Astrology This Week: Breaking Free from the Familiar

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Capricorn Full Moon: Lighting the Path to Freedom

Jamie Magee and Elodie St. Onge Aubut talk about the upcoming Neptune Retrograde, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌘 How the Capricorn Full Moon influences your journey towards breaking free from the familiar and taking charge of your dreams.
🌗 The importance of trusting the process and understanding that significant changes take time.
🌖 How to navigate the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm that can come with stepping out of your comfort zone and initiating change.

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Jamie: hi there. Welcome to your weekly astrological weather.

I’m so glad that you have joined this worldwide astrological conversation that we have here each week. Now, if you’re new to this channel, a warm welcome to you. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell to stay updated on all the new content releases that we have here. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jamie McGee.

[00:01:00] I’m an author, astrologer, and one of the hosts here on the Astrology Hub. Podcast platform. All right, so today we are going to be exploring the astrology for July 3rd through the ninth, and our very special guest is Elli St. Ou, and I am so excited to have you back here. I love talking to you last time.

Elli, welcome

Elodie: back. Thanks for having me.

Jamie: I do wanna make sure that you know all about this beautiful soul.

L d is a French Canadian astrologer, residing in new flin. Her practice, which you’ve definitely gotta connect with ld. But her practice focuses on research, ation teaching, and healing the modalities.

It’s great to have you back again. I can’t say that enough. Elli, .

Elodie: Happy to be here. Yeah. Excited to get into this first week of July with you. We’re getting into some really good astrology.

I’m, I’m looking forward to the astrology of July. Personally,

Jamie: If you had an overarching theme for the energy that we’re stepping into starting today, what

Elodie: would it be? , I would say that [00:02:00] it’s taking responsibility for our dreams, not expecting that the preexisting structures or things that felt familiar will necessarily be there.

And if we want new things, we have to initiate them. Ourselves. That’s what I would say.

Jamie: So what transits are influencing this theme and this the way that you put that, as

Elodie: we move into this the week, of July 3rd begins with a phon and Capricorn. So I think it does color a lot of what’s happening this week. It’s a big, you know, peaking energy, uh, pH moon and Capricorn, Capricorn being the adult of the Zodiac.

So that’s a lot of where I’m getting this taken responsibility. And we have an underlying, Energy that has a lot to do with Neptune and the watery signs cancer. And so I think there’s a, a little bit of dreaminess underlying. We have Venus and Leo, Mars and Leo, they’re thinking about what they want, their [00:03:00] desires.

So that’s, that’s where I’m getting the dream part. So there’s something about taking charge of our vision, our, our our desires.

Jamie: So there’s a little bit of this structure that we’re gonna be working with with Capricorn Systems and you know, like a little bit, doing a little bit every day of responsibility gives you to.

Gets you towards your dream, but then we have the Neptune where we have to dial into the dream too.

Elodie: Yeah. And I guess Saturn, Pisces, we’re tapping into the Saturn. Pisces. Saturn has been in Pisces for a couple months now, so we’re really getting a good idea of what, what does that mean? Saturn has to do with structures, but Pisces has a lot to do with dreams and vision and having faith not necessarily knowing.

What the shape of the structures will be like. But you know, keeping the diamond in your mind, keeping

Jamie: faith, the diamond in the mind and faith. I love that. Yeah. So like, with the clients that you’ve been working with when it comes to Saturn and [00:04:00] Pisces, like what is their biggest challenge and what is the biggest opportunity that you would say we all have, but what are you seeing also in the consultation room with clients?

Elodie: I think I’m seeing a lot of, of PE people who are arriving to their Saturn return right now. And what I’ve noticed with Saturn, Pisces is this sort of not knowing. I don’t know what this means. I’m not sure I, and this need to actually have faith because, because you’re not sure of. Of what shape things are taking or there’s a need to make, to make certain risk, but we can’t actually have it all laid out.

So I use an image, we have all the pieces of the puzzle, but we’re, we’re missing the, the box with the picture on it right now. And so, It’s like we, we can see all the, the colors, the shape. We’re trying to fit these things together, but we’re still not sure of the final image.

And that’s a little bit of how I’ve been thinking about Saturn. Pisces, [00:05:00] I love

Jamie: that. Yeah. It is. It is a faith kind of based energy where we’ve had Saturn in its own rulership for such a long time, Capricorn and then Aquarius, and then now moving into water It overall, even elementally, it feels completely different too.

So, I like, I like the spirituality and the faith, and I think something I’ve been seeing is just, you know, People think about Saturn as putting boundaries in place, but he also removes them if you don’t need them. Some of that Pisces that dissolving, like if the universe can’t speak to you, if your spirituality is not connecting with you, then Saturn’s gonna dissolve it.

So you kind of almost feel like a live wire and then it, it makes you feel like you’re in a different dimension or that confusion or where’s my clarity to.

Elodie: Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s kind of antithesis to what Saturn usually feels comfortable with, which is tangible, tangible proofs, and, and we might be missing a little bit of the tangible proofs, but that’s, that’s another reason to rely on this sense of faith and [00:06:00] trust that things can work out a lot of.

Of beautiful things emerge from vision, from dreams. A lot of ideas and invention in the world emerge from, from, from that state, from that place. So it can be anxiety inducing, I think for people to feel like. The structures that they used to rely on the way things used to be are not necessarily there anymore.

But it’s one more reason to really tap into that sense of faith and trust. ,

Jamie: I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but it’s, and I don’t know if it’s just the algorithms that I’m paying attention to, but it’s. I’ve seeing like a lot of like, manifestation work and, and mind over body, which I think is some of that is the blue plutonian thing too, but it’s understanding that it’s not just, you know, you, you think it once positively and everything’s just fine.

Like it’s not an instantaneous thing. Saturn tells you that it really is a work that you have to put in. You can’t what, what you put in is what you get out. And that also comes with that Pisces archetype too. [00:07:00] So it’s, it’s a hard.

Elodie: Yeah, one of the, I think one of the reason that we speak of faith with Saturn, Pisces is also because the sign of Pisces is traditionally ruled by the planet Jupiter.

And Jupiter has a lot to do with, with trusting that everything will turn out good. And Jupiter’s currently in tourists, so one of the ways that we can actually, you know, Go into this sort of flow state and this trust is actually by being more embodied, by simplifying our processes, by doing somatic work, by returning to our senses, really nourishing the body and grounding itself.

It’s almost like, you know, your sense of faith and trust and optimism starts with your body feeling good? I love that.

Jamie: That’s exactly right. Yeah. Like I could. I mean, I know I’ve been working on that in my personal life. I would, I’m really curious in the comments if everyone else has been feeling that kind of energy [00:08:00] too.

If you feel like it. And some of that is like, you know, the last time you and I talked it was about Venus moving in Del Leo and we talked about how that’s a little bit more of a me energy. So it it’s, it’s interesting how they all speak to each other. This is a me energy. And then you have Pisces and Saturn, and then now we have this full Moon and the ruler of it’s in Pisces and how it kind of all ties

Elodie: Absolutely.

Yeah, it’s very, uh, it’s a, it’s a synthesis or it’s very holistic in terms of how they all kind of converge. Yeah,

Jamie: yeah. Work together. I love that. Thank you so much for bringing all that in. Now, besides the full moon, or is there any transits that you’re really interested in or moon phases that you’ve been or where the moon’s gonna be this week that has your attention?

Elodie: Well, I think the last quarter Moon on the weekend will be, Probably the next sort of pit stop. So the first part of the week is really colored by the full moon and the realization around the full moon. And then as we move towards the last quarter moon, which is again, the moon squaring the sun, uh, there’s a little bit more of fiery [00:09:00] energy coming through on Sunday and.

I think it’s in between, we’re kind of situating ourself and in this, in these new shapes that are emerging or that we are intuiting, uh, with realization that perhaps again, like the structures that felt familiar are kind of stale or they’re not there anymore. And we’re really trying to, go towards maybe new versions of desires that we have.

So that’s you, that’s what I’m seeing for this week. New

Jamie: versions of the desires we have. I love that. Like it’s just, it’s Saturn, we’re kind of chipping it away and you get this far and then now you, now from that view, where do you go from here? Oh, I can’t wait to hear about how we’re gonna break this down in the details.

So starting today, this is, is the full moons today. So like what would be our focus going into Monday or any other energies you wanna bring out?

Elodie: Yeah, so, we just had Venus squaring, Uranus, so I think we’re probably still feeling this a little bit at the beginning of the week. But again, this [00:10:00] is very individualistic sort of energy and I think we’re adjusting again, returning to our own desires and things like that.

But the Full Moon and Capricorn. Is bringing a sense of responsibility, perhaps like feeling maybe overly responsible or maybe alone in these desires that we have or in what we’re trying to accomplish. Capricorn is the adult of the Zodiac. The, the Axis Capricorn cancer, the sun is in cancer. The is in Capricorn, has a lot to do with.

The child and the adult, the responsibility versus the support, and I think the Capricorn and the feminine Capricorn is more about like the realization perhaps of oh, having to take charge of the things that we want to happen, that perhaps there’s not necessarily the support or the network around us.

The reason I’m saying that too is because the phone is squaring [00:11:00] carron. And Aries. And Aries is the pioneer of the Zodiac. So there’s, there’s a little bit of tension in terms of really wanting to implement new things, but not necessarily knowing where to lean for support or maybe feeling a little bit alone in, in these, new structures or in desires that we want to bring forest.

Jamie: So what would, like, if you had one tip, because you know, sometimes full moods can feel super intense, especially the day of even a little bit before and after. Like what would be one self-care embodiment tip or any, any kind of tip that you could give to kind of get through the kickoff of this week that we could take home

Elodie: with us.

Well, like we said at the beginning, I think that because Saturn is in Pisces and Saturn rolls this full moon, Saturn rolls this sign of Capricorn and Saturn has a lot to do with structures. But in the sign of Pisces, we might not necessarily know what structures to rely on anymore. So it again, tapping into this.

Sense of faith.[00:12:00] Lots of things may feel out of your control, but there’s an inherent ability to trust the process without having all the answers right now. So I think it’s more more about leaning into, To that sense of faith as opposed to, you know, really trying to have all your ducks in a row in a very organized mayar Capricorn, the signer Capricorn, especially the Moon Capricorn, can bring a little bit of anxiety in terms of like not being quite there yet, not not, haven’t done all the work, not attending to all your response belief, maybe feeling a little bit overwhelmed with like all of the things that are left to do, but I think it’s a good time, especially with the supportive aspect from Jupiter to just.

Lean in and trust that things are moving in the right direction.

Addressing the anxiety by somatic work and returning to the body. I think that’s a good way in terms of simplifying, just kind of returning to the body, simplifying even meditation, breathing, exercise. Very simple [00:13:00] ways to just get out of the mind.

Jamie: I think trusting the process is probably the hardest part for, especially like fixed energy. If you have fixed energy in your chart, it’s like, I need to know the outcome. I need to know or don’t rock my boat kind of thing. So, but okay, we’re gonna trust the process as we step into today and we move into the rest of this week with this full moon energy.

So how can we expect Tuesday to fill tomorrow?

Elodie: I think Tuesday brings a continuity of this fo moon energy. We’re still a lot in, in that sort of, in the realization prob most likely that the FO moon is bringing the, an opportunity to integrate some of the realizations, especially around the structures in your life.

The things perhaps that are. Stale or not working anymore, like structurally and, and Venus and Leo, Mars and Leos bring a lot of momentum in terms of, again, like my passion, what is, what is it that I [00:14:00] want? But it doesn’t necessarily have a form. It doesn’t necessarily have a solid basis. And so, Lean into, again, leaning into these realization without trying to put everything in its place necessarily.

I think Tuesday continues to be about that.

Jamie: So it’s like an interesting thing with, cuz I feel even though we don’t have a lot of the Venus Leo energy, I love how you kind of keep tying that back in and soon Venus will move into retrogrades.

So it’s kinda like Mars knows exactly where it’s going, but like you’re like at what I’m picking up from everything you’re saying, it’s like, you know, you have that focus, you know you wanna make the change, but you’re kind of going in blindly. And it could be that your heart is teetering cuz your heart’s like, wait a second, I feel like I, I left something behind, or I’m not really sure.

If my heart’s ready to go forward. Did you, is that how you kinda feel? Yeah,

Elodie: yeah, exactly. I think that’s right. Yeah. Like I was talking about the pieces of the puzzle is we have a lot of pieces of the puzzle but we we’re not sure [00:15:00] exactly how they fit together yet, you know, so it’s, we’re still figuring that out.

And later, Venus turning retrograde for, for a month and a half. Two months almost, is gonna be part of that, part of discovering what is the, the full picture of, of these new d desires, these new vision, these new needs or priorities that, that we wanna make space for. Love that.

Jamie: So it’s like, trust your heart, trust the process,

follow that intuition, but also give your heart room to change its mind, cuz it probably will. Like, there’s gonna be a little bit, as soon as you, you feel your way through something and you get more information or you sit with something, it could, it could easily adjust, especially with the, very full moon, like over the top kind of emotions and energies that we’re already dealing with in a way.

Elodie: Yeah, that’s why I was saying like maybe just lean into not having all the answers right now, because it’s, it’s more about, it’s, it’s a, it’s a process. It’s not [00:16:00] about having everything figured out. You know, even though the moon and Capricorn may be like taking stock of like, on, on Monday, Tuesday, we, we were taking stock of, okay, this is, this is the shape of my life, or these, these are the forms, but might be.

There might be a lot of stale kind of shape that we wanna revolutionize, we wanna regenerate. It’s a process. I love, that’s like the theme of the week, right? Yeah,

Jamie: I think sometimes we get really hard on ourselves cuz we feel like we are supposed to have all the answers or we weren’t supposed to change.

Like we get like upset with a past version of ourself or a new version of ourself. Like that was supposed to be forever, but, even the Capricorn energy, it’s cardinal, it changes. So I think it’s just also give you like, I love, I love the trusted processing that you’re bringing in and, and just room to, you know, room to breathe.

And the more grounded you can be and just be like, okay, this is what I feel like today. Being [00:17:00] in the moment practically, practically in the moment, practical and in the moment.

Elodie: I. Yeah. Yeah. And I think also like cancer season, you know, the sun and cancer, mercury cancer, it does bring in a little bit of nostalgia, like the way things were.

And we might be contemplating, you know, a lot of that, like reflecting on ancient forms that, that are kind of ready to. To go, but we’re still kind of a little bit holding on, but we, you know, we’re, we’re caught between old, old forms and new forms and, and really birthing new things. But yeah, like I said, think things take time.

And we don’t really have a, a timeline with Saturn. Pisces, so we have to to trust.

Jamie: Yes, trust heartstrings are gonna get tangled, but it’ll be all right.

Elodie: Yeah.

Jamie: All right. So as we hit midweek Wednesday,

Elodie: yeah, so Wednesday, moon and Aquarius, so again, it’s a moon that’s ruled traditionally by [00:18:00] Saturn.

So we’re still talking about Saturn. Saturn, Pisces, who has just turned retrograde by the way. So there is a little bit of looking back. In order to move forward. I think that that might be a theme for, for the whole summer because of Venus retrograde, we’re kind of glancing back, we’re seeing what’s not working.

We’re, we’re nostalgic about perhaps like old ways of doing things, but even though they’re not, they’re probably not accurate anymore for us. But because we don’t know the, the future forms we’re just kind of in between moving through the. And trying to reconcile the, the various elements of our life, the old forms, the new forms, the responsibility, the new needs, and all of these things.

Again, I’m bringing the image of the puzzle because I do think we have all the pieces, but we’re missing again, the, the final image and, and the final image will, will emerge later. Um, why am I talking about the various [00:19:00] parts? I think the Moon, Aquarius midweek really triggers, the squares with tourists and it oppose the planets in Leo.

So it creates a little bit of tension in terms of like these various areas of my life that might not necessarily fit together. And there’s maybe this impression that you’re like, oh, well, can I have my cake and eat it too? Like, I, I kind of want this, but I want that too. But I kind of have to decide. So there’s a bit of tension midweek.

Trying to reconcile these various areas, like maybe even a

Jamie: little bit of, um, cause you know, with, with all the Saturn moving in retrograde and all this beautiful focus or this new focus we have in Leah that’s been under stress for so long, I. You know when, when you go through a grieving process, the first time you hit like a certain holiday or a certain season in your new life or in your new perspective, that’s when you kind of get that nostalgic feeling and you’re remind, well, last year I was with these people and I was in this house and I was doing that.

[00:20:00] So it’s kind of like, you know, back and forth with, you know, should I go forward or not? And, and anytime the moon, you know, Aquarius, that moon coming across there, it’s, it’s. It was like almost like a healing bomb. You think, like, you know, you have to hit it one more time and then like next month it’ll, when the moon comes through, it might not be as tense, but a lot of feels.

And, um, I love how you keep talking about the puzzle pieces and the, the nostalgia that you would have there. I love that piece, bringing that in, because I think that I could definitely see how that would be a thing like, well, Did I really make the right decision? Yes, I did, but I’m just not, I’m more comfortable here than there.


Elodie: yeah, exactly. Ca cancer season is usually, you know, it’s, it’s summertime. There’s, there’s memories, the sign of cancer and the moon is associated with memories. So I, I think there, there is a tendency for a healthy. Looking back, looking back a little bit on the past, seeing how we’ve landed, where we are reflecting, but also [00:21:00] idly integrating the past so that we can move forward.

But again, with Venus on the verge of stationing retrograde, we can sense that these, these. Old forms are still with us a little bit and it might be hard to let go even though we know that it’s okay to let go. We have to let go. But we’re like you said, it’s pulling up the heartstrings. And it could be that,

Jamie: you know, we may realize that there is something that can come with us.

You know, like maybe we just had a clean slate and we’re like, okay, well not everything. I didn’t have to end everything. I can bring in this tradition or this thought like, We just don’t know the pi. We don’t know the final, what the picture looks like yet, but it’s a little bit of a dance.

Elodie: Yeah, exactly.

Yep. Love it.

Jamie: I love it. So as we get to Thursday, what would your focus be

Elodie: Much of the same energy we have. The moon Aquarius still on the sixth. I think it’s, it’s pretty calm in terms of like the waning moon. [00:22:00] And although the moon is, you know, squaring.

Everything in Taurus opposing the stuff in Leo.

So yeah, I don’t have very much for, for Thursday. I think it’s much of the similar.

Jamie: as we move into the weekend, like Friday, Saturday, what would be like your biggest focus for the, like stepping into the weekend,

Elodie: Because we have the Moon and Pisces trining the sign cancer, and that’s very, I, I’m, I’m tired of using the word emotional for the water sign, but it’s very romantic. It’s very in it’s feeling based. So obviously we want this to manifest in the best possible way. So I’m always trying to be proactive with the planet and instead of feeling like. Maybe overwhelm or, um, very emotional and things like that. Going to see a movie, listening to music, seeing exhibition really emerging in art, in paintings.

I think it’s a good way because [00:23:00] what is a water sign good at? They’re really good at soaking in impression. Soaking in the surroundings. So you wanna make sure that you’re, Situating yourself in a place where you can be inspired as opposed to just feeling maybe overwhelmed by your emotions or things like that.

So I would say Friday, Saturday, excellent. Time to, indulge if you have the the privilege, take some time off.

Jamie: You know, it’s like a, we have to kind of step out, I guess, of our reality sometimes and connect with that soul energy. So I like that we have that opportunity going to a museum, art, movies, Good. Good. That’s a good to-do list. L

Elodie: thank you so much. I’m gonna like a romantic movie or something because the other side of it is, is yeah, like I said, if, if, if you don’t have the channel for this kind of water energy, it can feel a bit overwhelming with Neptune, especially the moon will meet Neptune on, on July 8th, on Saturday and can feel overwhelming.

So you want to be [00:24:00] overwhelmed by art, by beauty, not by by your emotions so much.

Jamie: So if you do find yourself like overwhelmed by a personal situation or something that happened during the week, it would be just a good time to step out, step away from it, and go and do something that takes your mind and your emotions off of it, because.

Then that way, instead of manifesting more of the things that are overwhelming you, you can manifest something positive or like a reward system or you know, a reminder like sometimes just taking, getting outta the water and then getting back in. It kind of always feels like refreshing. Yeah.

Elodie: The water, the ocean, if you have access to.

To, to that, that could be a excellent time for, for spending a day by the beach. Now

Jamie: I get to go to the beach. I love my to-do list. I can’t wait to tell her everything I have to do this weekend. How would we tie up the weekend Sunday before we’ll be back here?

Elodie: Yeah. So the moon enters Aries like Saturday night.

So we do have a sh uh, important shift in energy. I think by Saturday night it [00:25:00] gets a little bit more fiery. It dries up, uh, what are the fire I’m good at? They’re good at getting amped up, getting excited, getting. Passionate, wanting movement, maybe getting restless and impatient a little bit more. So Saturday night really a shift in, in terms of like maybe we had a relaxing day, but Saturday night is like, okay, what’s happening now?

The reason I think it’s more empt up is because we have. Venus and Mars and Leo fire signs also. So there’s, there’s a trying aspect, supportive aspect between the moon and the planets. Mars and Venus and Leo, those are all personal planets. They’re relational. Planet, Venus and Mars are relational. The moon also, so might feel more social, um, by Saturday night and Sunday.

And it’s a little bit more of a teenager energy like, I want this, I want this right now. I wanna go out. I want, it gets a little bit more ram rambunctious by Saturday night and into Sunday.

Jamie: So it would be a good time to live in the [00:26:00] moment in a way, you know, just kinda like you relaxed, you did your me time, and you stepped back into it and you’re able to. Connect with your heart, live in the moment, and then you get ready to start a brand new week when the, when the day is all said and done.

Yeah. Yeah.

Elodie: Wouldn’t schedule like heavy intellectual work on Sunday? Because I think there’s a bit of like restlessness. There’s a desire to move and do things and get things in motion, but it’s impatient and might be hard to sit still.

Jamie: Restlessness, energy, I dunno how you got, do you love restless energy?

Do does it work for you or against you?

Elodie: I go outside. I go outside, I walk, I run with my dog. When I spend too much time in my head, I, I find just being outside helps a lot. me

Jamie: too. Every chance I get, like between every meeting or every encounter I have online, I have to go put my feet on the ground or get yes water or something just to kind of get completely, just kind of like recharge.

Or Yeah, recharge altogether, but so is,

Elodie: [00:27:00] yeah. I was gonna, I was just gonna say, the reason I think that we’re getting this restlessness too, is because Mars is at, on the 29th degree Leo, which is called the Antic degree, the last degree of assigns. So sometimes it exaggerates the quality of the design, so Mars.

Last degree of Leo, uh, by Sunday with the moon in Aries is, is very, um, I put embolden that, that would be the positive word that I, that I would use. But, at its force it could be a little bit of arrogance, and that’s why I use the, the term teenager energy. It’s, it’s impatient. Yeah.

Jamie: Intense and golden. I love that.

Okay. Is there anything else about this week, like you just kind of, that you would wanna tie in or bring? Like is there any uh,

Elodie: yeah. Well, uh, the last quarter Moon on Sunday, last quarter Moon in Aries will, conjoin, Chiron, Chiron representing a point where we might feel, [00:28:00] Vulnerable or we might overthink a little bit.

And car and Aries with the moon there has to do with autonomy or a sense of autonomy or a sense of a Genk. So again, I’m tying in the teenager energy with this, cuz I do think by Sunday after maybe the realization of the Full Moon and Capricorn, maybe we realize, okay, I have to take charge of certain aspects, certain desires that I have by Sunday.

We’re impatient to kind of get moving and we don’t care so much about waiting for help or support. We kind of just wanna get things in motion, but we might also be a little bit frustrated. That’s the Chiron, uh, moon last quarter. Kind of, impatient and frustrated, especially if. Our autonomy is restraint, or if we don’t have fully full agency on, on our time, or we might wanna make sure that we have enough space to do what we want.

Jamie: Okay. Beautiful. All right. So yeah, there’s definitely some spice to this week. You know, it is, it’s like a, it’s a [00:29:00] grounded, spicy, dreamy week. Like let’s put a bunch of adjectives in there, right? I’m gonna do my best to summarize all of this brilliance that you have. L d, so we. Kinda have a week. We’re coming into a full moon today.

And I love how you said trust the process and return to the dream because it is like remembering why you did something or remembering why you wanted to make this change in the first place. But sometimes that’ll be throughout the week that it could be challenging at certain times.

Cause we’re gonna bask in this full moon energy through Monday and Tuesday. Actually kind of probably all the way up to that corner moon in some ways. But as we get into the middle of the week, there’s a little bit of nostalgia. Did I make the right decision? Should I go this way? Should I not go that way?

Very eager to launch forward, but your heart could be, you know, looking back a little bit, , And just kind of finding your feet now, but as we get to the weekend, we’re gonna shift out of this energy and with, especially with the moon and Pisces, and I love art to do lists. We’re supposed to look at music and arts and just kind of get into escape into something that’s [00:30:00] beautiful and manifest good.

Feels and we can go to the water, the beach. That will be a great thing to do. Um, but we do have a little bit of a teenage energy as we come into the weekend. Yeah. We have also, like, you know, Leo action where we have Chiron coming in, we’re getting reminders of like that Mars is on the Antic, Dari, so we feel like we gotta go.

It’s kinda like at that starting line, the wheels are turning and burning. We are, we feel like we’ve, we’ve processed the emotions and now we have one choice and that’s either to go, go for as fast as we can and hope the pieces fall into. Image comes in. So, um, we just wanna, you know, I think as we step in the weekend is a time where we can escape a little bit, have a little bit of fun, and then we’re gonna be eager to go, but probably think twice.

Then take action when possible because that degree of Mars is gonna be pushing you a little bit harder, but then you would want to go. But, so is there, is there anything that you would wanna add to like how we break down, how we break down the week? I

Elodie: think, no, I think that you did a great job. I think the [00:31:00] weekend could, has the potential to be a little bit moody.

Um, nice energy. Yeah. Moody, you know what, when, when the moons and Pisces on Saturday, it’s kind of moody in a sense that like moody, I wanna cuddle with some, somebody I love, but then by Saturday night it’s more like moody. Let me do what I want. So we have an interesting mix by the weekend. Yeah, I think

Jamie: full moon weeks kinda doesn’t matter.

I mean, I think we, I would love to know in the comments if you guys love full moons or full moons or something that you brace yourself for. Cuz I find that it doesn’t matter what sign it is, there is that elevation of emotion and it’s kinda like, okay, how do I use this? And, and this particular forecast goes from a full moon, like a heightened peak to going into that last quarter to where you’ve, you’re able to process it and start deciding what, what’s gonna go forward and what isn’t.

So it is a little bit of a. A teeter-totter, like a lot of like really high and low points and having you look back and forward at the same time and trusting the process as El so [00:32:00] brilliantly said, all right.

Well, such a great forecast El. Thank you so much

Elodie: and thanks for having me again.

Jamie: If you have not had a chance to connect with LD one-on-one, I definitely encourage you cuz I have actually had a reading with LD and it was amazing to find her on our brand new Astrologer Connect platform.

And you can find ld astrology Slash LD Connect, and her name is E L O D I E. It’s a beautiful name and a beautiful experience to have her as a personal astrologer. And you can learn about everyone on the slash connect. All right. Um, again, thank all of you for being here today.

Thank you for making astrology a part of your life and, uh, we look forward to seeing you

Elodie: Thanks. Bye Ali. Bye everyone.

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