Decoding the ‘Finger of God’ in Astrology w/ Astrologer Christopher Renstrom

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The Yod in Astrology: Blessing or Curse?

This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of July 3rd to July 9th, 2023, with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This episode takes us on a cosmic journey, navigating the mysterious ‘Finger of God’ aspect in astrology. It’s a celestial enigma, a dance of the planets that can lead us towards our destiny or challenge us in unexpected ways. With Renstrom’s insightful commentary, we delve into this intriguing aspect, exploring its dual nature and its influence on our lives. Join us as we traverse the starlit path, uncovering the secrets of the cosmos and perhaps, learning a little more about ourselves along the way.

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[00:00:00] It’s often referred to as the finger of God in astrology, but is it pointing the way or flipping you off? Next on horoscope highlights,

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Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom, and this week I would like to talk to you about the double Quin hunks taking place between Mars and Neptune on July 6th and Mars. And Pluto on July 8th. A double Quin hunks, for those of you who may not know, is often referred to as a. So let me go ahead and break this down for you personally.

It took me a really long time to wrap my head [00:01:00] around what a yard was. I was told when I was first taking astrology classes that a yard, referred to the finger of God, the, the hand of God, that it was pointing the way ahead in your life, that it was supposed to be this very faded, planetary aspect.

The more that I worked with it with my clients and with myself, both in charts and by transit, the more I discovered I. There wasn’t anything slightly predictable about the way that a yacht was going to work, that oftentimes it worked contrary to someone’s way of seeing how something was going to work out or, or what their hopes or aspirations were, or even what their fears and anxieties were telling them.

So there was this kind of like wild, unpredictable quality to the yard. And because it was, packaged as being this fate, I couldn’t help but think of the fickle finger of fate from [00:02:00] laughing. Um, there was a part of me, yeah, skeptical, cynical, capricornian, part of me that simply. Put it on the shelf. Um, I’m grateful that I don’t automatically dismiss things.

I have a wonderful ability, I think for myself, given how intolerant a heavy Saturn and a very strong Capricorn can be. So I am rather sort of applauding this about myself. I do have a wonderful ability that if I don’t understand how something works, I will go and put it on the shelf and get back to it later.

Now being Saturn ruled as I am, uh, sometimes later, can be 20 minutes, sometimes later, can be the next day. And sometimes, like in the case of the yard later can be 20 years. But anyway, so here I am to talk to you about the transiting yard that is taking place. A ya, as I mentioned before, is a double Queen Ks.

Let me break down the Queen Ks for you a little bit here. [00:03:00] The Queen Ks was a planetary aspect that, if I recollect correctly, was first identified by Paulis Alexandria. And Paulis. Alexandrina was an astrologer who was active in the second half of the century of the Christian era. So it’s like basically two ad or thereabouts.

And he wrote, ,about 40 years after Julius firm, MCIs Mackers, wrote his metathesis. So he’s, he’s after Ptolemy and, uh, definitely before the medieval astrologers. So he introduced, or, or was, first to mention, don’t really know if anyone introduces anything. It’s all been sort of like passed down through the generations, but he was the first to mention this idea of a Quin Cox.

Now, obviously, He didn’t use the word qu ks. That came later on, and I think it means 150 or something along those lines. , the word that he used was aversion and what he was talking about [00:04:00] is when two or three planets were, in aversion to one another. Aspects in astrology aspects describe the relationships of the planets.

We have the conjunction, which is when two planets, sometimes it’s more, planets are very close to one another in the sky. And so a conjunction basically means we’re on the same page. Okay. That there’s, there’s this, agreement that’s going on with, with the planets. An opposition, which is the opposite of a conjunction, means that the two planets are as far away from each other on a 360 degree circle as can be.

And being as far as you can be on a 360 degree circle means that you are 180 degrees. If you’re counting or if you’re using a Zodiac signs, it’s six signs away from your own or six months away from you in the, the, zodiacal year, the calendar year. So an opposition basically means that, you know, if you’re born under Leo, then the planet that is [00:05:00] opposite you is Aquarius.

You’re absolute opposites, and that there is no common ground whatsoever. It infers a conflict, but it’s not a conflict like a square, which I’ll get to in just a quick sack. What it means is polarization. Okay. Uh, the more that one person says potato, the more that the other one hollers back potato, you know, with, with equal conviction.

So it goes potato, potato, potato, potato. Let’s call the whole thing off, which often happens with ions. The two planets will just march away in different opposite directions. They, they want nothing to do with one another. The next aspect is a square. And a square is of the nature of Mars. It’s combative, it fights, you know, and these are two planets that are 90 degrees away from each other on a circle.

So when they are squaring, these planets are fighting and essentially they’re fighting for the upper hand. Squares can be brutal and they [00:06:00] can be hostile. They are of the nature of Mars, uh, regardless of what planet is squaring the other. But there’s also, there can also be a kind of collaborative effect that takes place with a square.

For instance, if you’ve ever collaborated with another person or a group of people, then you know that different people can have very strong ideas. And sometimes the more dominant voice is the one that’s heard, and everyone is kind of like muttering and complaining about them after the meeting. Or sometimes someone else goes up against, or maybe you go up against and you have it out, or you debate or you, you are engaged.

You are engaged in an active struggle. There’s no calling things off and leaving. You’re engaged in an active struggle, and this is what two planets will do in an astrological chart. They’re engaged in an active struggle to have the upper hand. Then you have your more harmonious aspects like the trying, the trying is a lovely, beautiful, wonderful aspect.

It’s something that, mysteriously for recent, for [00:07:00] in recent years. Certain astrologers have begun to criticize negatively. You know, this idea of like tryings facilitate or they enable or, and you know what, given how adverse the sky can be over our heads with the planets, I’m all for the trying. Okay.

So what the trying will do is that it harmonizes, it brings the two planets together. Uranus, which can be rather cacophony, and Mars, which can be very, uh, angry. And those are fighting words when they are rine. The Rine brings out the best aspects of Uranus. It brings out the best. Aspects of Mars so that they work together for the positive benefit of the person whose chart that they happen to appear in.

So Arine will always bring out the best that the two planets have to offer, and it will bring them together for your benefit, to help out you. So tryings are good. Sex tiles, which are the last [00:08:00] of the tmeic aspects. Tmeic is adjective for Tmy and Claudia’s Tmy was the first, uh, astrologer to really sort of write these down and explain them in his tetra blos.

And I think that’s about maybe 97, uh, ad or thereabouts. He was, uh, an astrologer, probably an Egyptian who lived in Alexandria. All right, so, Sextile, the two planets aren’t completely in agreement, like a conjunction on the same page, and they’re not really into helping each other out necessarily.

But a sextile is conversational between the two planets and what they’re going to do. There’s even a kind of negotiating quality to the sextile. What they’re going to do is, I mean, if they’re benefi, it’s great. They’re on the same page, and if they’re monolix, they’re on the same page, you know, in terms of the way they see the world.

But, um, let’s say it’s, uh, Jupiter Sextiling Saturn, which I talked about recently on this show, the two planets are gonna put away their differences. Those differences will always be [00:09:00] there, but they’re going to bridge those differences and find ways to work with one another that are usually very creative and unknown, between the two of them.

So there’s a friendly quality to the two of them, and they’re there to help each other reach a mutual goal. To reach a mutual end. Twines aren’t particularly. Interested in reaching a mutual goal or end, it’s just, you know, uh, Tris can be sort of like, what do you feel like watching tonight? I don’t know.

Netflix. Netflix, that’s great. Okay, let’s watch. Okay, so Tris are like that. Um, and sex tiles are like, I. I don’t know. We’ve al you know, I, I don’t know if I’m really into Bridgeton. You’re not into Bridgeton? Mm. I don’t know if I’m really into it. Okay. Well let’s find something which is kind of like Bridgeton, but not, you know, world soccer or something like that.

Okay. Okay. So there’s a negotiation that takes place between the two planets, and those are the classical or the telomeric aspects. Hollis Aand dryness, um, came up [00:10:00] with or talked about or referenced something called an aversion, and, uh, we know it as a Queen Ks. The easiest way to determine if planets are Quin coxing one another or in aversion to one another is that you go to the opposition.

For instance, I just said Leo, uh, is opposite the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, right? So you go to the opposition and then you find the two zodiac signs that are bookend or flanking the opposition. Okay? So in this case, if Aquarius is opposite Leo, Pisces and Capricorn are flanking. Aquarius and Pisces and Capricorn both have no relationship whatsoever with Leo.

Okay, so, it’s, it’s not, Pisces and, uh, Pisces and Capricorn are not fixed signs. Okay? So if it’s a fixed, signed opposite Leo, that’s, that’s an [00:11:00] opposition. If it’s a fixed sign, the other two fixed signs, Taurus and, Scorpio, both square. Leo. Okay, so, so it’s not fixed. They’re not fixed. So we got rid of opposition and squares.

It’s not the same sign as Leo, so we got rid of conjunction. So that leaves sex tiles and tryings. Well, if we’re starting with Leo as the starting point, the Zodiac signs that are going to rine Leo are going to be the fire signs because, uh, rine means in harmony and it’s in harmony via the elements.

So the two fire signs other than Leo are Aries and um, Sagittarius, and those are not the two signs that flank or bookend Aquarius. So we throw them out and then sex tiles. Are the nearest signs to Leo that are complimentary? Okay. So, uh, Leo is known as a yang sign. Traditionally was a masculine sign cuz it’s in the element of fire.

You use elements, by [00:12:00] the way, for, sex tiles and for tryings. And so a complimentary yang energy to fire would be air. And so the two Zodiac signs, that’s sextile, they’re close to Leo. They’re not the sign next to, but rather the sign next to the sign that’s next to Sextile. Okay. Those two Zodiac signs, in regard to Leo would be Gemini and Libra.

Okay. So these are the two Zodiac signs that sextile. Leo right over here in this, in this trusty little finger that I have. All right, so, so again, Leo’s opposite the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. The two Zodiac signs that flank a Aquarius are Capricorn. That’s the sign that comes before, and Pisces, that’s the sign that comes after.

So these two signs, Capricorn and Pisces are Quin Ks. They are in aversion. To the Zodiac sign of Leo, and that’s what I’m going to talk to you about today because by transit, [00:13:00] we have Mars in Leo forming a Quin kx, two Neptune in Pisces, and then moving on to a Quik two. Pluto in Capricorn. When I say moving on to, and it might sound a little confusing because wait, doesn’t Pisces come after Aquarius and Aquarius comes after Capricorn?

What are you doing to my mind, Christopher? Okay. We’re not going there. What it is simply is that the first Quin Hus that Mars and Leo will make mars will be at 27 degrees Leo. So we’ll form a Quin Cox to Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces.

And then a little while later, Mars will move to, 29, Leo, and it will form a Quin Cox to Pluto at, 29 degrees Capricorn. Okay, so that’s how we’re kind of like breaking that down here. So Quin Cox is, what’s a Quin Cox? Okay. A Quin. And the original idea was planets in aversion to one another, found one another.

In the earlier ideas of this found one another, kind of [00:14:00] like repulsive. Okay. Um, there wasn’t a hate, but a dislike, an avoidance, so, And so it’s kind of like, let’s say, there’s a kid, you’re a kid flashback to one year three, uh, no, let’s make it like five years old, or something like that. And mom’s like, want some broccoli?

And you’re like, you know, that’s an aversion. It’s like, no broccoli. Okay. So, so, so that would be that idea. And that’s certainly there. The, the, the planets and those signs don’t make a good fit. But what I noticed and what. Came to me as a much more inviting for me just sharing it with you. This is my idea.

You know, so you can be like, Christopher, you’re like, and you can leave it on the table. Please feel free. Um, but if it’s a, a appealing, then this is what I would share. What I liked with the idea of averting one’s gaze. All right. And, and when you think about gays and, and, and it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s fascinating, uh, especially when you get into [00:15:00] aspects like, for instance, if you hold someone’s gaze, that can maybe be seen as challenging.

Okay. Or if you hold one’s gaze that can see, be seen as inviting and seductive. You know, so, so the gaze locking gazes is a big deal. And what they talked about here in the earlier, uh, versions of astrology, classical tradition of astrology was, was seen and, and not being seen when it came to the planets.

And that had some, uh, regard or, or connection to aspects with, uh, Quin hunks, the planets avert the gaze. All right, so what’s it mean when you’re, you know, talking to someone and suddenly they. Look down, what’s it mean when you’re talking to someone and suddenly they, um, look past you? What’s it mean when you’re talking to someone and suddenly they look to the side?

You know, there there’s always this kind of like, Are they bored? Are they uninterested? [00:16:00] Did I say something that they disagree with? Um, is my point not getting through? Do they know something that I don’t? Okay, so this idea of of of averting the gaze, which introduces a questioning element. This is something that I like to work with when I talk about winks, cuz it’s not hostile, it’s not.

Challenging, but it’s not in agreement and it’s not in support. Okay? There’s a questioning idea that we’re seeing with the averted gaze. All right? And sometimes when people avert their gaze, they’re like, oh, nothing. Or I was thinking of something else, or, Oh, no, no, no. I’m listening. You know, so this is really what the aspect talks about, and this is what I want to go ahead and share with you or give you an idea or some images, as you experience the moving twinks [00:17:00] of Mars to Neptune and then Mars to Pluto this week, the.

Image or the moment, the episode, perhaps the scene. Okay. The scene that I wanted to share with you is the final scene in the final episode of HBO’s Succession. All right. Now if you haven’t seen Succession and you wanna see succession, skip, cuz this is going to spoil, but you know, if you’ve heard about it, haven’t heard about it, or I don’t want to, what?

A Okay. Then, or, or like, I liked succession. Okay. You know, we’re going here. All right, so basically succession, long story short, um, and it is a long story. I think there’s like five seasons of it. Succession is essentially King Lear in the 21st century. It’s modeled after Rupert Murdoch, who is the owner of the, Fox News Empire.

And, that’s basically where the comparison [00:18:00] stops. Okay. It’s, it’s modeled after this family business. It’s a family empire that was founded and, and is owned by Logan Roy. All right. And as you can notice right off the bat, Roy refers to King.

Okay. So, so Logan Roy is the founder of this multimedia empire. Um, as I mentioned before, is based on Fox News. And so in the opening episode, Logan Roy, he’s in his, he’s, he’s celebrating his 80th birthday and he, during the birthday party where everyone’s kind of like lining up to kiss his ring or his butt, but, um, you know, giving him presents he doesn’t care about.

And, and, and he’s, he’s this gravelly, sort of cantankerous, not easy to get along with old man. He’s, he’s, he’s very Saturn, very capricornian. And in, in his. In his presentation. Very King Lear, if you’re familiar with the play. Um, so he’s kind of going through everyone showing [00:19:00] him favor, but he’s bored and irritated and kind of like annoyed on the helicopter back from a game of baseball, an impromptu game of baseball that they all play.

The board of directors are there as well as his, uh, children. Uh, Connor, who’s the first born? Kendall, who’s the second born? Uh, Roman, who’s the third born, and Shiv, who’s the only girl and she’s the youngest. On the helicopter ride back from playing, softball, to celebrate, , Logan on his 80th birthday, Logan Roy has a stroke, and, and that sets into motion Who’s going to take.

Take over this vast empire. And, the first one out, uh, off the bat, of course, is Kendall. Kendall is the, second oldest, but the first oldest in, in Logan’s, uh, second marriage. And he’s a very, brusque, um, talking, uh, expressionless, uh, son, the favorite son. Everyone sort of feels like he would be the successor because he’s kind of taken over many of the, uh, duties [00:20:00] of, of Logan.

And he’s very hard hitting, very on edge. He talks in like quick, buzz phrases, you know, sound bites. Very, very quick, choppy sound bites. And he assumes that people are, uh, following him and they nod as if they are, even if they are not. And he is very sort of cutthroat in his business practices.

And so he sort of takes over for his father for a while. And there’s upset with the two younger siblings, Roman, who’s the middle child, and Shiv who’s, who’s the only girl and the youngest. You can forget about the oldest Connor. He is not really interested in the empire and he is kind of like a flake.

So, um, Over the preceding weeks and seasons and things like this. Logan actually regains his strength and realizes that, Kendall was a little, uh, you know, out for blood a little quick to take over. And he’s going to show, he’s going to put Kendall in his place. And, and, and essentially what we have here, and it’s really quite intriguing, is this father who dominates his [00:21:00] children.

The children have, really. Been raised in the image of their father. They want to be like him, and they vie for his attention. There’s very little talk about, how difficult their childhoods were and, and, and things like that. And, and on the audience’s part, there’s not a lot of real sympathy for them because they’ve got more money than God and they’ve got more power than God.

So it’s hard to feel sympathetic for bazillionaires, you know, but what’s intriguing? Is that, and, and one of the great, uh, the show is has str, everything’s strong and wonderful about the show. It’s an excellent script. It’s an excellent cast. But what you see is that the sibling rivalry, the sibling pecking order this going at one another, but then being in one another’s corner is ongoing.

Okay? And that’s something that you don’t. Really see in the Shakespeare play, for instance, or in many, uh, stories, usually there’s a pecking order and the siblings are at one another, and that’s the whole story. But what [00:22:00] makes succession so absorbing? I. Is that these siblings go in and out of fighting with another, with one another and being in one another’s corner.

They can’t really say, I love you to each other, but you know that they love each other very deeply. And what really is portrayed in the script and the acting is really how damaged these these children are and how this father who refuses to recognize his successor, Is is in part, it’s the obvious male succession line type of thing, which is if he names a successor, then he’s irrelevant.

He’s redundant, he’s an old man, and he might as well go off and die. So he is not going to do that. And it’s that, that, that. Brings about his full recovery. And you really then see when Logan makes his full recovery from the stroke, how vicious and malicious and unfeeling he is and how he openly plays his children off of one another and he plays them off with love, you know?[00:23:00]

And praising talents and things like that. But it’s always one-on-one, never in front of anyone else. And, and again, this is a man who delights in humiliating people, and that includes and oftentimes features his children. So, uh, we flash ahead to the final season, shiv. had, uh, a fiance named Tom, who’s basically the biggest lackey and the most groveling of all characters in this entire series.

The most petty, the most groveling, the most embarrassing. Um, and he’s played to perfection and that shivs husband because she wanted someone that she could dominate. And she has one, Kendall, is estranged from his wife and kids, and Roman is the child that never grows up. Um, and there’s a lot of profanity in this language, so I won’t be quoting from, from the show at all.

But, but it’s a profanity that really gives a David Mammot type of tone and pace, uh, to the script. Although do they do a lot more, uh, profanity than David Mamut and that. [00:24:00] If you’re familiar with David Mamet is saying a lot. So, um, it’s very high speed. They’re involved in multimedia and all these sorts of things.

Anyway, the kids in the final episode try to stage a coup. Um, the father wants to sell Westar, uh, which is the name of the corporation. He wants to sell Westar to this Swede, who’s kind of like this, uh, this Swedish fellow who’s very much this kind of algorithms genius or whatever. And, um, he wants to sell it to them.

He’s not interested into succession at all. And the kids. You know, are now going to fight for the company in some sort of very misguided, uh, nostalgia or alliance to their father. Um, what’s what’s interesting is that they’re fighting to take over the company that they don’t really want, but it’s to show their father that they can Okay.

Or that they are, in the final analysis, these movers and shakers and schemers just like dad. And of course, [00:25:00] Their attempts are very clever and they’re very shrewd, but also very obvious. And Logan built this company, and Logan knows his kids. And more than that, Logan knows how to bring his kids in line, at one point.

Kendall loses favor with his father, and is basically shot down in front of a board meeting, humiliated and denied the succession. And he goes into a di downward spiral. And until this point he’d been a recovering coke addict and he goes back and he is doing drugs and doing coke, you know, just off the deep end.

And during this period of time, Shiv, uh, marries Tom, her fiance, and at this wedding, On the way to score Koch at some, uh, place in Scotland or something like this. The, uh, waiter from the, wedding, accidentally drives the car off the road and like it’s avoiding a deer that’s in the headlights. And, you know, the car goes off the road, hits a bridge and falls into a, a lake, and the waiter [00:26:00] drowns and Kendall survives.

And he comes back and Logan knows, uh, that this is what’s happened or finds out that this is what happened. And, he, you know, it’s, it’s, he, he embraces Kendall like, you know, I, this is difficult. I understand this. You must feel awful. But at the same time, he now has something to blackmail Kendall with.

Kendall will do Logan’s bidding because Logan has covered up this accidental death and seasoned later. Kendall confesses this to his two siblings and, and it’s an extraordinary moment because someone died and Kendall is full of very real remorse and guilt. And you see the siblings reaching out to Kendall and showing him love and support and you know, saying, well, it was an accident, right?

And, you know, da da da da. And so it’s, it’s this continual turning around in place, showing a face or an aspect that you were not expecting to see. Seeing, you know, people of [00:27:00] tremendous wealth and power really appear human and, and in what could be a typical conversation and in exchange of sympathy, these are thi things that keep it very intriguing.

I mean, they are talking about, you know, the death of, of another person. But you know, th this is what happens when you watch this show. It’s like, You, you’re always remembering what’s so hideous about them, but at the same time, it’s in such dramatic contrast to their humanity and to their love and support of one another.

So Shiv and, Roman become, they, they are aware of, of this death. And they tell him all sorts of comforting things and things like this, and it was an accidental death. It was by no means a murder, but it should have been reported to the police. So we now get to the final scene and they’re, they’re gonna try to take over the company from their dad.

And again, it’s kind of like fused by anger of like, screw you, dad, you know, for not passing the succession to us. And then at the same time, it’s also kind of like, see, we, [00:28:00] we are capable, we are made in your image. We could be tough and, and whatever. Just like you, you know, do you approve of me? Do you love me?

You know, th this is always an ongoing thing. And there’s a final conversation, the last conversation that Logan has with his children when they, you know, they, they have the upper position, they actually have the votes on the board of directors to, to confound their father and, and, and to, and to stop this se sale to the Swede.

When the father just looks at them with great. Exasperation, but there’s also a mix of something tender and soft at the same time. You know, you see the fatherly, uh, light in his eyes and he just looks at the three of them and he says, you are just not serious people. You know, like, like, like, you know, you’re, you’re bringing up these, you know, Lucy and Ethyl hijinks of taking over the company and you have no real interest in running it, [00:29:00] and neither of you really wants this and you’re doing this just to, stop something that I wanna do.

And you are just not serious people. And it ends up being the last thing that he says to them because it’s while he is flying to Sweden to finish the deal that he surprisingly has a heart attack and dies on the plane. No fanfare, no big deal. The father has died and suddenly succession is thrust upon these three kids, Kendall, Roman, and Shiv.

Where they have to convince the board not to sell to the swed and to give the company over to them now being, uh, the heirs. They each have a vote on the board and they quickly go and shore up these alliances and, and, um, shiv. Has actually been sort of playing the background in this. She’s resented being condescended to as not only the youngest child, but also a woman.

Um, she kind of sees herself as maybe being the c e O or whatever, and she meets with the, the Swedes [00:30:00] secretly and affects a deal where, The Swed will purchase the company, but she will be put in as, as a proxy. Okay? And, and the Swed agrees to this. And so this is Shivs way of saying, you know, C brothers who condescended to me, you know, I am pulling the final move and I’ve outwitted both of you.

So again, you, what’s amazing is that they’re dealing with billions of dollars. With all the earnestness and casualness of a kick the can game, you know, it’s like, um, it, it doesn’t matter the impact it has on lives of employees or anyone else. It’s still trying to best one another, but it’s not driven by a great hatred or hostility either because they do love one another.

And this is still a game. And this, This line that they ride in the show is really, really extraordinary. But each one of them has their weaknesses. Kendall [00:31:00] is scary, ambitious, you know, um, now that he’s, he’s, he sees the possibility of the company being given to the kids. He wants to be the one who’s actually the c e o of Westar.

And the other two kids, they’re not as experienced. They don’t know the company as well as he does. So he’s, he’s back, from having, done a, a deep six to himself with drug addiction and things like that. He’s back from that and now he’s back to the killer shark. Scary, ambitious. Kendall, you know, and Roman and Shiv immediately pick up on that, and they’re like, whoa, okay.

Return of scary, ambitious Kendall guy. Okay, Roman, um, you know, who, who, who speaks in the most cruel and hateful ways and acts with great malice and indifference to everyone. What you also see through this show is that he’s compensating for a very soft and sensitive side that is desperate. For his father’s approval.

And, and Logan is able to manipulate Roman all [00:32:00] the time. And so Roman sees himself like, well, you know, I, I could be ceo. I I could do it, you know, why should Kendall get it? You know, and then Shiv who’s been playing one off the other and things like that is just sort of like, you know, I can do it too. But, Romans, Weakness.

You know, if Kendall’s weakness is a scary ambition, Roman’s weakness is a softness, a sensitivity. He has feelings and they’re very deep, no matter how much he tries to cover them up or to, uh, you know, show this really off-putting rude side to his behavior. And it’s very rude. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s aggressively rude, but it’s not because he is a rude person.

He’s doing it. Because that’s the way you put someone in their place, and that’s the way you express and, and exhibit power. And then shivs, fatal flaw is that she cannot make a decision. She cannot follow through with a decision. She’s a political consultant. And so she helps politicians, you know, win elections and things like this and shows you, she’s very aware of rules and laws and things like this.[00:33:00]

And even though now sh here at the end of the series, she’s in the driver’s seat. She’s the one who’s going to collect all the cards and really be in the best position possible. She finds out that the swed actually wants to make her husband, you know, the lockie, the groveling Tom. The proxy person and, and cut shiv out.

And so Shiv is now siding with her brothers to take over the company and to show that Swede, you know, who’s, who’s boss. And so it comes down to a board vote, and it’s very suspenseful. And of course, the, the board is split exactly in half. And the last person to decide this, the person who who casts the deciding vote in this, of course, is shiv.

You know, the red, red-haired, beautiful, um, brilliant shiv. And of course shiv stammers, and she doesn’t know what to do. And like Kendall and Roman are like, come on, you know, uh, you know, we want to take over the company. This is it. We, we’ve got it. Shiv Shiv. And she’s like, I need a moment. I. I need a moment.

And they’re like, [00:34:00] you know, and so she leaves and, and, and, and she leaves the boardroom where they’re taking this final decisive vote, and she goes to an office by herself and everything’s got glass, so you can see that she’s pacing and whatever. And Kendall and, and Rome, of course can’t leave her alone.

They go running after her. And Kendall is pleading with her. He’s saying, Shiv, shiv, you know, come on. You know, this is, and Roman’s like, this is the way you wanted it. She’s like, But I, I, I, and they’re like, what? What is it? You know? And it’s at that moment and it’s very human. It’s a very powerful moment where it’s kind of teetering on the brink that instead of it going in, Shiv, come on, you know, pleading like, or we’ll give you your timer, whatever.

They go into their dad. Both of them, you know, and, and they get very aggressive, particularly Kendall, you know, and he’s like, you know, come on. You know, like, like, like, you know, don’t be spineless, cast the final vote. This is what you wanted to do. And that begins to put her off, of course. And she is reacting to him like she would react to her dad.

Um, [00:35:00] all three of them, the way they play. Those psychic scars from their childhood and the way it comes up is, is extraordinary. And she, she re reacts to him like, you know, and, and he’s like, You know, shiv, you, you’ve gotta vote. And she’s like, and, and she’s like, I, you know, and, and, and she turns to Kendall and she’s like, I can’t, I, I can’t vote for you.

And he’s like, why not? And she’s like, you killed a man. And he’s like, What? And she’s like, you killed a man. I mean, someone died that’s gonna come out. You know? And it’s not even like she’s offended by the crime, but she knows the pr, she’s a political consultant. She’s like, you know, she sees Ted Kennedy, you know, Chappaquidick, and she’s like, it’s gonna come out and, and it’s going to become a huge scandal that can ruin this company.

You, you can’t just write that off Kendall. And Kendall in desperation says, well, I was lying. She’s like, what? And Roman’s like, what? And he’s like, I was lying. I, I made it up. I, it was a, a thing. [00:36:00] Uh, it never happened, or whatever. And Roman’s like, what? And she was like, uh, you know, but it’s the fact that he tried to lie.

I. That stops both of them. Roman is now with Shiv, which is like, and, and, and Shiv says, you cannot run this company. You are not fit to run this company. And it’s at this moment that the actor playing Kendall, you just see that he has lost his soul. And he says to her, Shiv, Shiv, this is all I know how to do.

Shiv. You’ve got you, you’ve got to give me this. It’s, it’s all that I know. And she’s like, I can’t, I love you, but I don’t want you to do this. It’s wrong, you know? And Roman at that point is just like retreated to like middle child. I don’t exist status. And so she goes into the boardroom. And they follow after her.

And Kendall is like [00:37:00] yelling after her and she votes for the sale. The board of directors is happy. They win the day and what you see is the shattering of these three lives. Okay? But it’s not really shattering, you know, that they’re gonna go on. But Tom Shivs husband, uh, who she’s had a very rocky relationship with and still does, um, shivs, also pregnant with her child.

She just discovered that like. A few days before Tom becomes the proxy, the Swed is very, very happy. There’s all this money that’s going to be made, and what you realize is that Kendall has lost himself. Utterly, Roman will always be the boy that never grew up and shiv, you know, just couldn’t, because she couldn’t make that decision.

Turns around and, and she makes technically the right decision, but it wasn’t made out of a sense of righteousness or doing something that was right. [00:38:00] It was really brought in to really mask her inability to decide or to break away. Um, and it’s not even to benefit Tom, her husband, who is the ultimate be beneficiary Yes.

Is Shiv, but. She doesn’t like him at all, you know, and as they drive away in one of their cars, he puts his, you know, this brooding theme, music, this pounding theme. Music begins to play. He puts his hand on hers and she just, she’s, she’s, she’s, her gaze is averted. She’s looking out the window and you know, he’s holding onto her hand.

But you can see she’s not squeezing back and she’s averted her gaze. She’s looking out the window and. This to me is just such a wonderful expression of the three planets that we see forming the double Quin Ks this week. If I may you have the, what I call, I could have it. [00:39:00] I should have it.

And I have to have it. Okay. Mars is the, uh, planet that is Quin Coxing, both these planets. So it’s the pivotal planet of the double coin, Cox. It’s the pivotal, pivotal planet of the God. It’s the most important planet. Okay, that’s the, because it’s the one that’s triggering the double coin COEs, Mars is the one that’s triggering the, uh, yacht itself.

And so Mars is about, I want it. Okay. I want it. But Mars, with that, Neptune and Pisces, you know, the intermingling e energies is the, you know, because Neptune and Pisces isn’t forceful like Mars, it’s, it’s, it’s not focused like Mars. There’s, there’s always a kind of ambivalent. Quality that a Neptune contact can introduce to any planet that it comes into contact with.

And, and, and Neptune in Pisces is so much about the potential of something, you know, th this [00:40:00] could be a possibility, this could be a vision, a dream, um, a whim, a possibility. So, so with that, I really assigned to it the. I, I could have it, you know, and that’s kind of like, the, the Roman character, you know, I, I could have it.

I, I, I could see this happening. And so this is almost the intermingling of those two energies. And then the Mars and Leo is, I should have it. Okay, so Mars and Leo, wants something, but it wants something. From the point of view of an entitlement. Okay. Uh, because there’s that kingly, you know, royal, you know, flavor to the Mars and Leo.

So where Mars and Aries is like, you know, you know, I’m gonna go after this and fight for it and fight a contest or whatever, and or, or Mars and Capricorn is facing the challenge and going up again. Okay. Mars and Leo is, I should have it. In, in regards like, it’s mine. Okay. Like, I’m entitled to have this, I should [00:41:00] have it.

You know? And, and it’s, it’s interesting because the, I could have it part of this double coin cos is ambivalent. Okay? It could go either way. You know, I, I could have it if I applied myself, if I really committed to this, I, I could have it, you know, um, with the Mars and Leo is, I should have it. Remember the Quin KX is bringing out the averted gazes of all three planets.

They’re not locking eyes with one another. Okay. So, um, you know, uh, uh, I could have it, you know, I should have it like that. I I should have it, you know, I, I, I, I, this is an entitlement, Mars and Leo, you know, and then I have to have it. You know, which is the Mars and Pluto. I, I, I have to have it. You know, you’re not even looking at the other person.

It’s like, it, it’s the focus on I have to have it. Okay. And so these three energies, [00:42:00] you know, are gonna be combining this week and what you might want to ask yourself, you know, in regards to the it that you want, are you, are you feeling like I could have it, like that’s a possibility or I should have it and if you hear should have it, there isn’t really a claim to ownership, you know, I should have it.

So maybe, maybe I should direct my actions towards this because I should have it, but you’re not really behind it. Okay. And then I have to have, it has nothing to do with the it, it has everything to do with the obsession and with the focus that you feel about it. Because Pluto is the planet of obsession in astrology.

Um, it’s a lot of things, but one of the qualities of Pluto in astrology is obsession. Okay? And so you see the three planets coming together, but they’re not going to find a fit. All right. And this is the thing to understand about the double twinks. They’re not going to [00:43:00] find a fit with a square or an opposition.

They’re of the same what the Greeks called genus. The, and the genis here is relationship. You know, you can be angry or you could be opposed, but you’re in some sort of regard to relationship with one another. You’re, you’re seeing one another sex town trying. There’s support, empathy, negotiation. But with the quinco, it’s the averted.

Gaze, you know, and so there’s, there’s, there’s an averted gaze even about the object, you know? Um, I, I, I could, I, I should, um, I have to, you know, and so it’s, it’s not clicking, it’s not a natural fit. Okay? And so two things result from this. There can be the realization that forcing a fit will never fit.

Okay. Um, and that’s wh why I shared with you that last scene of succession where shiv. [00:44:00] Changes her stance. They are forcing a fit with Shiv. But this was something that never clicked. Roman and Kendall never clicked. Roman and Shiv never clicked. Shiv never really clicked with Roman, and she never really clicked with Kendall.

You know, I mean, they love one another, they support one another, but they don’t really. See eye to eye or click when it comes to something like this. So they’re forcing a fit. And in their heart of hearts, all three of them know that they’re forcing a fit. Roman has been questioning all along, whether they could run the company, whether that’s a good idea, why not just sell it and get rid of it?

And it’s because of his father’s death that now he feels this, this need to keep the company going, but it’s not even a fit with his father’s death because his father never wanted the company to keep going. The father wanted to sell it. And so it’s this, this kind of like off kilter. Relationship, it’s being done to honor the father.

[00:45:00] But a father, um, who his last wishes was not to keep the company and the family, it was to sell it, it was to provide even more money for all the kids and they could go off and do whatever they wanted to do. Okay. A as well as himself, you know, so the father doesn’t have a great sentimental attachment to the company at the end of this, of this show.

So, so they’re forcing a fit that will never fit. It brings back Logan’s words. You are not serious people. You know you are trying at something. You are faking something. You’re maneuvering for something, but not seriously. It’s not connected to something you truly. Want, and this is something that’s coming out in this double quinco that’s connecting to Mars, okay?

And it would connect to Venus in the same way, or Saturn, or any other planet. Um, but this week we’re talking about Mars and it’s what I want. And so it’s forcing a [00:46:00] fit that will never fit. But what happens with the Quin Cox is that the planets involved will keep returning to it again and again and again, and again and again.

Okay, you, you can realize when you have planets, cocks in your chart that there will never be a fit. You’re trying to make peace with it. Maybe you do make peace with it, and then you get this feeling of one more time. One more chance, one more. Let, it’s gonna work this time and so it brings you back. So this can be the, nefarious quality, uh, of, of, of a Queen Cox.

It’s never gonna fit, but you can’t quit it either, and you’re brought back to it and it’s still doesn’t fit. That’s one way to look at this sort of event, uh, that I’m describing in your own life. The other thing is that, They might come together. You know, you might get the planets together, you might get something that you want, uh, to work with the desired object.

And that it does come together, but it comes [00:47:00] together despite, despite what you wanted. Okay? So, so in other words, it comes together. But then it kind of wildly spins off in a different direction. Uh, let, let me go and illustrate that. Okay. Uh, they, they lose this, this, this board vote. All right? And, um, and so, uh, it’s sold to the Swede, okay?

And Tom Shivs husband becomes the proxy owner of it. What, what happens in the end, and I think this is where the fated quality of the yard comes out, what happens in the end is everything. Um, that, that Logan had intended, Logan had intended the company be sold, and that there be all this money for him and his board and, and everyone else.

The kids fight this, they fumble the ball, which is really, again, another image of this Quin Cox’s energy. It’s the fumbling of the ball, and the ball is fumbled and [00:48:00] it goes through. Now the ball is fumbled for two reasons. Uh, first. The character of the three kids and the fact that they can’t get it together comes out.

This has been the ongoing tension throughout the entire show, and it comes out in this climatic moment and so it’s faded in that their characters are what doom, their actions. They, they, you know, shiv can’t make the decision. Roman, isn’t a killer and Kendall is too much of a killer, you know, and, and, but they’re all.

Parroting these bizarre versions of their father. Okay? It’s not who they really are. And so that fumbling and so their character comes out. But also what’s fated comes out because this is what Logan had intended all along, okay? Which was for the company to be sold, to someone who’s outside the family, and that be the end of it.

So in the end, everything plays out as fated. Okay, but in an entirely [00:49:00] unpredictable way. But if you take a couple of steps back, you could see how that was going to be done. That strange sense of fate. You know, whether it’s, it’s, it, it’s bringing out something that was always in you, you know, a quality of your character that was al always in you, and now it’s here and, and, and, and it’s either rewarded or or exposed as something which is of a fault.

Okay? That’s usually what happens in a Greek tragedy, which is where this whole idea of fate really originates. Okay? Or there’s this accidental. Foiling. No matter what you do, you cannot control this action. It’s a slippery football. You know this. There’s this accidental foiling that actually ends up being for the best of everyone involved.

Okay? The kids would’ve made. Miserable magistrates of this or custodians of this company, um, it would have, gone to ruin. You can see that they’re, [00:50:00] they’re ridiculous in their decision making. But, and, and so it’s right in that regard, but it’s also right, because that was what the original intention always was.

So, So this idea of, of something fated but not controlled, something fated but not really understood. Something fated but not recognized. But somehow it will still play out for the best. That’s how I want you to think of this week’s double quik and we have to ask ourselves whether that’s fate or an accident of fate.

That’s what the double Quin Coxes are all about. Whether it’s fate or an accident of the fate is anyone’s guess.




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