What does Financial Astrology Have to Say About the AI Bubble?

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Astrologers Joe G & Mitchell Scott Lewis discuss the Astrology of AI and how the Age of Aquarius might affect the financial world.

On this episode, you'll learn…
🌕How the shift from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius relates to the current AI narrative
🌖 Why Pluto in Aquarius could bring shifts in how humanity deals with energy
🌗 The impact of retrograde planets, particularly Jupiter, on market trends and how this knowledge can be leveraged for both short-term trading and long-term investment strategies.

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Financial Astrology

Mitch Scott Lewis: [00:00:00] We are just, Tipping our toe into the age of Aquarius . But we are seeing some of the unquestionable, examples of what we can expect. a couple of weeks ago Nvidia, jumped 30% in one day. One day. Now, sometimes the stock will do that, but this is just the beginning, just the tiptoe. Adobe is doing the same thing. Now. These are all AI companies.

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Joe G: Hello and welcome everybody. I'm so happy that you're here. For those of you who are new to our channel, welcome. You have joined a worldwide astrological conversation that's happening here every week. So if you are new, hit that subscribe button and the [00:01:00] notification bell. And dive into all the videos that we have here.

We post a video pretty much every day, and if you like astrology, we probably have something for you. My name is Joji. I am an astrologer and part of astrology hubs production team, and today I'm here. I. With Mitchell Scott Lewis, who's been here a couple times and is currently or astrologer with the quarterly financial outlook.

So today we're gonna be talking about a few different things. We're gonna be talking about planets in retrograde and how to look at it in the chart or how planet planets in retrograde might affect the global finances and maybe how you can use that information to make better financial decisions.

And, but we'll also talk about something that. Keeps coming up time and time again, and it's this whole AI bubble or this AI cloud that's just kinda like hovering everywhere. You can't look anywhere on the internet these days without hearing something about [00:02:00] AI and something about technology and all that.

So we'll also be talking about that and how it might affect finances and or how it might affect the astrologer or how the astrology speaking to that in the moment. Did you wanna talk about the retrograde first or do you want to address the elephant in the room and jump into the AI question?

Mitch Scott Lewis: Let's talk about AI first. When something is happening, There's an old saying nothing's more powerful than an idea of whose time has come. And throughout history, we see this, whether it's countries that change through revolution or whatever the thing is when we look back, as they say, hindsight is 2020, we can see what led up to these things.

We are entering slowly the Aquarion age. Now an age lasts 2000 years, people, astrologers or anybody who says, oh, the aquarium age started last Tuesday.

That's silly. It takes [00:03:00] hundreds of years. To eventually delve and get and evolve into that age. The age of Pisces began, so to speak, with the birth of Jesus.

But it took 440 years for the Roman Empire to collapse. It is an evolving, Concept. And with the age of Pisces coming up, it was the age of Christianity or all religions. I don't, it's not one religion as opposed to another, but in European history it's the Catholic church that rose into prominence to take the place of what Rome had been. And like I said, it took hundreds of didn't just take a few years. We are just, Tipping our toe into the age of Aquarius . But we are seeing some of the unquestionable, examples of what we can expect.

For example, Pluto. Pluto is the planet of [00:04:00] transformation and. It is just entering Aquarius, which is, it's gonna take the rest of this year for cause. It's gonna dance back and forth from Aquarius and Capor. As it gets deeper into Aquarius, it will have a major effect on our evolution into the age of Aquarius.

Pluto rules energy. It rules fossil fuel, but it rules plutonium. It rules all energy. My research for decades has shown me that this is quite true. So what's happening is we are slowly leaving the age of oil and entering the age of electricity, which is what Aquarius rules. Now again, this isn't going to happen overnight. It's gonna be another generation before we are pretty much void of too much use of fossil fuels. . But we are seeing a transformation into electric [00:05:00] vehicles much faster than anybody expected.

Not just Tesla. Ford General Motors, they're all Volkswagen. They're all going into EV cuz they see it's the future. And Ford and GM just signed deals with Tesla to use their plugins so that you can drive whatever car you have and go to a Tesla plugin place and charge up your battery. We are also seeing a lot of changes in our political situation.

Without getting into the politics itself, cause that's for a whole nother conversation. But there is a testing of what humanity, which is what Aquarius rules wants and needs for its future. So all of these things are happening alongside of the technological changes. Now Aquarius and it's ruling planet Uranus rules technology. [00:06:00] It rules the nasdaq. If you watch the stocks, the s and Ps, the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow, they tend to follow each other pretty much. But sometimes Dow will go up and the NASDAQ will go down or vice versa because the NASDAQ has completely different entity. It was begun in a different era than those other stock exchanges.

And since we're talking about AI and the AI bubble, a couple of weeks ago Nvidia, or some people pronounce it Nvidia jumped 30% in one day. One day. Now, sometimes the stock will do that, but this is just the beginning, just the tiptoe. Adobe is doing the same thing. Now. These are all AI companies. What's going to happen in the long run? Let's go back in history. In 1997, a bubble was started that we now call the.com bubble. Again, it was the Nasdaq, [00:07:00] a fairly new entity, and it ruled all technological things. It ruled the internet. It ruled companies.com. Companies that would, begin with a name dog food.com.

Didn't even have a store. The I P O would be $12 and it would run up to $160 on nothing. That's what a bubble is and I know some people who had millions of dollars and they lost every dime of it cause they wouldn't believe that the bubble was done Soon as Jupiter left Aquarius the bubble continued for a while, but I saw the writing on the wall and I told some of my friends, I was trading commodities at the time.

I told all my friends who had a lot of money, I said, take some of the money out. Put it in your retirement fund. You can play with the rest of it, but don't you know, don't be stupid. March, 2000 was the top of the.com bubble. That is when the planet Saturn, which is the planet of [00:08:00] restriction, began its square.

It went into Taurus, it began its square to Uranus. Uras rules, technological things, Saturn is restriction. What happened? The bubble exploded literally again overnight. And the Nasdaq lost 75% of its value in a matter of weeks. Now we have Saturn, which has been in Aquarius for the last two and a half years.

It is just now entering Pisces and Pluto. Which has been in Capricorn for decades is now entering Aquarius. So what's happening is Saturn had restricted the tech stocks the last two years, and if you look at the charts, they dove, Tesla lost 65% of its value. A lot of the companies did. The Nasdaq got creamed.

All of a sudden, Tesla has doubled in price. Because [00:09:00] Saturn, the planet of restriction, has left Aquarius taking that pressure off technological things. Tesla meta apple, they're all rallying like crazy, and NASDAQ is doing gangbusters. It's beginning a new bubble. We are in a bull market. By tech, by technical terms, if the market is 20% above its lows, it's in a bull market, we'll see what happens over the year and we'll talk about what I think will happen.

But all of this is an example of what a bubble does, how it responds to astrology, and the more you understand this and you know how to trade, the more you can use this information. That's why we're doing the webinars. I'm giving this information out to people because, I have done this for many years.


Joe G: Actually before we, we continue moving forward. Can you explain what like a bubble is? Absolutely. For a person who's never [00:10:00] heard that word before,

Mitch Scott Lewis: absolutely.

There are bubbles and busts. Bulls and bears. Bulls believe the market's going up. Theres believe it's going down. As I've said in several webinars, there's an old expression on Wall Street. Bulls make money. Bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. You can bet that the markets are gonna go up or you can short the market say that you think it's gonna go down. A bubble is when a market starts to rally and it can be an individual stock can be in a bubble, or the entire markets can be, and it just explodes. It runs on the energy of psychology. Psychology is what? Moves the markets more than what they call fundamentals, which is supply and demand or technicals. If you look at a chart, you can see how a market, how, let's say a stock is [00:11:00] going up and it comes down here, it's hit what they call support.

If it goes up here, it's it. It's what they call resistance. If it gets beyond that, it'll go up. If it gets beyond that, it'll go down. It's psychology. What do you think is going to happen? Yesterday, the Dow ran up almost 600 points, ran up closing over 400 because investors believe that the feds are going to stop raising rates. Now, the feds haven't said they're gonna do that, the underlying psychology is that's what's going to happen. It's one of the reasons why we are entering a bull market for however long it lasts. Now, A bubble. A real bubble is more than just a bull market. It's an exploding market. It blows up like a bubble.

And eventually what happens to a bubble is you, if you get out before the pop, you can make a lot of money. If you don't, [00:12:00] you lose a lot. I had a friend down in when I was trading, It worked. His whole life wasn't wealthy, but he had managed to accrue in the.com bubble 2 million. And I said to him, take the profits. This is your future. You can use this money, buy a house, you can invest, you can change your life. And he refused to do it. And he wound up having to sell his car for a margin call. So when we look at a bubble, you have to be careful. Now some people are too cautious. I knew somebody had Starbucks stock, bought it $6.

When it got $20, she sold it. I said, what are you crazy? There's three Starbucks on every corner in New York City. You know you can't, it's now trading $160 or something. I share, I don't even know where so this is why it's important to learn about the markets, not just about astrology. [00:13:00] Astrology is a tool.

It is one of my favorite tools, but it's not the only one that I look at. For example, let's go into the retrograde planets for a minute. When Jupiter changes direction, that means it's going retrograde. All of a sudden, or it's been retrograde, it's gonna go direct. Now, that is very often a reversal in the stock not a hundred percent.

Cause astrology is more complicated than a lot of people would like it to be. They want to be able to say, oh, Jupiter's going direct. Therefore, that means every time it happens, it's not the way it works. But historically, it is a good indicator of a reversal of a market. So if a market has been down and Jupiter goes into retrograde or direct it, there will be a reversal at least for a short period of time. If you are trading short term, this will mean one thing. If you are what we call a position trader, so you buy a half [00:14:00] dozen stocks and you wanna hold them for the next 10 years, that's a whole different attitude. Now, again, learn as much as you can. A lot of these trading platforms, TD Ameritrade is one of my favorites.

I have questions, I call 'em up, they answer the phone right away. They'll spend a half an hour, 40 minutes on the phone with me explaining options, explaining whatever I want, whatever I need to learn. And they'll give you free webinars to watch and they're really quite remarkable. They want you to make money.

It's like going to a casino. If you go to a casino and you win 30 grand, they're gonna send you free gifts and that get the hotel room for free. Cause they want you to come back and lose the 30 grand back again. TD and all of these trades, E-Trade and Charles Schwab and all the rest, and they make money by having money. Same way that an insurance company can pay you a life insurance policy where you pay $10 a month if they give you [00:15:00] 50,000 when you die, because they're collecting that $10 a month or whatever it is from a million people. They're taking that money and they are investing it, and what they're paying you is the interest on the investment.

Same way that the lottery does. Lottery pays you back for a big winning over 20 years. Why? That money is somewhere, bonds or wherever it is making money. So they're just paying you what they're making on the interest. Stocks are exactly the same way. you have a position, for example, some people like what we used to call blue chip stocks.

That's what the Dow was GM was one of the first stocks in the Dow a couple of years ago. It was removed from the Dow because it wasn't doing it anymore. Lost a lot of its value. Right now what we're dealing with is Google, Nvidia, apple. These are the, the high rollers Tesla.

These are the big, the biggies. [00:16:00] Tesla apple is worth 3 trillion right now. Nvidia just went into the trillion Dollar Club. It's now valued over a trillion dollars. Trillion dollars. That's a lot of money. I don't think we could spend that in a long weekend in Atlantic City. We can try. We could buy Atlantic City, whatever want.

Joe G: We talked about this AI bubble. And we talked about Pluto and Aquarius being like a little bit of a push towards that. But we also talked about retrogrades and how retrogrades can point towards reversals and things like that.

And Pluto of course just went retrograde back into Capricorn. And I think that a lot of the people on the comments will probably jump to as their first question,

Mitch Scott Lewis: how does the. Yeah. Yeah, that, no, that's an excellent point. When we are dealing with a long-term transit, I always tell my clients, I have clients who know a lot about astrology.

Oh my God, Saturn was on my moon, and now it's backed off a [00:17:00] half a degree. How come I'm still so tired? Because Saturn's coming back again and it knows it, and you know it somewhere in your psyche. And The energy that you're under, it's not going to suddenly disappear what we're dealing with now, Pluto, going through Capricorn, certainly had a massive effect on our society, not just in America, but throughout the world.

There is a real battle of power. That's what Pluto rules, power. Remember rules, energy rules, all sorts of power and power struggles between what kind of a future does humanity want? What is America one? America is split in a divide, not seen, certainly since the 1860s. And part of that was Pluto going through Capricorn, which was testing.

Of course. Remember, America has Pluto and Capricorn, so we're going through our Pluto return, but it's also that Saturn and Jupiter and Mars and Pluto, all conjuncted in [00:18:00] Capricorn creating this incredible. Buildup of tension that our elections have shown and our social unrest has shown, and this underlying sense that we are in a power struggle and in a period of time where there is less, I would say, a little less optimism than there has been for some time.

But more than that, it's a period of time when the demands of the individual are superseding what may be best for the general public. Now, again, I'm not taking sides in a political question. That's not what this is all about. Doesn't matter which side you're on. My feeling has always been that. To quote Abe Lincoln, a house divided cannot stand.

One way or another, America has to fuse that [00:19:00] chasm. Or we're going to be, like a divorced couple that shouted at each other across the kitchen table. Cause they're not listening anymore. Now Pluto Edge isn't Aquarius. Certain things happen. What happens is the Biden administration gets very into.

Alternative fuels. That's Aquarius. That's Pluto energy into Aquarius changes, backs off again into Capricorn. We will probably see the price of oil start to go up again. That's one. One indicator of what's happening throughout our culture is to watch the commodities and the stocks. This is what drew me to this to begin with. So Pluto dancing back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn will have a number of thoughts. For example, as it started to retrograde, Saudi Arabia decided it is cutting its fuel.

Its oil output by a million barrels a day. [00:20:00] Immediately oil started to go up. Just as Pluto gets ready to go back into Capricorn. And there are hundreds throughout the webinars, as Joe, cause you're there when we do and there are dozens of examples of how astrology works pinpoint in the markets.

This is the top. Why, because Jupiter did this, Saturn did that, Uranus did that, whatever it might be. Here's where the crash came. Why sat and opposed uras. Boom. And it's just over and over. It's truly remarkable. Joe, I am in awe of astrology.

I've always been a student of history too. I love history. I'm a reader. Not only do I read charts, but I read, hundreds of books and when I started to find connections over time. Gee silver does this, cotton does that, Deutsch Marks does that coffee, oil, whatever it is. And I started to see the thread. That's when I started to [00:21:00] really delve into kind of homework that I do. So when I do a webinar, yes I look at the history of it.

As, I often start with a chart of the Dow or the s and ps to show how the markets went for the last a hundred years. Then we take it into pieces. 20 years at a time, and then we might break it down to a year or several months, whatever we're looking at. There are traders who trade with a five minute, chart.

They wanna know oil's gonna go up over the next five minutes because over the last day it did this every five minutes and did this and this. And so they'll buy it and then they'll sell it. They make a little profit. I don't like to do that. Minute to minute trading may seem nuts. I don't even like day trading, but when you trade commodities, that's exactly what you're Now, I prefer to take either a position, as I mentioned in the webinar, I took a position in Uber recently. I bought Uber at around $24 right after we did the second quarter, [00:22:00] and it's now trading at almost 45. That was two months ago, two and a half months Almost doubled the price. In fact, I think it's very close to doubling in it's a great trade. Now I'm looking at it two ways. A lot of profit in that trade. So maybe I'll take a little off the table and put it on the side, or maybe I'll put a stop in trading at, let's say 43 50. So I put a stop in at $39. If it goes down to $39, I'm automatically sold out electronically. But usually what I do is I like to take a piece and hold onto a If the market's gonna continue to go up, I'll still make profits. If it goes down, I've locked in my This, you're not going to find for most astrologers unless they've traded. It's one thing to do it theoretically. Theoreticals are great, by theoretical every time [00:23:00] Saturn by Transit crosses your Venus, you should feel this and this.

That's not always the case. What, what makes somebody a good reader is experience. anything else, you look at a thousand charts, 2000 charts in your life, you learn stuff. So I believe in both. You need the history, but you can't put blinders on you. So you use the history to give you an indication of what you can expect.

Then you watch the markets. If they're doing what the historical facts tell you, great. You follow the trade. If it looks like it's going in an opposite direction, then you need to do a little more homework and say why is that? The last three times, Saturn was transitting a water sign, now it's in an air sign or whatever it might be, and you learn more.

Joe G: to, to that in this conversation about learning how to like, really look at these charts and also look at history and look at all these different factors[00:24:00] We talked about the Pluto retrograde and how, and we talked about retrogrades and how they can point to reversals.

Is that, is there Like a piece of advice that you have on how to watch retrogrades as a whole? Because I think a lot of the the assumptions that people have is that okay, there's a retrograde, I'm not gonna do anything that's far while the retrograde gone. I ran a trading newsletter for a while, quite a while when I was on the floor.

Every time Mercury would retrograde. I would put on the top, Mitchell Scott Lewis financial newsletter. Never trade on a retrograde. Then I would give them my picks. It's not that you can't trade. Remember we do split the planets into two sections, really? Three. There's the Who, planets, the Sun, moon, mercury, Venus, Mars.

There's the middle planet's, Jupiter and Saturn. That are like the, hedge planets and then there's the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, [00:25:00] Pluto, and the trans Neptune planets. As we discover the inner planets have to do more with our personalities and with our day-to-day activity, is why when Mercury retrogrades, it makes things very ca kalu.

It's your computer blows up and what am I gonna do? You can't buy a new computer while it's switch me. When Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto retrograde, yes, it's going to have an effect on you, but the real effect is more on the collective. That's how I read Pluto's in retrograde right now.

There are plenty of issues throughout the world, in our country and elsewhere where power is being decided different circumstances politically, financially. Many other ways. For example the cryptocurrency mess, which it is, now that Pluto is retrograding and going back into Capricorn is when the people who ran the crypto banks [00:26:00] are being brought up on trial. Certain things will be decided. That will have an impact on the entire industry. It will then go into Aquarius again, and you may see a resurgence in crypto. But what I've always thought about crypto is two things, three things. One, I see no reason for it to exist. I've always thought it was a bit of a con gain.

Not everybody agrees with me. I have friends who trade it. I don't care. Make money. Who cares? Make money. Pick up a dinner check once in a while we Either cryptocurrency is going to become regulated or it's going out of business, and three people who believe that Bitcoin is going to take the place of the dollar do not understand how money works. At one point, we were all on the gold standard. Every country had to have gold to back its currency.

In the first World War, all the European nations run the gold standard. And somewhere in the middle of the war, they all realized they didn't have enough [00:27:00] money. They couldn't keep building tanks and getting troops and giving them uniforms and, guns. So they all went off the gold standard.

And that led to the depression of 1920 to 1922. Because there isn't enough gold in the world, people who think we're gonna go back on the gold standard now, they don't. They don't get it. Gold would have to be worth a million dollars an ounce. We've created trillions and trillions of dollars. Do you know that the Romans did not even have a word for the number million?

They couldn't conceive of anything that big. Now we're talking about quadrillions of, we understand numbers differently and gold, while it makes a nice ring. And it's, it's a pleasant thing to have and if you want it because you think the world's gonna end, so keep a little gold in you.

I don't care. But to trade. In fact, I used a slide in the last, in the third quarter where I showed the motion of the dow and the motion of gold over, over the last a hundred years. [00:28:00] The Dow is a hundred times you would've made more money had you held it than if you held gold. I understand why people like It's built into our subconscious. But it isn't what it used to And we haven't been on the gold standard in America since the seventies when Nixon took us off the gold And so when we look at money today we call fiat That means nothing's backing. I give you a picture of Benjamin Franklin, you gimme a new pair of Why? Because we agree. I'll give you this piece of paper and you can go and buy food with it and then, if the world would've come to an end, if the dollar would've stop. When people say to me, Bitcoin, it's taking place at the dollar. I see really what's what's bitcoin worth? It's worth 30,000.

I say 30,000. What? I said, what do you mean $30,000? Exactly. Take away the dollars. What do you think Bitcoin's worth? It's only worth something because we give [00:29:00] it value and we give it value against something. What is that something? The dollar. All the currencies trade in a basket. The dollar trades against the yen, which trades against the pound, which trades against the Australian dollar, which trades against the, And they all trade back and forth accordingly.

When a Turkey, which has now 60 or 65% inflation, their currency is worthless. Venezuela, their currency is worthless. What currency has never been worthless? The US currency, we are still the biggest and richest country in the world, and in quarter four, I'm gonna spend a lot of time on America's Chart, and I'll explain a lot of why America is the way it is in, on a lot of different levels, including our political situation.

And we're going to look at things from a whole new perspective. And yeah that's what I've tried, exactly what I've tried to do, split this into pieces. And then when you're done, if you watch the [00:30:00] whole se, the whole four, or if we continue next year eight or whatever it turns out to be, you'll have a lot of information that connects how well the individual connects it.

That has to do with how their mind works, knowledge of life, what they want out of the circumstances, but it will all be there. Awesome. And for those of you who want to look into the course, the link is astrology hub.com/q3. Again, it's astrology hub.com/q3. And there you'll be able to, of course, find quarter three, but you'll also be able to see quarter one and two and get all of them as a bundle if you haven't gotten those yet.

And with that, I think we really did cover the The bulk of that question, like what's up with the Pluto retrograde, how to like work with the retrogrades and also like this looming AI bubble. But before we, we close everything, is there [00:31:00] one particular transit that you will cover or you might not cover in quarter three or quarter four that Can really add to this AI story that you maybe want people to really just keep an eye on and watch it.

Remember the reason why we do this every quarter is because the markets are different today than they were three months ago. They'll be different Yeah, for sure than they are today. What I do in between the quarters, of course I every, kept all the information. Cnbc, my friends call me up with stocks or whatever.

It's always looking at all this I'm going to be paying attention to what's happening. I know what Nvidia or Nvidia is. I've always known the stock, but I ain't paying attention to it until it exploded. Now I want to know and Adobe follows, and so we're looking at different things.

Over the next two months, I will be accruing more knowledge, more information, more questions. The more questions I have, the better I can answer them.[00:32:00] And so I don't know yet what's going to happen over the next quarter, but that's why I like doing this every three months. Not only do we go back and look at a little history, but we pay attention to where the markets are now, and then we can project what we can expect. Right on. Let me re rephrase the question then because maybe that will be a better way of asking it. Is there one transit that's coming? By the end of this year or like beginning of next year that you're really who, what is gonna happen here? There are a couple of transits that are coming over the next two years.

One of them is Uranus is entering Gemini. And as I mentioned quarter three, and I will REIT reiterate in quarter four when Uranus entered Gemini in the 17 hundreds, we started our revolution when Uranus entered Gemini in the 1860s. Is when the Civil War broke out, not before in 1939. Hitler invaded Poland, September [00:33:00] 1st, but Uranus was still in Taurus.

It wasn't until December of 1941 that Uras entered Gemini and the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and America entered So I am inclined to believe there is a chance, Joe, that America could find itself in a. Shooting war or some sort of a domestic upheaval that is far beyond what we've experienced yet.

In 2025 when URA Center's Gemini. My homework and anybody out there who would like to do it feel free is to look at all of the other coinciding transits and progressions. To America's chart and put the pieces together. This is what I do. This is why I'm very good at analyzing, and my predictions have been right on the money. I go on a show called Coast to Coast am a couple of times a year, and I've been doing it for, I don't know, 12, [00:34:00] 13, 14 years. Some astrologers, it's New Year's they predict 50 things, one or two come true. That's what they post on their website. The other 48, they ignore. I don't do that. I only make predictions that I think are right. Once in a while I am wrong, but most of the time I'm right because I take my time and I'd rather be right.

About a few things and make a difference in people's lives. Make a difference in, that's why when I give readings, I don't give a lot of predictions. People often say to me what's gonna happen and when am I gonna fall in love? Are you looking? I'm so busy, I don't look what did you do?

You ordered a pizza. Hope the guy was gonna deliver it and throw himself in your arms. Come on. Gotta take things in, realistically. So over the next couple of months, I will come up with a couple of things that hopefully will blow everybody's mind. That's me. Cool. Awesome. That's definitely something to look forward to.

All right, guys. With that, I think that is the [00:35:00] end of today's episode. And again, if you'd like to look into the course, get anything from quarter one to quarter three or just quarter three, if you want to just get some like very quick insights, you, all you have to do is go to astrology hub.com/. Q three and you'll find all the information that you need there.

With that Mitchell, is there anything else that you'd like to say before we go? No. Be happy it's summer. My favorite time of year. Get to the beach. Listen to the birds. Fall in love, whether it's with a person, an idea, a song, it doesn't matter, but let your heart sing for you. And that's what life is all about.

And it doesn't matter. I know people who are immensely wealthy, who are miserable, and I know people who got two nickel syrup up together and love every minute of their So it's not just a matter of money, it's a matter of what we do with it. It's a matter of how we share and what we give each other.

And I know I sound like an old [00:36:00] hippie. It's cause I'm an old hippie. Whatcha gonna do. It's the best thing to be, actually, young hippies is the best thing to be. That's fair. I'll take what I can get. But no, it's always a pleasure to chat with you. I enjoy our time together very much and I'm looking forward to quarter four.

Yeah, me too. All right guys. I'll see you guys on the next episode and bye. Bye.

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