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Whether you’re brand new to astrology, or more seasoned, our online digital astrology course library has something to offer you. Special topic courses include Your Soul Purpose, Do Your Saturn, Astrology of Relationships, Introduction to Astrological Magic and more.

We Have An Astrology Online Course for Every Level!

LEVEL 1 You're a complete newbie! You're very interested but don't know much beyond your Sun sign.
LEVEL 2 – You're beginning to grasp your astrological chart beyond your sun sign: moon, rising/ascendent, and other planets like Mars, Venus, etc.
LEVEL 3 – You're learning how to read your natal chart and understand houses and aspects.
LEVEL 4 – You have a good grasp on how to read your chart and you're starting to look at other people’s charts and synastry.
LEVEL 5 – You are a pro at birth chart reading, regularly reading other people’s charts and synastry between charts.

Online Astrology Courses

Planets that Square the Lunar Nodes Ari Moshe Wolfe Astrology Hub

Planets that Square the Lunar Nodes w/ Ari Moshe Wolfe


Master Class: Planets that Square the Lunar Nodes w/ Ari Moshe Wolfe

Ari Moshe Wolfe teaches you a cornerstone technique of Evolutionary Astrology: planets that square the lunar nodes, in this Master Class.

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Health Secrets of The Planets w/ Cameron Allen


In this class, Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron Allen will help you learn about the interconnection of humans & planets in Nature. By realigning your connection to nature, you can understand how to properly nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Cameron connects the planets, plants, our organ systems, as well as the four elements and how they relate to polarity, tissue states within our bodies, and more.

Solar Arc Directions Frank Clifford Astrology Hub

Solar Arc Directions w/ Frank Clifford


Learn the powerful technique behind Solar Arc Directions

In this Mastery Class, Frank Clifford teaches you everything you need to know about Solar Arc Directions so that you can begin incorporating this technique into your practice today. By learning how to apply Solar Arc Directions, you'll be able to accurately forecast incoming energies, helping yourself and/or clients be prepared for what's ahead!

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot The 36 Decans w Gary Caton Astrology Hub

The Minor Arcana of the Tarot & The 36 Decans w/ Gary Caton


Understand the link between the Tarot and Astrology

Gary Caton teaches us the intimate link between tarot and astrology through an in-depth study of the Minor Arcana and the 36 Decans in this Mastery Class.

Embodied Astrology Bringing Heaven To Earth Divine Harmony Astrology Hub

Embodied Astrology: Bringing Heaven To Earth w/ Divine Harmony


Learn how to bring your understanding of astrology from the head and into the body…

In this unique and experiential mastery class, Divine Harmony teaches an innovative way to work with astrology as an embodied practice. You will learn how physically working with astrology helps bring the body into balance and integrates the feminine and masculine forces and the five elements.

Electional Astrology Omari Martin Astrology Hub 1

Electional Astrology w/ Omari Martin


The perfect entry point for learning the art of Electional Astrology

In this Mastery Class, Omari Martin introduces you to the concept of Electional Astrology. You will learn the history of this technique and how to use it in client work. 

Integrating The Tensions In Your Birth Chart Amma Li Grace Astrology

Integrating The Tensions In Your Birth Chart w/ Amma Li Grace


Learn an innovative technique to integrate tensions in your birth chart

Polarity and tension are a part of life, so it's absolutely necessary to understand how to work with energies that have differences in needs and motivations.  In this mastery class from Amma Li Grace, you will explore how to bring these tensions out of the chart and into your body, bringing life to these archetypes.

The Importance of Phases Georgia Stathis Astrology Hub

The Importance of Phases w/ Georgia Stathis


Learn to understand the relationship between any two planets… 

In this Mastery Class, Georgia Stathis unpacks the full cycle of planetary phases, correlating transits to the eight phases that are most readily seen with the moon but apply to any two planets. Georgia teaches you the difference between phases and the hallmarks of each so you can use them in interpreting charts. 

Reading Understanding Your Soul Level Family Contracts Tom Jacobs Astrology Hub

Reading & Understanding Your Soul-Level Family Contracts w/ Tom Jacobs


How can you make the most out of your family dynamics?

In this Mastery Class, Tom Jacobs shows the importance of understanding our soul-level contracts to navigate one of the most growth-oriented spheres of our lives: our family dynamics.

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Your Chart Signature w/ Anne Ortelee


Have you ever wondered why your Sun Sign is NOT how others “see” you or why you “feel” more like another sign?

Your Sun Sign is important, but it’s only ONE  part of Your Chart Signature…

Are you cardinal, fixed, or mutable?

Does fire, earth, air, or water dominate in your chart?

Where does this energy show up in your life?

In this workshop, you'll learn how to work with your Chart Signature by understanding the dominant energy in your chart and how this affects your decisions, actions, and the way others experience you.

Cultivating Your Archetypal Eye w Becca Tarnas 1

Cultivating Your Archetypal Eye w/ Becca Tarnas


Learn the Foundation of Archetypes and Apply their meaning to Astrology

Archetypal understanding is paramount for astrology, and in this Mastery Class, Becca Tarnas teaches you how to cultivate your archetypal lens.

The Astrology Gene Keys Connection w Amma Li Grace

The Astrology-Gene Keys Connection w/ Amma Li Grace


Learn the innovative Gene Key Connection with Astrology

What are the Gene Keys? If you love astrology, they are a great addition to your practice! Learn about their innovative correlation with Astrology, biology, and ancient symbolism in this Mastery Class with Amma Li Grace.

Working with Eclipses w Jennifer Racioppi

Working with Eclipses w/ Jennifer Racioppi


Master Class: Working with Eclipses w/ Jennifer Racioppi

Eclipses are powerful portals of transformation, and in this Mastery Class, Jennifer Racioppi teaches everything you need to know about their potent potential.

Your Venus Phase w Adam Gainsburg

Your Venus Phase w/ Adam Gainsburg


Master Class: Your Venus Phase w/ Adam Gainsburg

Living Sky astrologer and Venus ambassador, Adam Gainsburg, teaches you everything you need to know about Venus in your chart and in the sky in this Mastery Class.

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From Earth To Air: The New Era Of The Saturn Jupiter Cycle w/ Adam Sommer


Master Class: From Earth To Air: The New Era of the Saturn Jupiter Cycle w/ Adam Sommer

In this Mastery Class, Adam Sommer breaks down the Great Conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius and its impact on the years to come.

Working with Your Nakshatras w Vic DiCara

Working with Your Nakshatras w/ Vic DiCara


Master Class: Working with Your Nakshatras w/ Vic DiCara

Begin learning Vedic Astrology with the Nakshatras in this Mastery Class with Vic DiCara.

Mitch Scott Lewis Astrology for Financial Awareness

Astrology for Financial Awareness w/ Mitch Scott Lewis

As a participant in this class, you’ll get the perspective you need to combat the fear cycle on the news. Enroll now and get instant access to:
1. A greater sense of context and historical data to help you understand the financial situation we’re in now.

2. The peace of mind that results from having an informed advisor.

3.An astrological perspective to compliment your intuitive knowing.

Astrology Hub's 2022 Forecast Panel

The 2022 Forecast Panel – Recording Set


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Your Soul Purpose


Discover how your astrological chart reveals your unique Soul Purpose during this 7-week course. If you aren’t sure which direction in life you should go in, or you’re searching for meaning or purpose, this is the course for you. Your astrology chart provides a blueprint for your soul that has…