Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle: GROW

Align with the Cosmic Rhythm & Transform Your Life in The Process!

Are you ready to make Astrology a part of your daily life without feeling like it’s yet another thing you have to do?

Introducing our brand new Inner Circle Membership Tier dedicated to helping you align your life with the cosmic rhythm in light, easy, practical ways. For the first time in 7 years, we’ve designed a brand new tier of our membership for the astrology enthusiast who sees value in astrology and loves using it as a tool for personal growth, but who is short on time, or not always able to understand, (or just not interested in), learning the complex language of astrology!While our Inner Circle: Expand membership is ideal for those who love the technical side of astrology, Grow is the perfect place for those seeking a streamlined approach focusing on the power of community, cosmic co-creation, and incorporating powerful, astrology-inspired practices into their daily lives. While you may not have hours upon hours to dedicate each week, you do feel the drive to commit to a routine that supports your growth and connects you to your soul’s purpose.

This is where Grow comes in.



DURATION: Ongoing, Month to Month


➡Daily Cosmic Pulse Texts sent directly to your phone ($97)
➡Monthly New and Full Moon Snapshot videos ($47)
➡LIVE New Moon Intention Setting Ceremonies ($27)
➡Monthly Moon Cycle Horoscopes for each Zodiac Sign ($27)

➡Access to a thriving private community ($97)
➡Access to premium podcast episodes no longer available on our public platform ($17)
➡10% Discounts on all Astrology Hub courses and reports ($10)
➡Magic Dates Report ($27)
➡Mastery Class on What is the Lunar Cycle & How To Work With It For Growth ($97)
➡Mastery Class on Astrological Magic and the Moon ($97)



You’ll be guided through the cosmic curriculum, diving deep into these universal themes and so much more.

    • January – Capricorn: Discipline
    • February – Aquarius: Individuality
    • March – Pisces: Compassion
    • April – Aries: Enthusiasm
    • May – Taurus: Pleasure
    • June – Gemini: Curiosity
    • July – Cancer: Nurturing
    • August – Leo: Expression
    • September – Virgo: Discernment
    • October – Libra: Beauty
    • November – Scorpio: Transformation
    • December – Sagittarius: Vision