Purpose or Paycheck? Can You Have Both?

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Astrologers Gemini Brett & Joe G. discuss the difference between career and purpose and how to see it in the birth chart.

πŸŒ” How different astrological points like the Midheaven and the nonagesimal can offer nuanced insights into your life's vocation.

πŸŒ• The philosophical aspects of Vocational Astrology

πŸŒ– Why your career and your life purpose are not the same thing, and the role of personal growth in finding your true calling.

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Brett: [00:00:00] in general, path for me, soul path, what you're doing here is a first house consideration.

And purpose, or how you can give your gifts back, so what people will say is career, vocation, or I like to say making a loving, because I want them to align, it's a 10th house And they are inherently square, which is an aspect of tension. And so there's this tension there that does not have to mean bad.

It doesn't mean that like if your job isn't terrible, you're not doing this right at all. In fact, coming to resolution with that tension is a huge part. Of finding your way to your true vocation


My guess is if I were to look at a vision board that you've made, I'd see pictures of vibrant, healthy looking people and some indication of wealth. No, [00:01:00] I'm not talking about the cliched red Corvette or private jet, but probably something a little more custom tailored for you. Maybe a smiling woman playing with her children in a backyard garden.

Someone probably nestled in the nook of their custom designed library with all their favorite books on the shelves. Or maybe you'd show a strong, flexible person doing yoga on a gorgeous beach. You see, we're all here having this human experience and we'd love for it to be as fulfilling as possible. But if the path was clear and living it was easy, we'd all be doing it.

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com slash workshop. So here's to living your vision of health, wealth, and [00:02:00] fulfillment. I really hope to see you there.


Joe: Hello, hello everyone and welcome to the astrology hub podcast. If you're new here, please leave a like a comment and subscribe to the channel. We pretty much post a new video every day and if you like astrology, you're curious about anything mystical, we probably have Today I have Gemini Brett with me, one of my favorite astrologers, one of my favorite people in the whole entire world.

Uh, and we'll be talking about, and we'll be talking about purpose and career. Like, are those two things the same? Sometimes I get people in readings and things like that coming in, and they ask about their purpose, but then they're really asking about career. And sometimes other times they're asking about career, but they're really asking about purpose.

And so it's hard to discern the difference between these two things. So I'm hoping that Brett [00:03:00] can help me answer this question today.

Purpose vs. Career

Joe: Is purpose and career the same thing? Are they different? How, how does that work?

Brett: I believe they are different, but we would like for them to agree.

Um, first of all, you know, purpose, I think can be a very subjective term and I often use it to work more with that kind of vocational thing, or I like to say, you know, where we can make a loving rather than just make a living. Um, but that's when our purpose and our path are in agreement. So I think I'm using the term path.

in the way that you're using the term purpose. And for me career, it's like just such a loaded word because it feels so culturally ordained about you've been on this track and you chose this thing and you went perhaps and did this study and got this degree and maybe you did more of that and now you have to do this thing that all of that points to.

Um, so I, for some [00:04:00] reason, personally, like work. more easily with the vocation term. And then again, I just like to say how to make a loving, but in a sense that for me is like, you know, service orientation. Like how do you give the fruits from your world tree back to community? Right? Like how do you plug in?

How do you offer your gifts in that way? Where for me path, or, you know, I guess we could say sole purpose is a much more uniquely individual thing. And I mean, it can be that your path here is completely oriented towards what you do for, you know, work, to use that term that I don't love so much as well.

It can be not at all. So, when I say, like, making a loving and vocation, I mean, ideally… We would all be receiving abundance for doing something that we really love, right? We go all the way back to wise souls who have told us that [00:05:00] If you have a job that's about work a day in your life, right?

Um, but for some people I feel like their path Is all about learning or all about exploring and sometimes having like jobby job that pays the bills and takes care of that stuff, right? And then you get to do your thing and your time off like I can see that working. So I'm not here to judge or point fingers, but I'm always looking for this in a chart, right?

And when I do look for what I feel is more like kind of soul purpose, or I call that path aligned. I start my investigation into that exploration in a different place of the astrology chart than I would the question of, you know, what's a good job for me or how can I make a loving in this place called Right. And

Joe: is that like,

Do We Choose Our Soul's Purpose?

Joe: and this whole question about soul purpose, is that a question that an astrologer can even answer? Because we always fall [00:06:00] into this realm of Free will versus fatedness, and how fated is your soul purpose, or is that something that you can actually, do you have a choice of what your soul purpose is?

Where do you rely on that?

Brett: In between, I mean some astrologies, I think, definitely claim that they can see it instantly in the chart, and if you're not doing this thing, then you're completely off path or something. First of all, I'll say the most beautiful thing about the path, is you can't leave you know, right?

Even when you feel most lost in the woods, that was so you could go get a tour of the strange beings who live there and come quote unquote back, but it's not a detour. It's your but you know, I, I feel that astrology can very much help us get to know ourselves, understand more about why we've here Um, and also show us some talents and challenges and uh, [00:07:00] and yeah, show things like, you know, what type of mate would be great for you? Or is that kind of monogamous mate thing even you're seeing, right? And first of all, the person is going to know better than me. And so I really try to keep that, well let me tell you who you are because I see the code of your soul here on my computer in check, right?

As you know as a working astrologer too, Joe, like it's really exciting when you see the astrology just playing out literally. Like, father's job, right, is like in a person's chart, right? And when you see that and hear it's true, it's like mind blowing and world shattering and all the things. But I try my best to let the client in a session, um, I guess be the stronger force.

And I'm here to just like reflect what I hear in their [00:08:00] song is the way that I prefer to say that rather than reading a chart like everything that was written But yeah, I also, however, like I said, I'm in between, I definitely believe that the chart has clues for us, keys for us to unlock doors a way of life that's potentially more in alignment the soul

Looking for Soul Purpose in the Chart

Joe: And what would be some of those like signifiers in the chart like how would you separate them when looking at a chart and what are some of the main points that you'd look at for helping somebody

Brett: decipher it.

Yeah, well, so let's start super basic first and then get a little deeper into it. First of all, the answer to any question astrologically is found in the entire chart. But where we begin the investigation will depend upon the question, right?

If somebody is asking about their kids. We say that children are represented by fifth house and fifth house. Let me just say fifth house [00:09:00] things, right? And so my investigation will begin there, but if I'm doing it right, it wants to be holistic and eventually it's gonna bring me to the entire chart. But an amazing thing is like, the chart in a sense is a different being if you look through the eyes of the fifth house of children.

Versus the seventh house of partner and relationship. Yeah, and so I mean even when we say like a vocation or how to make a loving like I'm gonna do the whole chart and that includes all of your astrology . But in general, when somebody asks about SoulPath, for me, my eyes go straight to the Ascendant. And this will be… A place where, you know, the way that I astrologize, at least in this current time of my go and my study and my sharing, is going to be very different than what it is for many. I mean, maybe even most because these days we know this kind of you're going towards your north node, approach to astrology has become very [00:10:00] popular, by the likes of, evolutionary astrology paradigms.

I really have kind of branched out of Dane Rajar possibly. Um, for me, I was initially informed by Daniel Jamario at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, now the Turning of the Ages Mystery School. And so I learned that it's about the Ascendant, and that that has a lot to do with where you're heading, what you're learning.

Um, so a poem that found its way through me in that investigation was what was rising when you rose is rising within you. And I'll get back to why I feel you can also raise it up. Okay, so, to get a little less poetic so people can hear the words I'm attempting to say, I look for the rising sign, first and foremost, about path, or soul purpose, or, you know, whatever you want to call it.

Like, literally, why have I incarnated? Okay, so let's be there for a [00:11:00] second. Why would we come to such a place as this? And I would suggest that the answer is form. In a place with the appearance of time and space, you are able to grow. And you can only grow in a place with the appearance of time and space.

And so for me, the whole role or purpose of an incarnation. Is as I like to say, spirit reflecting itself through a unique soul into matter, a place with the appearance of time and space. So, spirit itself can grow. Spirit is everything, and therefore it's essentially nothing. It can't grow, it can't make moves, but this miracle happened called you.

And you and you and you and you, which is spirit reflected in a unique way, which will never repeat for me, that's soul into matter into this place with the appearance of time and space so you can make moves so you can grow because as you grow, the one and only thing grows and for me, that's a general statement of soul, [00:12:00] purpose, path, why we are here, and I find kind of the design of your growth game encoded in the rising sign.

Thank and many associated things that we'll get back to. Okay. So for me, the growth path, the sole purpose begins by looking through the eyes of the first house. Now, as I said, I first learned that in the shamanic astrology mystery school. So when I got to like my first astrology conference, I was kind of surprised to find that most people were going at this thing in a very different way.

And I had done it enough and worked with clients enough by that point that, um, I knew it worked And I try to remain open hearted open minded enough not to say it's the right way and everything else is wrong at all Why would everybody else go about it in a different way and also have success, right? So it's like, huh?

Interesting this whole other things Happening. I should look at that too. [00:13:00] But one of the things that happened for me Is also getting back into traditional astrology And then when I learned things like the first sign, the rising sign, and maybe even the ascended degree, right, like literally the degree of the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon in the moment of your becoming, when I learned that traditionally, it's that point that was called the horoscope.

That horoscope is in some newspaper column or, or some, um, just map of a sky, which actually is an appropriate term for that word, but then it derives from horoscopos, Greek for hour marker, or some say hour watcher, like, you know, sitting on the pyramid back in the day looking for stars to rise and calling them out, you know, um, that, that is the ascended degree.

So it was like, huh. Now, the ancient, the Hellenistic language has something that seems to agree with this idea that it's all about the rising sign. And I think maybe even more importantly, another [00:14:00] term in the ancient Greek for the Ascendant, um, true to this kind of maritime metaphor, which we find in Hellenistic astrology all over the place, is that the Ascendant was called Oiox, or Iokos, which means rudder.

Right? And so many call it the helm, but when I hear like helm of a boat, the images of that kind of like big wooden steering wheel thing, and they didn't have that back in the day. It was the rudder and the tiller. And there's a very important astronomical source. To that, which is that the ascended descended access is not due east and due west on the horizons, like most astrologies teach, I find, but rather it rudders back and forth across the cardinal directions every day, heading to the northern extreme, which is zero cancer rising and to the southern extreme, zero Capricorn rising and that idea of the ruddering of the ascendant speaks to, for me, your personal directions.[00:15:00]

All right. So, the first thing for me is like, okay, what's the rudder? Like, I was born with a Gemini rudder. And, uh, is it okay for me to share, uh, Joe's ascendant? Um, Joe was born with Cancer rising. So, Cancer rudder. And, um, therefore, Joe is said to be a child of the moon. By some astrologies where me with Gemini rising a child of So I typically begin with the rising sign. Um, and what has changed for me as I went back into traditional astrology because, the shamanic astrology mystery school, they don't do the domicile thing or to use a more modern term like rulerships. They find it with the rising sign and they work with the lunar nodes in a different way than most do.

But for me, as I've gone back to traditional astrology, I've really seen kind of the beauty of this planet sign relationship, which Hermes gave us in the Thema Mundi, the [00:16:00] chart of the world, so, so long ago. And that I can see with Gemini rising, that Mercury is going to, in a sense, be the guide for my path.

So one of the ways that for me with Gemini rising, Mercury would be described, or somebody out there with Sagittarius rising, Jupiter, or somebody with Taurus rising, Venus, is that planet is the one that has their hand on the rudder. They're your steersmen, to use this ancient and there's many, many, many ways in traditional astrology to look at different planets that are like principal guides for you, um, but that's one of the essential ways to use the modern terminology, which I don't love, because the ruler world just feels a little too patriarchal to me, but regardless, like the ruler of the rising sign is another, for me, Significant key the rising sign what was rising when you rose is rising within you.

It's what you're here to learn It's the school of your growth and then the steersman the planet that's said to rule that [00:17:00] sign And all of his or her relations in the chart their relations in the chart Where they are what house they're in their aspects with other planets like again, it's going to lead to the entire chart But a huge piece for me like i'm gemini rising with mercury and libra in the fifth next to Pluto and an opposite Jupiter and I could go on and on and on.

Like again, the whole chart is going to come through. But my investigation personally begins with the rising sign when I'm looking for path. Why did I incarnate? And the answer is to grow. Okay, but how and in which way? And to get back to this idea of what was rising when you rose is rising within you, and you can raise it up, like, Libra has the right to evolve too, and if you were born with Libra rising, I will say that you're here to learn Libra, and you're here to help Libra learn.

Because as you grow, spirit grows, and your ascendant sign is ascending in you, and you can help [00:18:00] lift it up, like, truthfully, the eastern horizon, the sky on the eastern horizon, according to modern astronomy, is only rising because earth is falling in that direction. And so the idea there is we descend into matter to lift the heavens up.

Right? So for you, Joe Cancer Rising, how can you learn cancer and how can you help cancer learn? For me, Gemini Rising, how can I learn Gemini? How can I help Gemini itself grow? And there's something in my own chart very significantly with Mercury in the sign of Libra and in the fifth, or in your chart with, because Cancer Rising, where's the moon, where the moon's in Leo in the second sign, like, what does that have to say?

Right? Right. Right. All right,

Joe: I really liked something that you said earlier about, soul purpose or the path is that, oh yes, it's like the, the purpose that, that you come into life is, is to, to grow. Um, I think just kind of like, um, [00:19:00] narrowing down that way and even thinking about, people conflating those two and, uh, thinking about purpose as careers, like, is your purpose really to come here just to work?

Like, that would be, like, such a, well, not, to some people, it's probably great, but, uh, for, maybe for me, uh, Cancer Rising, that's not, uh, so much a, a great thing to think about. Um, If

Brett: you went to school, you were likely taught that that is your truth, and we're learning how to be good workers. So, I mean, working a job and being in service to community can be the same thing.

It depends if you've kind of found your calling, I'll say. Um, but again, sometimes your calling, I mean, I think overall your soul calling, your path is to grow and perhaps your greatest opportunities for growth are really just found in not giving so much of your energy to some location. Right, because you're here to become the [00:20:00] greatest philosopher of all time, and you just need to sit on the mountaintop, but because we need to eat too, you'll probably have a job, but that job allows you to fly to that mountain and sit for some time, whatever it may be.

It'd be really nice, right, if there was no need to like spend our time working at all, but then again. I don't think it would be. And I think you would find, and we often do, that people have the means to, like, not quote unquote have to work some job, will anyway. Because there's really something about being here in community, being a…

Earthling, right? Um, so there's a lot more to say about PATH and where I look for that. I'll just say a couple things, like, it's not just for me about the rising sign and where the steersman of that rudder lives. It's other planets that are in the first house. It's their associations. It's the connection of the steersman of the chart.[00:21:00]

Kind of looking through the eyes of the first house at that world then looking through the eyes of the Steersman wherever That planet resides and just looking for all those connections And once again any question I asked if I'm doing it, right and I try to Is going to bring me to the whole right?

But again, if I look through the eyes of the first it's a very different story than if I look through the eyes of the And that tends to be where I want to gaze through if I'm going to begin my investigations with the wheel by asking questions like, What's a good job for me? Or I like to say more poetically, right?

How can I give the fruits from my own world tree back to Right. Um, how can I be of service and the 10th house is not the only place for that at all, but it's typically where I begin my investigation. And by the way, anytime we say the 10th house, you [00:22:00] say, what house system? The great conundrum!

And true to my moniker, Gemini, I like to use several.

Making Sense of the Ascendant and its Ruler

Joe: One of the things that people ask very often is how to synthesize all of this.

Like, yes, we know that the Ascendant is a starting place that we can look at, and then the ruler of the Ascendant is another place that we can look at, but how do you actually extract meaning out of those placements? Like, yes, you know, let's say a random person has Taurus rising, and they have Venus and Leo, and they're looking at their chart, I have Venus and Leo, this planet is somehow showing me my path or my purpose, how do you make sense of that?

Brett: Yeah, well, so we can't necessarily be that computer that believes every Taurus rising chart with Venus and Leo is the same. Right. And so this is an art that we're playing with here. And so some of that just comes [00:23:00] through tons of study, and more importantly, experience in life, which you all have, right?

Sitting with the charts of people you love, and maybe some that you don't love so much, right? I'm really blessed as you are, Joe, to have an opportunity to sit with so many, like, grow, growing souls. who are authentic and willing to reflect back to me, um, and answer questions. there and sometimes I completely miss.

And so we learn that way, but generally speaking, Taurus rising Venus and Leo, let's play that game, right? So Taurus rising for me, what's rising in you is returning to the earth, learning more simplicity. There are many givers in the Zodiac, but Taurus is one that reminds us of the importance Receiving.

Like, receiving this moment now. Slowing down. Taurus. Bull, they say, but I prefer cow who has seven slow [00:24:00] digestion, right? being in this moment, escaping the tendencies of your rat race rest in the grace of Earth's pace. Beauty for Taurus is a spiritual practice. So me, for me, first and foremost, these are all learning tools.

And I think, especially in our culture and in kind of spiritual oriented, folks like ourselves, like it's really hard to actually receive and not try to instantly overgive, you know, and Taurus, I think really wants to remember this. Yeah, so, typically if I see Taurus rising, fix sign, and I like to say fix yourself to fix the world.

There's something about learning beauty, embodiment, coming down to earth, finding your own beauty, regardless of what the… Scary skeletons of the silver screen comparison [00:25:00] paradigm of poison would tell you who you are and who you are not. Now with Venus and Leo, because Venus is the steersman or steerswoman or whatever we want to say, steers planet of the Taurus rising chart, there's something about learning this kind of archetypal essence of royalty, radiance.

This creation through Leo where we remember that we have been made in the form of creator because we are creators and you are here to shine the light and offer that radiant heat by which we can ignite our own candles. Now, with Taurus rising, Leo is the fourth. So there's something about Venus also being that fourth house of home and family, like I would expect that to be a venue of really significant soul awakening.

And by the way, we typically awaken from nightmares, not from dreams, which isn't to say in any regard that's meant to be some nightmare path, but typically the mysticism, the mystic has [00:26:00] had a difficult time with at least one of the parents or something to kind of get the show going. Right? But I would say there, Taurus rising, Venus and Leo, really learning to embody your own radiance, your creativity, um, and sharing that kind of as a, as a leader reminder of creative play is the way of life that's going to lead you on a path of simplicity.

Now, is Venus a morning star? Maybe reflecting Virgo sunlight? Is Venus under the beams of, uh, Leo's sun? Is Venus an evening star reflecting, oh, Gemini light to my eyes? Or is it Cancer alike? Where is the Moon and Mars? Right? And all of the other beings. And so, just having a blanket statement for Taurus rising, Venus, and Leo does not work for me.

And I'm willing to offer at least that much. But I really need to then get into the chart to understand so much more. about Venus because Venus and [00:27:00] Leo, that tells me one very important and beautiful thing. But if it's in, if it's Venus and Leo conjunct Pluto versus Venus and Leo trying Neptune, right?

Like there's different stories through the different beautiful geometries and other notes in the song and how they and stimulate And so I can never stop

Joe: Sweet. And, and so would you recommend people, like, let's say a person watching this right now wants to learn about the ruler of the Ascendant, would you recommend that they, like, write down a list of all the aspects that that planet has, the sign and the mode and all of these things to start to put these pieces together?

Brett: Absolutely. Yeah. And really, depending on your kind of approach to astrology as well, like if you're very tuned into the lunar nodes, for example, what is a Taurus rising chart with Venus and Leo when the nodes are in Aries, [00:28:00] Libra versus, oh, Gemini, Sagittarius, et cetera. But the, yeah, my approach is what's the rising sign?

Where's the steers planet, right? So if it's a Libra rising, where's Venus? Are there other planets in the first house? Because they're going to be so personal, like they might even take over from the steers person. It's like, you know, she's reaching far across space to try to get to the rudder and somebody's just right there.

It's like, I'll handle that. Um, there are many conditions in traditional astrology, especially where If the ruler of the Ascendant is in a place or a house in the chart that can't see the Ascendant, you might find an alternate, and we're not going to get into all of that right now, but I'll say the Ascendant itself, planets in the first, in all their relations, the ruler of the first, the Steersman, in all their relations, like that's kind of the place I begin, and it's hard for me to understand [00:29:00] where somebody's going, which I believe is in the rising sign.

What's rising when you rose is rising within you. If I don't know where they came And so I have like a very different cosmology there. Like I had first learned from Daniel Jamario at the shamanic astrology mystery school, that that's in the moon. And they work with a combination of moon and South node in that paradigm.

Significance of Sun & Moon's Relationship

Brett: & I've come to work with. Moon and sun. Moon taught me this once. Um, and it's really through my sacred geometry study. But even just like kind of having one of the silly little simple discoveries one night out laying in the grass and drinking moon juice and moon said Uh, you're looking at sunlight, Because when we look at the moon, we're actually seeing sunlight reflected to our eyes. This is true when you gaze at Jupiter, too. Jupiter is reflecting sunlight through Jupiter's unique mirror, [00:30:00] right?

It's a little more, I don't know, interesting with the moon, perhaps, because we watch her change phases every month and that, you know. But I will say this, very importantly, astronomically, The moon will never reflect the sunlight twice in the same It will never reflect sunlight the same way twice. And for me, this speaks of soul and spirit.

Again, subjective terms, but when I say spirit, I mean the one and only thing that ever was, is, and the all. And I feel in our local experience, the sun is our representative. And of, of that, of the one, of spirit, the sun, you know, you'll never know which stars the sun is aligned to by looking, you'll go blind Um, there's this old cosmology, I'm not saying it's true in Reality or whatever but that stars are actually just holes in the firmament, right? So that there's this veil that shields us from the one only light because if we saw it We would remember we are it and then the gig is up, right? But that there's these little [00:31:00] holes in the veil so we can get reminders of what we truly are And that's what stars are and they're each unique and each have a being and then the sun is the one that we're close to Right and so it's like our local kind of gigantic Whole of through the veil, the one reminder of what we really are, which is spirit.

But if we were only spirit, we would have never grow. It's the one only thing, and in that sense, it's nothing. And so spirit, when reflecting upon itself, perform this strange miracle that no one could possibly which is to not divide itself, that's impossible, but reflect itself. And reflect itself in a unique way, which repeat, that's a soul and I see that and all the whole chart, but I start with how is the moon reflecting my eyes.

And so I want to be there. Also, as much as I'm looking at what I see is like what's rising in you, we could say, kind of the forward direction of the path. If [00:32:00] I don't understand about what you're where you're coming from and what you're bringing in. to this world with you. I won't understand about your habits, tendencies, strengths, etc.

That gives me so much more of a picture. Yeah, so one thing I encourage for folks, if that kind of cosmology interests you, is spend time every month and throughout the year, in the years, contemplating, how does this moon reflect sunlight to my eyes? So I was born with the Moon in Gemini, but the Sun is in Scorpio.

So how does a Gemini Moon, I like to say, deliver Scorpio light to Earth? Or right now, for example, the Moon is in Virgo, reflecting Leo sunlight And then, well, what does it mean for that Virgo moon to be between Mercury and Mars and dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, [00:33:00] dot, the whole chart, right?


Looking at Career in the Chart

Joe: Um, and are we able to translate some of these techniques also when we're looking at, like, career or vocation in our chart? Or do we have to kind of reframe and look at it

Brett: in a different way? No, I mean, that's the whole genius of, um, dispositorship, right? And the idea that these signs are, like, Well, I prefer the old term domicile lord and lady.

I don't love those terms anyway, but you and I know it as like a landlord, right? You know, or who owns the Airbnb that you're staying in? You know what I'm saying? Like that really matters. Right. Um, and so I, it's a very similar thing and that's why I've really embraced. Um, this kind of ancient play that most astrology paradigms use these days, they call rulerships, right?

Because if, um, we're looking at a vocational sign, like let's say the 10th sign of your chart is Leo, then where's the [00:34:00] sun? Because Leo is the sun sign, right? If it's Virgo, where's Mercury? If it's Libra, where's Venus, right? And so in that sense, it's a very similar rule you can play. And so, you know, I'll use the old terminology, like, what is the sign on the 10th?

Right? If it's Scorpio, does that mean you're meant to be a ninja or a detective or, you know, like, I think we can take this archetypal astrology too far and it doesn't take us far enough. Like, there's more than 12 jobs in the world, right? Um, but you at least get 144 because if it's Scorpio, where's Mars?

Now some would look for Pluto, right? But I'm more key to the old approach and that's Mars So if it's Scorpio with Mars in Scorpio versus Scorpio with Mars in Sagittarius or Capricorn, like that's already going to get me a good amount of information. But I want to see, just like with the rising sign and the steersmen of the [00:35:00] chart, well, are there planets in the first?

What kind of relationships does the Steersman have? Same thing, what's the 10th sign? Are there planets in the 10th? What are their relations? What's their story in that You know, if the 10th is, oh, Cancer, where's the moon? What are the moon's relations? Right? And so again, it's going to eventually bring me to the whole But that's where I'll begin my investigation. However, what is the 10th house? And this brings us into house systems again. Okay, and I work with, very importantly, I work with two distinct points in your chart to look for career signatures. Um, and one of them is the Midheaven degree. And I don't stop there because the Midheaven degree, contrary to popular teachings, is not right above your head.

It's also typically not even the highest part of the Zodiac when Right now that should sound [00:36:00] surprising to most of you because that is the incorrect astronomy that most astrologers teach around the The highest part of the chart is always square to the ascendant, right? So if your rising sign is 22 Libra, then 22 degrees Cancer is the highest part of the zodiac, the highest part above the ground reaching for the heavens.

Even if your midheaven is at five cancer or 29 cancer, or even another sign. So for example, I have Gemini rising. My midheaven is an Aquarius, but the square to my ascendant and therefore the highest part of the zodiac above the ground. And we could say therefore, in a sense, the most visible part. is square to Gemini and that's in Pisces.

So I'm looking both at the Midheaven degree and this degree that some call the non [00:37:00] decimal, which just means 90 degrees away. Some call it the zenith, because though it is not directly above your head at the top of the sky, it is the part of the zodiac that's closest to the top of the sky. Um, and I'm going to look at those, both of those points, even if they're in the same sign, because one thing I want to look at is aspects from planets to those points.

You might have a planet that's trying the top of your chart in your software. wherever you're looking probably is not drawing a little line to that Um, the midheaven degree, let me just say a thing about the astronomy of, you know, what is the midheaven if it's not the highest part. It is what in the moment is culminating or reaching its particular highest height.

So the midheaven is on the meridian, which is a circle that runs through the cardinal directions north and south, and therefore separates the eastern sky, which ups. from the western sky, which downs, all right? [00:38:00] So it's a very important point, and it is in the moment of your birth. So I was born with 14 Aquarius culminating at the midheaven, like that's the highest altitude that that particular degree of the zodiac would reach that day.

However, Pisces was higher. Pisces will later, after my birth moment, reach a higher height. So I'm going to work for me personally with both Pisces, and therefore, where's Jupiter? And Aquarius, and therefore, where's Saturn? And then in kind of Gemini fashion, all these variables and the equation gets a little thicker, but I, that for me, that's fun.

And typically, that's the truth. People will have worked like several different versions of career And I often sit with people who are kind of like looking for one thing that really resonates with who they are, agrees with their talents and tendencies and offers challenge and those kinds of things.

And [00:39:00] it's like combining all this. experience you've had on earth, right? So like, would you learn when you did a paper route or a lemonade stand? Would you learn from that first job out of school or whatever? And we want to combine all those things and I want to combine all these chart factors

Differentiating Between Points

Joe: And how do you differ, differentiate what each of those points tell you?

Do you kind of just blend all of those rulers together and come up with, like a delineation that blends both of their significations? Or do you say the nonagesimal tells you a certain aspect of what vocation might look like, and then the actual midheaven tells you something a little

Brett: bit different?

Um, Right, you're asking great questions, which allows me to kind of get into the astronomy of the thing, because I'm very much a sky guy or an earth astrologer, as I like to say, so my astrology itself is consistently re informed by my experience of the sky and trying to find the chart in the sky and the sky into the [00:40:00] chart.

It does then lead me towards kind of technical answers, so my apologies if this just sounds like, I don't know, full astro nerd over here, but I want to ask what those points are. are actually doing. All right. And one of them, the Midheaven degree is not only culminating or reaching its highest height. And this, by the way, is why traditional astrology associated with like middle life, like the rising sign is new, right?

That's youth. And I think that even there has so much to do with path, like before, like, our tendencies to go find a career took us away from what we want to be. Do you know what I'm saying? Um, and I want to speak more about that square, just, just in case you felt that. So let me go back to the idea of the first and the 10th being inherently square.

And therefore the design has tension built between. Path and purpose if we use those terms or your sole purpose and career or whatever. Okay. Anyway, the culminating point [00:41:00] It's on the meridian. It's on this north south great circle like where I was born in Boston. It's always due south Where you were born, Joe, in Brazil.

It is always due north. Okay, either way, it's a cardinal direction. It's one of Earth's directions. In fact, because, I mean, contrary to popular teachings in astrology, the ascendant and descendant axis are rarely Perfectly east west. They only are twice a day when zero Aries and zero tropical Libra rise, the equinox points, okay?

Otherwise, your ascendant is north of east or south of east. If your ascendant is north of east, your descendant is south of west. If your ascendant is south of east, your descendant is north of west, and it rudders back and forth every day, okay? So in other words, you have your own personal directions. But where we can find Earth's directions on the chart are the meridian.

The MC [00:42:00] degree, for me, due south, the IC beneath our feet, due north. Okay, so I'm, I need to get technically to, or technical here to kind of, I guess, support why I'll say this, the Midheaven's going to speak about how you connect into your planet, right? And that's going to, in a sense, be more related to, The actual job you do, I guess, that's typically a pretty earthly consideration.

But how you feel or do work or, you know, more of like your energetic calling, I'm going to find that more in that non negesimal point, that point that's highest above the ground, that point that squares the ascendant, um, because it's aligned to your personal directions. Okay, so, if my shoulders are east west, And I raise my hands up, then I'm pointing to the MC, the meridian.[00:43:00]

That's like Earth's directions. If my shoulders are on my own personal rudder, so in my case, I have Gemini rising, it's north of east, Sagittarius setting, south of west, and I bring my hands up, it's Pisces. That's more aligned to my personal directions. And so I take that information of like, what personally excites you feels good to you.

And then I bring that to, well, how do you plug into Earth? In her directions like right, how do you serve and connect and offer your gifts back and I want to combine those things even if They're only like i'm looking at a chart for where i'm sitting right now. They're four degrees apart Okay So they're in the same size.

I'm sitting right now. It's libra rising the non decimals like 23 Cancer and the Midheaven's 27 cancer. I mean, it's like they're so close. They're actually 23 and 26. But still, the way that different planets [00:44:00] connect to or relate to or have aspects with or see those two different points tell me a bit of a different story.

And for many of us, our Midheaven degree is very far from the highest degree of the chart. And, like for me and many of us, Oftentimes in totally different signs, right? And so, I mean, that's, might be too much information and I appreciate this opportunity to get a little bit technical here. Um, but yeah, those are all things that I'm working with.

And then again, like if I have Pisces on the 10th and by the way, the highest point of your chart, because it's squares, the ascendant will always be in your 10th whole even when your mid And I should add that piece, like I have my Midheaven and Aquarius Midheaven and in a Gemini rising chart.

Well, Aquarius is the ninth sign of Gemini. And so because the Midheaven is in the ninth whole sign, that offers a story too. I should be a [00:45:00] travel or maybe an astrologer. Traditionally, it's the ninth. That is the house of astrology, Um, but what about the 10th sign? What about Pisces and where's Jupiter in that?

And I want to like combine all these things. I mean, that's the art of astrology. Like this is the thing that's going to be difficult for computers to do. Even like the great AI or whatever it may be, I'm sure they're going to get there. Um, I just spit on myself when I said that though because it terrifies me in some ways.

Um, but you know, there's, there's, there's much art to what we do. And it's the kind of the combination of these, I guess, variables, um, into a meaningful story. You know, that is really the art of astrology. And you know different astrologers using different techniques different paradigms, but also just being different people Are going to combine these things even if they're looking at the same exact things in different ways And [00:46:00] so you're going to find an astrologer that speaks to you or an astrology that speaks to you, right?

And I hope that everyone will also reserve the right to change Right like my personal cosmology and the way I approach the chart has changed four times

Inherent Tension between Purpose & Career

Brett: All right, so Even if you don't have time to ask this question, I want to answer it, Joe. Um, in general, path for me, soul path, what you're doing here is a first house consideration.

And purpose, or how you can give your gifts back, so what people will say is career, vocation, or I like to say making a loving, because I want them to align, it's a 10th house And they are inherently square, which is an aspect of tension. And so there's this tension there that does not have to mean bad.

It doesn't mean that like if your job isn't terrible, you're not doing this right at all. In fact, coming to resolution with that tension is a [00:47:00] huge part. Of finding your way to your true vocation There isn't a thing that can happen in your life that isn't part of And that is your purpose um, including the whack job that you're about to quit because this Or that right?

By the way, the 10th career is a general significator for it, or a signification of it, as is, oh, you know, I like to say you're a legend, okay, but honors, reputation, these things. It is square the 7th. Have you out there in the astrology world ever had issues in a marriage because of your job? Or had issues with your job because of your marriage?

Or it doesn't have to be a marriage? Like, have you felt tensions in relationships? Like right now, I'm in the midst of [00:48:00] creating. I'm working with Astrology Hub as an inner circle guide right now. And I'm making stuff! And I get nuts about that. If you'll remember what I said before, I'm Gemini Rising with Mercury and Libra.

Well, that's the fifth. For me, it's like… I create therefore I am and when I have an opportunity to do that in a mercurial way and astrology really fits the bill Then it's just like non stop and I'm making stuff and but that tends to take me away from oh I'm also like a family guy I'm also a partner and I also oh I have an email account what right, you know, and so I think an important thing to know too is while the chart will guide us, perhaps even to like specific job titles.

I just had a session this morning and, and the person I was speaking to was really resistant to the [00:49:00] idea of naming a career that would be a good fit for their energetic. And they said, uh, you know, I just don't want to like fall prey to this paradigm of, you know, like you have to go get a degree and go do that.

And I was like, I hear you, but at the same time, you probably want to be able to put something on your business card if you want to be working and that's up to you. And, and, and they wanted to be an astrologer. They want to be an astrologer, will be an astrologer. And I'm like, well, if you know what you want to be, just name it.

But then of course we get into all of our complexes. But I'm not a master of that. I don't think I ever could be. I can't do that like the Rick Levine, or you know, whatever, right? Um, and yes, you can, but that just reminds us once again that the answer to any question is the whole chart. Because if you have some, you know, uh, what is it called?

Uh, [00:50:00] imposter syndrome, I think, right? Um, just in your kind of natural design or if that was part of your training and that's something you're like, you know, moving through and growing through and shifting, like that's going to apply likely to any question we might ask of the chart, right? So my game, I guess I should say, or my job is as people are asking questions, I'm trying to ask the most essential question of myself.

Who is this and why are they here? And actually the real question why did spirit reflect itself in this to come here and play? And I know it's to grow, but How and why and what did they bring in So I'll share finally a thing that I heard from one of my favorite teachers who I sadly at least embody will never meet Who's Alan [00:51:00] Watts and?

Alan Watts talks about how You're sitting with Guru, and I'm not in any way trying to say that I'm Guru, okay? But, you're sitting with Guru, and things are silent, and you're not at all. Because your mind is like, oh my god, they see disaster, and how this is what turns me on, and how I was mean to that kid two years ago, or in third grade, or whatever, you know?

And he's like, no, no, no. What the guru is doing is they're like, Oh, I see Brahma. Like I see how you decide to. bring yourself in this particular image, right? Like, they're seeing the light in you, the universe in you, the guide, guidance in you. And, you know, I think that for me, first and foremost, is, um, how I wish to approach Any to sit with these amazing souls able to connect with every day.

It's just really, uh, it's my, [00:52:00] like my job is cool because I meet so many amazing beings who consistently kind of reinstate and reinvigorate my faith. That even when I look at a tv screen and things are just awful out there There are so many amazing growing beings right and I want to honor that like first and foremost Even if they're asking me, you know, when's a good day to launch their website


Joe: Oh my god, that was awesome and uh for you guys who do want to get a reading with brett Um, the link is

Joe: astrologyhub. com forward slash brett connect I think or gemini connect one of the two or probably both thank you so much for sharing everything that you have today.

Um, I think that this gives people a very solid starting place for looking at their charts. Um, especially if they're trying to separate. Like career from purpose or from like their path or anything like that. Um, for anyone who does want to go a little bit deeper into this whole, um, exploration of what, career might [00:53:00] look like for you or what purpose might look like for you and you're really into looking at your own charts or even or maybe you even want to become an astrologer who reads other people's charts astrology hub does have a workshop coming up very soon Actually a series of workshops and it's where fall workshop series the health wealth and fulfillment series and it's being taught by three amazing astrologers, um Michael Bryan is focusing on the purpose side of things.

And Michael Bryan is a traditional astrologer as well. So if you resonated with some of the things that Brett shared today,

know that Michael will touch about the ascent and things like that in a, in a, at least somewhat similar way as well.

And Georgia Stathis will be teaching about, um, like financial astrology and how to actually look at your finances in your chart, uh, and some techniques to, to really, um, maximize on how much you can, um, earn and feel fulfilled in [00:54:00] life.

, and Judith Hill will also be teaching, um, medical astrology and she'll be focusing on the signs. So she'll be telling you all of the body parts associated with them, uh, the symptoms associated with each of the signs.

So if you're Into medical astrology. Um, this one is definitely for you as well. And of course you can get all three workshops in a bundle and I think we'll be running for three weeks. And when you do get all three workshops, you do get one of them for free. So, um, it's, it's essentially getting three workshops for the price of two.

And the link to find out more about that is

Joe: astrology hub.com/workshop. And if you do want to learn more with Brett, we also do have tons and tons of courses with Brett. We talked about annual profections in the past. We talked about astral locality. What else have you done, Brett? I know

Brett: that you did…

Well, the big one is the Sacred Astronomy course. So I have some of that information today about like how [00:55:00] the Earth and the Earth Sky relationship is teaching me. how to go about this thing. And if you want to bring more of the sky into the chart and see the chart in the sky, then the sacred astronomy course is a really play.

Joe: If you do want to see all of these courses, um, all you got to do is go to

Joe: astrologyhub. com forward slash academy. You'll see Brett's courses there and a whole lot of other library of many, many courses. Alright guys, we'll see you on the next episode and thanks for spending some time with us today.

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