Our Team is Paramout to our Mission

Astrology Hub's mission is to make quality astrological guidance and teachings accessible, whether it be for help navigating life's ups and downs, or to learn how to practice astrology.

We see Astrology as the antidote to our time, bringing more connection, purpose, and magic when the world needs it the most... it is our honor to share this with our clients and that effort starts within our team.

We take care of our people. We aren’t political or religious. We provide legitimate astrology. We promote world-class astrologers. We provide a platform for free speech, done with kindness and respect. We delight in community.

As a new team member, you would be joining a company focused on an atmosphere of excellence - providing consistent, reliable, outstanding end results for our clients, and carefully curating and cultivating our team’s talents. We strive for world-class customer service and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.

If this sounds like the kind of workplace & mission of your dreams, we invite you to apply and become part of our company’s success.


Our Team

astrology podcast

Amanda 'Pua' Walsh

"Master of Ceremony" aka Chief Executive Officer

Capricorn Sun / Gemini Moon/ Aquarius Rising


Ana Zaharia

"Mistress of Creation" aka Chief Creative & Operations Officer

Scorpio Sun / Aries Moon / Pisces Rising


Laura Orcutt

"Shadow Fairy"
aka Inner Circle Program Manager

Aquarius Sun / Scorpio Moon / Aquarius Rising


Jamie Magee

"Keeper of the Wind" aka Broadcast & Community Coordinator

Scorpio Sun / Gemini Moon / Sagittarius Rising


Erika Wilmore

"Automation Whisperer" aka Digital Marketing Tech

Scorpio Sun / Cancer Moon / Aquarius Rising


Joe g. Santos

Sound Wizard & CS Angel

Cancer Sun / Leo Moon / Cancer Rising


Chris Kaplan

"Steward of the Digital Forest" aka Podcast Editor

Aquarius Sun / Cancer Moon / Pisces Rising


Amy Escobar

"Spell Weaver" aka Project Manager & Content Producer

Virgo Sun / Capricorn Moon / Pisces Rising

Jessica Bishop - Astrology Hub

Jessica Bishop

Executive Assistant & CS Angel

Libra Sun / Aries Moon / Scorpio Rising

courtney allen

Courtney Allen

Podcast Editor & Twitter Queen

Scorpio Sun / Taurus Moon / Taurus Rising

Current Openings

Marketing Copywritter

This is a Part-Time, Independent Contractor Position (to start) that reports directly to our Chief Creative & Operations Officer, and will be collaborating with many other members of our team, with the opportunity to grow into a full time position down the line.

As a Copywriter for Astrology Hub you will be using your knowledge of Astrology and sharp writing skills on a daily basis to communicate with our audience about our products and offers, and inspire them to bring astrology into their lives in new, practical and exciting ways.

You will be responsible for writing engaging, clear copy for different promotional channels such as our website, sales pages, social media ads, funnels and more, as well as nurture copy for course, membership and newsletter communication.

Your duties will include researching keywords and astrological topics, producing compelling written content and proofreading work for accuracy and quality.

Our team is completely remote so you must be very comfortable and experienced working virtually. You'll be able to make your own schedule but you must also be available for meetings.


  • Professional experience with online communication and digital marketing.
  • Experience producing copy for digital media channels.
  • Proven success in producing copy for advertising, marketing, sales campaigns and funnels.
  • Proven success in producing copy for "content marketing" initiatives.
  • Exceptional skills in copywriting for online marketing.
  • Proficiency with common online business softwares, such are Google Suite, Trello, WordPress and Slack.
  • Experience and proven success with SEO concepts.
  • Training in & a working understanding of Astrology.
  • Available for 15-20 hours per week, with the flexibility to work 30 hours per week during busier periods, and the potential to become a full-time employee down the line.

Technical Support Assistant

This is a Part-Time, Independent Contractor Position that reports directly to our COO, as well as works directly with our Senior Technologist, CS Manager and the other members of our team, with the opportunity to grow.

The primary goal for this position is to assist our team with tech projects like building tech automations, creating reports, building basic webpages & editing them, creating tracking links and more.

The secondary goal for this position is to work with our customer service team to support and solve basic every-day tech concerns for our community, typically related to Ontraport or to Kajabi.

Our team is completely remote so you must be very comfortable and experienced working virtually.


  • You have a good amount of experience with online business platforms such as Slack, Trello, LastPass, and Kajabi.
  • You have experience with using Email Autoresponder Platforms, such as knowledge of Ontraport (or an equivalent CRM system) and Kajabi. Ontraport specific experience is a HUGE PLUS!
  • You have experience with CMS Platforms, specifically WordPress. Ideally you are able to add pages, edit pages, add posts, edit posts, add media and perform other general WordPress related tasks. Knowing Thrive Suite is a plus!
  • You have experience with online LMS platforms, specifically Kajabi. Ideally you are able to create and edit offers, make updates, navigate the dash panel, and perform miscellaneous customer related technical tasks.
  • You have experience with HTML, CSS and PHP but knowing HTML is sufficient.
  • You have some knowledge of funnel planning software specifically Funnelytics.
  • You understand and pick up technology concepts quickly.
  • You're an effective communicator, especially in writing.
  • You can provide 15-20 hours of support per week, and the potential to become a full-time employee down the line.