A Deep Dive Into Sagittarius and the Mars-Saturn Square w/ Astrologer Christopher Renstrom

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A Rough Start to Sagittarius Season

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 About the square between the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces, highlighting a range of emotions from joy to sadness and the duality inherent in this astrological alignment.
🌒 The characteristics of Sagittarius, with its fiery optimism and belief in the goodness of life, and how this contrasts with the influence of Saturn in Pisces, which often brings to light darker, more negative aspects.
🌓 Insights into the complex emotional states encouraged by the Sun-Mars Saturn square, using Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ as a metaphor to explore the necessity of both joy and sadness in life and the potential for emotional synthesis.

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