How Astrology Helped Illuminate Her Path

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Amanda Walsh interviews Author & Inner Circle Member Shelby Bach on her journey with Astrology

On this episode, you'll learn…
🌒How astrology can serve as a self-tending practice, transforming the way you perceive and interact with life's challenges.
🌔The power of community in the journey of learning astrology. You'll discover the benefits of being part of a group of astrology enthusiasts, where you can share information, learn from each other's experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of astrological archetypes and transits.
🌘The practical ways astrology can impact your life, providing a sense of direction and clarity.

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Shelby: you have a different gauge. I did end up leaving that job, and I did end up returning to my novel for a short period, but it was also like, there were so many things that didn't make sense, and there was so much very strange information out there.

Especially as you know, COVID was hitting the world. You were really aiming for things that would pause and make you calm. You know, and so when I was listening to the Astrology Hub, I remember every time Pluto would come up, especially like the US Pluto returned, I would get calm because I was like, there's a reason for this.

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Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I am so excited to be here with all of [00:01:00] you and really grateful that you've decided to tune in because today we're gonna be doing

Shelby: one of my favorite, very favorite things, which is sharing

Amanda: a real life story of transformation, how astrology has actually impacted.

Somebody's life and that somebody today is Shelby Bach. She is an author and also a member of our inner circle, and she has an amazing story to tell, and I'm very, very thrilled to be sharing that with all of you so that you can. Find yourself in other people's stories. I, I feel like stories are something that are, are very missing from our culture at this point in time.

And there's, there's still such a core part of who we are as humans, and so just consider that we're sitting around a little campfire and we're hanging out and hearing a story. And again, I'm really, I'm really glad that you've decided to join us. So Shelby, Thank you so much for being willing to share your story with our community, and welcome [00:02:00] to the Astrology Hub Podcast.

Shelby: Thank you so much. I'm delighted to be here.

Shelby's Journey into Astrology

Amanda: All right, so let's start here. Can you paint a picture for us? What was your life like before astrology was a part of it?

Shelby: there's, there is the thread where astrology was a part of it. Like right before I personally got into it, because my best friend was very much into astrology.

She had read, I think it's Linda Goodman's Love Science in College. And so she would refer to it all the time and she would tell me things about my astrology and I was like, you know what? That's your thing. I think I was also kind of resisting, the Virgo archetype a little bit. I did not like what I'd heard of it.

And I, I was, I pulled back, from whatever she was saying it, and I was just kind of like, let her run and then not comment on it too much. But we did kind of start a moon circle together. And that started to open me up slightly more. And then for Christmas, of 2019, [00:03:00] she gifted me an astrology reading with her favorite astrologer and.

We thought at first it was gonna start out, uh, or it was gonna be scheduled in March of that year, but it actually got bumped up till like January 4th. And I remember sitting and listening to him and being like, I don't know how he knows this, but I don't want, it's like, there are certain things I, I really resonate with.

There are certain things I don't wanna be true, but I know this is a language and I wanna understand exactly what that language is, before I accept what's being told. And so I was, I was, she, the reason why she gave me that astrology reading is I was in this flex place of, I was, I had just told my dad that I was going to leave my job.

He was my, I was working for my dad at the time and I was leaving to go, you know, return to my novel, which I had started five years prior. And I was like, it's time. This is the year I'm gonna do it. And then all of a sudden, astrology. Was like this [00:04:00] thread in my life, right? As those huge conjunctions in 2020 were coming down.

And I can guess what happened at that point. I, all of a sudden I was really into all of the astrology podcasts, including the Astrology Hub podcasts. It was like, it was kind of like, You, you have a different gauge. I did end up leaving that job, and I did end up returning to my novel for a short period, but it was also like, there were so many things that didn't make sense, and there was so much very strange information out there.

Especially as you know, COVID was hitting the world. You were really aiming for things that would pause and make you calm. You know, and so when I was listening to the Astrology Hub, I remember every time Pluto would come up, especially like the US Pluto returned, I would get calm because I was like, there's a reason for this.

We are going through something collective. We are going through something that is, is really an initiation as a [00:05:00] community and as, individuals, and it's not random. And I think that that's something that we sometimes forget is that we are, we are part of, the way I like to think about it now is that we're in conversation with the stars, even if we don't know that we're in conversation with the stars yet.

And so when something's happening, something's blowing up in my life. Um, Or I'm making big decisions. A lot of times it's an astrology related thing. So that what I just described was, that Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto conjunction up at the beginning of January of 2020. That was squaring my north node. Um, and Aris was right on top of my north node at the time.

And so I'm doing something very disruptive, which is leaving a job where I'm quite valued, but I'm also following what I know to be my north star, to be, to be something that is laying the foundation for the rest of my life. And it's one of [00:06:00] those moments where it was, it would've been impossible not to feel pressure.

But looking back at it, and that's something that I do love to do, that's my favorite kind of astrology, is to look back and to integrate exactly what was happening right then. It's, it's these moments of understanding like that was pivotal, not just because it was a significant part of my life story, but it's pivotal because the stars were telling me what to do and I was listening before I had enough astrology to read those stars.

Isn't that interesting?

Amanda: It, it's like the awareness just adds another layer of, of agency

Shelby: for us. Right? Yeah. And, and it's a, it's a layer of kind of like, it's kind of like I go back to that time and I see the ingredients. Mm-hmm. Like these were the ingredients on the table and I go back and I'm, I'm starting to go back and look at the projects that I started then.[00:07:00]

Because, , as I said that, that book was five years old. It was, it's my Saturn return book, but I started something called People Are Stories in Progress, which is a, it's a free resource on my website, but it was intended as this bridge to to demonstrate to readers of all ages, including the young ones that I, I serve.

Your life is a story, and this is how you can unpack story to understand your life. As well as how you can understand story to create the kind of stories that you admire in ma in what I've done. And I feel like that's a very Pluto like activity I.

Amanda: Yes, for sure. Like taking the, the raw material of someone's life and, and using this

Shelby: gold to alchemize your own

Amanda: story in your own life.

Resistance & Resonance With the Earth Signs

Amanda: Can we back up a sec cuz there's a couple things that you said that, oh yeah. I wanna dive a little bit deeper Yeah. Before we move on to some other things. But you said that you think [00:08:00] you had resistance to astrology because of what you were told about the Virgo archetype. I can absolutely relate

it's the same kind of thing where I'd be like, oh, really? Like, I don't know, is that, you know, it wasn't, it wasn't necessarily something I was excited to associate myself with everything that I would hear about it, you know? So what was it specifically about the Virgo ar archetype that didn't work for you then, or that you didn't resonate with then?

And what have you learned that it has? And I'm, I'm making an assumption here. Yeah. What have you learned that has made you

Shelby: embrace that part of yourself? Well, okay. Well, first of all, it's really interesting though. You've named two Earth signs. Yes. And I have this theory that part of the reason why we resist certain takes on Earth signs is because we've gotten really disconnected from the Earth as a society.

And [00:09:00] so, like for example, what I was specifically resisting is like Virgos are, first of all the sign of the Virgin. And I was like, that sounds like a terrible life sentence, but it's also kind of like, it's the vest of virgins. Like it's the priestess archetype. Yeah. And so if you don't understand, and that Virgin originally met whole right.

Sovereign Yeah. It didn't mean anything about, um,. It didn't mean that you wouldn't have union, it meant that you were always whole, even if you had union, right? Yeah. And so Virgo really, nurtures the wholeness in all things. And at the time of the year that Virgo is actually happening, like that's the harvest season.

And so it's really the harvest priestess and I think it was Bronwyn Simons who pointed this out to me, Virgos have a great analytical ability. Because they need to be able to figure out, this needs to be composted, this needs to be eaten. Now this needs to be preserved because that was their role in the society, [00:10:00] you know?

Yeah. And, and similarly, I think with Capricorn, I've heard Rick Levine say, Capricorns, climb every mountain. Right? I've got a Capricorn Mars. And so like, I totally relate to that. But what I've recognized is like, especially as Pluto has transversed all of Capricorn, my relationship to that Mars has completely changed because I don't, I don't ask myself what mountain climb?

Instead, I've started to think of, Capricorn more like the wisdom of the grandmothers that gets you through the darkest part of winter. Right? Mm-hmm. They're the people that are the, it's the quiet time of the year for good reason, and there's that, that gather around the table and be, and do storytelling and some planning for the next year, but not quite.

It is that time of community building and like holding each other. Ugh. I

Amanda: can see why you're an author, my dear. Your Way with Words is beautiful. Thank you. I just, I just [00:11:00] love the way you just described those things. And you know what's interesting about your theory that our disconnect from Earth Signs is, Is sort of a mirror of our disconnect from the earth itself.

Mm-hmm. I can, I can really relate with that very deeply because when I, when I left New York City mm-hmm. And I moved to Hawaii, I had like visions of grandeur about what being in nature would be like. Yeah. But actually moved to Hawaii. I realized how like domesticated I was, and it was, it was kind of scary for me.

Like there were things about nature that were scary and too

Shelby: much. And two, um, dirty

Amanda: or, you know, little insects or whatever things that Right. I just, I, I, I didn't want to be with. Mm-hmm. But the more that I. The, the closer I got to earth, the closer I got to myself. So that's why I'm saying I think what you're saying is true, that there is this part of ourselves that is represented by the Earth that [00:12:00] we absolutely have a disconnect from.

And the more we, and I think it can work both ways, the more we get close to ourself, the more we wanna be close to the earth. And the more we get close to the earth, the more we feel close to ourselves.

Shelby: Yeah. So it it works both ways. Yeah. Yeah. I think so. And I also, like, I was having a similar, I was never like, totally afraid of nature.

I wa I did spend some time out camping by myself when I was like one time camping out, up by myself. So I'd I. Felt that affinity with nature. Mm-hmm. But I had had a period right before I got into astrology that really laid this foundation of me feeling like I was in communion with nature. And astrology really feels like an extension of that.

Mm-hmm. Because the same way the moon moves, the tides, the, the, the moon also moves us. And even though the other planets are farther out, We feel that as well. And it may be more subtle and we may not always get the interpretation correct the first time, right? But that doesn't mean that we can't [00:13:00] refine those feelings, refine those, those, and change towards what we want to see more of.

And so you were in Hawaii and I was romping around my neighborhood and enjoying like the, the what was right next to me. You can, you can have both experiences. Hmm. Okay.

Self-Discovery Through Astrology

Amanda: So let, let, let's actually go to the next part. So, okay. You're in, you're in 2020. Yeah.

And astrology, you, you finally got over your resistance. You, you had the reading. You were like, I resonate with some of this. Mm-hmm. But I'm not so sure about other parts. What, what happened to get you to a point where you were like, but I think there's something here to this astrology thing, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna tune in regularly.

Like, what, what was happening for you that made it all of a sudden, I mean, I know 2020 was happening for all of us. Yeah. 2020

Shelby: was happening. So how did that shift happen in you? I'm. I had more free time because I left my job that helped. And I was, I [00:14:00] needed to be outside, and so I was going on long walks.

Mm. And so I had all of a sudden more time for podcasts, right. I had, I had a friend pass away and so I was very much grief stricken and she, she was one of the first people I knew that passed away from Covid. And so another very big Pluto thing, but it was also this moment of me trying to make sense of the world, right.

And not having the tools that I relied on before. Right. And that includes like, later in the year I lost fiction. And fiction had been my great, like alchemist of all my emotions. And to all of a sudden, like, um, it happened on the, you know, how there's a, a retrograde where it's the forward motion and the backward motion and the forward motion.

Yes. The backward motion of, of Pluto going back over. That nodal square. Yeah. That was when I lost fiction for a while. I got it back. So I'm still writing that same novel and I wrote today. I wanna make sure that that's clear. [00:15:00] But you, you

Amanda: lost fiction, meaning like you weren't inspired, you lost your muse.

Like what does that mean?

Shelby: No, I just stopped writing and I also stopped reading fiction. Oh, wow. So it was very much like fiction was all, and that opened up a lot of time as well. But it was almost like my plates had been cleared. And so all of a sudden I was spending a lot more time in nature, a lot more time writing about creativity.

I changed my definition of creativity. It used to be being creative is to make something like, make something you could hold and see. Right now I define, creativity as the practice of making meaning, geez, chills. And you don't need to have, like, you know, the story, like it's a fiction. If you're making meaning of your own life, that is also being creative.

And because I had lost fiction, it was very much like it because those decks had been cleared. All of a sudden I had way more time to listen to Rick Levine talk about the [00:16:00] month ahead for like an hour and a half or whatever, however long he goes, because, and he teaches you so much, right? So I remember like hearing him talk about a square, and I have squares in my chart, and I was like, oh my gosh.

His definition, instead of it being a combative thing, he talks about how, you know, it's the same way you look. When you're rising out of a chair, that's something where you're taking action. And I remember that moment and I was like, I have to write that down because all of a sudden it changed my experience of my chart.

That's another

Amanda: chill moment for me because what you just, what you just described is what is what? Understanding does when we understand ourselves, when we understand our chart, understanding our chart is really understanding ourselves. Right. Right.

Shelby: We get to experience

Amanda: more and more layers of ourselves.

Yes. And that shift in perception of,

Shelby: oh, it

Amanda: doesn't mean conflict in all bad things. Right. It actually means like that sort of tension that creates

Shelby: action. Oh, okay. I

Amanda: can take [00:17:00] that and I can actually use it that way. Right. It's just, I, I it's that awareness that enables you to make a different kind of choice.

Right. And it's not that you were a victim to the other level of awareness. But the other level of awareness just gave you a ceiling and, and when we just increase our perception, It's like, oh, there's, there's more possibilities for how you can choose to work with the different things that are coming up in your

Shelby: life.

Right? It's like, um, it's incomplete when you, it feels incomplete to you. Like when you're studying astrology or you're hearing something about astrology and you're resistant to it. Yeah. It's probably cuz it's incomplete. Ooh, yes. And you have like, no one is going to understand your chart, as in your life astrologically better than you.

Although all astrologers are going to be able to give you one piece that helps you come to your own completion. And that's something that I've always loved and like, so for example, I remember like feeling a little bit weird when I found out that Pluto was in my [00:18:00] 10th house. Um, And I was like, but I'm not really like a dark and depressing person, and I don't think that people think of me that way.

However, it's sextile my son. And so what that means is, is like the same definition of the Virgo wholeness, right? Pluto themes. I always tend to bring wholeness to Pluto themes often in public arenas, such as this podcast, right? Wow. But that was not something anybody told me. It was something where I heard enough about Pluto.

And I started to see how Pluto had been showing up in my life. And those were some of the best stories I learned how to tell. Oh, it just all came back in full circle. And so that's something where someone's reflecting that to you strongly, and because it sings to you in that way, you know there's more there.

And then it just starts showing up more and more and more. And that's what I love about studying astrology.

Education & Revelation

Shelby: What's

Amanda: been the single [00:19:00] most impactful, like thing you've done as an astrology student to like, you know, you've mentioned listening to podcasts. What, what are, what have been some other things that you've tapped into or tuned into that have really helped you cultivate your level of

Shelby: awareness?

Um, well, I can talk to kind of like, there's, there's two kind of layers to it. There's kind of like you hear something on a podcast and then you do it, and then there's that level of, usefulness, but then you add some classes to it and then all of a sudden you go even deeper. And so I remember in 2020 listening to Anne's weekly weather, she mentioned her pinball method, right.

Whereas you put all of your planets in order by degree and you see what it speaks to in your life. And I remember doing that and having these like huge revelations. But then like this past month I did, planet Square, the Nodes, which is the class in the academy with Ari, Moshi Wolf and [00:20:00] I. That was when I realized that Pluto had squared my nodes during that period.

And then earlier this week, I did the same thing with Pluto and Capricorn, where I, I looked at that list of the pinball method and then tracked exactly what happened on like when Pluto aspected my Neptune, which is my youngest planet when Pluto aspect my Mercury, which is my oldest planet. And I made that story and so.

I don't know if I can answer what's the single thing. I can only answer that there's a practice of this study and revelation that kind of has exploded in my life, where it's all of a sudden there's these moments of, I understand what to look for and when I do something, I always find some sort of treasure, some sort of, unco, there's like some sort of, shining thread that gets [00:21:00] uncovered. Amazing.

Making Astrology a Interactive Practice

Shelby: Okay. Shelby,

Amanda: you just mentioned the word Yeah. I would love to explore or

discover some of the things that you do. Like how do you make astrology a practice? You've mentioned taking some courses, which is awesome, and then following the threads, do you.

Do you find that you participate with astrology in a ceremonial way? In a ritual, in a, with any ritual? You're a Virgo. So my guess would be, yes, you love to do this sort of ritual kinds of things. And if so, how? Like what are, what are some of your favorite things to do to make

Shelby: it a practice? I do track the moons, like the, I think it's called lunar shadows that, uh, where it's the four.

You do the new moon, the quarter moon, the full moon, and the last quarter moon, where it's that two and a half year cycle. And I go back and I track what did I, , do on, on that date? So for example, for most like [00:22:00] Taurus new moons, I usually plant some sort of seeds. that's a practice. But what I, I really do is I, , I look up what the astrology's going to be.

So, for example, the Mars retrograde that we had this this past winter that was right over my moon stallion. And my moon stallion includes my Chiron and it aspects lake. I've got a grand mutable cross. All that was thrown up. And so what I did is I tracked what those dates were and I made sure that there was room, for me on those dates to be really, really gentle with myself.

And to, you know, I would, I would pull cards on those days. I made a list of all the aspects that were gonna happen. I pulled cards like this, and I made it something where it was a self tending practice and not just like, I'm waiting for myself to get hit by this, like, sad stick. And, and that's been very helpful because what it did is it made it, so instead of me feeling [00:23:00] like I'm getting a, a beating from a transit, It's, I'm in conversation with this transit.

Things are coming up, they're important. And, and what, what I also did is I made room for taking more classes so that I understood it better. And what was beautiful is that was, there was always something really, um, juicy in the academy where I was learning something, directly related to something that was going on now.

So like, uh, Bronwyn Simon's, um, lunar phases I remember was really helpful during that time because of course it's my Gemini moon and she's giving me a new way to like deal with my beautiful Gemini moon.

How Astrology Shifted My Approach In Life

Amanda: How has all of this helped you become a better human, like better in your relationships, better to yourself, better in your work?

Uh, how do you see it showing up like in practical, tangible

Shelby: ways in your life?

I am really anchored in knowing this is my path and not [00:24:00] somebody else's path. So I go back and I look at that, that period of that Pluto Square, my notes, and know that Aris was on my north node. It was a really sad, disruptive time for a lot of people and. I was trying to find a balance of being really soothing to people.

And also, Aris is, is known as the goddess of strife, but she's also, like, the way I think of her is the, the goddess of disharmony who brings more harmony. And so I was doing things that were disruptive, especially to my family. So, like for example, I was digging into all of our, our personal ancestry.

And so I was able to bring up, racial incidents. I was able to bring up the fact that two of my, um, my grandmother's parents were second cousins and why, and I was able to like dive [00:25:00] deep into it in a way where it's anchored me. To know where I come from, but also to recognize like, I am the changer of these stories.

I am the person who inherits this and changes it. And instead of me questioning like, oh, should I do an, do something nice because I've got a Libra South node? Right? Um, should I, uh, conjunct my Venus actually as like, should I, should I keep being the nice person? It's like, actually I am being the nice person.

It's just a, I'm inventing a new sort of nice. So good. I

Amanda: love what you said, that you have this awareness now or understanding that your path is your own. Mm-hmm. At least in my experience, and, and I don't know if this is true for you, but in understanding that so much of the, oh, well they should do this or it should be this way, or, or the judgment around why everyone doesn't see it the certain way.

All that just dis [00:26:00] dissipates because, Because astrology shows us that they

Shelby: won't see it exactly

Amanda: the way you see it or have the same path you have by design. Right? It's actually just the way it's meant, it's designed to be by, by nature itself. So trying to like get everybody to be the same and think the same and, and act the same and all that, it's, first of all, it's never gonna work.

And second of all, there, there doesn't need, need to be judgment around that actually, that is to be celebrated. Right? Because it's what is, it's how it's, it's meant to be, right? So, and for the, with that comes compassion and understanding.

Shelby: And to me, even though

Amanda: it could seem like it would be dividing in some way, cuz it's, it's recognizing differences.

It's actually unifying. Yeah. Cause. It's like, oh, well, you know, of course, of course we're seeing this different way, like, help, let me understand the way you're saying, seeing it instead of judging you and expecting you to see it my way. [00:27:00] Right?

Shelby: Yeah. And I, I started writing about this, around this same period, but I started calling that perspective that a person has their foundational lens.

Hmm. And I feel like every person has a foundational lens in their chart. And when you see that foundational lens, whether it's an astrologer or someone else, and I'm similar with writing, where like I remember walking into writing classes and being like, that's your lens. That's doesn't have to do with like what I want.

So like if I'm writing, if I love fantasy fiction and you don't like fantasy fiction, of course you're not gonna like my stuff. It's like, but there are some people that really will, and it's more about finding your groove. And also finding the groove of the people that kind of resonate with you. And also not expecting it to be, you know, all the Sagittarius are the same.

You know, I've got, I. I've got a ton of, like, my parents have the same birthday. Um, my ascended is on that degree. We do have a lot of similarities, but the rest of our chart is like a [00:28:00] mess in comparison. And so we do have these like friction moments, but it's also this beautiful celebration of, um, well we're, it's like we're growing partners.

In that it's like we're different enough that we kind of push each other a little bit and we're similar enough where it's like, you know, we can decide that we're all intact as we are, and by growing in this way, we can really, um, can really expand into this next, um, collaboration as a family. You know, it's, it's teamwork, right?

And to see each other as whole in our charts is extremely powerful. So for example, my Saturn, my dad and I kind of were contentious when I was growing up, right? His mercury is on my Saturn, but his son is on my sunnet. And [00:29:00] so there's a lot of times where I'm like, he says something and I don't like it.

And then I see what he does. That's not exactly what he said. And I said, okay, I'm gonna lean into what you did and who you are rather than what you said. And that sort of understanding, that sort of way of approaching people and astrology, that really brings us into this next level of, what's our role here and how can we grow together, inside a family as individuals and also as like bigger communities, you know?

What's, what's your Elaine, right? Yeah. What, what's

Amanda: your family? How do they feel about astrology? Is it something you discuss or is it

Shelby: just, my sister enjoys hearing what I tell her about it, so I've talked to her. She's got a tourist moon, so I've, I tell her a few things about like, you know, this is how an earth sign would react to this.

Mm-hmm. Um, my parents are like puzzled by it. My brother's kind of like, what are you doing? [00:30:00] It's like, this seems to be important to you, but I'm gonna do my face cuz he does do his face. Um, but. You know, my best friend enjoys it because she's like, she got me into the astrology. And so all of a sudden I'll be like, oh yeah, you're having this Chan transit.

Or sometimes it's like, we're having this transit because we were on, we were born only three months apart. And so it's kind of like, it's hitting our Chiron here, so we're just gonna like chill for a moment. And she's like, oh, okay. Love it. I love it.

Shelby's Inner Circle Experience

Amanda: So what made you decide to join the Inner Circle and, and what, what's your favorite part about being

Shelby: in our Inner Circle community?

I was joining, I was joining when the, the, um, the tarnishes were giving their talk. I I think you only opened it for like three days that your astrological

Amanda: initiation,

Shelby: right? Yes. Okay. And, and so at that time I was like, wow, this is really cool. And it wasn't, it, it [00:31:00] was almost like, it wasn't enough anymore just to listen to the podcast.

It was like I, and I had taken a couple of the, the Academy courses. I, um, and I had really enjoyed them and gotten a lot out of them, but I knew like I was ready to have more conversations about this. I, I also understood like, what's, what's beautiful about the inner circle is like there's so many astrological minds gathered in one place, and a lot of 'em are, you know, the luminaries we studied from.

Um, and on a monthly basis, the monthly mentors. But what's also cool is like these are people that also know their charts super duper well. And so you're meeting people that, um, you're having in-depth Chiron conversations. Like, I've got a Chiron Moon stallion, and someone else is like, oh man, mine's opposite.

And so you're like getting really deep into this like very, very, um, unique aspect without feeling like you're alone in it. You know, it's like [00:32:00] you are communing with someone at a level where you guys are, are meeting on common ground. And it's beautiful to be inside that community, especially in like the um, like the new moon calls for example, where it's kind of like it's a moment in time.

We're celebrating it together.

What are

Amanda: the, you've mentioned the community, you've mentioned the new moon calls. What are the resources that you, that you get the

Shelby: most out of?

I think I, I really love, um, the classes. Not just the part where you're taking the class, the way that you're seeing other people's questions at the same time. It's kind of like, you know, we've, we've, uh, just gone over Aris and Haman, Maki, Maki and um, Pluto, and all of a sudden it's not just my knowledge at spite, but everybody's knowledge is Spike.

And so we're exchanging all of these stories [00:33:00] around these big, very new celestial entities, right? And it's that feeling of, um, It's that feeling of being a field researcher among other field researchers when it comes to astrology, where you feel like you're, so, you're exchanging notes on something that's very, very new and contributing to this reunion between people and the stars, which we used to have.

Like back in Shakespeare's day, uh, when he named the Star Cross Lovers, he was talking about astrology. Everybody knew what that was, and I feel like we're getting back to it. Maybe it's just my circle, but I feel like we're getting back to it. Or at least we're kind of like the four bears of getting back to that.

Yeah, it's, it's hard to tell.

Amanda: Right. But I love what you're describing because this was one of the things when we looked at creating the inner circles, like, first of all, most people feel

Shelby: pretty alone in

Amanda: speaking the language. They don't have a ton of people around them where they can be like, I. I'm in a Pluto [00:34:00] Square by notes.

It's like, ah, yeah. Has anybody else been there? How did you deal with it? So that

Shelby: alone can be

Amanda: so reaffirm reassuring, right? Right. But then what you're talking about in terms of being able to share information and really learn from each other's experiences, this didn't, I mean, technology is enabling this.

This didn't exist like not even that long ago.

Shelby: Right. And so, What

Amanda: you're talking about, you know, being field researchers among field researchers, it, it helps us have a different understanding of these archetypes, of these aspects of transits and, and, and how they can show up in our lives far beyond the few examples you get from a book, for example, right?

Shelby: That's

Amanda: one astrologer's lens, right? That's one astrologer's understanding. It does, it, it couldn't possibly contain the breadth of what might be possible in a specific transit, for example, Pluto Transit. Right. So it just, it [00:35:00] just opens up so much for us to, again, have that agency and how we wanna work with these, these energies as they come up in our

Shelby: lives.


Astrology As An Incomplete Experience

Shelby: And to bring it back to what we were talking about earlier, when you feel like something's incomplete, it may be incomplete and it may also be incomplete. For everyone because it's something that's so new, especially since like, you know, Pluto was discovered in 1930. If, if something that you hear about Pluto doesn't resonate, maybe it's because you're the person that's bringing it into focus.

And same with Aris and, and the other in Chiron 1970, right? It's like these were not discovered recently and it's almost like we're inheriting. Those, those single, um, astrologers from the books, right? Yeah. And a lot of 'em that you're bringing into, as, as the teachers, right? Mm-hmm. And we get to circle around and say, well, this is my actual experience.

And so we redefine and [00:36:00] expand the definition by defining it for ourselves. Yes.

Amanda: And. What you brought, what, what, what's the name of your, what, what was it? Stories that like unfolding. Oh, people are in stories. In progress. Yes. People are stories in progress. Well, so are planets, right? Yeah. So, so when they get frozen in time as like this is the only archetypical expression of this energy.

It's really, and I've asked this question to so many astrologers, cause I'm really curious about this and most of them agree with this perspective that. That they evolve as our consciousness evolves and vice versa, that we're in this dance with them. And by expanding our awareness of what's possible within ourselves, we're also expanding the definition of what that planetary archetype holds.

And, and that, yeah. And that the, the interpretations are limited by the, the [00:37:00] consciousness level of the people of the time.

Shelby: Yeah. And also that, um, you know, you've gotta be aware, we've only seen ais and Aries, for example, right? What will she feel like in TAs? We've only seen Pluto in like half the signs at this point, right?

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Because it's got a 200 some year orbit, right? And so it's like if we decide that we're co-creating with the planet, it'll give us a new language. It'll give us a new story to tell. But it's not like it's, it's not just a surrender, it's a collaboration. And I think that that's something that, other generations possibly didn't have the resources for because didn't Rick Levine also say like, The astrology used to be used basically to, um, like there were the court astrologers.

Yeah. And they were asked to do, you know, is it safe to get married or is it safe to take the suffer? Is it safe to go to war? What are [00:38:00] the good times for that? Right. That was really like, those are only like a few questions to be asking astrology. And now we're asking astrology, who am I? What's my purpose in the world?

How can I best achieve, fulfillment as a soul in this life? Yeah, the,

Amanda: the psychological orientation around astrology

Shelby: is relatively new, right? I mean,

Amanda: it's super new, but it's, yeah. So I think that, uh, it's a great point and it makes it super exciting to be a part, like, as you said, we're on the forefront of like discoveries together,

Shelby: right?

And who knows? Research. What's that? Field research. Yes. Field research and, and, and who knows what we'll do with this

Amanda: information and, and how it will serve future generations and how it will serve to evolve astrology as a field itself. Right.


Amanda: So Shelby, I'm super grateful for your time, for your energy, for your story.

It's been so much fun for me to connect with you. As I was telling you before we [00:39:00] went live, like this is one of my favorite things because we're,

Shelby: we're,

Amanda: I'm sharing my story quite a bit and we're often, you know, sharing our own information, but I love connecting with the community and hearing your stories.

And just, it all comes to life on a whole nother level. So I hope all of you also have benefited from Shelby's story. Shelby, you are an, an inspiration. Thank you so much for, again, just, just living your life and sharing and, and being in your lane as you said. Um, and for any of you out there who are like, oh, wow, I, I can, I feel what Shelby's saying and I'd love to take it beyond the things I've been doing on my own.

You know, listening to podcasts or taking things on your own, uh, the inner circle is open right now. You can join us right now. The other option is to get on the wait list and wait for a promotional period, like Shelby was talking about, that three day promotional period we did where she jumped in.

So if you're just eager to jump in, now you can [00:40:00] at the inner circle's, regular price. If you are like, ah, I'd like to wait for a promotional period, you can get on the wait list. So the way that you do either one of those things, You can go to

Amanda: astrology 23. If you're like, I wanna jump in now. If you jump in now and we do have a promo period, you will have the opportunity to adjust your monthly pricing when we do that.

So that's one way you can do it. Second way is to get on the wait list, and that


Shelby: slash

Amanda: inner circle waitlist astrology circle waitlist. You'll be the first to know when we do open up a promo period, and we'd love to have you. It's a great community, great people like Shelby, so we would love to have

Shelby: a, a chance to be on the

Amanda: forefront and be field researchers together.

Shelby, anything else you wanna leave us with in, in closing?

Shelby: Yeah, I, I just wanna say like, thank you so much because you've really gathered a [00:41:00] great crew of, you know, you've got a great team, but you've also gr gathered a great community and it's a really lovely place to, to kind of hold other people's hands and you're have your own hand held when you're going through one of these big transits to, um, to know that you're not alone when you're going through one of the, like, the gnarly moments.

You can be seen and also other people can help you understand your own experience too. So thank you for that. Hmm. God,

Amanda: Shelby, when, when creating Astrology Hub, I often have the vision of just like holding out a hand. Hmm. And helping people through all these different ti things that we go through. So to hear you say that

Shelby: that's happening within the community, you

Amanda: know that's not.

That that doesn't stop with me extending a hand that you're extending hands to each other. That's even better. It's amazing. So thank you for that reflection, and again, thank you for being here on the podcast. Thank you, all of you for [00:42:00] listening in, for being a part of our community, for living your life with astrology as a part of it.

And I can't wait to connect with you on the next episode. Would love to hear too. Do you like these stories of transformation? We decided after, after airing some of these a few months ago, that we would love to continue the series, one or two a month and just, you know, keep, keep the storytelling going.

So let us know how you like it. Also, we'll put the links to any of the Academy courses that Shelby mentioned today that some of you might want to tune into. We'll put those in the show notes so that you can do that easily. All right, everybody, take care and we will see you soon.



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