Exiting the Pattern…

Hey there Astrology Lover,


The astrology this week has us focused on the “patterns” in our relationships…


You know, the storylines that seem to play out over and over again – whether with friends, romantic partners, or even at work!


Have you noticed these patterns in your own life? I always think of it as, “Same energy, different ‘costume.'”


Maybe it’s a pattern of not feeling worthy, or a recurring experience of betrayal… maybe it’s a pattern of saying “yes” too quickly or “over giving” to the point of resentment…


I’ve found that these patterns continue to present themselves, with different people, in different situations, but the underlying experience is the same.


And whatever the patterns are for you, I know it can be hard to look at!


But it’s definitely worth doing and on the Weekly Weather, Astrologer Andrea Michelle tells us that the astrological energies will be supportive of your process (and maybe you’ll have the opportunity to “unhook” from some of these habitual patterns!)


It’s vulnerable to admit, but sometimes, when I’m particularly stressed and overwhelmed, I find myself falling into the “martyr” pattern…


It goes like this (does this sound familiar to anyone else?): Between work, children and LIFE… I never have time for myself!!!


At moments like these, it helps me to be less judgmental with myself to imagine that I’m talking to a friend who is telling me about a problem…


If I was, I might say something gently challenging like, you schedule time for everything and everyone else… when was the last time you scheduled something on your calendar just for YOU? What do you love to do for yourself, and how can you prioritize that?


Sometimes, we all need a little reminder that we actually do have the power to change our patterns. But in order to do that, we need to take responsibility.


This week offers you the opportunity to do just that, and if you do, you’ll set yourself up for success later this summer as your relationships go through a deeper process of transformation!  


Astrology’s not really here to tell you what to do, but to help you become more aware and through that awareness, more empowered to make your own decisions.


And just like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.”


Thankfully, as Andrea Michelle wisely reminds us in this week’s episode, “I learn…I get to redo. New moment, try again.”


I’m so grateful for that reminder, and I hope it gives you some helpful support through this week too.


With love,



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Here’s your week-ahead horoscope for all signs:


🌼 Monday, June 19th: Take stock.

Jupiter sextiles Saturn today and it’s a good time to consciously receive the joys and blessings of your most nurturing and supportive relationships. Be grateful for the love in your life! It’ll attract even more.


✂️ Tuesday, June 20th: Power Play.

Today might ask you to let go of attachments that are keeping you small. Stay soft with yourself, and aware of how your relationship to your own sovereignty impacts the people around you.


🌞 Wednesday, June 21st: Solstice.

The Sun enters Cancer, marking an important threshold in the year. It’s a good day for ceremony that keeps you aligned with reverence. Remember that it’s okay not to know all the answers.


​​🗺️Thursday, June 22nd: Strategy.

The Moon connects with a handful of asteroid goddesses, all of whom encourage you to make space for creative disruption and irrational connections. It’s all part of the plan.


👣 Friday, June 23rd: Feet on the ground, eyes on the sky.

In Virgo, the Moon squares asteroid Vesta. Balance your intellect with intuition. Keep hold of the facts, AND hold space for all the things you don’t and can’t know right now.


😱 Saturday, June 24th: Let it out.

Today, Mercury goes out-of-bounds, making communication a little unpredictable. But that’s ok! You can use this energy to release any unconscious tension that’s been building in your body. Take space to sing, scream, dance, blow off steam so you can speak your truth on solid ground.


💧 Sunday, June 25th: It’s OK to cry.

The Moon opposes Neptune and trines Pluto before entering Libra. This may bring up grief around the old patterns in relationships that you’re ready to let go. Even needed change can be hard! Let yourself feel whatever you need to feel.


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