Synastry & Relationship Charts with Wendy Stacey

Have you ever wondered about the similarities between your chart and a loved one, friend or business partner?

In this Mastery Class, Astrologer Wendy Stacey shows you how to compare two (or more!) charts to better understand how the planets, signs and houses align. She integrates a variety of synastry techniques along with chart examples, so you can follow along as she integrates many ways of comparing charts. 

This 90+ minute course concludes with a 60 minute Q&A. For a well rounded introduction to incorporating synastry into your astrological toolbox, look no further!




DURATION: 2.5+ hours


1, 90-minute pre-recorded Mastery Class in audio, video, and transcript format ($57 value)
1, 60-minute pre-recorded Q&A session in video, audio, and transcript format ($47 value)
Cliffs Notes ($27 value)


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  • The importance of understanding how different charts interact with one another, and spotting key elements of similarities and differences.
  • How to interpret voids or missing elements within the comparison of charts.
  • Multiple techniques in synastry that synthesize how the charts blend… or not.
  • The process of bringing all concepts together with chart examples.