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WHAT A TRIP! (December 4th - 10th)

Neptune, the planet of figments, phantoms, and illusory hopes, comes out of retrograde on December 6th.

​​​​​​​This is when everyone wakes from the collective dream they've been dreaming these past 5 months and greets the reality they find staring them in the face.

For some, it will feel like a new day where they stretch out their arms, feeling revived, refreshed, and ready to get on with life.

For others, it may feel like a hangover where they try to recount what was done (and why) while struggling with the impulse to bury their heads back beneath the covers.

Neptune is the planet most associated with popular delusions and the madness of crowds. It's also associated with zeitgeists, social movements, and visions of a better world. Whether you were deluded or inspired is something you will come to discover over the next few weeks.

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It's rare when you have a spat about money. It's not the sort of thing that concerns you unless it affects someone you care about. If that's the case, then you will marshal the forces to protect this person's interests. Venus's entrance into Scorpio on December 4th shows that someone has been exploiting a loved one financially or hasn't been keeping up with their part of the bargain. You'll want to fly to the rescue, but before you do, make a point of listening to both sides as they may each be culpable. Perhaps what's needed here is more of a moderator than a policeman.



They say that possession is nine-tenths of the law, but you'll be wondering if it's worth the aggravation when Venus opposes Jupiter on December 9th. Usually, you're untroubled by disputes like these because you typically dot all i's and cross every t before any money changes hands. However, Venus in Scorpio rules Jupiter in Taurus, which means the other party has a legitimate claim. What it gets down to is how much you feel like challenging this? If yes, then roll up your sleeves because it's going to be a bumpy few weeks. If no? Then see what you can get in return for being cooperative.



You’re not a big fan of paperwork even if it is online. The thought of having to fill out forms in triplicate, sifting through past email chains for a relevant piece of correspondence, or waiting to speak with a representative isn't your idea of fun. It's mind-numbing! But it still has to be done. Thank heavens your Ruling Planet Mercury currently in Capricorn makes it your go-to guide for thankless tasks like these - especially when it forms a trine to Jupiter on December 7th. The wheels of bureaucracy may be slow-moving but they'll deliver in the end thanks to this planetary configuration.



You know it's not a wise idea to give a certain someone a second chance - especially since you've lost count of all the second chances you've given so far, but you're a Cancer and Cancers do things the hard way when it comes to matters of the heart. Your light is always on for any lover, child, or relative who's lost their way in the dark. Will this go on forever? Doubtful; not with Pluto transitioning from Capricorn to Aquarius. This gives you roughly six weeks to get your house in order. After that, the planets will be taking matters into their own hands.



It never fails. Whenever work gets hectic, life at home becomes more demanding and you can't focus on one without feeling like you're failing the other. Now what's good about this is that you're irreplaceable, which means neither side will give you up. Obviously, life would be easier if you were a Virgo, but multitasking isn't so hard once you get the hang of it. What you'll need is a schedule, a to-do list, and an alarm on your phone so that whenever it buzzes you stop what you're doing and go on to the next item. Stick to this and you'll make everybody happy.



Neptune out of retrograde in Pisces on December 6th reintroduces a quandary. On one hand, you'd love to be more independent and to do what you want when you want, but on the other hand, you're not sold on flying solo either. You've gotten used to sharing your life with a partner even if things aren't simpatico now. The trick to navigating planetary oppositions – both Saturn and Neptune are opposite Virgo - is to turn an either/or situation into a "I'll have some of this and I'll have some of that" one. This allows you to build on the things that work and toss what doesn't.



If you're not torn between two lovers (and feeling like a fool), then chances are you're torn between two equally appealing business prospects. These sorts of decisions are every Libra's nightmare, but that's what happens when your Ruling Planet Venus opposes Jupiter on December 9th. What's good about this is that Venus rules the opposition which means that both parties will live with your choice – but you still have to make it. You may think that this is an impossible quandary, but Venus in Scorpio says you made up your mind a long time ago. All you have to do is be honest about it.



Venus in Scorpio for the next four weeks makes you the person people can't live without. It's going to take a while to realize that they're being sincere. At first, you'll be perplexed, then suspicious, and perhaps even desperate as you try to convince them that you are not all that. Yet you are. For years you've pined away for impossible loves and now it will be impossible loves who will long for you. Enjoy it while it lasts and remember to be nice to those whose affections you don't share. Let them down gently in the way you wished others had done with you.



You hate it when anyone is upset with you, but you need to leave it alone for now. Asking what you did wrong when they don't want to talk about it is like a dog that keeps nuzzling a cat that doesn't want to be bothered. You're going to get your nose scratched if you don't watch out. Fire signs hate icy silences (it goes against your expressive nature) but you need to wait until Venus in Scorpio has completed her opposition to Jupiter in Taurus. It's unlikely that you will be contacted directly, but you will hear from an intermediary – probably around the 18th.



You've made it a rule not to offer advice unless asked first. This isn't easy for a Saturn ruled sign like yours because you've always been a long-range planner and can often see where people will run afoul of circumstances before they do. However, Capricorn is a parental sign which means that you've also learned that loved ones and friends need to make their own mistakes. How else will they learn from them? On December 7th things will mess up exactly as you knew they would. You'll be sorely tempted to say "I told you so" but offer a shoulder to lean on instead.



It's unnerving to realize that you've been the object of someone's jealousy. Envy is one of those "does not compute" emotions. Now this isn't to say that you're above such things. For instance, Aquarians are famously paranoid that people are talking behind their back, but envy? Why would anyone be jealous of you? Nevertheless, it does explain a rival's nasty maneuver and now that it's been revealed you need to do something. Your instinct will be to wave it away, but you can't afford to be so blasé. You must ensure it never happens again and that means taking actions that you wouldn't normally take.



For months you've felt adrift. Now some people might say Pisceans always feel adrift, but this is different. You're used to following an inner current; a current that may not take you where you want to go, but you've always trusted would take you where you need to go. Last July your Modern Ruler Neptune reversed direction in the sky which is why it's felt like you've been traveling in circles like a rudderless ship. Thankfully Neptune comes out of retrograde on December 6th. This puts you back on track where you'll soon discover where the Universe has been trying to lead you all along.


Christopher Renstrom

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Horoscope forecasts used to be about good days, bad days, and when to fall in love. Nowadays people are more knowledgeable about the Stars. They want to know about eclipses, retrogrades, and how long will Saturn be spoiling all the fun. The aim of this weekly horoscope column is to provide a cosmic forecast, timely insight and guidance. Astrology's job has always been to tell you about the “clear skies” and the “stormfronts”; times when the energy supports you moving forward and times when it's best to retreat. But my intent isn't to leave you hanging when things get tough! I’m here to provide awareness and foresight... so you can ultimately CHOOSE how you would like to respond to the energies.

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