Our Team is Paramout to our Mission

Astrology Hub's mission is to make quality astrological guidance and teachings accessible, whether it be for help navigating life's ups and downs, or to learn how to practice astrology.

We see Astrology as the antidote to our time, bringing more connection, purpose, and magic when the world needs it the most... it is our honor to share this with our clients and that effort starts within our team.

We take care of our people. We aren’t political or religious. We provide legitimate astrology. We promote world-class astrologers. We provide a platform for free speech, done with kindness and respect. We delight in community.

As a new team member, you would be joining a company focused on an atmosphere of excellence - providing consistent, reliable, outstanding end results for our clients, and carefully curating and cultivating our team’s talents. We strive for world-class customer service and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.

If this sounds like the kind of workplace & mission of your dreams, we invite you to apply and become part of our company’s success.


Our Team

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Amanda 'Pua' Walsh

"Master of Ceremony" aka Chief Executive Officer

Capricorn Sun / Gemini Moon/ Aquarius Rising


Ana Zaharia

"Mistress of Creation" aka Chief Marketing & SALES Officer

Scorpio Sun / Aries Moon / Pisces Rising


Laura Orcutt

"Shadow Fairy"
aka DIRECTOR OF Fulfillment

Aquarius Sun / Scorpio Moon / Aquarius Rising



"Cosmic Connector" aka Tech & Data Analyst

Aries Sun / Virgo Moon / Leo Rising

Hannah Waller Headshot


Marketing Coordinator

Pisces Sun / Virgo Moon / Virgo Rising

Julie (1)



There Are No Current Openings