Harmonic Aspects & The Harmony of the Heavenly Spheres w/ Gemini Brett & Rick Levine

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Join Astrologers Rick Levine and Gemini Brett as they discuss the topic of Musical Harmony and how it intersects with Astrology.

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌑 About the intricate world of harmonics in astrology, as Gemini Brett and Rick Levine delve into quintiles, septiles, octiles, and their impact on astrological interpretations.
🌒 The historical and theoretical framework of harmonic astrology, including its relationship with music and the parallels between celestial and musical harmonies.
🌓 The practical implications of using harmonic aspects in astrology readings, with a focus on the fifth harmonic (quintile) and the concept of age harmonics, offering a more nuanced understanding of chart interpretations.

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