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About Pluto

Disturbances in the orbit of Neptune set astronomers on the hunt for another undiscovered planet. The search took 25 years, during which the principal investigator, Percival Lowell, passed away. His research was continued by Clyde Tombaugh, who officially discovered Pluto in 1930.  

Pluto’s 248-year orbit is more elliptical than the planets previously discovered; he spends 14 to 30 years in each sign. Since he was discovered less than 100 years ago, we’ve yet to experience in living memory Pluto in all the signs.

As such, the jury is still out on what Pluto may be astrologically speaking. Some astrologers call him the “most important planet in the sky.” Others swear he has little impact at all.

The Meaning of Pluto in Astrology

Pluto is most commonly associated with our most primordial creative and destructive forces. Where he sits may give insight into how we transform, transmute, regenerate, heal, renew or purge.

Pluto’s also been linked to the hidden, the occult, the taboo, or even the shameful.

Power is another term associated with Pluto. Both empowerment as a positive term, as well as the more sinister urges toward repression, domination, manipulation, and obsession.

Pluto in a Horoscope Chart

In an astrological chart, Pluto’s most commonly associated with themes of:

  • Alchemy, transformation, transmutation
  • To assert one’s own power
  • To dominate, coerce
  • Obsessiveness, compulsiveness, fanaticism
  • Elimination, purging, purification
  • Repression, shadow, taboo, shame

But the jury is still out. Your experience of Pluto is as good as anyone else’s, so how’s he felt to you? That’s probably your best understanding of Pluto.

The Astrology Glyph for Pluto

The most common glyph for Pluto is the combination of P and an L for “Percival Lowell,” the astronomer who discovered Pluto.


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  1. Katrina on February 10, 2018 at 6:13 am

    Pluto rules my autoimmunity.
    I scrutinise in order to learn new
    balance, since Libra is my Sun sign, due
    to my time of birth, for what it’s worth I see
    potential in disorder and sense we
    can understand its underhand commu-
    nication primordial forces through
    which to purge doubt about true Mercury
    the messenger of meaning. Unwilling
    to play shame games with destructive forces
    I strive to name the impulse that courses
    through veins with reins on blood that is filling
    a meter instead of a heart, seeking
    to listen while Pluto is speaking.

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