, crystals, plants and salts that correlate with your astrological blueprint, and your body.

Astrology Course Ruling Planets

Ruling Planets for Unruly Times w/ Christopher Renstrom


If your chart was a book, who would be the main character? All ten major planets factor into your chart, but one of them is extra special… The most important planet in your chart is YOUR RULING PLANET, which is like your personal celestial guide through the ups and downs…

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Astrology Foundations Level 1 w/ Master Astrologer Rick Levine


A 5 Week Online Course on The Zodiac Signs, Planets, Houses, Aspect & The Astrological Chart.

This is the only time Rick is teaching his approach to Astrology in decades! Rick brings years of studies and experience, making this a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from one of the leading Master Astrologers in the industry!


Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle: GROW


Are you ready to make Astrology a part of your daily life without feeling like it’s yet another thing you have to do? Introducing our brand new Inner Circle Membership Tier dedicated to helping you align your life with the cosmic rhythm in light, easy, practical ways.

inner circle EXPAND 2

Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle: EXPAND


Learn Astrology in Community with the Masters & Transform Your Life in The Process!

If you’ve been yearning to dive into your Astrological studies with a consistent support system and trustworthy teachers… If you’d love to have a place to ask questions and get feedback from a community of Astrology Students…

Synastry 1

Synastry & Relationship Charts with Wendy Stacey


Mastery Class: Synastry & Relationship Charts with Wendy Stacey

Wendy Stacey teaches you how to compare two (or more!) charts to better understand how the planets, signs and houses align.

The Cosmic Calendar

The Cosmic Calendar w/ Christopher Renstrom


Turn your birth chart into a personal calendar & get in sync with your best life!

In this 3-week course with world-renowned Astrologer and Historian Christopher Renstrom, you’ll learn the powerful system he’s developed to help you create your own personalized calendar that will help you align to your natural rhythms and reach your goals. 

CREH CourseCatalog

Chart Reading Extravaganza: Harmonic Aspects with Rick Levine


Tap into the magic of harmonic aspects and gain invaluable chart reading skills from a living legend in astrology!

Master Astrologer Rick Levine will show you how to take your chart work to the next level using harmonic aspects through student reading demonstrations, interpretation explanations, and instructions. Rick will open each session with a short technique overview and then dive into four student chart readings, giving you a window into the chart reading process and how to incorporate the magic of harmonic aspects into your own study!

FWS Health Wealth Fulfillment Bundle Graphic

The Health, Wealth, and Fulfillment Workshop Series w/ Judith Hill, Mychal Bryan and Georgia Stathis


You can learn to decode this for yourself by joining the Health, Wealth and Fulfillment Workshop Series featuring 3 master astrology teachers. In this workshop series, you will experience 3-weeks of back-to-back workshops including a 2 hour teaching and 90 minute prerecorded Q&A, focused on chart reading techniques that will help you overcome financial roadblocks, optimize your health, and find more fulfillment in your life.

You’ll also get to learn from 3 legendary teachers who have over 100 years of collective experience!

FWS Health Wealth Fulfillment Georgia Workshop

Decoding Your Chart to Overcome Your Blocks to Abundance with Georgia Stathis


Learn about the planets, rulers and aspects that impact your prosperity… and how to work with them, not against them!

Do you struggle getting traction in your financial life? Would you love to feel truly prosperous in the fullness of that word? And do your financial goals feel constantly out of reach? There’s answers for you in your astrological chart, and Georgia will help you find them!

FWS Health Wealth Fulfillment Mychal Workshop

Finding Fulfillment in your Natal Chart with Mychal Bryan


A Traditional Astrology Approach for Discovering Your Unique Path and Living it to the Fullest…

We often waste precious time pursuing things in our life that will not lead to the deep sense of fulfillment we all crave. This workshop holds a unique opportunity to master Mychal Bryan’s signature system, drawing from Traditional Astrology, for uncovering your soul and psyche within the chart. The techniques and perspectives you’ll learn will help you find your path to clarity, fulfillment, and peace in life.

AFMAR2 1 1

The Astrology Foundations Bundle w/ Rick Levine


Course Bundle: The Astrology Foundations Bundle w/ Rick Levine

Join Rick Levine in this Astrology Course Bundle where he takes you through the foundations of his method of interpreting birth charts and how he translates the language of the stars in a cohesive and tactful way.

Astrology Foundations w/ Rick Levine Level 3

Astrology Foundations Level 3 w/ Master Astrologer Rick Levine


Learn the magic of quintiles, septiles, and other harmonic aspects! If you’ve studied astrology at all, you’re probably familiar with a few aspects like trines, squares, oppositions, sextiles… But did you know that there are MANY more aspects you can read in an astrological chart? Like quintiles, septiles, quincunxes and…

Intro to Astrological Magic Donna Woodwell

Intro to Astrological Magic (f.k.a Shamanic Astrology) w/ Donna Woodwell


Over the course of 12 modules in your Intro to Astrological Magic, you’ll learn about each of the planets through lessons and guided meditations, so that you can harness each planet’s unique energy to step into your power and heal your deepest wounds. Discover how to use the planets to…

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Virgo & Pisces: The Sacred In Everyday w/ Nadiya Shah


By taking the Virgo & Pisces: The Sacred In Everyday w/ Nadiya Shah online astrology course, you’ll start to understand what drives someone’s daily routine as well as their unconscious habits by looking at the signs on the 6th and 12th house cups, and what planets reside in those houses. Nadiya also guides you on how to interpret Virgo & Pisces in a chart, even if you don’t have any planets there, as well as her take on intercepted houses. 

Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers w/ Gemini Brett

Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers with Gemini Brett



Have you always felt enchanted by the night sky?

Are you curious about how the movements in the sky correlate with what you see in the astrological chart… and how this impacts your interpretations? 

If so, you’re invited on a journey into sacred space with our latest course, Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers, Level 1!

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Love Among Elements w/ Christopher Renstrom


Love and relationships can be complicated… but Astrology can help.

In this online course, Astrologer Christopher Renstrom teaches you how the elemental makeup of natal charts can explain the dynamics within any relationship. While this class dives into compatibility in the astrology chart, it also teaches how the four elements support and limit each other and why that’s important to ensure a happy, long-lasting partnership.

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Do Your Saturn w/ Anne Ortelee


“Everybody has a Saturn in their chart, and where you find him you find purpose – why you’re here in this life at this time.”- ANNE ORTELEE

In this 4+ hour self-paced workshop you’ll learn how to work with your natal Saturn by understanding Saturn’s strengths and weaknesses through the signs and houses.

Find Your Ideal Work, Ground Your Energy & Overcome Your Blocks To Mastery with the “Do Your Saturn” workshop!

Astrology Courses Bundle

The Mastery Class Vault: Volume 3


Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 12 Astrology Courses with 20+ hours of pre-recorded astrology classes in video, audio, & transcript format ($564 value)
  • Pre-recorded Q&A sessions for each class ($324 value)
  • Downloadable study notes for every class ($324 value)

TOTAL value: $1,212
YOUR price today: $897

A Holistic Approach to the Astrological Houses Cameron Allen Astrology Hub

A Holistic Approach to the Astrological Houses w/ Cameron Allen


A holistic view of the houses to enrich your astrological perspective

In this Mastery Class, Cameron Allen brings you a holistic perspective of the houses beyond any one astrological tradition so you can begin to understand the houses from an all-encompassing lens.