Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle

Learn Astrology in Community with the Masters & Transform Your Life in The Process!

If you’ve been yearning to dive into your Astrological studies with a consistent support system and trustworthy teachers… If you'd love to have a place to ask questions and get feedback from a community of Astrology Students… And if you see the benefit in using Astrology to consciously navigate the path ahead to transform your life (and our world!)… We invite you to join our Inner Circle community where you get monthly access to the world’s best astrologers as your mentors for ongoing astrological training & guidance for navigating what 2022 has to bring. They’ll provide their top astrological tools & techniques, as well as guidance on how to consciously co-create with the Astrological energies.


INSTRUCTORS: Acyuta-bhava Das, Adam Sommer, Andrea Michelle Haeckel, Christopher Renstrom, Gary Caton, Jenn Zahrt, Linda Byrd, Mychal Bryan, Nura Rachelle, Rachel Onojafe, Shannon Gill, Stormie Grace

DURATION: Ongoing, Month to Month


➡ Monthly Astrology Mastery Classes w/ Cliffs Notes $97
➡ Monthly New & Full Moon Forecasts w/ Cliffs Notes $74
➡ Live Chart Demos & Q&A with Guiding Astrologers $30
➡ Private Community $97

TOTAL: $298


➡ 20% Discounts on Our Most Popular Astrology Courses $47
➡ Real-time Cosmic Updates Delivered to Your Phone $21
➡ New Moon Intention Setting Ceremonies $17
➡ Comprehensive Beginner's Starter Kit ft. 6+ hrs of content $342 value
➡ 15% Discount on AstroGold Professional Astrology Software $35
➡ Access to the replay videos of this panel event for life $97
➡ Access to Gary Caton’s Mastery Class: The Minor Arcana & The 36 Decans
➡ Access to Linda Byrd’s Mastery Class: Bringing Your Chart To Life: A Recipe for Chart Reading Made Easy

TOTAL: Over $650 in bonuses


December: Sagittarius Moon Cycle w/ Amma Li Grace

  • Mastery Class – Creatively Working With The Tensions In Your Birth Chart

January: Capricorn Moon Cycle w/ Stormie Grace

  • Mastery Class – Intro to Mundane Astrology

February: Aquarius Moon Cycle w/ Andrea Michelle

  • Mastery Class – The Discovery Charts of Juno, Vesta, Palas & Ceres

March: Pisces Moon Cycle w/ Mychal Bryan

  • Mastery Class – Intro to Horary Astrology

April: Aries Moon Cycle w/ Rachel Onojafe

  • Mastery Class – The Hero's Journey & The 4 Angles

May: Taurus Moon Cycle w/ Acyuta-Bhava Das

  • Mastery Class – How to Approach A Chart Reading

June: Gemini Moon Cycle w/ Gary Caton

  • Mastery Class – Planetary Days & Hours In Practice & Theory 

July: Cancer Moon Cycle w/ Linda Byrd

  • Mastery Class – Meet Your Inner Committee: Personifying the Planets

August: Leo Moon Cycle w/ Nura Rachelle

  • Mastery Class – The Sun & Venus: Cycles of Initiation 

September: Virgo Moon Cycle w/ Jenn Zahrt

  • Mastery Class – Secondary Progressions 

October: Libra Moon Cycle w/ Shannon Gill

  • Mastery Class – The Libra Decan: Evolutionary Relationships 

November: Scorpio Moon Cycle w/ Adam Sommer

  • Mastery Class – Astrology of the Cryptoverse

December: Sagittarius Moon Cycle w/ Christopher Renstrom

  • Mastery Class – Aspect Theory