Weekly Astrology Forecast: September 2nd – October 9th | Welcome to Eclipse Season

We’re officially in “eclipse season”!

Eclipses happen in pairs and “eclipse season” begins the two weeks before the first eclipse and ends two weeks after the second.

So what does eclipse season bring? It can be an accelerated time of change, release, letting go, starting anew…

Some astrologers say it’s a “time out of time”… where it feels like a lifetime is packed into a short period or conversely like time stretches out forever.

During this eclipse season, Taylor Schuler, our Weekly Astrological Weather guest, gave us some reflection questions that really hit home for me. She said, “When something is taken away, we have that moment of reckoning… 

  • Did I appreciate what I had when I had it? 
  • If everything were to change or end right now, what would I regret? 
  • How does the answer to that shift how I want to be living my life NOW? “

And I loved her answer when I asked… “Astrologers often refer to the time between eclipses as portals…is that how you think of it?”

She didn’t skip a beat and answered, “It’s not how I think of it, it’s how I FEEL it.” 

My love often reflects back to me that I am a “thinker/feeler”… thinking and then feeling. And he is a “feeler/thinker”… feeling first and then thinking. 

Taylor’s response made me remember that right now, feeling your way through time is even more important than trying to think your way through. Because it’s exhausting and pointless to try and… 


  • Figure out situations when you don’t have all of the pieces of the puzzle yet.
  • Over-analyze dynamics in your relationships when you’re being asked to just be with what is. 
  • Overly plan and strategize when the future you’re planning for is in a state of rapid change and reconfiguration. 

Being as centered in yourself as possible and focusing “one foot in front of the other” is the way through!

In the Inner Circle, we ask our teaching astrologers to choose a song that perfectly reflects the energy of their assigned Lunar Cycle.

This helps our community FEEL in addition to THINK of the cosmic tides we’re in, since music has a distinct way of touching us beyond our linear thinking.

So I was excited when Taylor chose a song for all of us this week! She said, “If you want to get to the heart of the energies, listen to Desree’s popular song from the 90’s, ‘You Gotta Be’.”

I’m going to link you to that music video here… it can be your background music for the week 😍 Let me know what it elicits for you!

Next year is also marked by some very intense eclipse energies (one that will be visible across the entire United States like the 2017 Great American Eclipse was)…

And we’ll be talking about this eclipse and ALL of the major transits of 2024 at our upcoming free 2024 Astrology Forecast Panel Event next week!

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Enjoy this season of change and new beginnings…

And remember you have everything you need to feel your way in the dark.

Sending my best,

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Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:


🌖 Monday, October 2nd: Reflective Insights and Expressive Shifts

Waning Gibbous Moon in Taurus transitions to Gemini, meets Uranus, trines Pluto, opposes Neptune, Venus trines North Node

Kickstart your week reflecting on life’s vision under the waning gibbous moon in Taurus. This phase nudges you to share your insights and connect with those resonating with your message, while ignoring the naysayers. A brief morning disruption may occur as the Moon meets Uranus around 9 AM Pacific, hinting at a power struggle or an unexpected emotional revelation. As the Moon transitions into communicative Gemini around 10 AM Pacific, your focus shifts from comfort to expression and learning. Mercury’s opposition to Neptune early in the day encourages dreaming and creative pursuits, perhaps finding solace in music or automatic writing. Around 11:45 AM Pacific, Venus trines the North Node, prompting reflections on love, values, and meaningful connections. Whether seeking guidance or offering it, this is a day to explore mentorship opportunities and embrace the day’s energy to seek clarity, validate your journey, and empower your voice.


🌪️ Tuesday, October 3rd: Self and Relationships

Moon Square Saturn, Mercury Trine Pluto

The theme of the week, “who am I, what do I want, and what am I going to do about it?” continues to unfold. It’s a day to delve into self-reflection and explore the dynamics of relationships, understanding the mutual benefits and the essence of individuality within collective interactions. With Mercury trine Pluto, it’s a day for deep thinking, research, and getting to the core of matters. It’s an excellent time to express your thoughts clearly and delve into topics that intrigue you, seeking truth and understanding.


🎭 Wednesday, October 4th: Authentic Expression and Balance

Mars meets South Node, Mercury enters Libra

Wednesday beckons a significant shift as Mars meets the South Node in Libra, urging a reflection on authenticity in actions and relationships. It’s a call to let go of compromises that stifle your true self. Mercury’s entry into Libra further emphasizes the theme of balance, especially in communication and relationships. It’s a day to contemplate on past actions, the fear of judgment, and the courage to express oneself authentically. The shift of Mercury invites a balanced approach in interactions and a quest for harmony in expressing your truth. This day sets the tone for self-reflection and the courage to embrace authentic expression, shedding fears of judgment. It’s a day to stand firm in your beliefs while maintaining a harmonious dialogue with others.


🛠️ Thursday, October 5th: Embracing Change and Service

Moon enters Cancer, Moon opposition Pluto, Moon square Mercury,Moon trine Saturn, Juno trine North Node

Today’s energy nudges towards a blend of inner change and extending a helping hand to others. With the Moon gliding into Cancer early morning, emotions may run high, yet an opposition to Pluto urges for authentic self-expression. The day encourages a pause, to process feelings thoughtfully before reacting. By channeling emotions into practical service, a sense of healing and perspective can be gained. The harmonious aspect between Juno and the North Node hints at the potential for supportive partnerships, especially when fairness and loyalty are at play.


🌿 Friday, October 6th: Reflective Healing and Future Visions

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, Moon sextile Jupiter, Moon square Chiron, Moon sextile Uranus

Today’s celestial dance invites a blend of reflection, healing, and forward-looking inspiration. The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer, sextiling Jupiter early morning, brings a comforting, hopeful aura, encouraging optimism. As the day unfolds, a square to Chiron around late afternoon nudges a gentle look at areas needing healing—perhaps a day for self-care or community service. As midnight nears, a sextile to Uranus sparks sudden insights, paving the way for innovative thoughts.


🎨 Saturday, October 7th: Creative Visualization and Playful Expression

Moon Void then enters Leo, squares Nodes, trines Neptune, squares Mars, opposes Pluto

Dive into creative activities like sketching plans for your desired future or creating a vision board in the morning. Recharge with a rejuvenating nap in the afternoon. As the Moon enters lively Leo at 3:24 PM Pacific, dress up in bold colors and embrace the vibrant energy! The Moon’s interactions with other planets stir emotions and intuition, making it a great time to express yourself creatively. In the evening, let loose and enjoy some fun social interactions, letting the day’s creative endeavors fuel your joy and conversations.


🌌 Sunday, October 8th: Deep Reflection and Self-Love

Moon sextile Mercury, Mars square Pluto, Moon square Jupiter, Venus enters Virgo

A day of deep reflection and self-love unfolds as the Moon sextiles Mercury early morning, promoting clear thinking and communication. The intense Mars square Pluto aspect urges a release of negativity, making way for empathy, compassion, and courage. As Venus enters Virgo, a mutual reception with Mercury begins, hinting at a time for self-reflection on love languages and personal needs. The Moon squaring Jupiter in the evening brings a comforting closure to the day. As Venus’s entry into Virgo suggests, it’s a time to explore various forms of personal capital, nurturing self-love, and preparing for mature interactions in the days ahead.


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