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Venus is the planet of women and when she's in Virgo (like she has been since October 2) then those qualities that women have developed over the centuries – like listening, careful attention to detail, and guile – are accentuated for both women and certain enlightened men to use to their benefit. The reason that these qualities are associated with women more than men is because women have had to figure out how to survive and thrive in a world where men make up all the rules. Contrary to popular opinion, big changes don't happen overnight or in clarion calls to action. Big changes are the result of strategic moves, small adjustments, and the slow persistence of reform. All of these things will make sense to you this week when Venus in Virgo forms once-in-a-lifetime trines to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. You've made your case brick by brick and the end result will either be a change that lasts or the dismantling of an obstacle that has stood in your way for far too long.

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You can't win your current standoff. Your opponent is too powerful. You're outnumbered and outmaneuvered; plus Ruling Planet Mars retrograde means that the cavalry won't be showing up anytime soon. However, all is not lost as long as you use your head. It looks as if the winning side needs something from you in order to prevail. Maybe it's your signature, information only you know, or pledge of support. In any case they're more than willing to sit down and listen to your demands. Be shrewd and pragmatic and you could wind up with an arrangement that preserves and protects your interests in the end.



It's not every day when you realize you've been looking at things through the wrong end of the telescope but that's what retrograde Mercury opposite Uranus on October 19 is all about. This is when you finally realize that it's the other party who needs you more than you need them and now that the truth has set you free, you're ready to issue some demands of your own. Keep in mind that your Ruling Planet is Venus and not Mars. In other words, tailor your requests so that they are meetable. Not only does this ensure success, but you needn't fear any future retaliation.



Things are never in the bag when Mercury is retrograde which means nobody should collect their winnings until all the cards have been played. That goes for you and your opponent. Mercury's opposition to Uranus on the 19th followed by a fateful conjunction to the Sun on the 25th may look like it's the final round, but surprise twists and unlikely turnarounds are something both Mercury and Uranus are famous for. These are wildly unpredictable planets and they love tossing monkey wrenches into the best laid plans. This could be a godsend if you're the one on the ropes; a humiliating upset if you're not.



The solution to your current standoff is to rethink the entire presentation. This would have been unthinkable weeks ago but Venus trines to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn this week show that it can be done as long as you have a good eye for detail. The beauty of Venus in Virgo is in her ability to make something out of nothing. Getting back to basics, stripping away the addenda, and polishing up the finer points so that they pop will make your case more appealing and inviting. Show how you can make opposing interests dovetail and you will get the reception you're looking for.



Can life get any more discouraging? If you have to ask that question then you probably know the answer already. Nevertheless this is a good time to reflect on whether it's circumstances that are bringing you down or your insistence that everything go according to plan. There's no disputing that your world got a lot more challenging this year, however it didn't go belly up either. You still have resources to work with. And as long as you have a roof over your head and a bed to call your own then you're OK. Your means may be modest, but you've something to build on.



It's time to touch base with those who voiced an interest in working with you in the past. As a Virgo you resist making follow-up calls. Your reasoning is that if someone wants to work with you bad enough then they'll contact you – not the other way around. You hate to come across as desperate. It pays to remember we live in a society that's plagued with a million distractions. People spend so much time managing tweets, texts, and emails that it's easy to forget conversations that took place 5 minutes ago. Jog their memories and you'll wind up with some very promising prospects.



Some say you're only as good as the people you know, to which you might respond: "well, it's a good thing that I'm a person worth knowing." And you most definitely are! The greatest resources for any air sign are their human resources and this goes double for Libras. You look to others for guidance, support, and equilibrium. And your people never let you down as you'll see for yourself this week when Ruling Planet Venus trines Jupiter, Pluto, and then Saturn. You may feel bad about asking for so much so soon, but don't. It's the least they can do for someone they cherish.



You have something somebody wants and he’s willing to pay you top dollar for it. This could be a piece of property, content that you own, or an antique that’s been doubling as a doorstop for years. Don’t be so quick to respond when he pressures you to name your price on October 19. This would be a good time to see if there are any other takers because there might be – especially with Venus forming trines to Pluto and then Saturn this week. Chances are you're undervaluing what you have and a bidding war wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen right now.



It's always an auspicious time when the benefics form a trine in the heavens and the fact that Venus will be casting her rays into your solar house of finances is bound to bring some kind of reprieve – if not solution – to your current money woes. Yet you can do more to expand on your good fortune by taking the time to meet with people who can guide you. Whether it's debt management or investment advice, the Stars show that you're in a position to establish lasting security and sustainability. Progress will be long and slow but any peace of mind worth having usually is.



You don’t like it when things take forever to come together. You’re a bottom-line, let’s seal the deal ASAP personality. It’s why the current back-and-forth negotiation is driving you crazy. Every minute detail is being analyzed and examined while the clock is ticking and precious time is running out. However the Stars show that this is exactly the way you want things to proceed. Not only are all the wrinkles being ironed out, but you stand to gain something new every time you and a prospective buyer, seller, or employer sit down to meet. Don’t hurry a process that promises to deliver so handsomely.



Aquarians are excellent negotiators. You never accept anything “in toto” but rather study each piece of information as it emerges to see how it fits into the overall equation. You often take your time doing this and it's been known to drive certain types of personalities crazy. This could become a point of contention on October 19 when Mercury opposes Uranus. This is when you will be under pressure to sign on the line that’s dotted. Well, you don’t have to and you know it. In fact, you can even use this person’s impatience to negotiate for an even bigger slice of the pie.



Ruling Planet Jupiter in that part of your solar chart that pertains to friends in high places means that you have people looking out after you. They've got your back and they won't let you down. And it's a good thing too because it looks like you're going through a really rough patch. Truth to tell nobody would want to be where you find yourself nowadays, but knowing that you've got support in your corner instills faith, uplifts spirits, and gives you the courage to carry on. You don't need rescuing; just a collective vote of confidence to get through the gauntlet you face.

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