About Leo Zodiac Sign

Wherever they go, a Leo feels the spotlight on themselves! So this Sun-kissed fire sign may feel the urge to put on a good show. With their natural flair for the dramatic, and impeccable sense of style, there's often a Leo shining at the center of the party.

But feeling like you're always on can be quite exhausting. If you're a Leo, cut yourself a little slack. Even Hollywood stars get a laugh from their blooper reels. Playtime is what you need to recharge your batteries. Find a place where no one is watching — or where the audience will love you regardless.

Leo in Relationships

If you're in a relationship with a Leo, showing how much you value their gifts is a way their heart. There's something regal about these folks, so if there's something you need, pretend you're asking the king (or queen) for a favor. They are usually generous souls, if they don't feel like they've been given an ultimatum.

Other fire and air signs are Leo's natural playmates — they help keep your energies sparkling. Earth and water signs are more challenging — earth signs can feel too heavy, and water signs too moody. Nevertheless, you need them for a well-rounded package — maybe as your manager or publicist.

Leo Astrology Keywords

confident, regal, dignified, fun-loving, exciting, flamboyant, likable, affectionate, personal, sincere, loyal, vital, optimistic, charismatic, magnetic, generous, magnanimous, self-conscious, shy, determined, proud, dramatic, self-centered, egocentric, show-off, pompous, pretentious, boastful, vain, grandiose, loud, lazy, inflexible, intolerant, patronizing, judgmental, bossy, childish

Leo Infographic 2

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