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Astrology Hub's Weekly Horoscope with Christopher Renstrom

Dear Astrology Lover,

Horoscope forecasts used to be about good days, bad days, and when to fall in love. Nowadays people are more knowledgeable about the Stars. They want to know about eclipses, retrogrades, and how long will Saturn be spoiling all the fun. The aim of this weekly horoscope column is to provide a cosmic forecast, timely insight and guidance. Astrology's job has always been to tell you about the “clear skies” and the “stormfronts”; times when the energy supports you moving forward and times when it's best to retreat. But my intent isn't to leave you hanging when things get tough! I’m here to provide awareness and foresight... so you can ultimately CHOOSE how you would like to respond to the energies.

It is my hope that you find the advice helpful and if you’re in a challenging time, that it serves to remind you that this is what the heavens look like right now and whatever's difficult will eventually pass. Astrology was never about some fixed Fate or preordained Destiny. It was always meant to be a calendar aimed at telling you not what to do, but the best time to do it.


Christopher Renstrom

ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL (February 22 - 28)

Uranus is the planet of revolution and change however it takes on a more enlightening aspect when it forms a sextile to the Sun in Pisces on February 25th. This is like that moment in a Shakespeare comedy when things are made right. Identities are revealed, outlandish schemes explained, and warring parties – now privy to the truth – put down their swords and make amends. It's the moment when we discover that villains aren't always malicious any more than heroes are always right. Some may say these sorts of things only happen in a play, but plays are drawn from real life. If we can find ways to hear the other person out, interject humor and sympathy into the proceedings, and let an opponent back down without losing face then we might discover our own happy ending. Obviously these can be nothing more than makeshift truces and temporary ceasefires, but they add up over time and usage and can go a long way towards cooling down the temperature and allowing reason to prevail.

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You may not be everyone's favorite person right now but there's no denying you get results. When you decide to fight the good fight then you aim to win. The Mars/Pluto trine on February 24th won't get you any friends. This planetary energy can be ruthless and unapologetic which is why you should be ready for people to voice their uneasiness and disapproval; however, in time, they'll come to see that yours was truly the only way to go. It isn't easy being born under a sign that's willing to do whatever it takes, but then again, that's what Children of Mars are all about.



This could be one of the best weeks of the year - or one of the most challenging. It all depends on how you’ve marshaled the forces over the past few weeks. The Stars have been pushing for change in your horoscope and truth to tell there’s been plenty of opportunities to seek your fortune elsewhere, turn over a new leaf or reinvent who you are. If you pursued this then you’ll enjoy a blooming bouquet of possibilities; if you’ve been resistant then you may feel like you’re being pushed out of the nest. Whatever your situation, it’s time to spread your wings and fly.



Venus, planet of love and beauty, rises to the top of your solar chart on February 25th. This makes you someone people can't live without until March 21st. If there was ever a time to pitch an idea, promote your wares, or say yes then this is it. But the trick with Venus is to let others do the talking. You want to become the empty screen that they project their hopes and wishes on. This isn't easy for a Gemini, but if you do what the silent screen stars did (look into the camera and think of nothing) then you'll command the adoration of thousands.



The Mars/Pluto trine on February 24th shows that you will succeed at getting something you worked long and hard for. And you can expect it to be a very real and substantial gain. But nothing is ever easy when you’re dealing with Pluto. There’s always a catch. You may find that getting what you want brings its own set of headaches like sore losers, vengeful Exes, or opportunists who now see you as fair game. You will have to fight to protect what’s yours. That said it’s still better to be on the side of the haves rather than the side of the have-nots.



Mars in your solar midheaven can be single-minded and ambitious. It's just the sort of planetary energy you need to get ahead but sometimes it stomps a little too heavily and shoves a bit too sharply. Success is rarely a solo effort. It depends a lot on the people you have in your corner so it's important to make them feel like they're a part of your winning team. People may forget what you say and what you do but they'll always remember the way you treated them. Make them feel like they're something special and they will help you achieve your loftiest aims.



Some people are psychic and others are intuitive. You tend to pick up on things physically. Indeed whatever's going on with you emotionally often manifests itself in your body via rashes, stomach aches, and even fuzzy-headedness. It's not unlike climate change alerting us to the fact that something's up with the planet. Usually this is pretty low key but the Full Moon on February 27th will bring everything up to the surface. Now you can treat these signs symptomatically or you could examine what's really going on. Your body is trying to tell you something that your mind can no longer explain away or deny.



It’s time to get your house in order – both literally and figuratively. The Mars/Pluto trine on February 24th will inspire more than just a yearly bout of spring-cleaning. Rent a dumpster and toss all those things that have been weighing you down and taking up valuable room in your home. You’d be surprised at how relentless you’ll be once you get started. You might even be tempted to throw in a loved one or friend on the 27th, but rethink it. What they need is the sort of miracle makeover that only a Libra can work. Roll up your sleeves and go to it!



Co-workers, clients, and even your boss will be treating you like their personal confessor this week. They’ll be sharing their doubts, confiding misgivings, and divulging some sensitive information. It will be tempting to chime in with some criticisms of your own – especially when they talk about faults that you yourself have accused them of – but don’t. They trust you and really feel like they can open up to you and that’s the highest compliment that anyone can hope to be paid. Trust that they are working things out for themselves and will come to the conclusions you want them to come to on their own.



Sagittarians rarely make a fuss over their health. If you're going through a rough spell you'll tell yourself to buck up and carry on. However the Moon rules the body in Astrology and its full illumination in Virgo on the 27th shows that you can no longer afford to ignore a certain matter or sweep it under the rug. It's time for a check-up. Chances are you'll be relieved by what you discover. Not only will you nip a potential problem in the bud but this may also serve as the impetus to start treating your body like a temple instead of a pup tent.



As a Capricorn you know that what comes easily to others is often a struggle for you. Slow starts, disappointing returns, and delayed gratification are things you got used to a long time ago. Nevertheless you might be caught unawares on February 24th. An extraordinary Mars/Pluto trine shows that a project, venture, or endeavor looks like it might turn out to be an overnight success – which means that you’re going to have to race to keep up with developments as they unfold. It’s a nice problem to have - or at least that’s what you need to keep telling yourself over the next few weeks.



Few planetary aspects are as inventive as a Sun/Uranus sextile (February 25th). Most people look for a stroke of luck to bail them out, but this particular energy shows that you're carrying the solution deep inside. All you have to do is reshuffle the pieces lying there in front of you. Now this doesn't mean repeating what you did before in hopes that you'll get it right this time. It means taking apart everything you've put together and giving things a fresh go. Be experimental, curious, and spontaneous. You may discover connections you never thought possible and answers that could only be uncovered by accident.



Venus in Pisces is always a good thing because your powers of attraction are undeniable. You'll get what you want because nobody can resist you. But Venus in Pisces is also like having three wishes. They're no good if you don't use them and will only deliver limited results (or worse: unenviable predicaments) if you act impulsively. Use your imagination. Think of the people you know who can help you – and the people they know - because these are your genies now. Approach them with purpose and a plan and your wish is their command. Venus is in Pisces from February 25th to March 21st.

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Christopher is the creator of, an online astrology site based on his bestselling book, Ruling Planets, which was published by HarperCollins in 2002 and has sold out its print run. He currently writes the daily horoscopes for the San Francisco Chronicle (replacing Jeane Dixon) and Renstrom also lectures on the history of astrology in America from pre-Revolution to modern times, which is his specialty, and runs Ruling Planet workshops around the country. Christopher is happy to announce that his latest book, The Cosmic Calendar: Using Astrology to Get in Sync with Your Best Life will be published by TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House, in October 2020. You can pre-order now on Amazon.