Love Among Elements w/ Christopher Renstrom

Love and relationships can be complicated… but Astrology can help.

In this beginner-friendly online course, Astrologer Christopher Renstrom teaches you how the elemental makeup of natal charts can explain the dynamics within any relationship. He combines his unique experience working with Patti Stanger on the Millionaire Matchmaker with his astrological toolkit to demystify why some people just get along better than others. While this class dives into compatibility in the astrology chart, it also teaches how the four elements support and limit each other and why that’s important to ensure a happy, long-lasting partnership.


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DURATION: 90+ minutes


1.5 Hours of Teaching & Q&A ($47)
Downloadable class transcript & audio ($20)




  • How to divide the 12 signs into 4 elements in your chart
  • The upside and downside to each element when it comes to love & relationships
  • More about yourself and anyone born under a different element
  • Element Combinations
  • Q&A