Do Your Saturn w/ Anne Ortelee

“Everybody has a Saturn in their chart, and where you find him you find purpose – why you're here in this life at this time.”- ANNE ORTELEE

In this 4+ hour self-paced workshop you'll learn how to work with your natal Saturn by understanding Saturn's strengths and weaknesses through the signs and houses.

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Find Your Ideal Work, Ground Your Energy & Overcome Your Blocks To Mastery with the “Do Your Saturn” workshop!



DURATION: 4+ Hours, Self- Paced


Astrology Course
4 Hours of Teaching on Saturn in Video, Audio & Transcript Format; The Complete Slide Deck in PDF Format; Cheat Sheets on Every Saturn Placement for Quick Reference; Pre-recorded Q&A with Anne Ortelee looking at in-depth chart examples!


Do Your Saturn w/ Anne Ortelee – Online Astrology Course Curriculum
Introduction to the Mythology & Culture of Saturn 
  • Saturn’s beauty & limitations
  • The Mythological creation of Venus and Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune.
  • The Power found in knowing and honoring personal boundaries, limitations, and control.
  • Chronos’ story and the karma at play within a lifetime.
  • Where you’ll find Saturn in culture.
Where, What, & for How Long the King of Karma Rules.
  • Walking with Saturn at different stages of life
  • Astrological Houses and Rulerships of Saturn.
  • Moods, emotions, and the flow of energy that Saturn embodies.
How to DO Your Saturn 
  • A review of Saturn through every Sign and House
  • Common themes experienced with each Saturn placement.
  • The highest and lowest vibrations of Saturn.
  • How to work positively and productively with Saturn no matter where he is in your chart.
Real Chart Examples 
  • A 2020 turning point view from Saturn’s perspective.
  • How you can embrace Saturn daily.
  • Where to go from here.