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Our detailed weekly horoscopes by zodiac sign are written by world-class astrologer and historian Christopher Renstrom, who has written the popular horoscope column for the San Francisco Chronicle for over 13 years. He’ll be a trusted guide through your personal astrological weather, revealing the week ahead for both your Sun and Rising Sign!

Astrology Hub's Weekly Horoscope Overview

With Christopher Renstrom

FRENEMIES | Weekly Horoscope | July 15th – July 21st 2024

Mars in Gemini stokes rivalries – the reason being that twins are siblings and sibling rivalries are the earliest form of competition. Everything you learned about winning, losing, thwarting, and outwitting comes from those early years spent battling with your sibling for Mom or Dad's attention.

All of this will come rushing back while Mars, the planet of combat, is in Gemini from July 20th to September 4th. You can expect to lock horns with a competitor during this time, but instead of a knock-down, drag-out fight, you may discover that this person is a plus, not a minus. Why? Because a competitor motivates you to try harder than you would have on your own.

They'll also tell you things your friends won't because friends will only say what you want to hear while a competitor tells you the things you need to hear. It's one of life's weird contradictions how an enemy can be a friend at the same time, but that's how Mars in Gemini works. Mars will always push you to be the best that you can be according to the zodiac sign that it's in.

BEING THE BIGGER PERSON | Weekly Horoscope | July 8th – July 14th 2024

Are you playing games with somebody’s heart? Or is this person playing games with yours? These are questions worth asking when Venus, the planet of love and beauty, forms an opposition to suspicious Pluto on July 12th. An opposition is when two planets sit opposite one another on the cosmic seesaw. And like a seesaw, one planet dips while the other planet rises and vice-versa. Seesaws aren’t balanced, so don’t look for anything that’s fair and even-keeled. There's nothing equitable about them. The problem is that each of you thinks that it's the other person who's being manipulative, which is why there is so much withholding, testing, and maneuvering going on. In the end, this is all about relationship – whether it's romantic or financial – which means that you must either find a way to build trust or end this association because right now it is bringing out the worst in both of you.

I WANT TO BELIEVE | Weekly Horoscope | July 1st – July 7th 2024

Hopes and wishes dissolve before your eyes when Neptune turns retrograde on July 2nd. It's disappointing to say the least, but like all retrogrades, this is the Stars’ way of testing you to see if you are truly committed to the path you're on. The dreams you have when you're asleep aren't the same as the dreams you have for your future.

Nighttime dreams are often a jumble – they require interpretation to make any sense of them. The dreams you have for your future are Neptune dreams. They inspire you to make something of yourself, to give that vision of yours your best shot. If this week's disillusionment is all it takes to quash your spirits then maybe your vision wasn’t that strong to begin with. It probably was just wishful thinking after all.

However if this setback inspires you to brainstorm, to test-drive different approaches to bridging the gap between the way you see things in your mind's eye and reality – then Neptune’s retrograde is doing its job. Visualization is the first step to realization as you will discover on December 7th when Neptune resumes direction.

SATURN RETROGRADE | Weekly Horoscope | June 24th – June 30th 2024

Every planet but the Sun and Moon turns retrograde. And when it does, that planet will act contrary to its nature. Now, one would think that Saturn turning retrograde would be a good thing. Famous for being the planet of trials and tribulations, a Saturn retrograde might be considered a grace period when life is stress-free. But a Saturn retrograde is a bit like a prisoner who wakes up one morning to discover that their jail door is wide open.

Is this an opportunity to make your escape or are you walking into a trap? Right now, there's a certain emotional obligation or burden that's been eating up a lot of time and energy, and in the next couple of weeks, you will have an opportunity to offload it.

Part of you will be delighted at the idea, but another part of you may hesitate—if not balk altogether. It will be hard to tell which is better: the hell you know or the heaven you don’t, but then again, that's what a Saturn retrograde is all about. Saturn will be retrograde from June 29th to November 15th.

CANCER SEASON | Weekly Horoscope | June 17th – June 23rd 2024

Summer is a lullaby season. Days are long, nights are short, and you can sleep out under the stars if you like. Everything you could possibly wish for is in reach. You can pluck fruit from the trees, pull vegetables out of the soil, or hook a fish while lazily dozing on the riverbank.

Summertime is when the living is easy because Mother Nature is here to provide, and like an infant suckling at the breast, you can nestle peacefully knowing that you are well cared for. Now you might laugh and say “I wish!” but this dream of abundance is encoded into the very essence of the season.

In fact, you're so enthralled by this idyll that even if you know it's not true, that won't stop you from striving to make it true for those you love and care for. This is the way life should be and with Pluto no longer opposing the Sun in the zodiac sign of the Crab, you will endeavor to make it happen.

JUST SAY NO | Weekly Horoscope | June 10th – June 16th 2024

Beware Ponzi schemes – or anything else that promises money for nothing and clicks for free. Things that look like they’re too good to be true often are when Venus, the planet of seduction, forms a square to Neptune, the planet of illusion on June 16th.

This will be especially powerful as Venus and Neptune are at the anaretic degree (i.e., the 29th degree) of their respective signs. This is the last time that they will be forming this particular aspect – which is good news – however both planets are famous for casting spells aimed at getting you to empty your pockets and your bank account.

The same thing applies to love, so be careful not to wear your heart on your sleeve. If there was ever a time when you could be duped, swindled, or blindsided it would be now. And this isn’t to say that the people you’re attracting are creeps. They’re just under the impression that your name is spelled “ATM”. Thankfully the spell lifts by the end of next week.

BULL IN A CHINA SHOP? | Weekly Horoscope | June 3rd – June 8th 2024

You make the switch from unstoppable force to immovable object when Mars enters Taurus on June 9th. This is good if you need to stand your ground, hunker down, or push through a rough passage.

Mars, the planet of strength and fortitude, is all about preservation and perseverance when it’s traveling through the zodiac sign of the bull. You can take a licking and keep on ticking. However, you can also get exceedingly territorial. People horning in on your turf might make you see red, and you could charge at them without justified cause.

Moreover, you could become ham-handed when dealing with delicate matters, sensitive topics, and fragile negotiations. It’s important to know when enough is enough and to allow opponents to yield the field while saving face. This will help to keep the peace. Mars will be in Taurus from June 9th to July 20th.

IN IT TOGETHER | Weekly Horoscope | May 27th – June 2nd 2024

The wonderful thing about the Jupiter/Pluto trine on June 2nd is the fact that you can't succeed unless others succeed as well.

This is very different from Jupiter/Pluto trines in other elements which can bring material gain, personal fame, or creative control. These are things that can benefit one person but not necessarily everyone else.

Because an air sign's fortune is tied to the fortunes of others, people born under Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius must ally, partner, or collectively bargain in order to get what they want. Indeed, an air sign's greatest resources are their human resources.

Now one could coax, cajole, or even dupe to secure others' cooperation, but that won't work under Jupiter and Pluto's watch.

Jupiter subscribes to the axiom that good begets good and nothing else will do while Pluto, named after the Roman god of the dead, is quick to ferret out the snakes in the grass.

In other words, this is the time to listen to the better angels of your nature because heeding your baser impulses will only choke off your air supply.

Jupiter in Gemini Horoscope | MAY 20th – 26th 2024

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and higher purpose, enters the zodiac sign of Gemini on May 25th. Typically, Jupiter brings a bevy of blessings and benefits to whatever sign it visits, but not with Gemini.

Indeed, Jupiter in the zodiac sign of the Twins conditions its rewards based on your day-to-day interactions. If you're good to people, then people will be good in return; and if you're not?

Well, let's just say that your returns will be significantly less than what you had originally hoped for. “Love thy neighbor as you would yourself” is an excellent mantra for this period of time. You may think that's easy to do, but it's a lot more difficult than it seems given our current divisiveness.

Nobody's saying you have to be besties with people you can't abide, but that shouldn't stop you from finding a better way to play well with others. Do this and you'll wind up with a gold star next to your name. Jupiter will be in Gemini until June 9, 2025.

A TECTONIC SHIFT | May 13 – May 19, 2024

There is nothing making you stay put if you don't want to. We often feel hemmed in by circumstances, overburdened by obligations, and defined by our responsibilities, but the truth is these all take their marching orders from you and not the other way around.

Uranus is the planet of revolution and change. Its job is to throw over those structures in your life that have lost touch with you – especially when it conjoins the Sun in the zodiac sign of Taurus on May 13th. This may result in an unexpected firing or hiring, a tectonic shift in priorities, or an earthshaking revelation.

Whatever its manifestation, the point is to get you out of your rut. This may be a call to action, or it may feel like you're being dragged kicking and screaming into the next stage of your personal evolution. In any case, it's time to live a life that's more in keeping with who you are.

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