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PUMP ME UP! (May 23-29)

Mars enters Aries on May 24th where it will join Jupiter for the next six weeks. In fact Mars conjoins Jupiter on May 29th, making this an auspicious start for any launch, ask, or daring move you have in mind. The general rule for these planetary energies is the more audacious, the better. That's because Jupiter stokes the flames of passion and excitement while Mars is famous for pushing the envelope and taking risks. It's not for the typically faint of heart, but it may be a time when the faint of heart show off what they're truly made of – much to the consternation of bullies, cynics, and know-it-alls. Be on guard against going overboard – especially when it comes to changing the minds of people who aren't in agreement with you. Aggressive isn't the same as assertive and understanding the difference between these two approaches is paramount to your future success. You don't want to turn into a steamroller.

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You may not encounter a burning bush on May 29th, but it will still feel like you are getting a sign from above to head off in a bold new direction. These sorts of revelations are to be expected when Mars conjoins Jupiter, the planet of higher purpose, in Aries. This could materialize as an unexpected job offer, an extraordinary opportunity, or a call to arms. You may be tempted to opt-out because it will upset the order of your life, but you probably don’t have much say in the matter. When Mars and Jupiter come calling then the only answer is to answer.



Everyone is called upon to reinvent themselves at some time in their lives and your call will come this week. It’s clear that you’re struggling with all the changes that are going on around you. As people increase their pace, you appear to be slowing yours - perhaps even deliberately. It’s important to know that the same old, same old just won’t cut it anymore so there’s nothing to be gained by burying your head in the sand. However you are also more creative and resourceful than you give yourself credit for and this sort of initiative only comes out when push comes to shove.



You can always talk your boss into giving you a promotion or go out and find another job if you want, but the root of your dissatisfaction may stem from the feeling that you aren’t really doing what you were meant to do. The Sun/Jupiter sextile on Monday will act like a calling card from your higher purpose. It may come in the form of a tip from an old colleague, a lead from a friend, or a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one who knew you when. In any case you should act on what's discussed. It will make all the difference.



You know that you could do a lot more if only you were given the chance, but do you also see how hugging the shadows might give higher-ups the impression that you aren't ready – or worse: just don't care? Thankfully gung-ho Mars crossing the highest point of your solar horoscope will change all of that. Not only will it spur you on to greater heights over the next six weeks, but it will also push you to trumpet your accomplishments instead of muffling them. Part of you will worry about delivering on your promises, but fear and anxiety are good for ensuring that you will.



This is one of the most powerful weeks of the year for you. Your solar energy is at its most charismatic. Just about anything you want is yours for the asking but you have to ask and not assume that it will be given to you. You're also undergoing a time when your horizons are expanding, margins are widening, and when you'll see that there’s a greater selection of opportunities than the name brands you’ve been looking at. Mars in Aries on May 24th followed by a conjunction to Jupiter on May 29th is all about exploring something new. Try it. You might like it.



It's going to feel like you're running up a crowded down escalator at rush hour, but you must tune out the protests and angry calls to turn around and pursue what you know is true. You know that there's something wrong with a venture or sweetheart deal that everyone else has signed off on and it's up to you to uncover it. Thankfully your Ruling Planet Mercury retrograde in Taurus has a thick skin and won't be deterred. It could take as long as June 10th for you to emerge with proof in hand, but knowing it's there should keep you focused on your objective.



It’s hard to agree to the current terms when you know that you deserve better, but what are you going to do about it? That’s the question that could stop you dead in your tracks on May 29th as Mars forms a conjunction Jupiter in your opposite sign of Aries. It's only natural to feel overwhelmed which is why you should take another look at what you're being asked to live with. Is it truly as bad as all that? And if it really is a deal-breaker then you should make plans to call it a day and go your own way on June 17th.



Mars entering your sibling sign of Aries on May 24th lights a fire under your tuchis. The difference between Mars in Scorpio and Mars in Aries is a matter of urgency. You will feel like everything you take on is infused with a now or never importance and that you need to see results immediately. The good thing is that you'll accomplish more in the next six weeks than you have in the past six months; the not so good thing is whether or not loved ones and friends will still be talking to you then. Come prepared with gift baskets and "I'm sorry" cards.



You will feel a boost in spirits on Tuesday when Mars, the planet of gumption and drive, enters the fiery sign of Aries. Aries is a fire sign just like Sagittarius so this is a good thing. It's analogous to a light switch being flipped on or a key turning in the ignition as you go from inert to alert. Not only will you feel like you’re back on top of your game, but the heady surge of confidence on Sunday when Mars conjoins your Ruling Planet Jupiter will enable you to reverse engines on a decision that was a bad idea from the start.



Capricorns spend a lot of time gazing at mountain tops, but there are times when you need to ask: where am I going with all this? Scaling summits is easy; determining what you're getting out of it isn't. Meaning of life questions don't exactly top the list of Capricorn's burning priorities (they're usually trying to figure out how to turn a six-figure salary into a seven-figure one), but you need to weigh your ambitions and aspirations in the balance. One is not the same as the other and discovering the difference is going to set the course for where to go from here.



There’s still life in that business negotiation as you'll discover on Monday. It’s funny because you didn't really mean to play hard-to-get when you said that you'd think about it, but the person you’re dealing with is more serious about finding a fit than you assumed. These sorts of things are to be expected when the Sun in Gemini forms a sextile to Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in Aries. Sextiles are the conversational aspects in Astrology – convivial as they are congenial. Continue with the relaxed back and forth and you're sure to come up with that win/win outcome everyone’s looking for in mid-June.



When did you become so materialistic? Answer: when Mars and Jupiter both began transiting your solar house of finances. Someone once said "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and render unto God what is God's." It's a nice distinction and one that often gets lost in Pisces's inability to separate being paid what they're worth from their natural generosity of spirit. Thankfully all of this changes over the next three months. One of the biggest realizations will be when you come to realize that the people accusing you of being money-grubbing happen to be the same ones who were taking gross advantage of your unselfishness.

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Christopher Renstrom is the creator of, an online astrology site based on his bestselling book, Ruling Planets, which was published by HarperCollins in 2002 and has sold out its print run. He currently writes the daily horoscopes for the San Francisco Chronicle and Renstrom also lectures on the history of astrology in America from pre-Revolution to modern times, which is his specialty, and runs Ruling Planet workshops around the country. Christopher’s latest book, The Cosmic Calendar is published by TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House. His new book, Rise & Shine: An Astrological Guide to How You Show Up in the World will be published in the fall of 2022. 

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