Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle

Astrology Hub's Inner Circle

Learn Astrology in Community with the Masters & Transform Your Life in The Process!

If you’ve been yearning to dive into your Astrological studies with a consistent support system and trustworthy teachers… If you'd love to have a place to ask questions and get feedback from a community of Astrology Students… And if you’re spiritually oriented and would love to use Astrology to consciously navigate the path ahead and transform your life (and our world!)… We invite you to join our Inner Circle community where you get monthly access to the world’s best, most heart-centered, astrologers as your mentors through all the challenges and opportunities the rest of 2020 has to bring. They’ll provide their top Astrological tools & techniques, as well as guidance on how to consciously co-create with the Astrological energies.

Astrology Hub's Inner Circle 2021

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Astrology Hub Inner Circle - Study Astrology Mastery Techniques with 7 of the World’s Leading Astrologers, Access to a Private Online Community Forum of Astrology Students, Access Live New Moon and Full Moon Forecasts Every Month, Cosmic Updates Delivered Straight to Your Phone, Cliffs Notes & Transcripts of Every Class, plus the Inner Circle Success Path Step-By-Step Guide


June: Gemini Moon Cycle w/ Cameron Allen

  • Mastery Class – AHolistic Study of the Houses

July: Cancer Moon Cycle w/ Tom Jacobs

  • Mastery Class – Evolutionary Astrology

August: Leo Moon Cycle w/ Divine Harmony

  • Mastery Class – Goddess Asteroids

September: Virgo Moon Cycle w/ Ari Moshe Wolfe

  • Mastery Class – Planets That Square The Lunar Nodes

October: Libra Moon Cycle w/ Judith Hill

  • Mastery Class – Medical Astrology

November: Scorpio Moon Cycle w/ Kirah Tabourn

  • Mastery Class – Annual Profections

December: Sagittarius Moon Cycle w/ Amma Li Grace

  • Mastery Class –Living Within Tension: A Voice Dialogue Approach to Astrology