Why Astrology is the Estranged Spouse of Medicine

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Medical Astrologer Judith Hill & Amanda Walsh discuss why doctors might want to consider implementing Astrology into their practice…

On Today’s Episode You’ll Learn…
🌑 How astrology can serve as a personalized tool in medical practice, offering unique insights into patient temperament, optimal treatment times, and even the selection of surgeons.
🌒 The historical relationship between astrology and medicine, and how a holistic approach could benefit modern medical treatments.
🌓 About the practical applications of medical astrology, from selecting safe surgery dates to proactive health measures based on astrological charts.

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Judith: [00:00:00] there were some very good reasons. that they were trying to stamp out some of the old superstitions. There were many reasons. money, and But, uh, they did come upon hygiene.

Now hygiene has, very much, just hygiene itself, and washing your hands before you deliver a baby, a huge impact Uh, the discovery of the microscope. Many of these things could have gone on just fine. And all the things astrology could do So, we have now microscopes wonderful, But none of them can do what astrology Which, it's a kind of a telescope that sometimes actually how long it uh. It has many, many, many uses. It's, it's the only thing of this nature can use in [00:01:00] this way.

And why shouldn't doctors use it if it's available? They're reinventing the wheel right now with, uh, chronobiology moon do and they're starting to, actually do studies of cancer if taken Mm. All these things, but, uh, our advances in astrology and medicine are wonderful and miraculous. And they, but you know, they had a lot of, really strange very weird practices that were, probably harmful.

And they were really, really, really strange. I won't even tell you what they were. And these were gotten rid of. Um, But they got rid of the whole thing. And, um, I thought, you know, I have, I have a little book I wrote, um, Medical Astrology for And right at the beginning, [00:02:00] because people always ask this, and it's kind of what you're asking is, what are its applications?

And the applications that medicine today, Could really use. Yes. And I could just, I could just really shorty just read it


Hello, I'm Judith Hill. I've worked with medical astrology since 1983 following a decade and a half in a full service astrological practice, and I witnessed firsthand just how powerful it can be. I'm very excited to teach about medical astrology of the sun signs. They're assigned organs, strengths, and potential health vulnerabilities in my workshop entitled The 12 Zodiac Signs in Medical Astrology, Bodily Rulerships, Functions, and Symptomology.

This workshop is part of Astrology Hub's upcoming Health, Wealth, and Fulfillment workshop [00:03:00] series, and I can't wait to share with you the tips. idiosyncrasies, special preferences, and all kinds of interesting facts about the 12 zodiac signs that will be very practical indeed in your life work with astrology and yourself.

So I hope that you will all enjoy this wonderful workshop coming up. To register, just go to astrologyhub. com slash judith


Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome. You are in for such a treat today. I mean, so am I. I absolutely love When we have Judith Hill here on this podcast, and I know that you also love it because I get to see the comments and get to see the response to Judith's episode, so we're so grateful she's here. For those of you who don't know [00:04:00] Judith Hill, she is an internationally renowned researcher, the award winning author of 13 books, Have And one of the world's foremost teachers in medical astrology today, she is going to be talking to us about kind of the, the relationship we'll say between astrology and medicine.

And we were kind of joking before we went live is astrology, the sister of medicine is astrology, more the estranged spouse of medicine. And we'll let Judith explain why there we could probably go either way. Um, but we also briefly touched upon this topic. If you're interested in exploring more from Judith

Link ‘s episode on planetary transits

Amanda: in an episode on the podcast entitled planetary transits.

from a medical perspective. So you can watch that one, on the podcast and, or to directly go there, [00:05:00] you can go to

Amanda: astrology hub. com slash health transits, or we'll also put the link in the show notes for this episode. Judith is also one of the three featured master astrologers in our upcoming health, wealth and fulfillment workshop series.

So Judith is going to be covering obviously the topic of health and how we can actually use our astrology charts to both see where our, uh, tendencies are, where we need to be careful about our health, but then also how to optimize our health with that same information in our astrology charts. So Judith, I am so grateful that you're here.

Thank you for joining us for the astrology hub

Judith: podcast. You're welcome, Amanda. I'm very excited about

Amanda: Yes, yes. And you're teaching next week, which is going to be super amazing to have you back two weeks in a row. Yeah. All right.

Link Between Medicine & Medical Astrology

Amanda: So let's start with the big picture. Can you [00:06:00] help us explain the concept of medical astrology and how it's historically been linked to the practice of medicine?


Judith: right. Well, medical astrology, uh, in the system that came up, uh, through ancient Greece and to the West is really called astrological and it's a system of whereas medical astrology, you could use for a system of medicine, very similar to, traditional and so the, all through the West, the doctor expected to know this.

And in fact, you had to get a, a, uh, pastor astrological exams People don't realize that. And it was completely legal with the church. It was considered a natural necessary use at [00:07:00] and it was not But what it does is it enables the to see the energies behind informing the bodily nature also disease, how, and then therefore how you Also timing, so it's invaluable timing purposes

The Current Disconnect

Judith: You just said

Amanda: something that kind of perked my attention, that the medical practitioner was able to see the energies flowing in, that the astrology was able to Point them in the direction of those energies, but I don't feel that today's medical practitioners necessarily speak or think in terms of an energy coming in and influencing a body.

So [00:08:00] where did that complete disconnect or diversion happen?

Judith: But, well, I can pin it exactly. So, seeing the energetics is still and it was how it was begun in and so medicine was looked at know, partly the energetic behind what we see So, when we get to about Uh, right at the end of the Enlightenment, right about and the new sciences were and they discovered a number of things, such as the circulation and the true, reason we and also they the earth Therefore, astrology must be wrong! And so, we also, we begin getting this very mechanical view of And astrology was very vigorously [00:09:00] suppressed, and medical astrology suddenly was thrown out of the It was right at its uh, its peak was in the and all this, so they, it lingered on until about 1700.

Then it was just… Vigorously made fun of, suppressed, uh, very vigorously, and it has carried on with renegade underground physicians all through was a change of viewpoint into the mechanical, um, germ theory view of all rather than In fact, they even threw out supernatural causes of disease with both psychiatry a big, one thing the astrology was used to determine was, was the disease of natural or supernatural Wow. Interesting.

Amanda: Wow. And do you see that shifting at all? Or do you, do you think we're still in the kind [00:10:00] of, in that mindset and frame?

Judith: Um, it is shifting a great know, at my academy, probably, I think 75% are health practitioners.

Hmm. When I used to give conferences Renaissance I would say, how many of you are health practitioners? And 98% hands And so, in naturopathic what I found a lot of RNs and, um, of chiropractors and osteopaths were very to combining the old with And, you know, digging up, you know, taking the baby, you know, the bath water and the baby were thrown out. So, getting the baby back.


Ancient Beliefs and Practices of Astrology & Medicine

Amanda: Okay. So how did the ancients view this relationship between astrology and medicine?

Like what were some of the key beliefs or practices that, um, that demonstrated their use of [00:11:00] astrology?

Judith: would say there were three basic And one was that the body. Itself in 12 zones was intimately linked with the 12 This goes, our first written records are go back to just before, about just about bc but we have records going all the way back to the of Ramsey's the BC that shows some the body.

It's called Melo Theia. know, correlation This is very, very ancient. That's one of their most important tenets, and the one I will be talking And then, the other very, very important planets rays, rays or beams, and they have temperature.

They [00:12:00] have, level of moisture. They, they have speed. They also have a level of, you know, like tension, you get tension, like, you're tensing your arm and And so they affect the regions very, very differently. So Saturn is always thought of as the seat just knowing where your Saturn So planets affected you by slowing parts of your body down, speeding them up, heating them, chilling them, obstructing different ways. And then the third way, they had the four elements so they had, uh, four types know, fire energy so fire, earth, air, and then the, what the astrologers cardinal fix modes, that's the rate of [00:13:00] can have, you know, fire is fire energy, but it can be fixed, like Leo in an oven. You know, the sun was on the hottest day of the year in Leo, the day of the Hawaii fires. And, we have concentrated fire in Leo. You have fire being lit in Aries, cardinal, beginning of each season.

And Sagittarius, our third Mutable wildfire, running feel, if you learn to feel these feel them are prominent toe tapping The doctor, famous doctor, medical astrologer, William Davidson, Sagittarius has too much life.

Amanda: Too much life. That is, that's, that's pretty cute.

Like, what, where was the line? [00:14:00] Where, where would a doctor use astrology? And where, and what, what other sort of systems maybe was the doctor using to diagnose or treat, or would it be impossible to really delineate that way? Was it so co mingled?

Judith: Well, it was a, I would say it was an astrological medicine.

They called it Astrologo Physic. Uh, it was a three pronged stool. So, you had astrology, you had herbalism, or other medicinal remedials, and then you had patient which included, uh, the, the, the West had the, the pulse and just like the had that. Uh, it, the, look at the urine.

And so the doctors, would even, um, their shop sign often had a little urine cask on it. They were called piss prophets in England.

Nice! [00:15:00] Seriously, they would look at the urine and tell about the health of They would also look at feces, sweat, color, So those three together formed And that's what I teach. I teach Mm. Judith

Health & Medicine Then vs. Now

Amanda: I think there's a perception that because of our modern medicine, we have longer life spans.

We're actually healthier. So I think there's a perception that the shift that happened in, in this time period that you talked about earlier. Resulted in better health. Resulted in better health practices. It really it took the superstition out and really made medicine something even more legitimate. And I'm just I'm voicing what I think is in a lot of the collective [00:16:00] ideas around medicine before and medicine now.

So can you just speak to that?

Judith: I sure can. This is a subject dear to my heart. So there were some very good reasons. that they were trying to stamp out some of the old superstitions. There were many reasons. money, and But, uh, they did come upon hygiene.

Now hygiene has, very much, just hygiene itself, and washing your hands before you deliver a baby, a huge impact Uh, the discovery of the microscope. Many of these things could have gone on just fine. And all the things astrology could do So, we have now microscopes wonderful, But none of them can do what astrology Which, it's a kind of a telescope that sometimes actually [00:17:00] how long it uh. It has many, many, many uses. It's, it's the only thing of this nature can use in this way.

And why shouldn't doctors use it if it's available? They're reinventing the wheel right now with, uh, chronobiology moon do and they're starting to, actually do studies of cancer if taken Mm. All these things, but, uh, our advances in astrology and medicine are wonderful and miraculous. And they, but you know, they had a lot of, really strange very weird practices that were, probably harmful.

And they were really, really, really strange. I won't even tell you what they were. And these were gotten rid of. Um, But they got rid of the whole thing. [00:18:00] And, um, I thought, you know, I have, I have a little book I wrote, um, Medical Astrology for And right at the beginning, because people always ask this, and it's kind of what you're asking is, what are its applications?

And the applications that medicine today, Could really use. Yes. And I could just, I could just really shorty just read it, you know, yeah,

Amanda: definitely. And before you do that, I just wanted to mention to our listeners and our viewers that we will put the links. To Judith's book, to Judith's School. Uh, we have partnered with Judith's School, so we're very, very happy to, um introduce as many of our students into Judith's school because it's, it's an incredible academy that she's created.

And if you are interested in this at all, I highly recommend you check it out. So we'll put the links in the show notes. And, um, so you don't have to worry about that right now. You can, you can stay [00:19:00] focused on what Judith's saying. So go ahead, Judith, sorry.

Judith: So people always say, well, what is it good for?

And so number one, uh, selecting safe surgery absolutely remarkable. And that's one of the best. Finding the What is really behind disease? Um, identifying the seat of Diagnosing the cause of mysterious remarkably good at this.

I've had worked with um, comprehending adjunct disease that they're arguing with their husband footwear is not right, or they're not getting enough sleep or they're having a ghost bothering them or some, it's always something, you know, um, assisting with fertility and conception.

I have a selecting dates for caesarean [00:20:00] knowing when to release the Many times the patient looks fine, you look at their chart, oh my god, episode tomorrow, keep them Um, defining the type, amount, vital Some people delicate. bothers And really We're going to be talking And just a few more, um, Identifying the length of an and its mortal dangerous I can give some Now this is a fun one. Assessing doctor patient harmony. Now our medical profession just sticks you with any doctor. A doctor's vital force in the old days was thought of, it could You know, I shouldn't be so extreme, [00:21:00] but some doctors, you ever had the experience, you've gone to a doctor for a year and you just aren't getting any better.

He's out on vacation one day, his assistant walks in and does a little adjustment and you're fine. Well,

Amanda: I've had the flip side where I was pregnant and I was seeing one doctor that I painstakingly chose. And then she examined me and was like, I don't think you're going to go into labor this weekend. So I'm going to go to my daughter's graduation.

Of course I go into labor and I have a different doctor deliver and the whole thing went south. So I've experienced it on the other side of that. But yes, for

Judith: sure. Back at the Rosicrucian think they treated over They would only pick healers that had their ascendant or son harmoniously aligned with were very, very serious about this. And so a couple other things, selecting appropriate herbs and treatment. That's a big one. Identifying your, or a [00:22:00] person's, innate people don't know they have a secret weakness maybe they're going to be prone to something break, you know, osteoporosis. You can see this Um, understanding a patient's needs. Now, medicine doesn't do this. Just look at the moon sign, that's a number one, you know? Uh, you know, a moon in Libra is not going to want to be left alone all day in the hospital room, they're going to want a dinner You know, moon in Pisces or Cancer, you don't want banging doors and clashing metals and constant interruption, they need a Um, alerting you to when a problem is far more Wow. Actually saved a more than determining the onset of menopause, menopause, menarc, [00:23:00] selecting the right surgeon.

I worked with this a lot. I used to select people's realtors, people's lawyers, people's dogs, people's horses, and I started selecting people's surgeons and it really, it's a good idea, believe me. Because you do not want to be lying on the table, I'm going to make a joke here, and have your past life enemy be the surgeon.

No, no, no. Then, being alert to individual patient idiosyncrasy and as, Aries people are famous for very strong fevers or immune You have to aware Just like they're aware that red to bleed childbirth.

clinic seems to know this, would so do Aries. Uh, not always though. And being prepared for collective [00:24:00] suddenly the doctor's gonna have just rashes of people with migraines. It happens. This, this month it's all frozen shoulders. You know, what is going on here?

I mean, uh, uh, not this month. Not this month. let's see, um, is the disease of a physical, psychological, So they had about 15, I identified about 13 to 15 etiologies or causes But astrology was one of them.

But astrology is what you disease causes, the queen, the crown of And so All of this has Everything I mean,

Amanda: it's, it's, I can see [00:25:00] why. I mean, because, because it's such a custom tailored approach to, to working with a person.

And just the way the system is set up now, it's like they don't, They, they, they actually couldn't facilitate it in this way where they're giving custom tailored treatment and, you know, the Libra moon gets a companion at dinner, you know, when she's in the hospital and, you know, it's just, it's the system itself isn't conducive to this type of personalized treatment.

And like you mentioned before, if it's as effective as what you're saying, it actually might help people get a lot better. Which isn't always the goal because of the financial aspect of things. So it's, it's really, it's really, it's amazing to hear all these things that it could help with.

Medical Astrology in Use

Amanda: I have a question. Um, you said something about that you could see in the chart certain things like, [00:26:00] you know, a proclivity towards might maybe having a weaker hip. And so once, once these things are seen in a chart, are there actually things that can be done proactively to avoid what might feel like a sentence of, of some sort of ill

Judith: health?

That's such a good question, Amanda, because you never want to scare your client, right? So if unless something is you can't do anything but say, some of my clients And, here, uh, six planets in Virgo and the sixth house with the south node in Saturn.

I'll say, well, you may have some, So be alert. And, you know, you start treating it and And sure enough, you at five years the child is And, but you get on it [00:27:00] right now.

It's going to be a lot better the parents know and expect it and they can treat it you can actually from a young age, um, train the body out of you know, strength, but some things are, you You know, everything is variable, but I have seen And I know, I read, I read all the medical astrologies of history. They used to keep these vast diaries and they had amazing too. And it's just so helpful. I mean, if you can give someone a to be Miraculous tragic because everything, Why not? Why not? Because they're, the, uh, sciences doctors Has no [00:28:00] exactly as every other four o'clock astrologers

Amanda: You said that astrological medicine and I say it's okay that it's, um, it can be helpful and helping to select herbs and treatment.

Would that also be true of pharmaceutical medicine? Like, would it translate from herbs to, like, pills? Or does it have to still be

Judith: herbal? Well, it probably could. Uh, they didn't have pharmaceuticals are built just have different Uh, they would time the actual harvest of the the making of the herbal product, and then they would time The minute they began So say if you had a, they worked with you wanted a, you wanted a, [00:29:00] um, person was burning up always hot, You would get moist You would pick them under a water sign, you would harvest, you would, you would plant them under water sign harvest them under water sign give them to the person under water sign moons, and then take the remainder of the herb and cast And they, they worked with energy. And you made a very good point. It's all highly Modern medicine with 15

Improvements in Health & Medicine?

Judith: And

Amanda: we go back to something that we, we touched on before and the idea that we're in better health today. So, so what you just described is so beautiful.

And it makes me like, why are we doing it that way? Wouldn't it be amazing if we were doing it that way? But again, I think the perception is that maybe we don't need to, because [00:30:00] we're healthier now, we live longer. So maybe those, those extensive practices weren't necessary and weren't actually working that well.

Judith: I'll put it this way. It's a very, it's a very intriguing question. You know, diets have improved a great deal too. They had terrible Uh, but… You know, you meet these people, they're, you know, 102 years old on TV, and they say, well, what's your secret? And they say, I had two cigars and a, and a fifth of whiskey every day.

And it's like, well, gosh, if they didn't, they'd live till they were 120. That's how I look at it. This is like miraculous gene person. So same thing, if you, if you could use medical astrology and be healthier still. Or have, say, we still lose people in freak surgery and we still, um, can let people out of the hospital on a wrong day and they die.

Uh, we still, um, can very much improve treatments the exact, [00:31:00] exact medicine the same for everybody so called same looked at for And, oh, we all, I mean, we're actually having, uh, huge problems they did not have.

They didn't have our, our so we have our, our problems, but we do, we do have, uh, a much longer But only recently. When I was the average lifespan The average lifespan And, at the, at the turn of the century, average This is within It's only really in the West. They've always had [00:32:00] it in these very people used to but, but yeah, we have now, um, all these and surgical miracles, We have glasses. Yes. Okay.

Amanda: So basically what I'm hearing you say is that, yes, we've made improvements on some levels, but there's not all perfect, right? But we've made some improvements that have, um, extended our lifespan.

And if that was paired with. Some of the astrological insights and, and wisdom and direct, um, information that it could be even better. much

Judith: better. And also, in some ways, we've gone backwards, because we've taken, we, we're down to about, you know, four causes of disease. They had 15. Hmm. Especially relevant in psychiatric [00:33:00] you know, if you're a mystic include, um, many, many ideas in The Catholic Church might So you have a lot of, now, if these things were true, Uh, maybe but if astrology works can give you, if you can get an extra insight into the body, uh, why not? In fact, uh, uh, one of the old medical astrologers, um, he said that, uh, for a doctor to practice medicine wander through a labyrinth Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah. And, and, uh, oh, I, I had, there's a quote by Hippocrates. I had it Hippocrates, the father [00:34:00] of medicine, right here, said he required his students to study astrology, At his medical saying the man who does not study is to be called fool rather than And years later, Culpepper, the great herbalist and A doctor without a pudding without fat. And a pudding without, you And these quotes are abundant, but I'm not trying to make fun of medicine, but I'm Until about from ancient, ancient completely necessary to have this skill, so it's been 100% thrown out, and there's plenty of research discussion.

We can't run around[00:35:00]

Judith's Workshop

Amanda: Judith, our community is very lucky that next week you're going to be teaching some of these ideas so that we can actually start applying them to ourselves. And to, you know, to the people in our lives, what are the students going to be learning

Judith: next week?

We're going to be going through the medical so each sign is going to get about takes us two and a half or three hours, actually. And we'll be going into the specific body parts and functions The signs, uh, traditional type of vital force that sign has for that season.

So even if you don't look or act like still… are imbued at What [00:36:00] does Um, how does that And, so, and You hot? What are, what medical diseases And, you So we're going to, you know, just 50 minutes per sign, but that'll be plenty. And, we'll have a lot of fun while What do you think

Amanda: people will walk away, what new tools or insights do you think

Judith: they'll have?

for starters, they'll understand their own type of vital force, that whole, it, it awakens all your cells. walking around on this, what we call the vital sun. on that side, and it'll give you What other signs are helpful to you as healers?

[00:37:00] you should Uh, what days of go up or go way down. I'll probably be able to get into that slightly extremely And, uh, the area of your body, traditionally, is centered.

And how it may work out for your life would be very, very for optimum. And, and

Amanda: if people, there's, we have a spectrum of students, right? We have ones that are newer to astrology.

We have ones that have been studying astrology for decades. Who do you think this is appropriate for? Who do you think is a good fit for?

Judith: The fun part about this class is that it's great for the complete beginner and the professional. Anybody who hasn't studied, um, [00:38:00] Melothesia twelve medical will gain an immense practical, I, I like to, uh, give very useful I, I, Every time I just keep feeding it in. So everybody will get something out of this, even the advanced to

Amanda: Well, and the good news if you do end up giving us too much meat, as you just said, people will have access to the recordings.

So if you if you take the class. And you participate and you get 75% of what Judith teaches, but then there's a 25% and you're like, Hmm, I don't quite get that yet. You can revisit it. You can come back to it. You can, you can learn from it over and over. And that's the thing I've, I've really experienced with astrology is that it, it reveals itself in layers.

And when you're ready for each layer, you get it. And then [00:39:00] there's certain things that go over your head. But then you come back to it's like, Oh, wait, I get that now. Wow. That's amazing. I didn't even understand what they were saying before. So it sounds to me like this, there will be some elements of that for students as

Judith: well.

Yeah. And the fun part is you don't have to know how to read a chart. You don't even have to have a chart with you though. It's nice. You just have to know what sign You that's the sun sign the sign your son was in at birth. It's your birthday. So, you know, are you a Virgo?

Are you a Taurus? If you know that, you'll get a great deal out of this class.

Amanda: Amazing. Judith, you just said something interesting. I'd love to hear why. You said the sun sign, it's called that somewhat erroneously. Why do you say that?

Judith: Well, because, um, it's, it's the sign the sun is in.

Hmm. It's not the sun's sign. It's just kind of said, it's kind of like, um, it's just an odd use of [00:40:00] Uh, it's the, the sun's sign at birth. The sun's birth sign would be. More accurate, the sun's. That's such a

Amanda: great point. Okay. Thank you, .

Judith: Because we can say if a planet is in a sign, the planets don't rule the signs.

You know, the sun is what's creating these signs, the sun's path. So it's a little different for the sun than say, Mars being Right. Yeah. the sun kind of rules all the signs. So yeah, it's the personal sun sign, you know, it's a little,

Amanda: Well, you are an incredible teacher and we are so very lucky to have you on our, our, , roster of teachers for this upcoming series.

So Judith, thank you so much. We're really looking forward to it. Thank you for everything that you shared here today. I think it's so illuminating. Um, and also a little bit frustrating because there's such a [00:41:00] disconnect currently. Let's go to that question that we had in the very beginning. Is astrology actually more the estranged spouse?

of medicine or is it more the sister of medicine or both? I would

Judith: say it's the estranged spouse. Because they used to be Used to be married and one of them kicked the other one out. Well, they kicked women out, too. They made it so women couldn't practice medicine And yes, and kind of in the same period this was going on.

It went over a few hundred years, but it is the estranged spouse and they used to be so closely partnered. one thing until about

Amanda: Okay. So much has lost, but the good news is that, that more and more people are interested. They're coming back to it. They're asking the questions. So that's really good.


Amanda: For those of you who are interested in diving into this topic, go to

Amanda: astrology hub. com slash [00:42:00] workshop. When you go there, you're going to see three. Workshops in this series, one on health delivered by Judith one on wealth delivered by Georgia status and one on fulfillment taught by Michael Bryan. So these three teachers we've teamed them up for this workshop series to cover these really important aspects of life and how you can actually use your astrology chart to optimize these areas of life.

So you can either opt in if you're like, Oh, I just want the medical one with Judith. You can just take that workshop. That is an option. But if you're interested in the whole series, you can opt in for the workshop series bundle. And when you do that, you'll get three, the three workshops for the price of two.

So this is all happening starting next week. If you're really busy, and you're like, Oh, my gosh, I don't know if I'm going to be able to take the classes right now. It's okay. I highly encourage you to enroll in the series now. Because [00:43:00] you will also lock in the promotional pricing for the series. So that pricing will end at the end of September.

So now's a great time to just jump in, you'll have access to the recordings, you can revisit the information when you need it. And it'll be it'll live in your. astrology learning library. You also can check out Judith's school, which next week will be a great introduction to the type of teaching that Judith does in her school.

So if you take that and then you go, Oh my gosh, I want to go deeper. I'm going to go all the way. You will have an option to join Judith's school as well. The links for that are in the description or the show notes underneath this video. Check it out, Judith.

Thank you for being here, for sharing your wisdom. You are such a joy and such a pleasure and literally such a gift to all of us who love astrology and love learning all the different ways that it can help us in our lives. So thank you for the work that you do and especially thank you for sharing it here with us in [00:44:00] this community.

Judith: Thank you, Amanda. Thank you for this

Amanda: All right, everybody. Thank you for being here. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life and we will catch you on the next episode. Take care everyone.

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