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“You mean to tell me, you’re not an astrologer, but you have an astrology company?” my 8-year-old asked me recently.


“But WHY?”


“Well, because honey. Astrology helped me through a really, really hard time. And I wanted to make real, quality astrology available to as many people as possible.”


In 2015, I found myself in the middle of a divorce, living in a rented room with my daughters, and taking writing gigs. I had just left behind a “high-powered” life in Manhattan, where I ran a tech company. I had “all the things,” most people work for their whole life, but I was not happy. I left it all, moved to Hawaii, and just let everything fall apart.

About Astrology Hub

That’s when astrology came into my life.

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I had my first astrology reading, and I couldn’t believe a perfect stranger could know so much about my life, my purpose, and my soul just by knowing my birth time, date, and location. I thought, “There is some kind of divine intelligence here! If you can look at a circle and some squiggly lines and know all that, there must be something so mind-blowingly bigger going on here!” And down the rabbit hole, I went. 


I tuned into astrology forecasts daily, gathered information, and searched for answers. I wanted to feel sane, and I wanted to know that there was a purpose to the crisis I was experiencing.

But I found that most astrological information out there was either so watered down that it wasn’t really useful… or just downright confusing, and over my head!

Astrology Hub began as I went on my own journey to understand the art and science of the stars, and the magic in the fabric of the universe. I began to realize so many others felt like me… they wanted to know more but were looking for quality and accessibility that was difficult to find.


I decided to find the most trained, intelligent, scientific astrologers out there… who were also heart-based and intuitive! I rounded 30 of them up and did a series of online interviews about how astrology can help you with your health, your wealth, and in love. People found these interviews, and they loved them!


I did it again the next year, and it doubled in attendance. The next year it tripled! So I added more offerings like a podcast, some online courses, workshops, and forecasts.

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Today Astrology Hub reaches hundreds of thousands of people weekly and we haven’t compromised the quality of astrological teachings that we offer.

We make the best astrologers, and the highest quality astrological theory available to people who want to use it to navigate the current circumstances of their lives… whether that’s life purpose, career, finances, romance, relationships, or family. 


We’ve got something for you if you’ve never had an astrology reading and don’t know the first thing about zodiac signs and aspects, or if you’ve been studying your entire life. Our intention is to make astrology useful, practical, and relevant in your daily life.


We offer free weekly content on our podcast, YouTube channel, IGTV and offer many Facebook lives. 


We also have a paid membership community called the Inner Circle, which offers monthly master classes and forecasts with different astrologers as well as a thriving online community of astrology lovers, plus standalone courses and workshops for people who want to connect with our featured astrologers in a deeper way, or go further with their studies.


This is the most important time in human history to find your gifts and use them in service to yourself and all of life. Our hope is that astrology brings you into a deeper connection with yourself, with the people in your life, with the universe… and with the magic that is everywhere!

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Meet Our Team

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Amanda 'Pua' Walsh

"Master of Ceremony" aka Chief Executive Officer

Capricorn Sun / Gemini Moon/ Aquarius Rising

Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, M.S., is the CEO and Founder of Astrology Hub. She hosts the weekly Astrology Hub Podcast, a top-ranking astrology podcast with over 80,000 downloads per month, featuring conversations with the best astrologers in the world today. 

Prior to this, Amanda was a co-owner of a successful technology consulting company in New York City after pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology and graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She left NYC and her career to embark on a more heart-centered life, in Hawaii, 9 years ago. She then navigated an extremely challenging period of time in her life where Astrology became a lifeline, and she’s been working hard to make astrology accessible to those who can benefit from the wisdom ever since.

In her work, Amanda blends her diverse background in business leadership, psychology, digital marketing, and media with her passion for astrology, spirituality, and personal growth. 

Amanda Walsh serves on the Board of Directors for Maui-based Regeneration Education Center, dedicated to teaching people how to live sustainably with the earth, is an initiate in the Priestess Path, and has her Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University’s Professional Online Learning Platform. She lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii, where she loves swimming in the ocean and dancing hula with her two daughters.

Ana Zaharia

"Mistress of Creation" aka Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Scorpio Sun / Aries Moon / Pisces Rising


Ana is an enthusiast of most things mystical, transformational, and enlightening. Astrology has been one of the consistent tools she has used along her path of awakening to help better understand herself, her path, and her loved ones.

Having worked in the Natural Health and Personal Transformation arena for over 10 years, she is excited to help facilitate fellow Astrology Enthusiasts in connecting, aligning with the Cosmic Energy tides, and going deep within to experience the shifts we all want to see out in the world! She's been with Astrology Hub since close to its inception and loves applying her creativity, personal knowledge, and pioneering spirit to bring to life new programs and ways of learning and using Astrology.

Ana has a BA in Fashion Design, is a certified Holistic Health Counselor, and is trained as a Clairvoyant and Healing Practitioner. She is a mama, a partner, and feels most alive when exploring the mysterious depths of our existence (a Scorpio).

Laura Orcutt

"Shadow Fairy" aka Director of Fulfillment, Astrologer

Aquarius Sun / Scorpio Moon / Aquarius Rising


Laura has been enchanted by all things magical and mystical since she can remember and is thrilled to be a part of the Astrology Hub Team. Laura is an artist, dancer, and writer, and loves to spend her time in nature with her dog. Laura has a background in customer experience, community events, fitness, and believes life is easier and more fun when you are a part of a strong community. One of Laura’s favorite quotes is by Roald Dahl: “The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” She sees Astrology as a tool to help her find the magic in life and is excited to work for a company that believes the same.

Katya Sarmiento

"Cosmic Connector" aka Tech & Data Assistant

Aries Sun / Virgo Moon / Leo Rising


Katya loves all things tech and has over two decades of experience in the industry. As Astrology Hub’s “Cosmic Connector,” Katya Sarmiento applies her two decades of experience in technology and operations to optimize Astrology Hub’s digital universe.  

When she’s not constructing digital galaxies, Katya indulges her boundless curiosity. An avid fan of gaming, anime, and manga, and loves to explore making digital art and kayaking outdoors. She makes continual learning and personal growth, both in her field and personal life a priority: always looking to learn about the latest tool or a new topic that inspires her. 

Fusing her love for technology and astrology, Katya plays a key role in our mission to make astrology more accessible, helping to guide more people towards the transformative wisdom the stars hold.


Marketing & Podcast Coordinator

Pisces Sun / Virgo Moon / Virgo Rising

Hannah Waller Headshot

Hannah's fascination with the stars began in childhood, as she spent summer nights marveling at the sky's mysteries. Her discovery of astrology as a teenager provided her with the language of the cosmos she'd always been drawn to. Raised in a dogmatic household, astrology offered her a pathway to explore spirituality on her own terms.

For over 16 years, Hannah has integrated astrological insights into her life, enriching her understanding of the universe and herself. She's now thrilled to apply her passion at Astrology Hub, aligning her personal journey with their mission.

Bringing over a decade of experience in management and marketing, Hannah is a dynamic contributor to the team. Her Piscean adaptability allows her to support Astrology Hub in various capacities, from strategy to collaboration, sharing the power of astrology to guide and uplift others.



Julie (1)

Julie has a bachelor’s degree in business & accounting and has been in the industry for over 20 years. Julie at a young age developed a passion for spreading financial awareness. Her first financial job came at 16 working as a teller at a bank. Like a true Aries she has continued to spread her financial wisdom to help businesses and individuals meet their financial goals ever since.

When she’s not working on a spreadsheet, Julie loves spending time with her family and being near the coastline. We love everything about being near the water and the energy and serenity it provides.

Julie has always had an appreciation of Astrology taking various courses in college but is excited to connect her financial passion into astrology and grow her knowledge of financial astrology with this amazing community.

Jacob Morrissey

Audio & Video Editor

Gemini Sun / Aquarius Moon / Virgo Rising


Jacob Morrissey is an award-winning podcast producer specializing in audio engineering and video editing. After graduating Valedictorian from Full Sail University, he worked as an audio engineer at several recording studios before jumping into spoken word.

A former skeptic, he credits his wife with showing him the ins and outs of astrology. His big three provide him with an inquisitive nature, a love of details, and a constant need for communication and expansion.