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Leo Weekly Horoscope | June 10th – 16th 2024

It took a long time but it looks like a certain someone will finally sign on the line that's dotted on June 14th. This brings to a close weeks of coaxing, cajoling, and finessing, however this person you sign on will hardly be low-maintenance. You may say you already know that but what you've had to contend with pales in comparison to what emerges on June 17th and 20th when certain facts that were ignored or inconsistencies that were glossed over come to light. Nevertheless, you're in it for the long haul and if anyone can turn things around for the better – it’s you!

Leo Weekly Horoscope | June 3rd – 8th 2024

You’re not as sure of yourself as you should be, which is why you want to be careful over the next six weeks. Mars, the planet of gumption and drive, will be pushing you to push the envelope in just about every area of your life. This could lead you to overplay your hand, overreach your grasp, or issue an ultimatum that you don’t really believe in. The end result could be you retreating to your lair to lick your wounds. However, if you channel this energy into making the most of what you have, then you will accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.

Leo Weekly Horoscope | May 27th – June 2nd 2024

Big things come in innocuous packages as Mercury continues its arc over your solar midheaven. It begins with the appearance of an unremarkable piece of correspondence on May 27th. It might be a form letter, an email blast, or some other kind of bureaucratic missive. You may not think much of it at first glance, but be sure to give it a closer inspection because this looks like it contains something that could be your ticket to opportunity or provide the means to turn the tables on someone who's had a chokehold on you. Whatever the outcome, it's sure to be a win for you.

Leo Weekly Horoscope | May 20th – 26th 2024

It's going to feel like you've been asked to give up your place on an overcrowded plane when the Sun forms a trine to retrograde Pluto on May 22nd. It makes sense to say “no” given the inconvenience, but think about it. Are you really in such a rush to grab what's yours? Couldn't you let somebody else who isn't as fortunate move ahead in line instead? Others may scoff at such carefree magnanimity, but you can afford to be generous. You know that you don't have to push so hard for things nowadays because fortune is smiling on you and you're in the catbird seat.

Leo Weekly Horoscope | May 13 – May 19, 2024

The Sun conjunct Uranus on May 13th followed by a conjunction to Jupiter on May 18th says it's time to take the next step forward. Admittedly there have been a lot of false starts and miscues recently, but your moment is definitely now. One has to wait a long time for certain planets to align – both Jupiter and Uranus have slow orbits – but when they do the wait is worth it. Indeed, your circumstances couldn't be more fortuitous. You are as ready as you ever will be to claim your spot. No pushing. No shoving. Just stepping into the place where you know you belong.

Leo Weekly Horoscope | May 6 – May 12, 2024

Less push is more pull when the Sun sextiles Saturn on May 7th. You're going through a phase when people want to contribute to your success. This could manifest as moral support, timely introductions, or financial backing, but use a soft touch when making your request. You don't want to talk over anyone, overload them with demands, or trumpet your accomplishments. Ask humbly for help instead. People love to be of assistance now, and nothing wins them over faster than seeing you follow their advice or thanking them for their counsel. It makes them feel needed, and like everyone can take pride in your accomplishments.

Leo Weekly Horoscope | April 29 – May 5, 2024

This is one of the most powerful weeks of the year for you. Your solar energy is at its most charismatic. Just about anything you want is yours for the asking, but you have to ask and not assume that it will be given to you. You're also undergoing a time when your horizons are expanding, margins are widening, and when you'll see that there’s a greater selection of opportunities than the name brands you’ve been looking at. Mars entering Aries on April 30th, followed by a sextile to Pluto on May 3rd, is all about exploring something new. Try it. You might like it.

Leo Weekly Horoscope | April 22 – April 28, 2024

Pay attention to developments taking place in a far corner of your life this week. It may not seem like much because these have to do with people in another part of the company or affairs that lie out of state or outside the country. Yet rest assured that it's the events that seem the most remote and far afield that will wind up having a powerful impact on you. This could result in dramatic changes in your career path or life direction around the time of your birthday. For now follow things as they unfold and know that you will soon be going places.

Leo Weekly Horoscope | April 15 – April 21, 2024

The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on April 20 signals a breakdown or a breakthrough, but it's hard to tell which it is because of the Sun/Pluto square on April 21st. Translation? Somebody's getting left behind. If it's you doing the leaving, then take responsibility for upsetting someone's life (even if it's not your fault). You're the one moving on to better things, and the other person isn't. And if you're being left? Let yourself be angry and hurt because that outrage will help you get back up on your feet faster than blaming yourself will. In time, you'll see that this was for the best after all.

Leo Weekly Horoscope | April 8 – April 14, 2024

Are you really going to walk out on everything you built to blaze a new trail? Anything can happen when there's a Solar Eclipse in the sign of the Ram (April 8th) and given that Aries never backs down from a challenge, you may surprise yourself. Leos tend to be risk-averse, but you're also open to something different. It's been a long time since you felt this pioneering and you can't help asking yourself: if not now, when? Know that if things don't work out you'll be taken back. And if things do? Well, this could be one of the best moves you've ever made.

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Leo 2024 Forecast

Leo Yearly Horoscope | 2024 Forecast

Leo, 2024 is brimming with opportunities to amplify your natural vitality and charisma. Both private and public sides of your life will be invited to change. How you engage this change will frame your experience. No matter how challenging or beneficial the situation may be, make it a point to stay open-minded and curious.

Top Themes for the Year:

• Nurturing & Refining relationships and alliances.
• Deepening wisdom through learning & exploring.
• Your career or public reputation (your purpose).

One of the biggest undertones of the year kicks off on January 20th as Pluto moves back into your relationship house of Aquarius. The more you engage the subtle hints from the universe, the easier and more productive your Pluto lessons will be. Pluto is asking for deep introspection and possible restructuring of how you relate, commit, and forge bonds with others.

Communication in general, is spotlighted in 2024 by the Libra eclipses in March & October (in your 3rd house). How you communicate and with whom, along with your daily flow, will be up for review. The change you seek with this energy is for all sides to feel in harmony with their path. Some things may be ready to end, so others have room to grow. The Aries eclipse (9th house) on April 8th will invite you to explore outside your comfort zone. The more open you are to new insights and explorations, the more you will benefit from this energy.

Another notable focus area in 2024 is your financial and deep intimate connections. This is where Mars & Saturn will meet on April 10th. Themes of shared resources, mutual investments, and emotional depths may rise, prompting you to navigate these topics assertively and cautiously. There will also be a Pisces eclipse in this same area in September. Endings and beginnings may unfold at once. Remember that their purpose is to help you build your legacy.

A highlight of the year and a possible massive launching point comes when Jupiter & Uranus meet in your 10th house on April 20th and Venus & Jupiter on May 23rd – both energies present opportunities for expansion, unexpected advancements, and perhaps a delightful sprinkle of fortune in your professional life.

On May 25th, Jupiter moves into Gemini for the first time in 12 years. You’ll have a wide-reaching opportunity to expand on your dream, build allies, healthy partnerships, and a new daily rhythm. Remember that Jupiter expands what you focus on—looking ahead and not back is your key to success.

As you can see, Leo, your 2024 horoscope invites both growth and change. Trust your natural leadership, warm heart, and unwavering courage to guide your path.

Get to Know Leo

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Wherever they go, a Leo feels the spotlight on themselves! So this Sun-kissed fire sign may feel the urge to put on a good show. With their natural flair for the dramatic, and impeccable sense of style, there’s often a Leo shining at the center of the party.

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