Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle: EXPAND

Learn Astrology in Community with the Masters & Transform Your Life in The Process!

If you’ve been yearning to dive into your Astrological studies with a consistent support system and trustworthy teachers… If you’d love to have a place to ask questions and get feedback from a community of Astrology Students… And if you see the benefit in using Astrology to consciously navigate the path ahead to transform your life (and our world!)… We invite you to join our Inner Circle community where you get monthly access to the world’s best astrologers as your mentors for ongoing astrological training & guidance for navigating what 2023 and 2024 have to bring. They’ll provide their top astrological tools & techniques, as well as guidance on how to consciously co-create with the Astrological energies.

inner circle EXPAND

INSTRUCTORS: Cameron Allen, Clarissa Dolphin, Omari Martin, Rachel Lang, Sheridan Semple, Wendy Stacey

DURATION: Ongoing, Month to Month


➡ New professional astrologers each month to teach you astrology and guide you to work with the cosmic tides
➡ Detailed live New Moon and Full Moon forecasts & recordings to teach you astrology and guide you to work with the cosmic tides
➡ A New Mastery Class & recording teaching a different astrological technique every month so you can build upon what you’ve learned in the course
➡ Monthly LIVE Chart Demos & Q&A with Guided Astrologers and recording, with a chance to submit your chart to be used as an example,
➡ Access to our Mighty Networks community of Astrology Students to connect you with your guiding Astrologers AND enthusiastic students from all over the globe
➡ Your Inner Circle Learning Path Guide that gives you a step-by-step guide for moving at your own pace and a custom roadmap for building your relationship to the Cosmos, your community, and yourself

PLUS these bonuses:

➡ A Live New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony each month with Amanda
➡ Cosmic Updates on important transits and energies delivered right to your phone via text
➡ 3 bonus Mastery Classes from Donna Woodwell, Rick Levine, and Julia Balaz
➡ 20% discounts on all Astrology Hub coursesMonthly Astrology Mastery Classes w/ Cliffs Notes $97


October: Libra Moon Cycle w/ Cameron Allen

  • Mastery Class – Aspects in Medical Astrology

November: Scorpio Moon Cycle w/ Wendy Stacey

  • Mastery Class – Synastry & Relationship Charts

December: Sagittarius Moon Cycle w/ Omari Martin

  • Mastery Class – Movement Through Time: Secondary Progressions & Solar Arcs

January: Capricorn Moon Cycle w/ Rachel Lang

  • Mastery Class – Astrological Magic & The Moon

February: Aquarius Moon Cycle w/ Clarissa Dolphin

  • Mastery Class – To be announced!

March: Pisces Moon Cycle w/ Sheridan Semple

  • Mastery Class – Introduction to Shamanic Astrology: Understanding Your Soul’s Intended Journey