In The Soul’s Journey trilogy of books, I introduce my unique approach to working with Pluto. It’s informed deeply by years of channeling an ascended master on the true nature of soul, how it relates to its human lives (and vice versa), and how to understand the intentions of soul in astrological birth charts.

During those years, I also worked with the spirits of many dead people, learning from them about the consciousness trip that each human life is and how things change after death as they reconnected with soul.

I learned what human astrologers said about soul, but something felt missing. This helpful being (called variously: Djehuty, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) stepped in at my request and tutored me extensively, answering my questions about the multi-life journey we’re each traveling.

Prior to the release of The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation and Karma with a Medium and Channel in 2010, students of evolutionary astrology had two options to learn about the meaning of Pluto in birth charts. But each work assumed that the soul operates according to linear time (which it doesn’t).

Our minds assume that time is much more important than it is, and that soul unfolds according to it. But soul is outside time—it’s neither wounded and in need of healing nor growing as a divine being. It’s undiluted Goddess/God-consciousness, intact and complete, and is watching you live your life to learn about free will and how you learn to deal with the consequences of your choices.

The approach I developed and teach introduces multidimensionality to the mix, changing everything. All of your other-life experiences are stored as emotional scripts, graffiti, scratches, and dents in your etheric bodies. Pluto represents the most painful and those that inspire the most severe kinds of fear, anger, grief, jealousy, and other negative feelings.

These emotions from many lives rise up as waves of feeling that, at times, take you over.

The unresolved tension and trauma at their heart directly shapes your self-conception and choices, as you instinctively avoid repeating pain.  Sometimes you might not even know why you avoid situation A or dynamic B, and it could be scripted in your unconscious, keeping you from encountering the kinds of things that, in many lives, cause you pain, grief, anger, etc.

I’m gearing up to teach more on Pluto in the signs, including specific information on the individual and collective soul-level journeys of those in various Pluto groups.

If you’re into evolutionary astrology, you’ve already let go of the outdated “Pluto’s a generational planet and not important for individuals” hooey, that’s floating around out there. Is your unconscious unimportant? Your brain wants to think so, but of course not. Is transforming from pain and fear into power and purpose unimportant? Your brain wants to think so, but of course not.

This information is ready to be broadcast far and wide because you are ready to understand more about the multi-life genesis of your Plutonian pain, fear, anger, etc. You are prepared to learn to work with it consciously. Shedding external projections of power (wealth, influence, status) and embracing your fear-to-strength transformation is the only actual path to Plutonian empowerment. And it’s what your soul put you here to do.

When you understand the true nature of soul and its relation to Pluto in your birth chart, you know what you can do to make the right choices. Whatever hot-button issues keep tripping you up, you learn about and own them, reducing your need to react from fear when a button is pushed. You know how to heal the past and what’s going on in your soul’s other lives, making you more present and free to develop yourself and life with an intended purpose that brings joy, fulfillment, and peace.

You learn to own the power of self-interested choice that you do have, letting go of 3D ideas of what power might be and the fear that you can’t (and shame that you don’t) have them.

When you get this and learn to see the bigger picture of Pluto generations, you can bring compassionate, transformative wisdom that anyone in a particular Pluto generation can use to heal the past and move forward with confidence and empowered intent.

Understanding Pluto generations from the vantage point of soul, you don’t even have to look at a person’s chart to share with them foundation-rocking information that they can use immediately to change in the direction of more self-respect and self-confidence.

For example, for those with Pluto in the sign of Leo (roughly 1938 – 1958 births), the multi-life intention of their souls is to learn the ins and outs of self-expression. Looking at Pluto in Leo multidimensionally, we see that the Plutonian journey in this sign involves being empowered as well as powerless and disempowered through self-expression.

We can work with the fears, etc. because we know that there is a purpose to the life experiences that cause them. Working multidimensionally in this way with Pluto, we’re able to accept the soul’s intentions and get on with being fuller expressions of who we are as souls living human lives.

For Virgo, it’s about service and being useful. In Libra, it’s about connection, balance, and fairness. With Pluto in Scorpio, the journey’s all about confronting the truth and working through the deepest, most intense emotions available to humans.

Confidence and a lack of it are part and parcel of each Plutonian journey. Each of us has ups and downs, of course, and the Plutonian experiences a person has created the deepest and most severe imprints upon the emotional and other etheric bodies.

These are the parts of consciousness that travel from life to life, and it’s for this reason that we can see your multi-life Plutonian issues in you/your unconscious/your emotional body now. Power and fear, confidence and self-doubt, and all other Plutonian opposites simultaneously exist within you during your entire human life.

My work focuses on teaching you to heal yourself, to come out of fear, pain, grief, depression, etc., and own the power that you do have. Doing healing work on the cusp of the Aquarian Age is entirely about teaching you to empower yourself via working through pain in order to unlock your inherent Plutonian passion and purpose, and that’s what I’m all about.

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