Weekly Astrology Forecast: October 9th – 15th | Eclipse #1: Relationships in the spotlight

Last week I talked about how we’re officially in “eclipse season”… 

Astrologers say that during eclipses the “lights go out” for a moment, and when they come back on, everything can feel a bit different. 

Life may be rearranged. 

And things that were hidden before may come into focus as you see them with a new perspective. 

It can be a time of sudden, rapid, “life will never be the same” types of change, which is already happening in the world, and perhaps in your life as well. 

Taylor gave us reflection questions for this 6 week “eclipse season” that I’m going to remind you of now… 

  • Did I appreciate what I had when I had it? 
  • If everything were to change or end right now, what would I regret? 
  • How does the answer to that shift how I want to be living my life NOW?

It will be helpful to keep these overarching questions with you throughout this whole period (which ends early November), maybe even visible somewhere you can see daily.

This week, the energy will be mounting toward that first eclipse of the season, happening October 14/15, depending on where you are in the world. 

I’ve been touched by the visual beauty of this particular type of eclipse… it’s called an “annular eclipse” and it’s so captivating that I wanted to make sure and give you a visual of it, whether you’ll be in the viewing path or not!

solar eclipse america

*Photo taken from NASA

Essentially, the effect is a “ring of fire” because the moon is so far away from the earth that it doesn’t quite cover the fullness of the sun from our perspective. 

On this week’s “Weekly Astrological Weather,” the upcoming Inner Circle Astrologer and well-respected Author and leader in the Astrological Community, Wendy Stacey, explored what this eclipse will elicit in us, as it’s happening in Libra (and there’s a stellium in Libra this week).

Not surprisingly, this eclipse is pointing the spotlight on our RELATIONSHIPS. Not just intimate relationships (although those will definitely be emphasized, but ALL types of relationships). 

Wendy illuminated this eclipse opportunity by highlighting the importance of words like “negotiation” and “compromise…” 

She also said the eclipse holds the potential for a “test of faith” in relationships…

Where the opportunity to confront things from our past may present themselves, inviting us to deal with them and finally move forward. 

Wendy clearly stated this time is ideal for, “Owning it, dealing with it, taking responsibility for it, and moving forward. It's an opportunity to let things go, but not bury them. It’s about moving the relationship forward.” 

And with a Venus emphasis this week, as the ruling planet of Libra, you also have an opportunity to focus on your finances…

Take stock, consolidate your finances, and make sure everything is going to plan.

So, my friend, if you happen to be in one of the locations where the eclipse will be visible in the sky I wish you happy viewing and deep connection. 

And if you’re like me, and needing to tune into as much Astrology as possible right now, to make sense of what’s happening in the world and in your life, you can join in with our vibrant community this week…

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You’ll get a lay of the land on the biggest astrological events of 2024 (which include some more big eclipses!)… and how you can best work with these energies. I hope you’ll join us

In the meantime, remember some of the bigger eclipse season themes we’re exploring over the next few weeks… 

And let go of whatever it is that’s holding you back from shining your light as fully as possible. We need that unique radiance of light that only you have!

Thank you for being a part of our community and thank you, as always, for making astrology a part of your life. 

Happy Eclipse Season,



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Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:


🌿 Monday, October 9th: Fiery Beginnings and Social Vibes

Moon and Venus in Leo

Stellium in Libra

Today, the Moon and Venus in Leo bring a burst of fiery energy, the only fire we'll feel for a while. It's a day to harness this motivation, especially when it comes to relationships and social interactions. With the Moon and Venus both in Leo, issues of dominance in relationships might arise, prompting the question: who's the boss? However, with the Libra-Leo combination, the atmosphere is charged with fun and sociability. Even though it's a Monday, it's an excellent time to go out and socialize. If you can't head out, find alternative ways to connect with others. As the week progresses, the energy will shift, becoming deeper and more introspective. But for now, live in the moment, embrace the end of a season, and prepare for the new one. With the changing weather and upcoming holidays, it's a day to celebrate the present while anticipating the future. Remember, it's a day to enjoy the company of others, have fun, and embrace the lively Leo energy.


🌪️ Tuesday, October 10th: Commitment and Reflection

Moon in Leo, Venus enters Virgo

Venus opposite Saturn

Today, the Moon continues its journey in Leo, infusing the day with a touch of warmth and vibrancy. However, as Venus transitions into Virgo, the atmosphere begins to cool down, ushering in a period of introspection and practicality. With Venus forming an opposition to Saturn, themes of commitment, especially in relationships and financial matters, come to the forefront. This Venus-Saturn aspect might bring about challenges or revelations in relationships, possibly reflected in news about celebrity or political couples. It's a time to address monetary matters head-on, and the Venus-Saturn opposition provides a conducive energy for sorting out finances and relationship dynamics.

The saying “don't throw rocks in glass houses” comes to mind, reminding us to be cautious with our words and actions. With Saturn on the other side, any hasty comments or criticisms might be met with immediate feedback. It's a day to speak mindfully, and if you choose to voice your opinions, be prepared to listen in return.

Despite the potential challenges, there's a silver lining. Venus, now in Virgo, begins its harmonious trine to Jupiter, which will become more pronounced later in the week. This aspect promises growth, expansion, and positive developments, especially in the realms of love and finance. Remember, today is a day for reflection, understanding, and laying the groundwork for the blessings that the Venus-Jupiter trine will soon bring.


🌱 Wednesday, October 11th: Planning and Deceleration

Sun opposition Chiron, Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo

Pluto goes direct

Today, the Sun begins its opposition to Chiron, casting a shadow of self-doubt and perhaps a dip in confidence. This energy might extend to larger entities, possibly manifesting as a lack of trust in parental figures or political leaders. The saying “the political is personal” rings true today, as global events may have a direct impact on individual sentiments.

However, the day also brings a beautiful Moon-Venus conjunction in Virgo, radiating feminine and goddess-like energy. Virgo, representing the virgin maiden, is both a mental and physical sign, making it a perfect day to initiate projects, conduct research, or embark on tasks that require both intellectual and tangible efforts. Whether it's a home project, academic study, or simply planning for the future, the Moon and Venus in Virgo provide the motivation and precision to get things done efficiently.

This conjunction also encourages us to tackle those small tasks that have been piling up. While the energy might feel a bit subdued due to the opposition with Saturn, it's a quieter time that's ideal for laying low, reflecting, and taking things slow. Those born around the 23rd and 24th of August, November, March, and May might feel this energy more personally, as the Sun picks up the opposition. If you have planets in the early mutable signs, it's a day to embrace the art of deceleration.

On a global scale, Pluto goes direct today, signaling its next journey towards Aquarius. This shift might bring about significant changes, especially in the realms of politics and economics. However, the Moon and Venus in Virgo suggest that there's a structured plan in place. With both celestial bodies building a trine to Jupiter, there's a sense of optimism and foresight.

In essence, even if the day feels a bit downcast, there's a silver lining. The universe is hinting at a plan, a roadmap that we can follow. It's a day to decelerate, trust the process, and know that every step taken is part of a larger, cosmic design.


🎨 Thursday, October 12th: Creative Flow and Inspiration

Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune

As the Moon continues its journey through Virgo, it forms an opposition with Neptune. This celestial dance beckons you to embrace the ebb and flow of life, especially with the mutable energy in play. Today is not a day to resist or go against the current; instead, it's a day to ride the waves and let them guide you.

The Moon-Neptune opposition is a call to indulge in creativity and imagination. Whether you're an artist or simply someone who appreciates the arts, this is a prime time to immerse yourself in artistic endeavors. From painting to music, dance to literature, let the arts be your sanctuary today.

For those who might not feel the immediate spark of inspiration, seek it out. Perhaps it's a day to binge-watch a series that captivates your imagination or to lose yourself in the melodies of your favorite songs. The universe is nudging you to find sources of inspiration, be it through nature, art, or even simple daydreaming.

With many planets in Libra, the sign that governs the arts, the atmosphere is ripe for creative expression. Mars, nearing the end of its transit through Libra, amplifies this inclination towards artistic pursuits. Whether you're creating or simply appreciating, it's a day to delve deep into the world of art and let it stir your soul.

In essence, Thursday invites you to drift into a world of imagination, to find solace in creativity, and to let the arts be your guiding light. Embrace the beauty around you and let it inspire your heart and mind.


💼 Friday, October 13th: Passionate Resolutions and Deep Commitments

Moon enters Libra, approaching Mercury and the Sun

As the Moon graces the balanced sign of Libra, it inches closer to both Mercury and the Sun, setting the stage for the upcoming eclipse. While the Sun has moved past its opposition with Chiron, the remnants of this energy linger, reminding us of the importance of self-confidence and self-assurance. Today is a day to pat yourself on the back, recognizing your worth and not allowing external factors to shake your inner confidence.

A significant shift occurs as Mars transitions into Scorpio, its domain of comfort and power. This move heralds a time of intensified passions, desires, and a deeper connection to our innermost feelings. The world around us might reflect this change, with themes of passion and intensity becoming more prevalent in the media and our surroundings.

Mars in Scorpio encourages us to dive deep, to uncover our true passions and to channel them productively. With its trine to Saturn, there's an added layer of discipline and structure, allowing us to harness this passionate energy effectively. While Mars and Saturn together can sometimes feel restrictive, in this harmonious aspect, the energy flows more smoothly, guiding us to find our pace and rhythm.

As Mars wraps up its journey through Libra, themes of relationships and balance come to the forefront. It's a day where societal dynamics, especially those related to partnerships, might be more palpable. The shift from Libra to Scorpio signifies a transition from indecision to resolution, from compromise to commitment.

In essence, Friday beckons us to embrace the deep, transformative energies of Scorpio. Whether it's making firm decisions in relationships, setting clear boundaries, or simply diving into our passions, it's a day to be resolute, passionate, and unwavering in our pursuits. As we approach the eclipse, these energies set the tone, preparing us for profound transformations and revelations.


🌔 Saturday, October 14th: Eclipse Revelations and Dynamic Shifts

 Moon in Libra aligning with Mercury and approaching the Sun for the eclipse at 20 degrees of Libra.

Saturday heralds the anticipated eclipse, with the Moon gracefully passing Mercury and then uniting with the Sun. This celestial event, occurring at 20 degrees of Libra, not only amplifies the energies of anticipation but also forms a unique yod with Uranus and Neptune. This configuration suggests unexpected and profound shifts on a larger scale, pulling us into the cosmic dance of change.

The eclipse, especially in the balanced sign of Libra, carries an intense buildup. With Mars freshly entering Scorpio, emotions and actions are charged, creating a pressure-cooker atmosphere. It might be wise to let the intense energies settle post-eclipse before making significant decisions. This day is about planning and introspection, especially with the influence of Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo, which are in a harmonious sextile. The energies hint at formative and creative times, with potential implications for social policies, especially concerning relationships.


🌒 Sunday, October 15th: Navigating Energies and Embracing Opportunities

 Venus building to a trine with Jupiter, Mars in Scorpio, and the after-effects of the eclipse.

Following the eclipse, Sunday offers a silver lining, especially with Venus building to a fortunate trine with Jupiter in Taurus. It's important at this time to no be rigid but rather move with the flow, negotiate, mediate, and compromise. It's a week of change, but also one of opportunity. With the dynamic shifts brought about by Mars and Pluto and the harmonious aspects of Venus, it's a time to be proactive, reach out, and sort things out. Make the most of the week, embrace the energies, and act on what feels right, as the transits are favorable for positive outcomes.

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