Astrology This Week: Uranus Opposing the Sun-Pluto Midpoint – A Sensitive Day

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Uranus Opposite the Sun Pluto Midpoint

Astrologers Jamie Mage and Clarissa Dolphin talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌔 How the week’s astrological events create a blend of extreme energies, advocating for oneself, and the importance of listening and processing feedback.

🌕 Why Jupiter Stationing Retrograde is a “doozy” that brings about active thinking and expanding analysis, feeling very karmic.

🌖 The significance of various aspects like Mercury Retrograde Trine Jupiter, Sun Trine Jupiter, and Uranus opposing the Sun-Pluto Midpoint, each contributing to a week described as “very spiritual, carnal, and visionary.”

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Clarissa: [00:00:00] We’ve got Uranus opposing sun Pluto via transit, the sun Pluto min point. So imagine what sun Uranus Pluto feels like as an energy force. right? So surprises it’s and once again, there Ingenuity, you know, there’s like a zap boom effect.

I want to caution anybody empathic or, or psychics or anyone with preternatural powers today. It’s very sensitive like it’s very clear audience. It’s very like you’re picking up on everybody’s, energy clairvoyance. It’s like you’re moving through a swift moving vortex. So, it’s hard to keep up. Listen to music. Do, you know, dance. Shake it out. You know, do vibratory sound bowls. Like, whatever. Uh, clean up your house even. Whatever. Get the stimulation out. On this day and you’ll be okay.[00:01:00]


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Jamie: Hi there. Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so grateful that you have joined this weekly worldwide astrological conversation. If you’re new here, welcome in, please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell to stay updated on all of the new content releases that we have each week.

Also to support this podcast, please be sure to rate and review where you are listening today. Of course, we adore those five star reviews. Already there. Thank you so much. Now, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie McGee. I’m an author and astrologer and one of the hosts here on the astrology hub podcast platform.

Before we get started today, I wanted to mention that astrology hubs, health, wealth, and fulfillment workshop series kicks off [00:02:00] tomorrow. Now, this workshop is taught by Judith Hill, Michael Bryant. And Georgia staff is across three weeks and Judith starts tomorrow. You can learn more about this and sign up at

Jamie: astrology hub.

com forward slash workshop. That link is also below this broadcast. All right. Now today we’ll be exploring the astrological influences for the weeks of September 4th through 10th with Harmonic Astrologer and Astrology Hub favorite Clarissa Dauphin, who is also featured on our Astrologer Connect platform.

One of the favorites there. Now if you do not know Clarissa yet, Clarissa is a certified astrologer, shamanic healer, tarot diviner, Reiki master, writer, and the president of ISAR. It is so great, or ISAR, I always get that backwards, I’m, how is the correct way to say

Clarissa: it? It’s ISAR, but I say ISAR too all the time.

Jamie: Sometimes I’m like, I thought you, sir, where’s the Southern accent. I love it. All right. Well, I’m so excited to be here with you today. I love how we’ve been, we’ve been able to actually connect on a couple other [00:03:00] podcasts and your energy is so vibrant. Your perspective on astrology is absolutely magical and it’s a gift to have you back.

Thank you so much for being here.

Clarissa: I thank you for the honor and gift to Jamie. I’m a big fan of yours as well. And I’m so excited to co collab with the weekly weather with

Jamie: you this week. Oh, it’s going to be great.

Theme of the Week

Jamie: Now, like when you look at this week, if you could like give it one theme or a word or a phrase, what comes to mind right when it, when you first look at what’s happening.

Clarissa: I’m gonna, I’m gonna try to, uh, put it in three words. Okay. Spiritual, carnal, and visionary.

Jamie: wow. Carnal? Is that right? You said carnal? Carnal. Yep. Okay. I like it. Now, what transits would you say are inspiring those three words?

Clarissa: I would say that… It’s [00:04:00] actually the harmonics behind the transits that are actually more inspiring, these three words, and there’s actually more, that’s just like a little, that’s like a little smidgen of like the totality, I think another two words is like polarized experience, like this week is gonna be a trip y’all.

Jamie: I love it. Okay.

Top Transits of the Week

Jamie: Do you want to talk a little bit about some of the harmonics that you’re seeing or do you want to just kind of go into the week and just kind of move through each of the days? Like what would you want to give like an overall, this is what we’re stepping into right now.

Clarissa: Sure. I think, you know, I’d like to start out by that, by just going over the quote, normal transit to transit aspects that we have going on this week.

So we only have three. Uh, we’ve got Jupiter states, well, four, but this isn’t really an aspect, right? So Jupiter stations retrograde. Uh on Monday. So that’s going to be a doozy of its own. Also, on Monday we’ve got,[00:05:00] mercury retrograde trying Jupiter. So the same day that, uh, Jupiter stations, we’ve got this really huge aspect and I’ll get into the harmonics, uh, of it later on Wednesday.

We’ve got sun conjunct, mercury retrograde. And then on Friday, the 8th, we’ve got sun trine Jupiter, which is now retrograde. So really like the power players of the week, uh, from transit to transit, what we see in the sky is going to be sun, mercury, Jupiter, but there are other planetary pairs and influences in the backgrounds that are influencing everything in the harmonics that bring different tonalities.

Jamie: It’s always so multivalent and layers after layers to kind of get that certain flavor and, and the big guy, Jupiter, he’s just going to make us look back. He’s going to say, I’m going back. And as I do, here’s your to do list. I love that. Okay. That’s perfect.

My guess is [00:06:00] if I were to look at a vision board that you’ve made, I’d see pictures of vibrant, healthy looking people and some indication of wealth. No, I’m not talking about the cliched red Corvette or private jet, but probably something a little more custom tailored for you. Maybe a smiling woman playing with her children in a backyard garden.

Someone probably nestled in the nook of their custom designed library with all their favorite books on the shelves. Or maybe you’d show a strong, flexible person doing yoga on a gorgeous beach. You see, we’re all here having this human experience and we’d love for it to be as fulfilling as possible. But if the path was clear and living it was easy, we’d all be doing it.

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com slash workshop. So here’s to living your vision of health, wealth, and fulfillment. I really hope to see you there.

Jamie: All right. So it.

Day to Day Breakdown

Jamie: And a lot of this is happening today on Monday, right?

Clarissa: lot of it is happening on Monday. And so I want to talk about this. So let’s talk about the Jupiter stationing retrograde and the Mercury trine Jupiter, um, on Monday. So the 29th harmonic, the 23rd harmonic and the 13th harmonic. Are the energies behind the Mercury, Triton, Jupiter, so there’s going to be lots of this week in terms of polarized experience.

I wrote in my notes. I’m just going to read it to you because it’s it’s, um, important. It’s a lot of active thinking, expanding analysis, [00:08:00] outwitting like a funky bag of tricks. And so it starts out like this on Monday, so there’s going to be lots of random element. Moving pieces. Um, and the 29th harmonic is interesting on Monday because the 29th harmonic it’s function energetically is to improve better everything by adopting perspectives outside of what you were raised with outside of your, your typical normal, normal and comfort zone.

So there’s the 23 and the 13 are adding probability randomness. So it’s like finding the one thing among a million options. So that’s why I’m saying like, we’re, we’re starting out the week with, you know, a lot of crazy. And then the, the, the, also in the background on Monday, we’ve got the 13th harmonic happening and we’ve got the sun opposing the midpoint.

of Pluto and Lunar [00:09:00] North Node. So, there’s a lot of power dynamics as well. And one thing that I want to say about this week that is a huge theme, it feels very karmic. So, getting out what you give, getting yours. And this is going for everybody, for you, everybody else. If you’ve been outputting something for a while, watch it.

Come back right quick this week.

Jamie: Yeah. I like that. Like, it’s like everybody gets what they deserve, whether you call it positive or negative, you’re going to get what you deserve. It’s okay. And I like how it’s a great, like lesson, um, a great lesson energy. Cause I think the biggest thing about karma that I found personally is we don’t usually recognize it when it comes back to us.

Cause it comes back from a different tone. So this would be a good week to kind of notice what is. Surfacing in your life and kind of reflect on how it got there, like where the thread is, you know, what was the seed of it

Clarissa: absolutely. And you [00:10:00] gave me full body chills with that, Jamie, because that is like, kind of like the one, the biggest resonant themes of this week, which kind of brings us into Tuesday.

There’s not an aspect going on there, um, in the sky, but there’s a whole lot of harmonics. So we’ve got the 11th harmonic, the ninth harmonic active, the 13th harmonic as well. And we’ve also got Mercury opposing, in the sky, transit to transit, we’ve got Mercury opposing the midpoint of Saturn Neptune.

So here comes the, the spirituality theme with Saturn Neptune. Saturn Neptune is everywhere. across the harmonics this week, and Saturn Neptune is one of the spiritual planetary pairs. There’s five. Uh, they all have different functions. Saturn Neptune is more ritualistic. It’s more of sacrifice now. For the afterlife.

So it’s like I’m going to pray [00:11:00] now I’m going to do my altar. I’m going to meditate. I’m going to cast this now going to sacrifice something now for the betterment in the afterlife. So when we’ve got mercury opposing this midpoint with all these planets as like an energetic force, we’re going to be really doing like deep, profound thinking.

What is this all for? So, you know, why? Why is this happening? What is my lifestyle about? What am I devoting myself to? Um, I also wrote about Tuesday, even though it’s Mercury Retrograde and all the Mercury Retrograde applies Um, don’t sign anything all that kind of stuff, right? But if you have sometimes you got to live your life, right start to make deals on Tuesday This is there’s a lot of talking going on lots of pitches Um, this is a week to advocate and this is the day that you get to start advocating It’s one of my favorite days of the week [00:12:00] personally Um, because you get so inspirational, there’s the vision, the why, you’re inspired by, you know, past, present, future, and you’re also really present to your earlier point, Jamie, what it took to get here.

And what it it’ll take to move

Jamie: forward. I love it. That’s so rich. And I’ve been doing like a lot of reading lately. And, I guess like, you know, every time you start to feed that intellectual mercury thing, like you see certain memes and such, but I’ve really noticed, uh, tapped in this concept of. Delayed gratification, because we live in a, in a society where it’s instant, like we want to do everything instantly, but it was talking about like, I think it was a fitness comment or article, but it was talking about when you saw someone come in, that was completely fit and organized and really, you know, together that that was a person that understood delayed gratification.

They understood the little bit, little things every day, very Virgo. Mercury, those little tiny things, the attention is in [00:13:00] the details lead to a gratification that’s delayed. And I know I’m probably dating myself, but I’m from a generation where everything was delayed gratification. Cause you had to like, wait to see your friends, wait to do everything.

And that’s such an interesting energy. Cause Mercury asks you to slow down and he’s asking you to look at the details. And then we have all these midpoints that are digging up these undercurrents that, because we’re so forward focused, we’re not digging them up and. That’s usually, I think when we get a little bit overwhelmed, because when we don’t face it, we get the tsunami of energy that kind of overwhelms us.

So I love the kind of wake up call that we’re getting now, you know, cause that’s going to be healthy to work through now as we get ever closer to the eclipse season next month, you know, so it’s really, it’s these little moments. Definitely. They’re very

Clarissa: powerful. Wow, Jamie, you keep giving me body chills, like I’m probably start convulsing from like complete joy from everything that you’re saying, because when I was preparing the analysis, I was thinking along similar lines to [00:14:00] you, like this week, in a lot of ways you’re talking about eclipse season, of course, it could be a precursor to that, but I think it’s also a precursor to when we have direct energies from mid September, and when we’ve got a transit sun, opposing Neptune and transit sun trying Pluto, too.

And that’s going to be on September 19th and September 20th. So what we’re doing this is a very, like, integrative foundational week where we are, um, yes, the late gratification. We’re starting to see all this elements, all these elements come together. Um, and all these kind of Points of power points of, of, of, of, you know, vision, what are you really going to do?

Why? Like the real core of it.

Jamie: Yeah, absolutely. And then also understanding like those little seeds that you’ve planted all this time are starting to, to, to sprout. And that’s, and when you do that, you’re like, wow, if [00:15:00] I just keep cultivating that. That’s going to grow. If I, well, I’ve been cultivating that and I should not do that anymore because that’s, that’s not making me have full body chills.

I don’t want, I don’t want to cultivate that. So it’s a really good awareness. I love how you, how you really brought up those nuances of all of it together. So how, how would this roll into Wednesday?

Cause now we’ve, we’ve talked about Monday and Tuesday. So we’re looking at midweek right now. What can we expect around that time? Um,

Clarissa: Yeah, so Miss uh, we midweek Wednesday. We’ve got the sun conjunct Me Mercury retrograde, and the harmonics behind that aspect when it perfects is 1532, uh, and, and 2 45. So 15th Harmonic whenever we’ve got five.

Um, it is about creative actualization, creative thinking. There’s a playfulness to five, there’s an inventiveness to five. So we’re going to have to think creatively on our feet today. Saturn Neptune is in it too. All these harmonics, by the [00:16:00] way, again, so death, sacrifice, meaning, what does this all mean that the spiritual core is like about what it’s all for is there and.

Saturn Neptune is interesting and this is the polarity of experience this week because this week is active. I get that it’s retrograde. I get that we have Jupiter and Mercury and all this stuff retrograde. Um, but at the same time, It’s it’s, um, it’s like it’s it’s imagine yourself in the eye of a hurricane and the stillness of being in the higher, but you’re still in a hurricane.

You can see everything flying around. That’s what today is about. And that’s what kind of like the general week is as well. So come to clarity or inquiry about greater mysteries on Wednesday. Um, And getting to the root of foundational problems, this is a great day for, for actual educators, [00:17:00] scientists, monks, um, anyone in devotional service.

Um, and then, but also getting to the core and the root structure of substantial projects and long term projects and objectives. A lot of, a lot of Comedy is going to happen to like give yourself the ability to laugh today because it’s going to be somewhat like living in a circus or if you’re from my era and live in color or something.

Like this is like sketch comedy. It’s crazy. I’m from your era. I love it.

Jamie: Like that. I kind of find, I seem to get a lot done during retrogrades and I don’t, I know they get a bad rap. I know just stop. Don’t do anything, but there is no energy in the sky that tells you to sit there and be paralyzed. There’s always an energy asking you to do something. And those reviews are like, okay, let’s dig in.

Let’s see how we can make this improve. So we run smoother and, um, Because of that. And maybe it could, it could be because [00:18:00] of all my, my Virgo placements that I always feel busier in retrograde. Like, I feel like, okay, I like, I have, I have some outer planets in Virgo and I have a moon in Gemini, but I always feel busier.

Like, okay, I gotta get it all done. I gotta get organized. And it’s like, you get the nooks and the crannies. So yeah, it’s definitely not, not, not stopping weight week. It’s a, let’s do our homework. Like, wait, let’s, let’s study up for everything that’s coming forward. I like how you put that. I can tell that you’re a writer.

You’d have such a way with words. I love every, I would keep writing down all these little phrases. You’re amazing. All right. So how, how are we, you flow into Thursday now?

Clarissa: So Thursday is really deep. In terms of a connection with divinity a connection with the other a connection with what’s beyond now So it’s gonna be a great day for receiving divine messages Um, and this is the karma day.

This is the day where you really see Uh get getting mine getting yours getting all that stuff that you’ve been. Um [00:19:00] producing It’s an interesting day because once again, the polarities we’ve got Mars conjunct Pluto and the 13th harmonic of nonconformity. I want to break down just really quickly like other themes with the harmonics going on this week, equality, legal and social justice.

The weather, the climate, the earth, and nature. That’s gonna be in the background from these harmonics. Commodities, the everyday. And this is, this is personal and mundane, and the world. It hits, it hits all of that. Criminality. Off the wall, bizarre, strange lifestyles. The elite and the marginalized. We’re gonna be all wading through this together.

Like, kind of the whole week with the, the, the way. Um, that the harmonics are going, but yeah, Thursday is like total karmic reprisal, getting yours. And that’s generally the, the theme of [00:20:00] the day. Friday is interesting because it, it brings us back to, um, organization. So we have Saturn Neptune as a theme in the harmonics and that’s the kind of like spiritual, what are we doing this for?

Um, what am I producing for the afterlife or et cetera. And we also have Jupiter, Saturn everywhere. And, you know, you don’t have to be a harmonic astrologer to feel what these mean. I already know Jamie already feels it, all this. Jupiter, Saturn’s about structure. It’s about the bare bones, the sustainable bones of what, you know, if you’re building anything, it’s like the foundation of the house.

If that’s not like a core concrete thing, the house is gonna fall down. So, anyway, we’ve got Jupiter, Saturn, um, on Friday. With a 19th harmonic, whenever I see 1931 5 combinations, typically people in tech, human resources, people who are inventing and dealing with problems [00:21:00] that aren’t, that don’t have easy answers, like gray area problems, are highlighted.

So organizations. Big projects, management, uh, hr leading together, leading big things with all these moving pieces. Um, lots of options. It’s like there’s a lot of restructuring. There’s a lot of going to, like the core base of everything. You know, what is sustainable food, you know, think, how are we gonna eat how, and like, literally and figuratively, like, how are we going to make this sustainably?

Um, good for us. Restructuring resources for maximum sustainable benefit. , the feeling of this week is mixed. Sometimes it’s really hype with rapid insights. Then the next second, like literal second, it lulls. Like, you’ve been dreaming in, uh, some nabu some, uh, nambulistic state of meditation or journeying in the ether [00:22:00] for like a hundred years.

So we’re going like crazy, boom, boom, boom, and to monk. Like I’m in, you know, Tibet and I’ve been meditating for, for 37 years. It feels like that. So anyway, so Friday encapsulates that a lot.

Jamie: Oh, wow. So just kind of like the universe is just really loud. It’s like when you, when you ground into the moment, like you’ll hear, you’ll hear messages in the ordinary and the extraordinary all around you, you’ll see a dragon, uh, a dragon fly or a butterfly and be like, wow, what does that mean?

And you’ll go down a spiritual journey and all of a sudden something will click and you’re like. I hear the message and it just reprograms. Yeah. I love it. I love how you put it all together perfectly. I can see that. And I think I’ve, I’ve experienced that enough as a creative person, as a writer to know when something just kind of stops you.

And it’s almost like it nails you to the planet and makes you pay attention. And once it does, you’re like, Oh, okay. Like I was, I was, it’s time to wake up. It’s time to.

It’s [00:23:00] like the little things leading to the, to the purpose. Yeah, man, that’s, that’s rich. Like I’m, I’m really excited to see what unfolds. On a personal level, as we move through this weekend. Closer to the weekend, rather Thursday and Friday. And I love the karma day. Like this is the karma day. This is the day where you.

Kind of really dig deep. Like that speaks to, um, All of my favorite things to do, like, I like to kind of dig in and see, you know, what’s underneath there. How can we, how can we improve it? And, um, yeah. Inspire vitality. So how’s the weekend feeling? Cause this is a really rich end to the week. So what do we do when we kind of get into Saturday and Sunday

Clarissa: Yeah, so the weekend is where the carnal part comes out. Um, we’ve got Venus Pluto aspecting in the 13th harmonic with Mars. So a Venus Mars combination is very tactile, so it’s very physical. It’s like the body, what is, you know, in the flesh that we can touch and feel. And [00:24:00] with Pluto, like a Venus Pluto.

It’s totally impulsive. It’s totally compulsive. So that’s like the car the carnal part, you know, it’s like If you’re addicted to ice cream Like do not buy kinds of ice cream because you will eat them all like this this weekend So yeah, so food sex love learning talking. There’s a lot very romantic weekend.

So lots of love talk um, it’s it’s Um, again, this polarity of energy, like literally every day. We’ve also got a sun Saturn in the same harmonic, the 13th harmonic on Saturday. So it’s like, it’s this carnal, you know, Oh my God, put it in my mouth. Like I want to eat everything. And then also, you know, very structured, sudden Saturn law, the authority, that energy, like, what am I doing this?

for, you know, what is the ultimate hot higher law for this? So also, you know, this is [00:25:00] Saturday’s amazing day for setting boundaries, actually, because you have that carnality that like impulse what I actually want and desire to, to, you know, In the flesh in the 3D world, but it’s also like but I don’t want that sun Saturn But this is not going to enter my world anymore.

So it’s deep. It’s there’s also deep It’s like deep romance deep passion and grounding at the same time And little compromise whenever the 13th harmonic is active. There’s not compromise It creates its own rules. So we’re, we’re all waiting through that. And finally on Sunday, Sunday’s crazy. And the best possible way, um, it’s a very 11th harmonic active.

We’ve got Uranus opposing sun Pluto via transit, the sun Pluto min point. So imagine what sun [00:26:00] Uranus Pluto mint, um, feels like as an energy force. right? We’ve also got ven Uranus is that’s music da healing, it’s rippling en harmonic. So surprises, Su rescue efforts even it’s Um, and once again, there Ingenuity, you know, there’s like a zap boom effect.

I mean, it’s almost like superheroes flying through the sky. I want to caution anybody empathic or, or psychics or anyone with preternatural powers today. It’s very sensitive on Sunday. Like it’s very clear audience. It’s very like you’re picking up on everybody’s, um, uh, energy clairvoyance. All that kind of stuff.

It’s like you’re moving through a swift moving vortex. So, it’s [00:27:00] hard to keep up. Listen to music. Do, you know, dance. Shake it out. You know, do vibratory sound bowls. Like, whatever. Uh, clean up your house even. Whatever. Get the stimulation out. On this day and you’ll be okay.

Jamie: Kind of

like, you know, how we always have retrogrades and the Mercury is, I mean, they all kind of do it, but they bring up the ghost.

So I just had this, like, as you were talking, like this whole, like storyline come up where that X that you shouldn’t call, but you want to call, then you go look at the, the scrolling thing. And you’re like, should I pick up that? Or should I not pick it up? Or should I go there? And then like bringing in those boundaries and like recognizing, okay, I’m not going to do that.

Because if I do that, it leads here and I’ve grown. I’ve gone this far. And for those of us who happen to like, maybe fall off the wagon, fall off the diet, call the guy, call the girl, do the thing that we shouldn’t do. Then we have that rescue effort that kind of comes in on Saturday, that, that support system that we put in place with our friends, or even that reality check that wakes up.

It’s like, no, no, no. And we put in those boundaries. So it is a [00:28:00] very, um,

instinctual energies. those

habits it’s just really hard to overcome. Whatever you can do to support yourself going into that. Yeah. It’s always good to know that that’s coming. Cause then you’re like, no, I’m not going to check his wall.

I’m not going to check to see if they’ve they’ve how, how long it’s taked for them to snap me back or whatever it is. You know what I mean? Just no, I’m going to stay in my lane. And, um, yeah, or, or find a way, but it’s also at the same time, good to exercise your ghost. So if you have to write a letter to your past version, like I’m so happy that you you’ve come over this and being so connected with that.

It’s such a rich week, Clarissa. It’s like amazing. All the stuff that you have brought up to the surface for us to work with.

Clarissa: Thank you, Jamie. And yeah, and I love exercise your ghost. That’s exactly I think the perfect encapsulation of the energy. It’s exercising us like we are in the exorcist this week.

Um, I also want to share just other kind of big this is also big [00:29:00] money. Big success like it’s very sick. It’s sun pluto a lot of these aspects. So it’s Pushy power willpower, you know, these things are really um, And how that aligns with spiritual resonance It’s, it’s really deep week, like, with, with all of the exercising of demons, ghosts, and everything, like, we really find ourselves on our paths this

Jamie: Oh, wow. How, what can we ask for? That’s amazing. And to find ourselves on that path, sometimes we have to go deep and do the work to get there. And that, that’s the thing. That’s delayed gratification to get to there. You’re going to have to go through this valley, but you’re gonna be fine. So you have everything you need and That’s powerful. So to sum up this, is there anything you want to say like in conclusion now that we’ve kind of gone through everything? Is there any kind of anything else you’d like to add about what to work with or to be on the lookout for?[00:30:00]

Clarissa: I think we hit all the main points.

I think just allowing yourself to have space to move through extreme polarities of energy that, you know, what you were talking about with the butterfly and the dragonflies. That’s probably going to be happening in moments of, of, uh, severe pouts of physical labor where you’re sweating, where it’s like, dang, we’re trying to meet this deadline.

You know, that kind of situation is actually normal this week. And also just, it’s okay to advocate for yourself and for others. Like, don’t be quiet this week. Like you can kind of be vociferous and what really matters to you spiritually, culturally, whatever, like it’s okay. Let it out.

Jamie: Oh, I like that. I love that.

And a good, like to follow up on that when you. Stand up for someone you send it [00:31:00] for yourself. Also be prepared to listen to what comes back. Cause sometimes we say something, we drop the mic and we walk away, but in order for you to have a healthy, um, resolution to what you’re working on, listening to what comes back and then, and not to get into back and forth tennis match, but process replay.

Okay. Well, that’s your perspective and move forward. Yeah, that’s. I love it. I love it.


Jamie: So this week we have so much, uh, God, I don’t even know how I could ever begin to summarize all the juiciness in this week, but it’s very spiritual, carnal and visionary. And I think that really summed it up your, the way that you said , how this week would unfold.

And I love how you said polarized experiences, because that’s what it sounds like the highs and the lows and paying attention to where you are grounding in the moment. And a lot of, you know, energy kind of, it seems to like flow in really heavy today on Monday, a little bit of processing, then we’re going to go spiritual.

And then we’re going to get a little bit tested as we walk into the weekend, but we’ll be able to have all that structure and that system and those boundaries to call back on as we exit the [00:32:00] week and get ready to step into another one. Does that sound about right for everything we got?


Clarissa: Perfect. Jamie, you’re amazing.


Jamie: you make it easy. You’re you’re, you are definitely a wordsmith. I love how you articulate everything that you’ve said and your high energy and your high vibration. It is just always such a pleasure to be in conversation with you. I, it’s just absolutely amazing. And I know that the audience feels the same way. So much, so many insights, especially when you get into those harmonics and those layers and say. Well, you know, on the surface, it looks like I should be doing okay, but the harmonics are saying you also have this level and this level to kind of dig in. And now’s a good time to get that, bring it up and work with it.


Clarissa: Absolutely. Thank you for giving me like nothing but body chills, Jamie. It’s such an honor to work with you and thank you everyone for listening. Appreciate you all.

Jamie: Oh, it’s awesome. I love having you here and I look [00:33:00] forward to having you back on the weekly weather. I’m sure everyone does or any other aspect of the podcast that we have here at astrology hub.

Now, before we leave today, I just want to remind you guys again that the astrology hubs, health, wealth, and fulfillment workshop series. It’s starting to kick off. Now this is across three weeks, three teachers, Judith Hill, Michael Bryant, and Georgia status. Judith Hills class kicks off tomorrow. And I personally cannot wait for that. Now you can learn more by going to

Jamie: astrology hub. com forward slash workshop. Now, again, if you are absolutely in love with Carissa, like I am, and you want to work one to one with her and really dig into your chart, especially the harmonics or anything else you want to really kind of. Capitalize on with Clarissa’s brilliance and her words. You can find her at

Jamie: astrologyhub. com, ClarissaConnect. And I promise you, you will love every second of it. Very insightful, very amazing astrologer to work with. Again, you can find her at astrologyhub. com forward slash ClarissaConnect. All right. I want to thank all of you for tuning in to this episode and for being a part of this community.

[00:34:00] And as always astrology a part of your life, we’ll catch you on the next episode.

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