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About Libra Zodiac Sign

Beauty, harmony and love are Libra’s forte. They can see a little good in everything. So Libra advocates for good manners, tolerance and respect for all voices, as long as others are willing to do the same. “Can we all just get along?” could be one of their mantras.

Unfortunately, there’s a downside of seeing the good in every situation — it gets hard to choose at all. Worse, even when Libra knows what it wants, in its quest to avoid conflict, it won’t tell you. You’ll have to guess, and then face judgment for guessing wrong.

Libra in Relationships

If you’re in a relationship with Libra, you’ll have figured out by now that they will seek harmony at all costs. They thrive on a steady diet of agreement, loving praise and tokens of affection. If you must disagree with one, remember that tolerance, civility and a heaping spoonful of sugar, cure most relationship ills. Eventually.

And Libra must have relationships to thrive. The other air signs Gemini and Aquarius appreciate its need for stimulating and witty conversation. Taurus gets Libra’s thirst for beauty and pleasure. The other cardinal signs — Capricorn, Cancer and Aries — get the Libra desire to keep moving forward. But the emotionalism of Scorpio and Pisces may seem too messy for Libra’s tastes; the criticism of Virgo just ruins the mood.

Libra Astrology Qualities

Harmonizing, sociable, relational, pleasant, companionable, gullible, polite, apathetic, helpful, dependent, diplomatic, envious, persuasive, indecisive, cooperative, charming, lazy, suave, superficial, fickle, aesthetic, impractical, refined, judicial, fence-sitting, equivocating, fair-minded, tolerant, just, balanced, idealistic, initiating and ambitious.


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