A Holistic Approach to the Astrological Houses w/ Cameron Allen

A holistic view of the houses to enrich your astrological perspective

In this Mastery Class, Cameron Allen brings you a holistic perspective of the houses beyond any one astrological tradition so you can begin to understand the houses from an all-encompassing lens. He breaks down several traditional views of the houses, synthesizes practices, and teaches you how to recognize diurnal and nocturnal charts so you can begin to work with your unfolding chart in real-time and synchronize with its inherent nature. If you're looking for a class that will teach you everything you need to know about houses, this one is it!

A Holistic Approach to the Astrological Houses Cameron Allen Astrology Hub

INSTRUCTORS: Cameron Allen

DURATION: 2+hours


1, 120-minute pre-recorded Mastery Class in audio, video, and transcript format ($57 value)
1, 45-minute pre-recorded Q&A session in video, audio, and transcript format ($47 value)
Cliffs Notes ($27 value)



  • A holistic view of the twelve Astrological houses and their symbolic correlations to one another and the areas of your life
  • The energetic architecture that exists within the houses
  • Diurnal and nocturnal charts and benefic/malefic planetary association
  • Modes, Angular Triads, and Elemental houses
  • Traditional, Modern, Evolutionary, Ancient Hellenistic, and Medical Astrology perspectives
  • A practice to animate and embody your chart throughout the day!