Astrology This Week: The Aries Full Moon Foreshadowing Eclipse Season

Aries Full Moon Astrology Reading

The Last Aries Full Moon Astrologers Jamie Magee and Nura Rachelle talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it. On Today’s Episode You’ll learn… 🌕The impact of the Full Moon in Aries on vulnerability and relationship-building, and how it invites us to take the first step in meaningful connections. 🌗…

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The Sun Opposite Neptune & The Eleusinian Mysteries w/ Astrologer Christopher Renstrom

Option 2 61

Demeters’ Myth & The Sun Opposite Neptune On Today’s Episode You’ll learn… 🌔 The enigmatic interplay between the Sun and Neptune, fostering a space for exploring life’s unsolvable mysteries and encouraging a deeper contemplation of our place in the cosmos 🌕 About the Myth of Demeter, illustrating the delicate dance between mortality and immortality 🌖…

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Astrology This Week: How to Work with the Libra Equinox w/ Cameron Allen

The Libra Equinox

Harmonizing w/ the Libra Equinox Astrologers Jamie Magee and Cameron Allen talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it. On Today’s Episode You’ll learn… 🌔 Restorative cleanses for you to practice during the equinox to foster a seamless bond between your body and spirit, 🌕 Journaling techniques to encourage deeper…

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The Best Way to Learn Astrology for Free!

Learn Astrology for Free

Business Astrologer Georgia Stathis & Amanda Walsh share free resources for astrology students. On this episode, you’ll learn… 🌔 Where to easily find astrology books for free. 🌕 The transformative power of community effort in building a timeless repository of astrological wisdom. 🌖 The crucial role of safeguarding astrological literature. 🌟 3 Weeks. 3 Legends.…

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The Path to a Successful Astrology Coaching Career

Astrology Coaching

Lifestyle Coach Catherine Plano & Amanda Walsh discuss how professional astrologers could implement coaching techniques in their career as consultants… On this episode, you’ll learn… 🌔 How merging astrology with personal coaching unveils deeper layers of self-understanding, fostering a nuanced exploration of your strengths and virtues, 🌕 The transformative power of insightful questions in astrological…

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Astrology This Week: Aligning with the Aries North Node

Astrology This Week: Aries North Node

How to Harness the Power of the 2023 Eclipses Amanda Walsh and Andrea Michelle Kennedy talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it. On Today’s Episode You’ll learn… 🌔 How the North Node in Aries influences your decision-making process, urging you to break free from habitual patterns and step into…

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Venus Square Jupiter: The Meaning of Benefic Planets in Difficult Aspects w/ Christopher Renstrom

Horoscope Highlights

Can Conflict be Good? On Today’s Episode You’ll learn… 🌔 About the Venus Square Jupiter transit and its role in fostering conflicting desires and commitments 🌕 How Jupiter and Venus are attempting to align, promising harmony amidst imperfect circumstances 🌖 The roles of benefics and malefics in astrology and their unexpected influences on daily life…

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How to Pick a Career Using Astrology

Option 2 52

Traditional Astrologer Mychal Bryan & Amanda Walsh discuss ways to study career and vocation by looking at the birth chart… On this episode, you’ll learn… 🌒How astrology influences career choices and the unique insights it can offer 🌓The ethics of using astrology for career counseling, and how that might differ across cultures 🌑Astrology’s role in…

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The End of the Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Out of Retrograde Rick Levine

Astrology Forecast for September 2023 Join Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda Walsh in our latest podcast episode, as they unravel the cosmic mysteries of the month of September 2023. On this episode, you’ll learn… 🌔 How the upcoming eclipse season might bring about instantaneous resolutions, potentially fostering positive outcomes for a significant portion of the…

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