Weekly Astrology Forecast: September 4th – 10th | This week is going to be a trip..

I love it when this happens…

I had just gotten off a podcast recording with Medical Astrologer Judith Hill and I was buzzing with enthusiasm…

Judith had just literally blown my mind and I was gushing on the phone with my dad about it.

(A little backstory… while my dad is endlessly supportive of what I do with Astrology Hub, and curious about astrology, he doesn’t always quite “get it”… I guess most of us are that way sometimes! 😉)

I could tell I was losing him when I started talking about how Judith said our natal chart holds valuable information about our health. So I broke it down this way…

“Look around you, everything you see was first a thought, right? The chair you’re sitting on was someone’s idea first and then it was a plan, it needed materials and labor, and then eventually it became a physical THING. The glass that’s holding your water, your computer…

These things were all THOUGHTS or IDEAS before they became physical things. This is true about all things that you see around you… it all starts as intangible energy before it becomes tangible.

The same is true of our bodies! The things we experience physically, before we experience them in the body, are intangible energies.

And astrology can help you pinpoint THOSE! The energies that happen BEFORE the physical symptom or experience in your body.”

He said, “Ah, that makes sense!” The lightbulb moment had occurred! ✨

I bring this up because this week is all about the energies that precede our physical experiences.

The ripple effect of a decision or action made that’s finally coming to fruition.

The multitude of possibilities that finally morph into one path forward.

The sacrifice made now for the good of what’s to come.

And underneath it all, a focus on those bigger questions that eventually lead to action, decisions and tangible lived experience. 

What is this all for? Why is this happening? What am I devoting myself to? 
Our weekly weather guest, Clarissa Dolphin, practices what’s called “harmonic” astrology. She says, “This is an integrative, foundational week where we are starting to see elements come together.”

I love how Rick Levine speaks about these harmonics as the music, hum or poetry behind our experiences here on earth.

There’s so much going on beyond what meets the eye, and thankfully our study of astrology gives us insights into what those things are…

In our bodies, homes, bank accounts, relationships and experiences.

So this week, tune into the cosmic music that’s inspiring the dance you’re doing here on earth…

And let it inspire you to step even more fully on to the path that only you are here to live.

With love,

P.S. If you’re like my dad and now interested in how YOUR less tangible, but absolutely important, energetic signature is impacting your physical health, make sure you join us for Judith’s, 12 Signs in Medical Astrology: Bodily Rulerships, Functions and Symptomatology”  TOMORROW! She’s teaching live this week (everything is recorded if you can’t make it live) and it’s not too late to join.

And even if you don’t have time to tune into the workshop, you can add it (and the whole workshop series) to your online learning library so the next time you, or someone you love, has mysterious symptoms that no one can get to the bottom of, you’ll have a go-to resource that will give you specific, actionable and tangible ideas for supporting your body on a whole new level, based on your natal chart.

Click here to add this workshop to your learning library.

Click here to get the whole Workshop Series on Health, Wealth & Fulfillment (3 for the price of 2).


P.P.S. If the idea of Harmonic Astrology is interesting to you, start learning with our new “Intro to Harmonic Aspects Cheat Sheet.” It’s inspired by Rick Levine’s class on Harmonic (or lesser known) aspects and it’ll give you a head-start on understanding aspects like quintiles and septiles. Click here to download this free gift! 

And booking a reading with Clarissa is also an incredible option for understanding the hum of YOUR chart and how this hum is manifesting in your life.


Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:


🔍 Monday: Expanding Horizons

Jupiter stations retrograde; Mercury trine Jupiter

Today, the cosmos invites you to dive deep into introspection. With Jupiter stationing retrograde, it's a moment to reflect on growth and expansion in your life. Mercury's trine with Jupiter amplifies this, encouraging expansive thinking and analysis. Embrace this energy to better understand your path and purpose. Remember, sometimes looking back helps us move forward with greater clarity.
Dive deep into introspection today as Jupiter stations retrograde. This cosmic alignment encourages expansive thinking and analysis. Embrace the harmonics of the 29th, 23rd, and 13th to better understand your path. There's a lot of active thinking, expanding analysis, and outwitting. Expect lots of moving pieces and adopt perspectives outside of your comfort zone.


🌬️ Tuesday: Reflective Respite

The universe offers a gentle pause, allowing you to breathe and integrate Monday's insights. Use this day to align with your true calling and find balance.


📚 Wednesday: Seeking Deeper Understanding

Sun Conjunct Mercury 

 You’re going to have to think creatively on your feet today. Today, the stars guide you towards a deeper understanding of life's mysteries. Whether you're an educator, scientist, or simply a seeker of knowledge, this is a day to dive deep and uncover truths. Remember, the universe always rewards the curious heart.


🔗 Thursday: Karmic Reprisal

Mars Conjunct Pluto

Karmic lessons are coming to the forefront. It's a day of reckoning, understanding, and growth. Trust in the universe's plan and know that every experience, good or bad, shapes your soul's journey.


📐 Friday: Structured Foundations

Jupiter-Saturn harmonics

Today encourages you to find structure in your endeavors. Jupiter and Saturn's harmonics emphasize the foundation of your projects. It’s a great day to restructure your resources, reflecting on what is sustainable and how to make things last in the long run.


🌟 Saturday: Boundaries and Balance

The stars remind you of the importance of boundaries and getting clear on what you want. Reflect on areas in your life where you need to establish or reinforce boundaries.


🌹 Sunday: Embracing the Cosmos

Uranus Opposing Pluto

As the week comes to a close, it’s a great day to reflect on the week's lessons and set intentions for the coming days. Listen to music, clean the house, and tune into your deepest desires. Have faith that you can bring them into the world!


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