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Astrologer Wendy Stacey & Amanda Walsh explore the astrology of 2024.

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌕 About the unpredictable nature of Uranus transits, challenging societal expectations and bringing about unforeseen events.
🌗 Why the dynamic interplay between Jupiter and Uranus can be interpreted as acceleration, setting the stage for revolutionary changes in various aspects of life.
🌘 The concept of Uranus ‘rolling back the clock,' offering a fresh perspective on how unprecedented events may be rooted in historical contexts.

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Wendy: [00:00:00] anything that Uranus is involved with is, is, comes left field.

It is what we do not expect. It's so not what we thought. I mean, whatever you think may happen, probably won't. Like at the moment, you may think, okay, Biden may be ill, Kamala Harris may have to step in.

That, that, that is what would be expected. So anything that's expected. is probably, is most likely not going to happen. So Uranus is foresight, whereas Jupiter is insight. And when you have those planets together, you know, it's very powerful.

I think Uranus often rolls back the clock. and uses something that, so it triggers, like for example, it'll trigger something that's never been triggered before, , and it will be for the sake of the future. It will not be out of grievance. It will not be out of spite or anything like that. Taurus is very measured. It doesn't budge. It really doesn't budge, but, um, Jupiter Uranus will stir things up. So [00:01:00] it's probable that, I think, there's, there'll be a new election process, um, and there could be, um, more tickets on the ballot,



Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome. I am so happy that you've decided to join us for this very special episode today. We are going to be taking a sneak peek into the astrology of 2024 and we have today with us the, she's an author. an astrologer. She is the principal of the International Mayo School of Astrology and the chair of the Astrological Association and she just so happens to also be the next Inner Circle Astrologer teacher for our community and her name is Wendy Stacey.

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Amanda: astrologyhub. com slash 2024. Alright, can't wait to see you at that. A little bit more about Wendy. She has written numerous articles for the Astrological Journal. She's the author of Consulting with Astrology and Uranus Square Pluto.[00:04:00]

In 2014, Wendy received the U. K. Charles Harvey award for exceptional service to astrology. She's also a tutor on the M a cultural astronomy and astrology course at the university of Wales. And then as an inner circle teacher next month, she is going to be teaching a mastery class on synastry and compatibility.

Wendy, welcome to the astrology hub podcast. I'm so happy that you're

Wendy: here. I'm really happy to be here. Thank you for having me.

2024 Transit to Look Out For

Wendy: All right, so

Amanda: let's talk about 2024. What, like, what is the astrological transit or event of 2024 that you are the most excited about and, like, have your eye on

Wendy: and why? Well, the one I'm most excited to, that's going to come forward, is the Jupiter Uranus conjunction and that will be on the 21st of April.

uh, next year, 2024. And that will be at [00:05:00] almost 22 degrees of Taurus. So I'm really excited. Uh, Jupiter and Uranus, they're both fascinating planets. You know, Jupiter is the planet of of the adventurer. Um, and Uranus is, is the, uh, planet of the, you know, rebellion. Um, and together they, they sort of, and the discoverers as well.

And together they, they're quite, um, I call them the provokers. They're both very brave. Uh, and when they come together, there's, uh, you know, a lot of very high. Energy stuff going on. Now, the difference between this particular conjunction, 'cause they can joinin every 12 to 13 years, but it takes a long time for them to come back and conjoin in the same sign.

So, um, they haven't done that since I think 1941, which I can talk about if, which, um, and so Jupiter, Uranus con conjunction, they, um, when they [00:06:00] come together, they are adventurous. They're about lots of different things. Excuse me. And they're very courageous and in this particular conjunction, they're going to be in the sign of Taurus.

So it slows it down a lot more. It really sort of lessens the pace, um, and it anchors them somewhat. So it stirs it up. It's like, you know, stirring up the mud. It's like a bit of a drill going into the soil, if you like. So it really is quite stirring. Um, in the sign of Taurus, We're going to find, um, lots of interesting discoveries, um, uh, of things of, of, uh, of our earth, of our land.

I mean, one could actually say archaeological sort of discoveries. But, you know, Taurus is also about many other things too. It's about finance. It's about money. It's also about the body. So, you know, when you think of, [00:07:00] you know, Uranus ruling things like, um, the future and technology and Jupiter being the planet of expansion, then you can see that, you know, there's going to be lots of interesting developments of the body, which are going to come back to us as, as the people.

Um, Taurus is a sign of senses. It's the most sensuous sign. So when Jupiter Uranus come into Taurus, and then when they conjoin in Taurus, it's going to be very much about discovering a lot about our senses. So it's a great time to, to really get in touch with the senses. And I mean, you know, sight, hearing, touch, feel, things like that.

So it's a really. interesting period, um, to do with the body. Of course, there's always going to be the AI thing too, and there's going to be interesting developments in health and the well being side of things. So, there's a lot of really, um, [00:08:00] sort of, not, not just pioneering, but sort of unprecedented things that are going to come up.

Um, because we don't, it's a different world now than 1941. So, we have, you know, different technologies and that. So, a body. It's going to be a really interesting, you know, focus for us. Wendy,

Technology, Revolution & Rebellion

Amanda: I remember at the 2023 forecast, when we were talking about Pluto going into a crisis, was that

Wendy: 2023 or 2022? Yes, no, that was 20.

That was yeah, because it started in March this year. Yes. Yes.

Amanda: Okay, and I remember you of all the astrologers were You were excited about this. Yeah You you were very optimistic you you brought in an energy of like let's explore it. Let's be open to it let's not be afraid of it like this could bring some incredible innovations and Your voice has [00:09:00] rung in my head many times throughout the year, especially when Pluto was an Aquarius, and I finally had that moment of, oh wait, I kind of get what this AI thing's about, and I kind of can see for the first time how it's absolutely going to revolutionize The way, like almost everything.

And so instead of kind of tensing up about that, which is what I would do before, I kind of, I listened to what you said and I remained curious and open. And while I still have my like, Hmm, I'm not so sure how I feel about this, or I'm not so sure how I feel about. Some of it, I definitely have that, but at the same time there is an openness and curiosity of like, well, maybe it could bring some really cool things.

And I was just listening to a podcast that was talking about mind blowing things when it comes to the body and innovation and technology and life being extended. They said basically under the age of 50 [00:10:00] can expect. To sort of intersect the technological innovations and can expect like a 120 or 130 year lifespan now, and I was like, what?

Seriously? But this is kind of the stuff you're talking about,

Wendy: right? It is all of that. It is, and there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in the media at the moment about extending life and how much it costs and transferring bloods from one generation to another and things like that. Yeah. But you know, it's even really simple everyday life things.

And I am excited about things because when, when things happen astrologically, they happen on every level. They happen on every level. They happen on the, on the, on the really most challenging and, or some would say negative, but I've prefer challenging and they happen on the most fantastic level and everything in between there's the sort of, you know, there are some things get steered in some ways or another, but you will always get [00:11:00] everything that happens.

And I sort of think of like Jupiter and Jupiter and Uranus. Like Jupiter's the dis, you know, the discoverer and, um, you know, Uranus is the, is the inventor. So when you've got these planets together, they're going to really revolutionize things. Amanda, that is the, the perfect word. They are both revolutionary.

And when you think of the body, I mean, I just think of like also really simple things like when you think about going to the gym every day, you go to the gym and you, you know, whatever you do. However, minutes of cardio, then you do so many minutes of weights. You use the cycling machine, the stepping machine, the rowing machine or whatever, whatever you use.

Now, you know, I just think this is the, the very moment where things like exercise machines that know What your body needs and does it tells you exactly, you know, what to do, how to do it. It's that sort of, you know, [00:12:00] technologies that are life changing. They're really simple. They're really basic and it may not be that, but it's that sort of theme.

It's that sort of thing that we can sort of expect, um, on many different levels. And I mean, I'm just saying the body, cause we, you know, so many people go to the gym and so many people work out, but that's relatively new to humankind. It's not. Something that people did 150 years ago, you know, and so I'm fascinated by how things may change or progress or advance, you know, uh, with, you know, what we do now and how that may look in a hundred years time sort of thing.

And I think the body is, yeah, it's a fascinating. Yeah. Wendy,

Amanda: I've had like this vision of myself as an elderly woman speaking to like my grandchildren being like, you know, we used to have to go to the gym and like work

Wendy: out

Amanda: a little bit of muscle and like, for some [00:13:00] reason there's going to be some innovations that make what we do today seem archaic to actually, and this is totally just a fantastical, like, yeah, that I've had of like,

Wendy: but it's, But it's probably real, it's

Amanda: ruled to like, to see changes in our body and maybe, maybe there will be ways that that can be accelerated.


Wendy: yeah. And that's the thing with Jupiter Uranus too, is they're both accelerators, they're both. Taurus is, is a D accelerator and so that is a contradiction between them. So that's why you, I sort of see it as like, you know, delving into the earth sort of thing. And then, um, you know, so it's, it's, it's But it anchors it too.

It makes it less scattered, you know, and I, I sort of think in order to gauge whether one likes the energy of Jupiter Uranus, I sort of have this thing, Jupiter rules thunder and light, and Uranus rules lightning. And like for me, I'm very Jupiterian and, and Uranian. So when a storm comes [00:14:00] and there's thunder and lightning, I, Love it.

I am just, yeah. And so, yeah, and if you're a Jupiterian or Uranian person, that's how you can tell. How do you respond to massive thunder and lightning? I mean, I scream for joy. I love it. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Some people don't. Right. Some people hide. They get fearful. You know, you look at animals, I mean, you know, and so, you know, it's not pleasant for everyone.

But, um, you know, the people that don't like thunder and lightning, and there's quite a few people, uh, you know, it, it sort of describes how they may, uh, respond to that Jupiter Uranus. you know, sort of the characteristics that it brings forth. So it's, it's, it's interesting to watch that. But it's, um, I mean, it's very exciting.

It's going to, it's going to throw us, um, because they are discovering planets. They are very [00:15:00] discovery, um, like planets. And they're very rebellious. Jupiter and Uranus are the two planets, well, along with Mars perhaps, who, who don't like being told what to do. You know, Jupiter and Uranus, um, uh, are rebellious, so you are going to get, um, rebellion.

I mean, in 2010, the last Jupiter Uranus conjunction, which happened in Aries and Pisces. Aries, Pisces, Pisces. It was three conjunctions. You had the Arab Spring start, which was one of the biggest political rebellions, you know, in the Northern Hemisphere. Um, so, there is a lot of that. And things get overturned.

Jupiter and Uranus want to get rid of the old. Taurus likes things the way they are. Taurus does not like change whatsoever. But the Uranus Jupiter, you know, it stirs things up. So change happens, but it's slow. It's a bit slow.

Jupiter & Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

Wendy: And one of the things I've been [00:16:00] looking at in the last week is, um, the, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, it happens at nearly 22 degrees of Taurus.

Now that's a very interesting degree. It's the same degree that the Jupiter Saturn conjunction happened in 2000. And if you remember in America, um, in 2000, Um, it was May 2000. It was just before the elections. Um, and there was a massive change in elections. There was a lot of things going on about the election process, um, and that sort of thing.

There was also other things I'll discuss too, um, like the dot com crisis, um, foot and mouth, mad cow's disease. Completely Taurean. But, um, so it is financial, which I will come to, but the Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 22 Taurus in the year 2000 had a lot to do with the elections, um, in the U. S. And what I found [00:17:00] this week was the chart for when George Washington, George Washington, um, the first president, of the United States.

He was sworn in on the 30th of April 1789 at 12 45 pm and that just afternoon. So that, um, chart is a really interesting one when analyzing the presidency. Now the presidency is not just about who, what, it's actually about the entire sort of structure of the American politics, you know. Um, and so what's happened is this 22 degrees Jupiter Uranus is going to happen at 22 Taurus next year.

And you're going to see this build up from now and to then. And you can feel it already. You've been feeling it for a long time. You've also had the Pluto return as well when the American, um, Charts as well, but so this chart is really [00:18:00] fascinating when you're thinking about how may this be played out because the political's personal Personals political so it's just gonna bring a whole lot of stirring the pot change Revolution, but slowly because it's in Taurus slowly and measured measured So,

Amanda: Wendy, what does this mean?

So, you're basically saying it's activating, or the, the, the degrees is the same degree that, what, what, what was happening when George Washington

Wendy: was coming in? So, when George Washington, sorry, yes, Amanda, that would be helpful. The chart of that, of that, of the 1789 chart, the, the, sorry, I didn't say, the midheaven.

Okay, I was like, what Yeah, yeah, sorry. The midheaven of that chart, of the presidency chart, now the midheaven, you know, along with the sun, would also signify the presidency. And the midheaven degree of that presidency chart is 22 [00:19:00] Taurus. So it's a sensitive and vulnerable degree. Well, it's not necessarily vulnerable.

It's, I mean, it can be positively activated. You know, it's not a negative. It's, it's when that's activated, it's like, Right. Here we go. You know, and it's, it's, you know, it was activated in 2000 in the May when Jupiter Saturn conjoined at 22 Taurus in May. Um, so it was activated. There was a lot of volatility around elections and all that sort of thing.

And you're going to, that's not necessarily the same flavor because this is Jupiter Uranus, not Jupiter Saturn. So Jupiter Uranus is a bit more rebellious. It's a bit more It's a bit more, it has a bit more foresight. So there's, so it's actually about the future of the presidency. So it's, it's about the future of elections.

It's about the future of, of rulership and, and, you know, things like that. So it's going to, you know, drill down, um, into sort of [00:20:00] every aspect of political life. And we'll have a far reaching view around the world. So there's, it's a, it's a fascinating. era to watch, because it will be a moment in history. It will be, it really will be an interesting one to watch.

A little bit like the 2001 was with, you know, all what was happening, even, not even just the, the, the election, the Bush, the Gore thing, the recount in Florida, all these sort of things, which I remember at the time. But this is. Because it's triggering the, the, the presidency degree on the presidency chart of that moment.

Yeah, it's fascinating.

Amanda: I've heard people say that maybe there won't even be a 2024 election. Like something happens, there isn't. I've heard other astrologers predict that none of the candidates who seem like the likely candidates, I think, I think it was specifically, That, God, [00:21:00] now I might not even remember which astrologer, but that neither Biden nor Trump will be on the ballot.

Wendy: That could very well happen.

Uranus & Expecting the Unexpected

Wendy: so

Amanda: what, like, if you had to put your astrological, you know, magic hat on and sort of peer into the future, What would you, I mean, I, I get like upheaval, I get rebellion, I get through the pot, but like anything

Wendy: specific that you can see? Well, I think what happens, because Uranus is, anything that Uranus is involved with is, is, comes left field.

It is what we do not expect. It's so not what we thought. But sometimes Uranus rolls back the clock. it rewinds. So what it may do, what I mean, I don't know, I'm speaking off the top of my head, what it, it, um, I mean, whatever you think may happen, probably won't. Like at the moment, you may think, okay, Biden may be ill, Kamala Harris may have to step in.

That, that, that is what would be expected. So anything that's expected. [00:22:00] is probably, is most likely not going to happen. What I think what happens with Uranus, even though it's forward looking and it's, you know, and so, so Uranus is foresight, whereas Jupiter is insight. And when you have those planets together, you know, it's very powerful.

I think Uranus often rolls back the clock. and uses something that, so it triggers, like for example, it'll trigger something that's never been triggered before, which is pretty much what's happened in the last 48 hours for, for, you know, um, uh, the, the, um, House of Representatives. But the, um, but it will be, it'll be unprecedented or, You know, it's been something that's been rolled back that some president did in 1820.

So, unprecedented in our time, something like that. You know, there's something, um, and, and it will be for the sake of the future. It will not be out of [00:23:00] grievance. It will not be out of spite or anything like that. Um. And along with that, Pluto and Aquarius, you know, I mean, that's the thing. Pluto and Aquarius goes in November next year.

So there's still hope that, you know, it may, it may all kick in. Uh, you know, there may be, it may calm down after that. Taurus is very measured. It doesn't budge. It really doesn't budge, but, um, Jupiter Uranus will stir things up. So it's probable that, I think, there's, there'll be a new election process, um, and there could be, um, more tickets on the ballot, you know, there's, you know, like, right, you know, I mean, like, you know, um, at the moment, you know, even in the UK and in the US, it's either red or blue, you know, it's, and so, yeah, and Jibanyu and Uranus, sort of, both of them think outside the box, you see, so.

So I think you'll get a bit [00:24:00] of a, a bit of, you know, something, um, that tries to, you know, they're both quite democratic, um, Jupiter and Uranus, so they'll, you know, it'll have good intent, I'm sure, but there'll still be a lot of rebellion, and interest, yeah, yeah, it's, I mean, you know, where, where this may hit is financials, um, you know, so, so, You know, I think, um, the banking, you know, so wherever, you know, whatever funds, whatever is going to, it's just going to all change.

It's just going to shift.

More on Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

Amanda: Okay. I have more questions about this Jupiter Uranus conjunction. So you're, you're talking about, there's a specific. Date, right? It was April 21st. We're going to have this Jupiter Uranus conjunction. How long does this energy last

Wendy: though? It's only one hit. So I mean, you know, it's only one conjunction.

So that's okay. [00:25:00] So, you know, it doesn't like in 2010 we had three and it went through Aries to Pisces to Pisces and and before that we Had one hit in in 1997 This is important too, I guess and we had in 1997. We had the jupiter Uranus Conjunction and Aquarius. And that was really the pole vaulting into the technological revolution we live in.

That was the start of social, start of the internet, on, on, on internet browser, being accessible, all this sort of stuff. So, and Aquarius, it just spearheaded us into technology. And Taurus, it's going to completely, um, uh, you know, it's going to completely look at revamping, uh, economic infrastructures, which is what the political…

One is pretty much based on anyway, so there's going to be a lot of shifts, but they're not they're not scary shifts They're but they are massive Changes and how life will proceed after that [00:26:00] how we organize ourselves after that, you know We live in a very Torian sort of very Torian Lifestyle, you know, we we very much about the standard of living whereas Jupiter in Uranus is going to say it doesn't matter It doesn't matter anymore.

And that's a big shift for humankind to make, but that's what it's going to do with Pluto, ruling Pluto and Aquarius. Yeah. Okay,

Amanda: everybody, I am going to ask Wendy some more questions about her, uh, what she's seeing for 2024, especially how some of these more collective shifts that we just talked about, um, will affect us personally, you know, and and strategies for how to work with these things.

So before. We do that though.

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Preparing for 2024

Amanda: Okay, so Wendy, back to our episode. We've talked about how this big conjunction is potentially going to affect the political landscape, the bodies, and innovation with technology.

It's going to stir things up. I love the like drilling into earth and just kind of like It's breaking it up and stirring it up. What, how are you personally going to be working with these energies and what can we be doing personally to prepare [00:30:00] for this?

Wendy: I think personally, it's a, it's a good time to sort of, you know, Taurus makes one consolidate, consolidate one's resources.

So. I think it's important, you know, and that consolidates usually a really Saturnian word. But, you know, it's important, um, it's important to see where Venus is in your chart. You know, Venus rules the sign of Taurus. So, with Jupiter and Uranus stirring up that sign, always think about where your own Venus is in your chart.

Because it'll give you a little bit of, uh, an insight into what's happening and where in your life. Um, also with a sign of Tauruses, Jupiter and Uranus stirring up that, that house, um, where Tauruses in your chart. But on a more general level, you know, those born around the 15th of, um, of May. Uh, and August, and November, um, uh, sorry, and February, sorry, no, [00:31:00] uh, sorry, um, yes, no, November, February, May, and August, they're all the fixed signs.

So if you're born around the 15th of that month, that Jupiter Uranus is going to square that. So it's going to force you to take some action in terms of either Doing something to do with your body to, you know, sort out the finances. Jupiter and Uranus are usually quite risky planets, but Taurus makes you look after your resources.

It makes you safeguard them. Um, so it is a good time to do that. It's because things are going to appear Um, uh, yeah, a little bit more exaggerated than they are. Not the best time for inflation, I have to say. Um, so, you know, it's not the best time to take risks with, you know, finances. Um, but also in saying that it's also important to be free of of things too.

So as much as things don't take [00:32:00] risks, there's a lot of. You know, you'd expect, uh, you know, you may get lots of credit card applications through the post and things like that. So there's going to be a lot of that. So it's important to be free of, free of sort of liabilities and debt. So again, using your resources, um, because Jupiter and Uranus can, you know, they're like, bolting horses sometimes, you know, um, and, but they do have to stop and in Taurus, you know, that, that will be, they'll be reined in a lot more.

So it's important to, you know, just ensure you, you play safe, I think, is really.

Amanda: Okay, so if we're looking to make investments or if we're looking to safeguard our money, put it in things that are more stable and long term, like don't be, don't be taking any huge risks or gambles. Is that kind of what you're saying?


Wendy: I mean, things are going to change. I mean, there's, there's going to be new forms of investment, I think, you know, and when I say [00:33:00] rolling back, I mean, I'm just thinking now, you know, I think we're going to see the return of banks offering higher interest rates for savings accounts. And things like that, as opposed to investing in new startups and cryptos and things like that.

There's going to be a, you know, there's, there's going to be a little bit of old school come back in order to go forward. I mean, that it's sort of, it is a couple of steps back to go 10 steps forward. That's how this, this really operates with these sort of energies. Um, happening the way they do, you know, with Pluto and Aquarius going in and out until November next year, you know, cryptos can be vulnerable and it, you know, it's the, the peaks and troughs are going to be more exaggerated than before, but they will be peaks.

They'll be both. So it's important to remember that. And it's, and you don't really know where you're at that point until after. So it's important to just, uh, you know, and I'm not, I'm not trying to make [00:34:00] people play safe or, or avoid what may happen, but you know, this time, uh, next year, there will be different ways of investing one's money.

Um, and it. Yeah. And, and, and new and interesting ways. You know, I have this, I have a theory, Amanda, that I just, Pluto and Aquarius, I think we're going to end up actually nominating who we pay our tax to. And for what? It's a Pluto and Aquarius, it's a Pluto and Aquarius. thing to do that. You know,

I mean, I may be completely wrong and I may be, but it's, there's a theme about that that may not happen, but I'm sure it's going to be on the table for discussion in that. You know, that is Pluto and Aquarius and ruled by Uranus and Taurus with Jupiter coming there. It's about theory and implementing policy.

Jupiter's policy as well. So we're going to see, you know, it's going to be interesting, you know, [00:35:00] people actually being able to decide where their money goes. Now on one level, that's great, but you know, there's probably going to be a lot of Cat and dog societies that are going to be, you know, I'm joking. I love cats and also

Amanda: like the education you know what I'm saying?

So that's really interesting, but it seems like it

would be an improvement to what we're doing now where we just pay and we have no say and half the things it's like, God, I don't like that. My money's supporting that. Like that doesn't feel good. You know, yeah,

Wendy: yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah,

Amanda: what else? What else?

Pluto in Aquarius & the Collectice

Amanda: So, let's just talk about one more transit. If there was one more transit you had to pick out for 2024, which one would you highlight?

Wendy: The transit I would highlight would be Pluto and Aquarius. It goes in and out, it goes back in, uh, you know, from, I think [00:36:00] it's January. Um, I can't remember but um, uh, finally goes into Aquarius in November. And that is going to be, you know, there is no turning back, you know. Resistance is futile, all that sort of thing.

Everything, it is the ball completely, it is, it is, um, in terms of Star Trek, for those who were Star Trekkers. Um, but, so it's, it's, It is a collective mentality. It is also, you know, interesting with the Jupiter Uranus and which Uranus rules the Pluto going into Aquarius as well as a modern ruler. It's about our, it's about our collective conscience, you know, it's about, or consciousness, and it's about our personal conscience.

Because you've also got Neptune and Pisces. But you've got all these planets here. It's about our conscience as humans, as individuals, and as collectives. Uh, as a collective. And that, the, the, you know, so everything we do will have a sort of collective [00:37:00] impact. And, you know. Um, vice versa. So, it's going to be an interesting time.

We're going to be very conscious of much larger things. Larger than ourselves, I guess. So, there's going to be a lot of, you know, and I think that'll be what's fascinating. What will make us think larger than ourselves is things like going into space. Finding life, you know, things like that will take us beyond our humanness, I guess.

Finding our place in the universe. But in saying that, it's going to be finding our place everywhere. And I think that place is going to shift over the next year. Quite a lot. Wendy, you talk

Amanda: about this collective mind or the collective consciousness and we're recording this on a day where we had the nationwide presidential alert.

Like they're, they're testing the, Like, quote unquote, emergency broadcast [00:38:00] system, and they, and they alerted every single phone across the United States. Oh, okay. And it still came through. So, but what I was thinking is, how, talk about unprecedented. A message can be sent to an entire nation with the click of a button.

And every single person is receiving the same message at the same time. And, you know, I live on Maui and this happened, I think it was 2018 or 2017. There was a text message that we all received. It literally said, This is not a test. There is a missile headed for Hawaii right now.

Wendy: Take shelter. And it was

Amanda: like, what?

I mean, literally, we all received this message at the very same time. My boyfriend called me, he's like, Did you get it? I said yes. I had to hunt down my children. I mean, I called my family, was saying, It looks like this is the end. I think [00:39:00] we're not going to make it. Gosh. So this happened. And so for me, this like nationwide presidential alert thing was a little bit scary because it turns out there was no missile.

It turns out, supposedly, the story we got was, it was a mistake. It was like, what?

Wendy: Like, that is not a funny mistake. No. Oh my

Amanda: gosh. And I literally thought. It was the end and I'm calling my family being like, you more minutes to live. And I love you. And thank you for giving me the best.

Wendy: So it's.

Amanda: Talk about what is the shadow of this energy?

Like I get the, I get the innovation and the, and the technology and the amazing things. And, and, and I get like, like us thinking about not just ourselves and the collective, all that's beautiful. And where is that? Like, where's that shadow territory? Like what do I

Wendy: think? I think there's many shadows to this.

Um, [00:40:00] you know, for me, the, you know, the shadow of Aquarius is Leo. So for me, it's, it's things like, you know, I don't mind that royal families leave or, you know, whatever. It's not really, you know, it's not really everyone's cup, but, you know, royal families, it's a Leo thing. So they're going to come under this radar, no matter where you're from.

British, Spain. It doesn't matter, but they're going to come under the radar because they're not very democratically elected. So that's the shadow of Aquarius. Things, for me personally, it's children. Um, Leo's ruled by children in modern, in modern astrology. And so I, whenever I talk about, um, uh, Pluto and Aquarius.

I'm like, you know, I quote Bonhoeffer and says, you know, the measure of a society is what it leaves its children. So I'm always quoting that saying, you know, we need to think about this. And ultimately I think as a, as a shadow of Pluto and Aquarius, um, is the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the [00:41:00] many outweigh the needs of the few.

And that is what we're going to have with Pluto and Aquarius. A lot of people say a lot of, you know, Aquarius can be very, you know, dogmatic and it can be very righteous and things like that. Um, and so, you know, you, things may not change so much in terms of, um, you know, sort of, uh, The people, you know, people, you know, at the helm of society, whoever they are, whomever they are.

But the, it's, yeah, it's the needs of the few that may not be counted as much. It's the, it's, you know, and I, when I say that, just at the top of my head, I think of, you know, just, um, talking to someone who makes a lot of change in disabilities in schools and changes, you know, things like that. I, I, I wonder how we will see.

Things like that. You know, particularly as we move into a sort of a society that's based on perfection. And with Jupiter, Uranus and [00:42:00] Taurus, there's going to be a lot of more perfection. You know, it's, it's, you know, it's things like, you know, Pluto and Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign and already, like Air New Zealand, my own, my own from my own country, um, now weigh people.

So anyone that's, you know, um, over a certain weight has to pay extra for seats or tickets and things like that. So you can already see this. So when you have Aquarius that is so about equality, the shadow of that isn't equality. So, whatever… The shadow of it is inequality. Yeah, I mean, even though it fights for equality, it fights for democracy, the shadow of it…

is, is inequality and is, you know, uh, you know, undemocratic and things like that. So that is the shadow of it. So I think it's going to be, um, and you know, but you know, you get, you, again, you'll get the, you'll get the, you get the good, the bad and the ugly and all the fabulous things that, that come with it.

But, you know, it's important to also say Pluto changing [00:43:00] signs. We, every generation has had apocalyptic, Um, moments. I mean, not, I mean, you have every reason to think that with getting a text like that. Absolutely. And they did a same test here in the UK a few months back, just to test, um, and everyone got it too.

Yeah, that was a few months back as well. And SOS sort of. testing. Yeah. Um, because, you know, it's all cyber now, everything is cyber. So I guess it's just how to alert people. Um, you know, if the grid goes down or things like that, or there's no electricity of storms, I mean, weather's changing things like that.

Amanda: Um, yeah, I hope it's for those kinds of uses that, you know, how quickly they could incite panic. I mean, really? And it wasn't even real. So one of the

things I was thinking as you were speaking, if Leo is like the heart, right? Would another shadow of the Aquarian, Pluto in Aquarius, be the [00:44:00] lack of heart? And when you're talking about perfection, like Who's perfection? Like, what is perfection?

Wendy: Yes, yes.

Amanda: Because often when you talk about being human, it's like, sort of about being imperfectly perfect.

Wendy: Yes, with all our flaws, all, yeah. Yeah, yeah. And flaws are what, yeah. Well, this is the thing about Aquarian too, is Aquarian is, is about, um, you know, embracing all everybody's, you know, flaws, warts and all and things like that. But, but the other thing, the shadow of that is everyone becomes the same. And, you know, and, and it's a little bit like the school uniform argument.

It's the school uniform argument, which I completely see both sides. You want, you want a school uniform for the kids. So no one stands out. So those who come from a socio economic background are not. You know, they're not spotlighted and people don't, you don't have fashion wars for all [00:45:00] these kids and the parents don't have to go out and buy all this stuff.

So a school uniform on one level is a very good idea and it's a very Aquarian one. But another Aquarian idea is not having a school uniform because everyone's an individual and everyone should be free to dress who they are and express who they want to be. So you can sort of see. There's, there's, you know, value in both arguments.

There really is. And there's no right or wrong. It's just how do you navigate through that sort of Aquarian, you know, narrative and discussions and, and all that. Because there is going to be arguments like that where you think, Oh, actually, I can sort of see that. But actually, you know, so And it's, I mean, I say school uniforms just off the top of my head, but it's, it's a, it's a realistic one.

It's a, it's a one that schools have to discuss all the time. And they're both,

Amanda: totally. My daughter's not debated all the time. I wore uniforms and, and they're like, well, but then you couldn't be an individual. I was like, I don't know. [00:46:00] Socks and my shoes and my hair accessories. . Yeah.

Wendy: I mean I had, yeah, I had to wear a school uniform and I hated it.

And to this day, I still can't wear those colors and a lot of people will like that. Oh my gosh.

Amanda: Same. I can't wear khaki shorts to this day. Those khaki

Wendy: shorts. No. Yeah, exactly. Okay.

Final Tips for 2024

Wendy: So Wendy,

Amanda: with all this, so we're obviously 2024 strapped that seatbelt on, like it's going to, things are going to be like, there's going to be a lot.

What would you say to our beautiful astrology hub listeners and audience who are taking this all in and they're going, Okay. How, how, how to, how to personally like navigate this, but were any tips?

Wendy: Breathe. I would say breathe. And I know that I'm not, you know, I'm not being, um, you know, silly about it. The thing is, with the Pluto and Aquarius, it's ruled by Saturn and Pisces as well at the moment.

And [00:47:00] that can feel really overwhelming. It can feel really, um, isolating. It can feel dark. It's, it's that heaviness one feels before they, you know, can go to sleep. When they wake up in the morning, it can be really heavy and it can be a real anxiety feeder. So, and, and that is the nature of right now with Pluto and Aquarius and Saturn and Pisces.

And, um, so I think the best thing to do is learn to manage that anxiety or, you know, rather than resisting it, working through it, breathe through it, breathe through it. You know, this is going to be a really, you know, it may be a difficult year, but it's going to be a life changing and historical and a very progressive one.

And we will look back, um, when we're very old, hopefully, um, and, and say, you know, this was a really interesting point in time and we were a big part of that. [00:48:00] So, um, yeah, it's managing through it, managing through it. Get sleep. Satins and Pisces, people need to sleep. You know, it's just about being a bit without sounding weird.

It's like just look after your body and breathe. Yeah,

Amanda: buddy. I love how you deliver these kinds of messages with a smile on your face. Adventure. It like it awakens that and I'm like, okay. All right. We got this like talking about some big stuff, but but at the same time. We're here for it. We can. I, I believe, and I know a lot of people in our community also believe we came here at this very particular moment in time to have these kinds of experiences.

We're resourced for it. We, yeah, we have, we have astrology, we have this community. Yes, we, we have astrologer guides like you to give us the heads up so we can do it. And thank you for these very practical tips. Breathe. If you don't know how to breathe in a way that helps you [00:49:00] manage your anxiety, learn, get with a group of people and learn how to do it.

There's so many resources for that. You said, um, sleep, like prioritize sleep, but prioritize your body and taking care of yourself. And, and those are simple, but. I think we're always, we always need to be reminded and I think just especially in 2024, it's going to be up. So, so plan for it. Make space for it.

Prioritize it,

Wendy: right? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Wendy's Mastery Class

Amanda: You are such a gift. I'm so… So excited that you are in the inner circle next month. I know you're teaching on synastry. Do you want to give us a sneak peek real quick for our friends? Those are going to be joining us soon because if they join in our next promo period, which is happening in a couple of weeks, they'll get you as a teacher.

So can you tell us about that mastery

Wendy: class you're going to be teaching? So we're going to be looking at synastry, and we're going to be looking at different types of compatibility. When I say synastry, it's relationship astrology, all [00:50:00] different relationships. It's not just love relationships, it's business partnerships, it's your siblings, your children, your parents, your grandparents, it's your neighbors, it's, you know, so it's all sort of relationships.

We, I mean, everyone lives their life. in relationships. So we're going to be looking at different types of compatibility. And there's lots of difference. Some, you know, some people say opposites attract. We'll explore why we thought, think opposites attract. And we've talked about, you know, why some relationships are more easier than others.

And look at all the different types of, of, sort of, um, Sinistry techniques you can do to look at that. And, you know, and also why we don't like other people. That's also an interesting one too. And we can always find that in our own chart, rather than necessarily theirs. So, yeah, it's about an exploration into…

Relationships in totality. Yep. Amazing.

Amanda: Well, I certainly like you. So thank you for being here. You're awesome. Thank you so [00:51:00] much.


Amanda: Wendy won't be on the panel next week because she's hosting a conference. And so she's going to be very, very busy. But we're so happy that we got to have you here for this special episode.

For those of you who are interested in diving more into 2024 hearing um, More perspectives from some amazing astrologers. Make sure you register now go to

Amanda: astrology hub. com slash 2024 forecast. It's free. It's going to be awesome, highly entertaining. And again, even if you can't join us at the time, Make sure you register so we know to send you the limited time replay.

This will also be the kickoff. I've mentioned it a couple of times, the kickoff promo period for our inner circle membership. If you've been on the fence, this will be a great time to jump in, try it out, see if it's right for you. Learn from amazing teachers like Wendy Stacey and join our global Amazing community of astrology lovers.

So that will be opening as well. Wendy have an amazing [00:52:00] conference next week. Thank you You're in charge of this whole thing Um have an incredible time who where is it specifically for anybody? Is it still open for people? Yes,

Wendy: it is for anyone who wants to book online. Yeah, and Um, yeah, they can use It's the code AACON50 and get 50 pounds off online conference.

It's based in near Manchester in the UK. So it's hybrid. So it's residential and online. So yeah, come join us. 50 Astrologers. It'd be great to have anyone. Yeah. Yeah. Very

Amanda: cool. Okay. Well, Wendy, you're amazing. Thank you so much for being here. All of you out there. You are amazing too. Thank you so much for being a part of our community, for making astrology a part of your life, for asking the questions, for, Seeking, um, for being open to other perspectives and ways of viewing the world and navigating these incredible times that we are alive for.

So I'm so grateful for all of you out there and I can't wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care [00:53:00] everybody. We'll see you soon.

As you know, I talked to a lot of astrologers, and they all seem to be saying something similar. That we are in the midst of big, collective changes with Pluto moving in and out of Aquarius. Deep and radical transformation. New technologies emerging that bring with them both opportunities and challenges, and the continued breakdown of our old systems and structures.

There's clearly a lot going on. Which is why I am so excited to invite you to our eighth annual 2024 forecast panel event on October 12th. We'll have expert astrologers, Christopher Renstrom, Rachel Lang, Mark Borax, Sheridan Semple, and Clarissa Dolphin. They're going to be talking about the biggest astrological events of 2024, including, but not limited to, Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Jupiter moving into Gemini, and of course, the big total solar eclipse in Aries.

If you're a student of astrology [00:54:00] and you've gone to one of these events in the past, you know, these forecast panel events help you number one, get ready for big changes. Number two, seize the opportunities within the changing landscape. Number three, learn and grow with our vibrant community. And number four, a Capricorn's favorite, prepare to get ready for 2024.

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