Weekly Astrology Forecast: September 11th – 17th | Wherever you are, that is your path.

Today is the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy…

And this weekend was the one month marker for the fires on Maui that devastated Lahaina and other areas of this island I’ve had the honor of calling home for over 10 years.

The day after the fires on Maui, I wrote in my journal, “And life will never be the same…”

We all have those “and life will never be the same” moments…

Where in an instant, something happens that changes everything. Sometimes these are pleasant surprises, like falling in love, birthing a child, or having an opportunity fall in our lap that we never expected.

And sometimes they are so intense that they challenge us to the very core of our being.

Every season I get together with the leaders on our team here at Astrology Hub in person. This last week we gathered at my parent’s house in Northern California for our autumn meet-up and we had the pleasure of having dinner with Astrologers Georgia Stathis and Gemini Brett.

It was an evening to remember. Brett graced us with his saxophone melodies and we cried and sang as he played songs like “Hallelujah” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

We had a family friend there who is less knowledgeable about astrology but very curious and open… especially about financial astrology.

Georgia explained to him, “It’s all about cycles, the study of patterns, and there are spikes in these cycles where with astrology, we can see something that shifts suddenly or dramatically.”

9/11 was one of those moments, August 8, 2023 was certainly one of those moments for everyone who lives here and loves Maui.

These pivot points are built into the patterns of time. And while understanding the patterns doesn’t stop them from happening, or make them more pleasant, it certainly helps to make meaning and understanding of our lives… and give us hope.

The other thing I wrote in my journal the day after the fires, was how sad I was that the old banyan tree in Lahaina, one of the largest banyan trees in the world, had not survived the fire.

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*Before the August 8 fires.

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*After the August 8 fires.

Over the next few weeks I learned that indeed there was hope for the tree. That there were signs of life and that perhaps her root system was strong enough to withstand the flames that destroyed so much in their path.

This morning I read this article and watched this video confirming that indeed, there is hope that the banyan tree will survive.

Community volunteers have been working tirelessly to nourish her, shower her with love and nutrients, and ensure her survival…

So there is a high probability that this glorious tree, the heart of Lahaina, will make it through and continue to flourish as a symbol of hope and resiliency.

Many of the reflections I’m bringing up here today are of course, reflected in the astrology of the week. We have a new moon, always a symbol of new life and opportunity. Mercury is coming out of retrograde, encouraging us to move forward after several weeks of reflection, with new levels of alignment…

And Eris is moving to conjoin the North Node. On the Weekly Weather, Astrologer Andrea Michelle teaches us what the word discord, which is associated with Eris, really means.

“Dis” comes from the Latin word meaning “away”… and cord comes from the root couer, or heart.

So discord literally means, “Away from the heart.”

Eris will be shining a light on the places where you are out of alignment with your heart this week. Where fear, doubt, limitation, the expectations of others or past conditioning is making it challenging for you to find the courage to move in the direction that your heart is calling you. Anrea Michelle says,

“In order to get aligned with our path, we need to get aligned with our heart. Not an old ‘download’ or outdated vision of your life, not what someone else told you is your path. Things are shifting so rapidly right now that the only reliable source IS the heart. Whatever is happening right now, that’s the path.” 
So as the banyan tree receives the nourishment and love needed to rise from the ashes…

Remember to give yourself the same. Whatever it is that you do that truly nourishes you from the very roots or core of your being… allow yourself more of that.

Pay attention to where you can be in even more alignment with your heart…
And remember that there is always hope for new life and new beginnings.

Sending love,


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Weekly Astrology Forecast:


💖 Monday, September 11th: Discovering Self-Worth

Moon Sextiling Mars and Libra

Venus and Juno Collaboration

Today, you're encouraged to dive deep into your feelings of unworthiness and work on them. It's a day to be more self-aware and understand where you seek validation from others. The collaboration between Venus and Juno in the sky is guiding you to be the sovereign of your own life. Remember, it's a day to embrace your inner compass and grow yourheart light.


🌌 Tuesday, September 12th: Embracing the Wild Card

Moon Touching Black Moon Lilith

Moon Squaring Uranus Retrograde

Today, it's about understanding what truly stabilizes you. It's a day to differentiate between what seems stable and what your greater being desires. Be open to the guidance that comes from within, beyond what your mind can comprehend.


🧘 Wednesday, September 13th: Deep Reflection

Virgo Moon Opposing Saturn Retrograde

Moon Conjuncting Mercury

Today, you're encouraged to shed tendencies of self-sacrifice and poor boundaries. It's a day to release the burden of incessant thoughts and to embrace the fullness of possibilities that lie in the depths of your being. Remember, it's a day to rest and receive, allowing the learnings to settle in.


🌑 Thursday, September 14th: New Beginnings

Moon Trine Retrograde Jupiter

New Moon in Virgo

Today marks the beginning of a new cycle, urging you to acknowledge the diversions that have come your way and learn from them. It's a day to be honest with where your heart is truly aligned. Remember, it's a day to embrace the diversions as learning experiences, not problems.


🌞 Friday, September 15th: Path of Humility

Sun with Denebola

Mercury Direct in Virgo

Today, you're guided to be humble and take responsibility for your choices, forming the foundation of your life. It's a day to forgive yourself for the harsh judgments you've placed on yourself and to discover the true path illuminated by the sun.


🤔 Saturday, September 16th: Self-Reflection

Libra Moon Conjuncting Mars

Moon Sextiling Venus and Juno

Today, question whether you are your own ally or enemy. It's a day to understand your tendencies of seeing life in black and white. Remember, it's a day to bring consciousness to how you treat yourself and others.


🌪️ Sunday, September 17th: Facing Challenges

Black Moon Lilith with Uranus

Libra Moon Opposing Chiron

Today might be challenging with negativity creeping into your thoughts. It's a day to trust yourself even when you can't see clearly. Remember, it's a day to come back to the basic truth of being alive and breathing, embracing the present moment with gratitude.


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