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IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD (August 3 - 9)

It's human nature to bristle at limits imposed on us. We don't like being told we can only go so far, that we can have this but not that, or that we're simply not as ready as we think we are for the next step. Sometimes we take it in stride and sometimes we act out. The Mars/Jupiter square on August 4 won't be one of your finer moments. This may be when you throw the hissy-fit of all hissy-fits – carrying on about injustices or raining curses down on the heads of those who block your way. But it's moments like these that we need to remember there's a purpose being served when Jupiter is involved. The planet of higher plans we don't recognize and protections we rarely appreciate, Jupiter is always looking out after us. Remember being told as kid to eat your vegetables, clean your room, or do your homework? What you're facing now is kind of like that. It may not seem fair or appealing or convenient but there's no denying that it's for your own good.

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You won't like getting the thumbs down on something you worked hard to bring about. It was weeks in the making and you put a lot of thought into it. However there is such a thing as being too ahead of your time and that may be the problem you face. Your ideas may be too forward thinking or unintentionally provocative. Don't try to push the point because you'll only meet with resistance. Wait until October 19 to reintroduce what you proposed – with some creative repackaging of course. Either your superior will be more receptive or you may capture the interest of another taker.



The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 is a real eye-opener. This is when you experience for yourself some of that inequity, prejudice, or sexism that people are talking about. It's a shocker because you pride yourself on getting along with just about everybody. You're not usually the change the world type, but now that you're woke, you'll move heaven and earth to make things right in your own little corner of it. Expect tense exchanges with family and friends, but if you focus on sharing your experience (rather than trumpeting it) you may discover they're more receptive than you gave them credit for.



You'll feel like you can be yourself again when Mercury enters Leo on August 4. No more choosing words carefully, handling people with kid gloves, or communicating with hand signals. You can say what you mean and mean what you say. However candor swings both ways. If you're free to speak your mind then others are free to speak theirs too. It sounds good in theory until you have to sit through mind-numbing lectures, self-congratulatory praise, and rapid-fire monologues that leave you marveling about people's breath control. Renewing that vow of silence may not be so bad. Mercury will be in Leo through August 19.



Don't retreat into your separate corners when Mercury opposes Saturn on August 3. Oppositions between planets are more confrontational than conversational but the truth is one of you needs to extend the olive branch and that person is you. Your read on the situation is spot-on plus you can empathize with where he is right now. Don't let hurt feelings keep you quiet – especially when he's more afraid of rejection than you are. Lead with an open hand and he'll respond. All it takes is an apology (even if you've been wronged) to get him to lower his defenses and to return to the table.



This is the time to take a step back. And it's not going to be easy when you feel surrounded by haters, shamers, and blamers. There's a lot of anger going around these days and it will only increase with Mars in Aries through the end of the year. It's up to you to be a safe space. That means being welcoming, understanding, and bringing light rather than heat to all of your interactions. You're the sort of person people find it hard to stay mad at. Your bonhomie and natural joie de vivre is infectious and that's something the world could use right now.



There's nothing worse than not speaking up when you had the chance. Whether it's calling out injustice when you see it, divulging a truth that could set someone free, or blurting out you're in love with someone – censoring yourself when others need to hear what you have to say only leaves you with regret and self-recrimination. The pressure to remain silent and to toe the line will be at its most intense when Ruling Planet Mercury opposes Saturn on August 3. This is when the predicament you face will be at its most unyielding. Say what must be said. You'll be glad you did.



Your Ruling Planet Venus enters the zodiac sign of Cancer on August 7. This brings a calming and restorative energy flow that allows you to reconnect with your family and close friends. For weeks you've been taken up with work – fretting about staying competitive and worrying that if you relax you would lose your edge. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, less is more when Venus is traveling through easygoing Cancer. Instead of racing after things, you should learn to let things come to you. You'll find that getting what you want doesn't have to be as hard as all that.



This isn't the week for issuing an ultimatum – not unless you want the other party to take you up on it. You may think you can push the envelope – after all you've done it before - but the Full Moon in Aquarius shows that people are playing for keeps. Rather than push back, they may just watch quietly while that envelope flutters to the floor. You have the Moon/Mars occultation on August 9 to thank for this unexpected raise in stakes. The best advice is to accept what's in front of you. It won't be everything you like, but it's still better than nothing.



You'll want to say no to a pitch or proposal, but there's something about it that's appealing despite misgivings. Maybe you see hidden potential, the hint of new possibilities, or a one-way ticket out of where you are now. The funny thing about offers like these is that it's probably the right idea but at the wrong time. Mars square retrograde Jupiter on August 4 says pass, but don't dismiss the whole thing because seeds have been planted. Oftentimes the Stars test drive the rough draft of something to pique interest before delivering the more polished version later - which will be on October 19.



How could something that looked so wonderful weeks ago turn into such a bane to your existence? Well, that's what happens when Mercury opposes Saturn, planet of trials and tribulations, in Capricorn. Most people would throw up their hands in defeat and look for a way to beg off, but not you. The plus side to being born under Saturn is that it outfits you for a life full of obstacles, delays, and burdens. You know what to do when the going gets tough which means you'll find a way to navigate an impossible-to-cross terrain. Yes, life's a bitch – but guess what? You're bitchier.



They can take it or leave it as far as you're concerned. Honestly. You're not bluffing, strong-arming, or playing hard to get. There's an icy clarity to the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 and part of you would love nothing more than for the other party to leave it. Unfortunately that's not going to happen. Things are rarely so clear cut when there's a standoff between the luminaries. Expect to see concessions on both sides that will leave everyone feeling dissatisfied. But don't assume you've seen the last of this. Next February's Saturn/Uranus square is a game-changer and you will be the beneficiary.



You may be taken aback by someone who's intent on challenging your authority on August 4. Your first reaction will be to put him in his place, but curb that impulse. You don't want to lower yourself to his level because he's got a lot to gain by showing that he can unnerve you. Be welcoming instead. Not only will you redirect the shade that's being thrown at you, but you'll diffuse tensions. This allows you to study what he's up to because there's more behind this first volley. There's a campaign underway to unseat you all together and you want to be prepared.

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