Hold the Vision. Do the Work.


“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes time. Vision with action can change the world”. – Joel Barker


It’s almost Independence Day here in the U.S. and this week’s astrological weather is very conducive to one particular aspect of Independence…


The freedom to decide that there is something you’re here to do, be or express…

And taking the initiative to actually DO it. 


On the Weekly Weather, Astrologer Elodie St-Onge-Aubut put it like this: “If we want new things, we have to initiate them ourselves.”

She said that the astrology this week is mainly focused on… 

  1. Taking responsibility for our dreams.
  2. Not expecting existing structures to be there and creating the structure for our visions ourselves.
  3. Having faith in the process because you’re not sure what shape the vision is taking YET.


She equated the process to a jigsaw puzzle and said it’s a bit like, “Having all of the puzzle pieces but not having the box with the picture on it. So you have the pieces but you’re not quite sure what the outcome will be as you’re putting things together!”


When I left my life in New York for a new start in Hawaii 12 years ago, I had a vague vision I was moving toward… I knew I wanted to make a positive impact and that I wanted more purpose, passion and fulfillment in my life… but I had no idea what “shape” it would take or how I would get there. 


At first, I thought if I just held the vision, somehow everything would be “magnetized” toward me. I wanted to see if being mainly “yin,” receptive and magnetic would be enough to make something happen. 


After several years of struggle, I realized I had to take more initiative. I had to balance my yin approach with more yang and take more focused action, be more committed and disciplined in my approach, and create more structure for my creative expression.


At the end of a recent summit I was interviewed for, the ReIgnite Global Summit, Kendra Dansereau asked me what I would say if I could only say one thing to any Spiritual Entrepreneur who is just starting out, people who have a big vision but aren’t sure how or where to start. 


I closed my eyes for a moment and I had a serious “Saturn in Pisces” moment… “Hold the Vision. Do the Work.” 


In my experience, this is what it takes. And according to the astrology of the week, this is where we’re most supported. 


If you want to get some serious inspiration in this endeavor, I highly encourage you to check out Kendra’s FREE online summit for aspiring or existing “Spiritual Entrepreneurs” by clicking here. 


It’s a 2 day summit featuring 13 experts who will help you get practical tools and guidance for taking your vision and making it real. I’m honored to be her featured speaker for the event’s Closing Ceremony and I’ll be sharing many stories I haven’t shared anywhere else about the things I’ve learned in my journey of building Astrology Hub. It’s a juicy one!


In the meantime, I hope you seize your sovereign spirit to initiate some action toward your vision this week…


And I’m celebrating YOU and cherishing the fact that you’ve used your freedom to choose to be here, in our community. THANK YOU!


Sending my best,



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Here’s your week-ahead horoscope for all signs:


🌝 Monday, July 3rd: Full Moon Feels.

The Full Moon in Capricorn squares Chiron, creating tension around desired new beginnings and the challenge of getting there responsibly and sustainably.


📒 Tuesday, July 4th: Take note.

Integrate the lessons of yesterday’s Full Moon by taking note of the old structures that don’t seem to be working anymore. Remember that your visions will take time to manifest; not everything needs to be in place tonight.


👀 Wednesday, July 5th: Look back to move forward.

In Aquarius, the Moon squares Jupiter and opposes Mars and Venus. You may have the sense that all the pieces are here, but you’re not sure how they fit together. That’s okay! There’s plenty of time. Go back to where you started – more will be revealed on the second pass.


​​💬 Thursday, July 6th: Mind your manners.

Today’s relatively quiet, astrologically, but a tense square between Mercury and Chiron creates the opportunity for healing communication to take place, as long as you’re conscious of sharing your feelings with the intent to heal, not hurt.


🌊 Friday, July 7th: A wave of nostalgia.

When the Moon enters Pisces today, the vibe becomes softer and more emotional, and you may find yourself in a reflective mood. Resolving the past is a necessary part of moving forward into the future, so give yourself the space to do that today.


🎨 Saturday, July 8th: Step outside.

The Pisces Moon squares the Cancer Sun today, creating perfect conditions for stepping out of the mundane into a world of fantasy. Go to a museum, see a show or movie, or spend some time with your favorite creative practice. Inspiration is afoot!


🔥 Sunday, July 9th: Aries Fire!

Late last night, the Moon shifted into Aries, so today you’ll likely feel a bit more energized, even restless. Go for a walk or run to get that energy out, or plan a social activity to blow off steam! 


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