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About Aries Zodiac Sign

Someone’s got to go first. And the role often falls to trailblazing Aries. When there’s no beaten path, it takes all of Aries strength and courage to cut through “the way things have always been” to “where no one has gone before.” From cutting the Panama Canal through a continent to reinventing yourself, Aries knows how to get it done.

But, a single-minded vision has a few drawbacks. Out of all the signs, Aries is perhaps the least concerned with relationships. Romance, sexual heat, sure. Competition to win their lover’s heart, no problem. But once they’ve conquered, their sights move on to the next unknown. They need a steady diet of new challenges to feel fulfilled.

Aries in Relationships

Take-charge Aries want to surround themselves with folks who can take the heat. They adore Leo and Sagittarius if they can handle the mostly-friendly competition. And the Air signs Gemini and Aquarius egg them on to new inventive heights. Capricorn can take the Aries vision and make it real — the dream team CEO and CFO combination.

But Aries energy may find Taurus too slow, and Virgo too critical or cautious. The emotionalism of Cancer and Pisces is just a turn-off. Libra may find Aries far too egocentric for its tastes; Scorpio is the perfect recipe for a battle royale — or the ultimate passion if endless friction turns you on.

Aries Astrology Keywords

Active, eager, headstrong, spontaneous, dynamic, idealistic, ambitious, outspoken, hot-tempered, energetic, impatient, enterprising, initiating, quick, impulsive, direct, aggressive, combative, impetuous, self-reliant, assertive, competitive, argumentative, brusque, insensitive, adventurous, pioneering, leading, and independent.


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  1. Kim on February 10, 2018 at 5:38 pm

    This Aries loves the article. With alot of water and earth in my chart I have softened edges though from a pure Aries. I do love my air sign relationships with a Gemini daughter we have so much fun and adventure and great conversations. I have an Aquarius ex husband which was fun till he detached. Most my friends seem to be Libras so yes I do love my air signs and also my fellow Aries. Sag is probably my favorite fire sign friend. I can also agree that Aries and Cap get great things done. I had a Cap as an assistant leader for 7 years and we accomplished alot and I loved that I could rely on her to do what she said she was going to do. Thanks for the great article.

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