Moon signs reveal what you need

Luna knows what a person needs to feel safe, secure, and loved, and not always consciously, rationally, or maturely, either. Think of her as the inner child, working the game controls behind the scenes. If that kid isn’t happy, it doesn’t matter how hot a connection it is—it stands little chance of turning into lasting love.

So it pays to play to the Moon. More specifically, to the Moon signs.

Don’t focus on the adult alone; appeal to the inner child when you’re pursuing the object of your desire. Engage and reassure the kid within with language and actions that spell emotional security—on its specific terms. Take the inner child into account in any relationship you want to nurture.

And don’t neglect your own Moon sign. It has needs that require respect and attention, too!

Read on for pointers by sign.

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Moon Needs: A challenge, a hunt, a person or cause to fight for, rescue, or protect.

This Moon lives for the thrill of the chase. It loves to make things happen on its own or leading the charge. Faced with excitement, risk, or competition, it doesn’t think twice (if at all!) but leaps. It has a fondness for fire, too, which may translate to a love of spicy food. (Verify preferences before exploring the upper end of the Scoville scale.)

Pro tip: This Moon cannot resist a triple-dog-dare.



Moon Needs: Physical experience and demonstration. Preferably repeatedly.

“Show me” is the motto of this Moon. Sweet nothings will get you nowhere, but the resonating of a melodious voice at close range? That’s catnip. So are neck and shoulder rubs, flowers, cash, wine, hearty bread, and reliability. Show up and follow through, time and again, comfort the inner bull like nothing else. (Except money.)

Pro tip: Candlelight, soft music, and food, food, food.



Moon Needs: Mental stimulation, talk, and gadgets. Lots of each. Oh, and shiny objects.

Light and loose is the Gemini way. It loves to travel here and there, visiting pals and picking up fun facts and ephemera. Keep its ever-shifting curiosity on the hook with wordplay, puzzles, games, and sharing trivia. Odds are this Moon still uses the phone as a phone. It will talk, and how. Engage its mind and wit, and you’ve got a friend (a prerequisite to Gemini romance). Bring up emotions and poof! The disappearing act could give you whiplash.

Pro tip: Do not bore. Do. Not.



Moon Needs: Home, tradition, hugs, and a direct line to Mommy.

This Moon presents itself in two varieties. One has a penchant for weeping (yes, the men, too), collecting pets and stuffed animals, and bestowing food on anyone within reach. The other has a cold, hard, impenetrable shell (it’s a crab, remember?) that obscures a core as squishy as the first type. Both are sweet, unabashedly-emo homebodies with hair-trigger nervous systems that respond to active listening, cuddles, and nurturing.

Pro tip: Beloved childhood food and toys spellbind the Cancer Moon.



Moon Needs: Attention, validation, and fun.

“Look at me; look at me” is the expectation—and sometimes command—of the Leo Moon. It’s warm-hearted, generous, and great with gifts. Even the quiet ones have a flair for the dramatic and attraction to the spotlight, onstage and off. This Moon has a steadfast, proud, and regal nature that can belie a guileless playfulness. Leo is perhaps the biggest kid of them all, viewing the world as a giant playground for its enjoyment. It still loves toys and probably owns lots.

Pro tip: Do not ignore. (With someone this fun, why would you want to?)



Moon Needs: To feel useful and needed.

Virgo likes to clean, organize, fix and plan. (Virgo Moons of a certain age are known to positively swoon over a file cabinet.) Being of service and making a difference is critical, but so is seeing the fruit of their labor. Tidying up the environment (and everyone in it) deflects attention from a fear of not being enough. Give its keen analytical powers something to chew on, and you’ve got a win-win.

Pro tip: Improvement projects are irresistible; just avoid making one in human form.



Moon Needs: Beauty and harmony.

Send sweet nothings here (artfully phrased, please). Libra Moons adore and store them, along with greeting cards, handwritten letters, and a library’s worth of books. This Moon is a people person in theory, but not always up close. No matter how gracious and pleasant the exterior, the scales that are its symbol have a funny way of going out of balance. Literature, music, and art give the distance it needs to experience, process, and express emotions.

Pro tip: Score points with dining out, cloth napkins, intelligent conversation, and picking up the bill.



Moon Needs: To feel deeply. Large amounts of money help, too.

The Scorpio Moon thrives on the intensity of experience. Once it gets a taste, it does not let go easily. If at all. Yet when it hits a point of doneness, it can cut out anything—a person, habit, job, situation—in an instant. This Moon prefers plumbing depths than skimming the surface, and would rather have a few trusted connections than lots of pals. It loves to have long stretches of one-on-one time but can happily occupy itself for lifetimes alone. It’s a natural repository for secrets and delights in mysteries and subjects that spook other people out.

Pro tip: Privacy and loyalty are sacrosanct. Respect both, and you’ll get them in return.



Moon Needs: Fun, adventure, and freedom of movement.

The happy-go-lucky, Tigger Moon, able to bounce back from life’s indignities with optimism and good nature, intact. It has a knack for flirting, joking and spotting the humor in any situation (as well as itself). Voraciously inquisitive, it loves to roam and explore all of creation, with its mind as well as its feet, then come back and share what it’s learned. This Moon has a special affinity for animals and the outdoors and often takes an interest in foreign cultures and foods.

Pro tip: Laughter is an aphrodisiac, especially when shared.



Moon Needs: To work for affection and security.

Like Taurus, the Capricorn Moon finds sustenance in what it can touch—and preferably take to the bank. Its solid, goal-oriented approach can come across as cold; it got a message early on that anything worth having is worth earning, including, perhaps, parental love. It falls naturally into Daddy mode, assuming responsibility for handling (read: paying for) the problems of people it cares about. Project management and spreadsheets are not-so-secret thrills.

Pro tip: It values objects, investments, traditions, and connections that stand or have stood the test of time.



Moon Needs: Friends, everywhere, with breathing room and the freedom to come and go.

This Moon treats the entire world as its neighborhood and collects friends, zillions of them, from all over society and the time/space continuum. Confidantes, though, are exceedingly few. Intelligent and detached, Aquarian Moons can generally offer an alternative way of viewing any situation or problem (and does it ever love to be asked). Its interests run to the quirky and arcane, with the ability to pull information out of the air about them and seemingly everything else. Emotions? Not so much.

Pro tip: Wow with weird facts about a favorite interest. Better yet, with information that this Moon doesn’t already know.



Moon Needs: Gentleness, beauty, and magic.

This soft, sweet, downright telepathic Moon has an otherworldly air, closer to a fairy tale or escapist movie than the harshness of ordinary life. Empathetic, compassionate, and forgiving to a fault (and often its detriment), a Pisces Moon blurs the boundaries between itself and others, and between its romanticized viewpoint and what generally passes for reality. It feels connected to animals and the downtrodden and thrives on transcendental experiences, whether through poetry, music, the arts, magic, or its innate connection to the divine.

Pro tip: Treat this Moon’s dreams with tenderness and respect.


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  1. Mamta on February 10, 2016 at 10:30 am

    Dear Kathy
    Thank you for this article. Reading the Aquarius Moon triggered emotions, especially the words – breathing room – as I suffer from asthma – and have been struggling to breathe coming upto the New moon in the last few days

  2. Lovelife on February 14, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    I have Moon in Cancer and like heart to heart talks. But on a deeper level, I have a problem with trusting people with the depth of my emotional nature. So I keep most things to myself.

    This has affected me to a point where I am convinced that I can’t do relationships-let alone marriage. Because I feel like a part of me is always left ‘hidden” from the other because of the trust issue

    Moon in Cancer conjunct Ic in Cancer.

  3. aspired on March 18, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    Great write up! The Aquarius moon really hit home in this one. I have been struggling with this recently while accepting that I gravitate to lots of people.

  4. CtheWorld on May 9, 2018 at 11:36 pm

    Sag moon!

    Get me OUT of this office, lol!!

    True, I love to move, travel, foreign anything and animals. Relationships? Hmm…not so much :/ 🙂 Unless…. it’s a HOT Spaniard…he he….

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