The Meaning of Saturn, Mars & Neptune in Pisces

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Astrologers Cameron Allen & Jamie Magee explore the astrology of 2024.

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌕 The nuances of Mars, Saturn, and Neptune transits and their impact on both physical and mental well-being, from inflammation to long-term illnesses.
🌗 How these planetary transits can influence our ability to connect authentically in a digital age, urging us to maintain genuine human interactions.
🌘 The role of strengthening your electromagnetic field in navigating the challenges posed by these transits, offering a holistic approach to well-being.

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[00:00:00] I don't know if people are necessarily looking at the year for things that I'm about to say. And so the thing that I'm looking forward to is Mars going through Pisces. And I'm looking forward to Mars going through Pisces because it's going to be co present with Saturn and it's going to be co present with Neptune.

Mars is said to bring inflammation and short term acute illnesses and problems oftentimes. And then Saturn is the, the long term troublemaker. Neptune also has a tendency to disperse energy and make us feel like kind of this, um, foggy, fatigue kind of energy. So it's like when we got three planets there in combination, they can do these things that oftentimes can present as problematic.

In addition to being eclipsing around this time, I just feel like for me, in my personal practice, I'm like, I'm really going to like, I already know, like during that time, I'm going to be like going back into my studies in the lymphatic system, in the immune system. And like, just [00:01:00] like thinking about ways in which I can like fortify myself so that I can bring that to the general public and also bring it to the people that I'm working with in my, in my practice.



Hi there. Welcome. We are so happy to have you here with us today. My name is Jamie McGee and today we are going to be taking a look at a sneak peek into 2024 with one of our inner circle astrologers for this year, Cameron Allen. Now, before we dive in, I just wanted to make sure that you are aware of a few things.

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Jamie: hi, Cameron. Welcome. It is so great to be here with you today. I cannot wait to talk about How are

Cameron: I'm cool. I feel like a little buzzing sensation now that I'm like sitting here and dropping into it. I think it's because I've been doing this practice. I'm back in Ayurveda school now.

The semester just started and we've done this practice and it's been kind of potent. So maybe it's like kind of like lingering throughout my day. So I feel kind of buzzy.

Jamie: good. That's a That means you're ready to just kind of download it all and we're going to be mesmerized by everything you [00:04:00] have to tell us as always.

Cameron Allen.

2024 Transit to Look Forward To

Jamie: All right. So as we think about 2024, as we start to approach this year, is there one astrological

Cameron: Yeah, for sure. So I would say just to preface this so people have clarity on what I'm saying. Um, like, yeah. I'm being asked this question, not from the perspective of this is the big transit of the year.

But this is the transit that I'm looking forward to and I would invite people to like, kind of look into more. Because I don't know if people are necessarily looking at the year for things that I'm about to say. And so, the thing that I'm looking forward to is Mars going through Pisces. And I'm looking forward to Mars going through Pisces because it's going to be co present with Saturn and it's going to be co present with Neptune.

And since I orient towards medical astrology primarily in my practice, it's like, that's a really big [00:05:00] time. That's a really big time. A lot of things could happen at that time, potentially just having to do with people's health. And so I'm ready to start like prepping myself. To be like on call at that, um, at that point in time and space.

And so that's from March 23rd to May 1st. So also during that time there, it is going to be eclipse season as well. So that's also emphasized. So we could even say, I'm excited for the eclipse season. That starts March 25th, and it doesn't necess necessarily end April 8th, but it, but it culminates the April 8th, eclipse as well.

And so that's the time that I'm like really, really looking forward to just, again, because of medical astrology overall. And I like to, I like to really feel into the combination of planets that people say are troublemakers or are hard or bad or, and stuff like that, because, I like to actually be with them so much that I can be in relationship with them, because as always, when we're in [00:06:00] relationship with things, we know how to orient towards things.

So that's the transit that I'm looking forward to the most overall.

Jamie: So I'm, I'm really curious as a medical what, what has, why do these why are they drawing your attention? Is it a positive or little challenging or how can, I don't want to, I don't want you to give the whole cake away, but can we have a little bit of the frosting?

Cameron: Yeah, absolutely. So from my personal practice perspective, the reason why it's important for me is because Mars is said to bring inflammation and short term acute illnesses and problems oftentimes. And then Saturn is the long term troublemaker. Neptune also has a tendency to disperse energy. And make us feel like kind of this, um, foggy fatigue kind of energy.

So it's like when we got three planets that in combination that can do these things that oftentimes can present as problematic, in addition to it being eclipse season around this time, I just feel like for [00:07:00] me, in my personal practice, I'm like, I'm really going to like, I already know, like during that time, I'm going to be like going back into my studies in the lymphatic system, in the immune system.

And like, just like thinking about ways in which I can like fortify myself so that I can bring that to the general public and also bring it to the people that I'm working with in my, in my practice. On a larger scale, it's eclipse season from, again, from March 25th to April 8th. And so since it's going to be eclipse season, uh, the first eclipse Venus is in Pisces, so that eclipse seems like it has a more, um, kind quality to it, let's say.

Whereas the second eclipse is ruled by Mars, and Mars will be like conjunct Saturn during that one on April 8th. So that one, I'm like, I find the most, I find the most benefit from the things that seem like they're hard. Because that's what I like to be here for. I like to be here for people when they're [00:08:00] going through difficult times.

With their health, with their emotions, with their psychology, and just like how we orient to life. And so that's why I would say that time is like potent, and yeah, why I'm looking

Jamie: insightful. that. And I kind of feel the same way about, you know, the bad it's the way out, you love how that.

Common Misconception about Astrology

Jamie: So this one, this next question is What is the most common misconception that people have about astrology that you clear up as we Is there anything

Cameron: Yeah, no. Yeah. I like it. And thanks for that question. I think there's two things coming up for me. One thing that's coming up for me, especially because I'm, I've been mentoring a lot more people [00:09:00] lately. It's just like the idea that transits have this super potent predictive power.

And like when somebody sees a transit, they're like, Oh my gosh, what's going to happen? I think that is the biggest misconception in astrology, to be honest, because transits to me are, they activate things that already are alive or blossoming forth. And so sometimes, like, even let's go back to what I was just saying about the Saturn and the Mars coming together with Neptune.

If someone is in a specific period of their life, and we can see this astrologically, and it says literally nothing about having problems with health, or problems with money, or problems with career. Then, if this comes into your 6th house, or your 2nd house, or your 10th house, then it's probably not going to be something like, Oh my gosh, here it comes, this transit, and it's like…

Yeah, it might not feel subjectively super fun, but if there's not already a promise [00:10:00] that a problem might occur, then it's probably not going to bring the bads, you know, people say, bring the goods. And I was like, it's probably not going to bring the bads. And so I think that's the biggest misconception in astrology that transits are super powerful.

And I want, I would love to not even just get rid of it, but change the orientation or way of thinking about it because That means this beautiful art and science and this thing that has been such a gift to me that I like to share with people becomes the source of anxiety sometimes for them. And so that's why I would want that to be one of the misconceptions that is removed or at least reoriented or modulated within people's minds and hearts.

Another thing is just. I've been learning more specifically from, uh, someone named Ali Alomi, and he's, and he's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good at mundane astrology. [00:11:00] Well, in that tradition, they call it world astrology. And so just being mindful, like, again, this is kind of going back to transits, it's like transits do have importance.

But they have to be in the context of something, right? And so when it comes to world astrology, I have not noticed because over all the years, like I never had anybody teaching me mundane or world astrology. I just kind of would see what's happening with the collective since I work directly with people all the time.

And I do notice things in general, but without a context of what happened at the Aries ingress or what happened during the last eclipse, or what happened at the Libra ingress and other things. I just feel like world astrology or like looking at the transits for like what's going to manifest in the world.

It needs more context. And I think we would do well as astrologers and also as astrology enthusiasts. To just be mindful of that. So yeah, I guess overall, I'm just like, let's reorient our relationship with transits as a [00:12:00] whole. That's

Jamie: what I would say. Yeah, that's perfect. And I think some of that I've been kind of sitting with that or preaching about that in like we live in an instant world. So we're like, Oh, it's supposed to happen at 10 42 at such and such. Sometimes you get like with Mars, you feel that rolling in or you feel like it's like you're are if it's like a plutonium thing, you're already on the swimming pool. So like, you may feel like a big wave or something.

But yeah, I think that's a lot to do with our culture. And we're just expecting instantaneous thing. So an interesting thing. Yeah. I, I, I, I stand by you. I definitely, I'm ready for that. That's a good way to approach it 2024.

Advice for 2024

Jamie: So if you could give of advice, which is so hard, because you just have a wealth of it about how to welcome in like set those what would Like, this is a good year to

Cameron: Oh, yeah. For [00:13:00] me, I've really liked to follow things that are happening in the background. And what I mean by that is like the outer planets and just how I think this does go along with the culture like you were saying like how we like the things are so instant or like we hear like the year ahead forecast.

And we like see the big things and then three weeks later, we're worrying about the transit that's going to happen in four weeks. And we forget all the wisdom of being able to look at the scope of the whole year or the trajectory or the backdrop of what's really happening. And so for me, I'm a Pluto type of person.

And so I just would feel into like Pluto and how it's going to go back into Aquarius and how it's just like doing this dance between Aquarius and Capricorn. And because of that, I feel like. For me, a lot of like something that I'm like really working on right now too, in my own practice, that's not necessarily astrological, but the Pluto and Aquarius play [00:14:00] has kind of been inspiring.

It is just like built, like my relationship with like electromagnetic fields. And so just like Wi Fi, my technology, stuff like that, but also even more important, like my electromagnetic field and how much nervous system, um, power and strength I can create from within myself in order to not be as influenced by these outside electric fields, including other people's nervous systems.

Right. You know, even like if somebody's dysregulated, like, can I stand in the face of that and just be with them rather than getting caught up in their nervous system and kind of getting dysregulated myself as well, along with it? Because there's just so much, there's just, you know, even thinking about like the idea of trauma and just thinking about when I was younger, nobody was like going around talking about trauma all the time.

And it's like, that is like the new craze that everybody's talking about trauma and not saying that we shouldn't be talking about it. But it's like, what are we [00:15:00] actually doing to build up our electromagnetic field to be able to let our own trauma come up or be able to hold space for other people's trauma?

So the electromagnetic field is like something that I like really am feeling into along with that is like being sure that you're actually making a conscious effort to be more human. And be in connection with community and be in connection with people directly. Because as like technology keeps advancing, yeah, just things are just kind of falling to the wayside.

It's like, when was the last time you went to the store and actually got checked out by a human and looked them in their eye and asked them how they were feeling today? Rather than just going to the checkout, which totally is fine. There's somebody there too. Oftentimes at the check self checkout. So just remembering not to get caught up and carried away by the tech age that we're in overall.


Jamie: Yeah. And that's a lot of that Saturn and Pisces it's really helping you find [00:16:00] that boundary, like where you can have compassion, bring that in and we'll be working with that too, but yeah, being human and grounded, I was, um. I was, I mentioned before on a podcast, how I have been like actually being around And it was such an interesting kind of feeling because I think when we're, we spend so much time on tech and we're online, like we're, I couldn't, I couldn't figure out what I was bracing for in this crowd, you know, cause everyone was kind of like there for the same thing, but what I was bracing for was what was not going to show up.

And that was like the troll or the negative comment or someone to come in and. Say something because when we're in person, we're like what we have in the inner circle, everyone kind of going for that, you know, loving astrology, wanting to co create with the universe. When you're in a community like that, you don't have someone and say, Hey, astrology doesn't exist or this did it a day.

Cause you're in this vibration of that feel that way. So. You know, it's rare that you can find places online, like the inner [00:17:00] circle where you can feel that, but you can also like, when you go out there and you're human, like you say, you kind of feel something and not, you're not really worried about the comments or what I said is going online forever, but yeah, that's great

Cameron: Right. Right. Yeah. No, that's a great reflection.

Jamie: We've kind of already touched on this just because we've downloaded so much, but is there a tool that people can work with or even just another, a mindful practice, kind of like how you said, you that we could hold on to throughout 2024. And is there a particular transit that. Is a reason that would inspire you to say, lean on this tool because it'll help you empower part of the the

Cameron: Yeah, so I would say, and I don't even know if this is directly answering the question. Yeah, it's answering the question. Okay. So I would say, get a solar return reading or get like [00:18:00] a year ahead reading so that you can, so that you can know what is individually yours. And what is for you this year and what direction you're going in and allow that to be a meditative process or not even meditative, but contemplative process that you actually hold with you in your heart for the year and everything else that you hear every week to week on the astrological forecast and what you hear for the 2024 event, all these things are going to be additives to what already is for you.

Because everything that we say about the transits for the year is not necessarily for everyone. So I guess I'm even filling into this like feeling, I guess this is very Pluto in Aquarius two as well. It's like be more individualized in your practice and in your like relationship with astrology so that you can actually know what's for you and what's not.

Like, I really think that's like super, super important because What everyone is saying in the 2024 year, like year [00:19:00] ahead forecast is going to like weave into your life in certain ways and other ways it's going to net necessarily, you know? And so that's how you can actually get more from it because when you just listen to it, it might sound nice.

And it might be encouraging or it might feel disencouraging, but if I don't know how I relate to that, then I'm not going to even know how to be with it. And also sometimes I feel like people are like, this didn't relate to me or I don't get this or, you know, and it's like, well, do you even understand what your astrology is for this year?

Because if you don't, then you wouldn't even know how to plug it in, even if it felt good to you or if it will, you know, it resonates with you. . So,

Jamie: yeah. Yeah. Very powerful. And I agree with that too. 'cause I, I recently worked with a soul. And, um, they were feeling uncomfortable because all the astrology that they were listening to said they were supposed to be having like the best time of their life and they weren't.

But when you had an astrologer look at the chart and you fo followed the final dis depositors, and you kinda really the other [00:20:00] layers, you're like, no, no, no. You're at a climb. This is when, when the glory comes. But you do have this. Mm-hmm. . But because they were working with such a strong like it expands stuff.

We wanted to focus on the positive and our focus on the it's hard to be positive. But that is a great, great piece of advice to get a solar chart reading. It's great to know the overall forecast of it, but to know how it impacts your chart, your generation, where you are with your natal promise.

Absolutely. Yeah, that's amazing. And great thing that astrology hub has astrologer connect. So if you haven't checked out astrologer connect, we'll put that link in there. Both Cameron and I are on that platform. And I think one of our favorite things with all of you about your charts

How Past Astrology Can Inform the Present

Jamie: All right. Cameron, just one more question in our 2024 prep share a memorable moment where astrology provided you or even someone that you know with a valuable insight That really helped you and how might that insight be [00:21:00] relevant for our listeners

Cameron: Yeah. So one thing that was like really, really valuable for me, and even it's kind of still permeating right now in this present moment, it's just like knowing that this year Mercury was going to go retrograde and all the earth signs in my chart. And so knowing that that was what was coming forth, I was knowing that I was going to have to rework something going on with my money because it was in my second house.

Re reconnect with my relationship with health or illness or routines or how I felt about being of service with the six house and then with the 10th house, just how am I showing up in the world and how is my work and how's my career and how can I reorganize things in my career? And so that's one thing that I think everybody could do every year.

I think even if people just make that a practice, just like look where mercury is going to be [00:22:00] retrograde in the forthcoming year. And what houses is that going to be in? And just know, cause it's like, we have these contexts, we have these variety of contexts to things. And if you know, you're going to have to rework or rethink certain areas of your life, then when that comes.

Awesome. I knew that was coming. So this Mercury retrograde is a nice reflective, um, period to be able to like, uh, move with that in a cleaner, more easeful way. And also look to where Mercury's at in your chart to also get some more extra. Bang for your buck there. If you're not there, as far as that seems too complex, then just look where Mercury is at and just don't even act like you need to know right now.

Even if you're being preemptive and you can just see what part of the chart that's going to be playing in, maybe write down some prompts or give yourself a Mercury retrograde journal for the year and just write out, this is what I noticed because things like this can help you, one, be [00:23:00] preemptive. And when things come up, you're like, Oh, I know exactly what this is now.

You know, I see, I see it clearly. And also, if you have this, this issue that some people have with like, what health systems should I use? Should I use this health system? Should I use that one? You can also use it for that. Because one, you'll start to notice like, oh, this one feels more alive and true for me.

So this is also how we actively work through things. And again, it's about having a relationship with the science and the art. Rather than, this is what this means, this is what that means. And it being like this generic thing that doesn't like move through you and actually come alive. Oftentimes I find that's what the blockage is with people learning astrology.

They're like, I know this and this, I know this and this, but actually bringing them together. You know, it takes sometimes breathing life into it and being with it rather than like isolating it in the mind somewhere. So that's what I would

Jamie: say. a great way to definitely look at them.

Cause they're all in a certain element. We're going to be burning [00:24:00] but yeah, that's a great insight because I think those are one of the times of the year that we always. Feel that, that tension. I mean, the outer planets do that too, but yeah, mercury definitely, especially if you're mercury ruled, you feel that for sure.

So advice, Cameron.


Jamie: Thank you so much for all the insight that you have given us today. Now for all of you listening out there, this amazing eighth annual free, free, free, free forecast event that's coming up, it's going to be all about 2024. We're going to be talking about some transits, like what's going to happen when Pluto goes back into Aquarius.

So we've had. touch on Pluto today. We'll talk about the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. It only happens years know, also bring in some sudden breakthroughs or unexpected opportunities will also be talking about Jupiter, entering Gemini and the push to open up different and varied perspectives with this transit.

So much more at this event, you're going to learn how to proactively work with all these transits [00:25:00] Kind of wrap up prepared for the next I'm going to get your free seat. All you need to do is go to astrology hub. com forward slash forecasts. you so much for astrology a part of your life as always. look forward to

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