Savvy skill is what you'll need to master this Libra Full Moon — an extra potent one thanks to the Lunar Eclipse. Finding your balance is key, but it's something you'll only learn through experience.

Libra Full Moon

“I balance,” the key phrase that’s traditionally associated with this sign. It suggests that Libran energy is a direct emissary of the Universe’s Law of Compensation. The Universe is a constantly balancing act between interlocking opposites, and yet, balance can’t be completely removed from strife, contrast, unfairness.

“Balance is [an ongoing process], and Libra knows that – the very notion implies that there must be something to be harmonized, rectified, integrated. Manifesting harmony is not an uncomplicated feat; (evolved) Libra’s tightrope walk between darkness and light can still be gracious and infused with aesthetic sense, but the determination, skills and strength behind such acrobatic performance are not to be underestimated.”

Aeternalight Astrology

Clarissa at Viva Combusta! muses over the essential conundrum of Libra: “Libra uses the decision-making process to find its equilibrium. Decision is a word derived from the Latin word decidere, which means to “sever” or “cut off.” … As a Venus-ruled sign, Libra doesn’t particularly like the harshness of severing or cutting off when making decisions.

“This Libra Moon represents finding what to let go of in external active ways while balancing it out with something new, so that there is no void.”

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

It's eclipse season (that's when the Sun is within 19 degrees of the Moon's Nodes), so this Full Moon is also an eclipse. What's called a penumbral lunar eclipse, to be exact. In a penumbral eclipse, only the edge of the Earth's shadow touches the Moon; even in locations where the eclipse is visible, most viewers may not even notice the slight dimming of Moonlight.

Nevertheless, an eclipse is still an eclipse to astrologers. Lunar eclipses especially signify a time to shed our emotional baggage.

“It will do a great job of purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher selves,” writes Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrolgy. “The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues within our primary relationships that have been festering there since the previous New Moon in Libra on Oct. 13, 2015. ”

Kathy Biehl of Empowerment Unlimited points out that it's also the last eclipse of the series of Aries/Libra eclipses of the past few years:

“The end of an era sensation is huge. (And, in some instances, end of an error.) This event has the culminating emotional surges of a full moon, only bigger. Much bigger.”

“It stretches back far longer than a single moon cycle. It’s not only a lunar eclipse, which amplifies the impact exponentially, but also the final eclipse in a cycle that’s been going on since October 2013. This eclipse family has been rocking, resetting and rebooting the Aries/Libra axis, home to the cosmic seesaw between the self and the other.”

Rely on Your Instincts

Quick-witted Mercury, messenger of the Gods, attends the Sun during this Libra Full Moon.

“Quick reflexes and adaptability allow for plans to be changed as more information comes to hand,” counsels Jamie Partridge of “Mercury also rules your nervous system, so rest and relaxation become important if the increased pace of life or social interaction gets too hectic for you.”

Mercury, however, is lost in the glare of the Sun, which suggest his usually logical functions take a back seat to the Sun's more instinctual approach:

“At the Lunar Eclipse the Sun is combust Mercury, which is not considered fortunate for Mercurial matters. … Those touched by this eclipse might have had a hard time getting heard or being taken seriously by authority figures,” suggests Marina Macario.

Just Do It

Mars, the planet associated with our initiative and drive, harmonizes with both Sun and Moon, mediating between the two. He's encouraging both to act fast, base on what feels right in the moment.

“Extra initiative, urgency and a common desire can be utilized to successfully bridge the gap between opposing forces,” writes Jamie Partridge. “It adds speed and confidence to decision-making and planning.”

Kathy Biehl seconds that opinion: “We are no longer inclined to coast along and hope situations improve or go away. The skies are delivering the gumption and motivation to get moving already.”

“Action-hero Mars triggers a flurry of  bold decisions and high-energy follow-through — actively ending chapters, rewriting ground rules and contracts, reallocating the balance of power and duties, and transporting all manner of connections and agreements into next phases.”

Sensible Expansion

The Libra Full Moon coincides with a tense square between Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. This combination prescribes pragmatic expansion, or expansion within reasonable limits. In other words, finding the middle path.

“I think the very tight Jupiter square Saturn will help balance things out. I get the feeling of justice being done,” says Marina Macario.

“The scales of Libra and the Goddess Maat’s feather are good symbols to meditate on at this time. Ma’at was the Egyptian goddess of virtue, truth and justice. The purging that occurs at Full Moon will only serve to redress the balance of the heart that has gotten too heavy.”

A few other considerations

Fixed Stars

Sun and Mercury align with fixed star Deneb Kaitos, which, according to Vivian Robson, is of the nature of Saturn. Its “ponderous and reflective” nature suggests restraint, but also yields a good memory.

Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol image for the 4th degree of Libra is: “Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion.”

“If a new society is to be built, those who yearn for it, or persons who have envisioned its outlines, should commune. But communion is useless where no central ‘fire' burns, in-spiriting the group,” wrote the Humanist astrologer Dane Rudhyar, in his work An Astrological Mandala.

Lunar Mansion

In addition to the familiar 12-month solar zodiac, there's also a 28-day lunar zodiac. In Western astrology, the lunar zodiac signs are also known as the Mansions of the Moon.

This Full Moon falls in the 15th Lunar Mansion. Named Al Ghafr by medieval Arab astrologers (I call it “The Scribe” for short), this mansion is good for pursuing business goals, holding meetings or sending correspondence, and researching investments. Travel and social engagements are not recommended.

Folk Name of the Full Moon

The Mar. 23 Full Moon is the first one of the spring season, sometimes called the Worm Moon or the Sap Moon.

Summing It Up

Walking the tightrope on this Libra Full Moon may require your full attention, but you've got to trust you've already done your homework. You already know what you need to do, so just do it.

Lunaria Datebook

Last Moon Phase: New Moon in Pisces (Total Solar Eclipse)

Next Moon Phase: New Moon in Aries

Full Moon March 2016 Dates and Times

San Francisco: Wednesday, Mar. 23, 5:02 a.m. PST

New York: Wednesday, Mar. 23, 8:02 a.m. EST

Sao Paulo: Wednesday, Mar. 23, 9:02 a.m. BRST

London: Wednesday, Mar. 23, 12:02 p.m. GMT

Istanbul: Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2:02 p.m. EEST

Mumbai: Wednesday, Mar. 23, 5:32 p.m. IST

Tokyo: Wednesday, Mar. 23, 9:02 p.m. JST

Sydney: Wednesday, Mar. 23, 11:02 p.m. AEST


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