Harmonic Aspects & Harmonic Astrology: Are They the Same?

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Join Astrologers Rick Levine and Clarissa Dolphin with Amanda Walsh as they discuss the topic of Harmonic & Vibrational Astrology, Aspects and their difference in the new episode of the Cosmic Connection Podcast.

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌑 About the distinctions between harmonic and vibrational astrology, and the role of resonant frequencies in shaping a natal chart, offering a deeper understanding of astrology’s energetic patterns.
🌓 The significance of specific harmonics, such as the fourth, fifth, and seventh, in revealing hidden aspects and insights within astrology, and how these can transform traditional chart interpretations.
🌕 How harmonic astrology provides a unique perspective for personal growth and consciousness expansion, emphasizing its transformative impact on astrology readings and personal transformation.

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