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Pluto enters the Tomorrowland sign of Aquarius on March 23rd. This switches its focus from a gloomy fixation on the Past (Capricorn) to a zealous commitment to the Future (Aquarius). No more talking about what you could do one day because that day is here and now. You will see changes you thought lay further down the road occur with dizzying speed. It can be exhilarating to see how quickly the impossible becomes possible, but remember that Pluto also comes with hidden costs. You can think of it as the "careful what you wish for because it might come true" planet. This needn't stifle your aspirations, but it should inform them. The important thing to keep in mind is that we are all connected. In other words, every interaction matters when Pluto is traveling through the zodiac sign of people and the societies they form. You may think that what you do is inconsequential – that you're only one person and who cares about that - but that would be like saying that a butterfly flapping its wings has nothing to do with the course of a tornado.

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New Moons always bring fresh starts (March 21st), but this one will be faster out of the gate than anticipated. Indeed you may be closing one chapter of your life at the same time that you're embarking on the next. This won't go over well with loved ones and friends who have been more than patient with your last minute cancellations. You may feel like you have no time to see them – things are so hectic! - but make it. Your goodwill account is overdrawn which means you need to refill it immediately by visiting and catching up – otherwise you risk a hefty penalty fee.



Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23rd means that your life is no longer your own. If you haven't been saddled with additional obligations and responsibilities then you soon will be. In addition to there being more people to answer to; you will, in turn, have more people answering to you. It may feel like you're in over your head, but allow for time to grow accustomed to all the new demands and expectations. Things always feel daunting at the beginning of Pluto's reign, but it's worth giving it your best shot. Not only will you thrive in this new environment or echelon – you'll positively soar!



Leave it to a Gemini to try to pull off a last minute deal with Pluto changing signs. Few people would be so bold, but if you've learned anything over the years it's to never say no or put off for tomorrow what can be done in the next twenty minutes. The result is a collection of feathers in your cap that would rival a Peacock's tail. So go ahead and take that gamble. Just make sure to have everything signed, sealed, and delivered by the end of Wednesday. You don't want that window of opportunity slamming shut before the ink is dry.



The nice thing about Mars entering Cancer on March 25th is that you'll no longer be in the dark about who's been badmouthing you or trying to undermine your efforts. You'll know exactly who they are. It's a mixed bag seeing who's on your side and who isn't but better to be in the loop than out in the cold. The other nice thing about Mars in Cancer is it gives you sharp elbows and tough skin. You'll need these if you want to take command of your situation and send opponents running. Mars will be in Cancer from March 25th to May 20th.



Nobody would blame you for saying you can't catch a break. No sooner did Saturn leave Aquarius on March 7th then Pluto enters the sign of the Water Bearer on March 23rd. Is the Universe deliberately trying to mess with your relationships? No. But it is trying to get you to approach them differently. You've learned a lot about give and take these past couple of years as you've absorbed Saturn's lessons, but Pluto is a different deal. This is when you'll see if the person you're with is truly there for you – and if not? Then you'll be revisiting the entire plan altogether.



Are you standing outside a closed door with no one on the other side? It's beginning to feel that way since nobody's returning your calls. You're understandably reluctant to push for an answer. You don't want to rock the boat and alienate the person you're trying to win over, but by the same token how much time does it take to say yes or no? Don't let fear of rejection create a false hope. The New Moon in Aries on March 21st is perfect for making your final request. If it's a yes – great! And if not? Then you're free to find a better fit.



The Sun traveling through your opposite sign of Aries is never a good time. This is when you're bound to feel drained, out of sorts, and like you're working at a disadvantage. Thankfully you were born under a sign that knows how to take the short end of the stick and turn it into the upper hand. You learned long ago the value of patience, observation, and letting people believe what they want to believe. Yet you still have some weeks to go before you're no longer under your opponent's thumb – it may take until April 20th – but the wait is surely worth it.



Pluto's disposition will surely change when it enters Aquarius on March 23rd. Some people may be troubled by that but not you because Pluto is one of your Ruling Planets. What that means is that Pluto is always looking out for you – even if it doesn't always feel that way. Pluto at the nadir of your solar chart shows you finally reaping the harvest you've sown for years. Whether it's a bumper crop or slim pickings is the pertinent question, but chances are you will get back what you have put into your efforts. And given that you're a Scorpio, chances are it's a lot. 



Don't say anything out loud (you don't want to jinx things) but it looks like finances are on the mend. Pluto in Capricorn did a real number on your solar money house but now that it's moving into Aquarius you won't feel like you're shoveling cash into a burning furnace. You'll actually experience some real security. Now this doesn't mean your debts will disappear overnight, but it does indicate that you'll be holding on to more of what you make. It's just the cosmic boost you need to look forward to checking your daily bank balance again instead of cringing at the thought of it.



Pluto departs your zodiac sign this week – leaving you a very changed person than who you were back in 2009. You've had more than your fair share of difficulties dealing with the planet of ordeals and the transformations that arise from them. You probably wanted to throw in the towel on more than just a few occasions, yet there's also no denying that you've grown more than you ever thought you would. Pluto always rewards those who brave its trials so give a prayer of thanks to the planet that broke you down and built you back up again so that you are better than you were before.



It's funny how Pluto moving into your sign feels more like a cornerstone being set into place than an Albatross being hung around your neck. Instead of fear and trembling, you're strangely centered and confident – almost as if you're stepping into your true self. This isn't wishful thinking. Saturn in Aquarius for the past 2 ½ years paved the way by clearing out the deadwood and making room for fresh growth. In some ways it's given you a head-start in the Plutonian process of rebirth. Will there be troubles? Of course. But you may also find yourself better equipped to deal with them than you thought.



Your home will no longer be under siege after Mars changes signs on March 25th. The planet of combat has certainly put you through your paces since August. Thankfully its departure means disputes will be settled, differences reconciled, and that you'll recover any money that's owed you. Rest assured it will be a long time before anyone tries to mess with you again. For now enjoy the peace and serenity that only a turn through the sign of the Crab can bring. This weeks-long water trine promises to replenish emotional reservoirs that have been drained near empty after a very long and heated battle.

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Christopher Renstrom is the creator of, an online astrology site based on his bestselling book, Ruling Planets, which was published by HarperCollins in 2002 and has sold out its print run. He currently writes the daily horoscopes for the San Francisco Chronicle and Renstrom also lectures on the history of astrology in America from pre-Revolution to modern times, which is his specialty, and runs Ruling Planet workshops around the country. Christopher’s latest book, The Cosmic Calendar is published by TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House. His new book, Rise & Shine: An Astrological Guide to How You Show Up in the World will be published in the fall of 2022. 

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Dear Astrology Lover,

Horoscope forecasts used to be about good days, bad days, and when to fall in love. Nowadays people are more knowledgeable about the Stars. They want to know about eclipses, retrogrades, and how long will Saturn be spoiling all the fun. The aim of this weekly horoscope column is to provide a cosmic forecast, timely insight and guidance. Astrology's job has always been to tell you about the “clear skies” and the “stormfronts”; times when the energy supports you moving forward and times when it's best to retreat. But my intent isn't to leave you hanging when things get tough! I’m here to provide awareness and foresight... so you can ultimately CHOOSE how you would like to respond to the energies.

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