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Virgo Horoscope – November 20th – 26th

You knew it was too good to be true. Things have been going much too smoothly lately for them to continue as is. Thankfully, the Sun/Pluto sextile on November 20th shows that you’ll finesse at least one more score before Saturn slams the door shut on the 23rd. Now, usually, you’d collect your winnings and depart the scene, but there’s a part of you that can’t help feeling like there’s more to be had. And truth to tell there probably is; however, next week’s Mercury/Neptune square warns about questionable circumstances. It’s better to play it safe than to hazard a risk that’s not worth taking.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope | November 6th through 12th

Now that the drama’s over, so is the relationship. You were there for someone in need and helped to get them through a rough passage. You were a confidant, a friend, and maybe even more. One thing that will become clear with this week’s break in the cloud cover is that you two aren’t really the match you originally thought you were. This is a good thing. Your lover shouldn’t be an animal rescue, but rather someone you want to spend time with outside of a crisis. Such a person may seem impossible to imagine, but they’re around – and a lot closer than you think.

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Virgo Yearly Horoscope | 2024 Forecast

Virgo, in 2024, you’ll be invited to change your habits, work, connections, and values. Your entire world may shift. However, the humble constancy of your nature will be a stable anchor on the journey ahead.

Remember that you do not need all the answers, just the solution to the next step.

Top Themes for the Year:

• A reevaluation of your habits, work, and health.
• Adjustments in values, financial, and shared resources.
• Relationships and their impact on your life.

As the year opens, Pluto will return to Aquarius (January 20th) and invite you to adjust your daily routines. This is an excellent time to consider your work, habits, and health. Your attention to detail and systematic approach will be your secret weapon in working with these transformations. The less attached you are to the way things have always been, the better.

Your values and earning power will be a focus of the Libra eclipses in March & October. Taking a deep look at what you depend on, or what’s hanging on you – and rebalancing – will be a theme. The Aries eclipse on April 8th will give you the courage to build your legacy or lean into one you’re part of – yet do so in a courageous, original manner. Looking deeply at what’s ready to end or begin will help you work positively with this energy.

Your one-to-one partnerships will also be a focus area for you this year. Saturn’s focus on this topic has already taught you much about the value of connections. In 2024, as Saturn meets Mars on April 10th, you may enter a season of testing or cementing partnerships in both personal and professional realms. The Pisces eclipses later in the year (September 17th) in Pisces will invite you to consider deeper transformative partnerships. As you navigate your connections and emotional investments, think of your long- and short-term goals. Who do you want at your side, and why?

A highlight of the year is when Jupiter & Uranus meet in your 9th house on April 20th, followed by Venus & Jupiter on May 23rd. This optimistic and expansive energy could unveil opportunities in education, travel, or spiritual endeavors. The transformational journey continues with Jupiter’s transition into Gemini and your 10th house on May 25th. This energy hasn’t been here since 2012. This is a powerful time to enhance your career and public standing.

In 2024, Virgo, you’ll often find a clear invitation to step outside your comfort zone, particularly around your habits, partnerships, and values. Your analytical and adaptive nature ensures you’ll navigate these changes brilliantly.

Get to Know Virgo

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“Desperately seeking perfection,” could be Virgo’s motto. Calm and competent on the outside, inside they’re paddling furiously to find a way to earn the love and respect they’re afraid they aren’t good enough to deserve. Unfortunately, this Mercurial Earth sign didn’t get the memo “Nobody’s perfect.”

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