Gemini Zodiac Sign

About Gemini Zodiac Sign

Smartphones and social media were invented by Gemini. Their alert, active minds seek the stimulation of connection. They can’t remember life Before Internet; an outage will see them searching for the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. That is, if they aren’t already there drinking lattes and chatting with their friends.

Life with Gemini is certainly never boring. A social butterfly by nature, they’ll be the witty conversationalist at any party. They love learning about everything, and are happy to share their bounty. Curious Gemini craves a steady diet of new and stimulating sensations and information.

Gemini in Relationship

But if you’re looking for exclusivity, Gemini’s taste for variety may be more than you bargained for. The other air signs Libra and Aquarius feed their need for conversation partners, and the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius their love of novelty.  But to a light-hearted Gemini, the water signs Cancer and Scorpio can feel stuck in the past, Capricorn’s a bit too serious, Taurus stuck in the mud. And Virgo? The debate whether things must be practical to be interesting is never-ending.

Gemini Astrology Keywords

Intelligent, clever, quick-study, light, airy, alert, paradoxical, lively, youthful, inconsistent, nimble, dexterous, adaptable, scattered, two-faced, versatile, restless, independent, impatient, fickle, social, congenial, communicative, talkative, superficial, high-strung, expressive, fluent, information-hungry, inquisitive, curious, jack of all trades and dilettante.


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