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OH WELL, KARMA'S A BITCH (June 29 - July 5, 2020)

Jupiter and Pluto are named after the two gods of Justice in Roman mythology. Jupiter is the higher authority you appeal to in hopes that things will be made right and Pluto is the divine retribution that pursues wrongdoing to the ends of the earth. When two planets are at the same point in the sky at the same time – like these two planets will be on June 29 – then they will have a deep and powerful impact that reverberates from our highest institutions down to our day-to-day lives. This conjunction brings up the issue of justice in your life and how it is going to be meted out. If you've been wronged then you will get what you prayed for – you will be delivered, exonerated, or rewarded. However if you've done wrong then you can expect everything to come out in the wash and it won't be pretty. They say that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. Throw in Pluto – the planet that never forgives and never forgets – and you might also add: "Oh well, Karma's a bitch."

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Your faith in justice is renewed when an incompetent manager or abusive superior is removed from his position this week. It's been months in the making so to see it finally happen will be both vindicating and morale-boosting. You earned this victory and should feel proud of what you did. However Saturn re-entering Capricorn at the top of your solar chart means this isn't over – probably because the problems you face are more systemic than just one bad egg. But don't let that worry you now. There's plenty of time to gear up for round 2 which will be taking place in August and September.



You wrestled with wanting to make big life changes in the abstract, but it's not until this week that you'll see how to implement them in your day-to-day life. Sometimes it takes a crisis (or two) to shake things up and rouse you into action. Friends might say it takes a crisis to knock some sense into you, but it's really about the alignment of circumstances and timing. The wonderful thing about the planetary sextile energy threading its way through all the ups and downs is that you can actually see a through-line. Follow this and you'll wind up with the best life ever.



You'll need to do some fast talking to get out of that contract or agreement. What looked great at the time – a lifeline when you needed it – could sink you now that you have other parties with deeper pockets who are interested. It's why you need to be free of it. Find a way to let this person down gently. You don't want to leave someone high and dry when they were there for you in your hour of need. Maybe you can find a replacement or help out during this transition? Not only will you be returning the favor, but it's good karma too.



This isn't the time to walk out – despite all the signs telling you to run as fast as you can. You've been burned so many times in the past that it's really hard to stay put, but staying put is exactly what you should do because circumstances are realigning in such a way as to benefit you and you don't want to miss out. Whether it's a severance package, a generous settlement, or a disaffected superior who's going to take you with her as she starts afresh somewhere else you would be well-advised to wait and see what happens on July 22.



You thought you had put past hurts behind you, but the Sun traveling through a sensitive angle of your solar horoscope will bring them up again. All it takes is an off-the-cuff remark, an underwhelming response, or a negative judgment to throw you into a tizzy. But instead of reacting angrily, why not call your loved one or colleague on it? You'll probably say that if it hasn't worked before, it's doubtful that it would work now but you might be surprised. Sometimes it's the timing more than the point that gets the message across. You may see this person respond with a heartfelt apology.



Hopes and wishes are great when they're shining in the distance – like a remote and inviting star; they're quite different when they actually manifest in our lives. Oftentimes we don't like the way they turn out – they can be too costly or unexpected – which is why it's been said that more tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones. And this is the dilemma you'll face this week when something you never thought would happen does and now you have to deal with the consequences. Thankfully Mercury retrograde gives you some wiggle room so take your time figuring out where to go from here.



An item is removed from the scale this week - throwing everything off balance and threatening to send you into a downward spiral. This often happens when there's a lunar eclipse in that part of your solar chart that pertains to endings. Ironically it's not something you cherish that will disappear, but rather an obligation, task, or duty you were charged with. People will encourage you to celebrate your freedom, but this responsibility has defined you for so long that it's hard to imagine life without it. Burdens can be counterweights which is why you'll need time to get your bearings and regain your equilibrium.



You'll be glad to know that a major piece of your financial puzzle will soon snap into place. For weeks you've struggled to make ends meet only to see them get within inches of each other before springing back into opposite corners. Thankfully this new development (maybe it's a loan, grant, or home equity line of credit) will bridge the gap and help you to establish true financial stability. Not only will you be able to sleep at night, but you'll also be able to afford a new mattress. The lucky stars to thank are the Sun and Uranus in sextile on June 30.



It's hard to keep the faith in times like these, but this is when your faith burns brightest. It stems from the fact that you were born during that time of year when the Sun's rays are dimmer and shadows grow longer. You know what it's like to search for the light at the end of the tunnel. Heaven knows you've been down enough of them. Others may despair or feel paralyzed, but the recent collapse of all things staid and normal has actually freed you. You can put aside demands and expectations that have been heaped on you and follow your own path.



Jupiter conjuncts Pluto for the second time in Capricorn on June 29. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket since their first conjunction (April 4), but you're still here. You're also still standing. Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions herald times of reckoning when past mistakes are exposed and successes are judged to either be well-founded or built on a house of cards. You hate being judged – you always have and you always will, but you may be surprised to learn that you're actually doing better than thought. Hopefully this will encourage you to own your successes and to build on them instead of fret over them.



It was the Aquarian president Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said "you have nothing to fear but fear itself" and those words will certainly ring true this week. You'll soon find out if something you've been banking on is going to work out. Were you right to proceed or will the wheels fall off? Well, Mercury retrograding past the Sun on June 30 produces mixed results, but mixed results are better than a fiasco because you still have something to work with.  A few adjustments here and there should get things up and running again by Sunday when the Moon emerges from the earth's shadow.



There are times when what we have to say will have an extraordinary impact on someone else's life. It's a time of enormous responsibility. You will find yourself put in this position on June 29 and 30. It will be important for you to put aside your own concerns (especially if you're the boss or parent) and to focus on what would best serve the person who is seeking your advice. Be true to helping her to find her higher purpose and you will give the wisest counsel. In fact it may be so wise that you might even want to follow it yourself.

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