Astrology This Week: Strategic Action w/ Mars in Scorpio

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Astrologers Wendy Stacey and Jamie Magee talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌕 Mars squaring Pluto, urging you to confront and resolve longstanding power struggles.
🌗 The shift in energy as Pluto moves out of retrograde, inviting you to be observant and mindful of the power and history carried in this transition.
🌘 The influence of Moon and Venus in Virgo, encouraging you to plan and tackle small tasks efficiently.

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Jamie: Hi there. Welcome to your astrological weather. I am so grateful that you have joined our weekly worldwide astrological conversation. Now, if you’re new to our channel, a warm, warm, welcome to you. Please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell. So you can stay updated on all of our new content releases each week.

And there’s a lot of it for those of you who do not know me. My name is Jamie McGee. I’m an astrologer and a host here on the astrology hub podcast platform. And today we’re going to be talking about the astrological influences for the week of October 9th through the 15th with astrologer, Wendy Stacy.

Now, Wendy Stacey is the principal of the International Mayo School of Astrology and chair of the Astrological Association. She has written numerous articles for the astrological journal and as the author of consulting with astrology and Uranus square Pluto, and she is an upcoming inner circle guide this year, which I cannot wait for your month.

Wendy, welcome to the podcast. How are you doing today?

Wendy: I’m doing great. Thanks for having me. It’s

Jamie: always a pleasure to connect with you on this [00:01:00] podcast, and

Wendy’s Mastery Class

Jamie: I can’t wait for our inner circle members to be able to connect with you next month because you’re teaching a really fun class.

Do you want to tell us a little about, about the mastery class that all the members can take?

Wendy: Yes, definitely. It’s, well, it’s on synastry, so relationship astrology. It’s looking at the dynamics of compatibility. Why we’re attracted to some people and why we’re not attracted to others. So it’s looking at things like commonality, what that means in a relationship when you have things in common, or why we say opposites attract.

And so we’re looking at that sort of thing, the dynamics and the horoscopes. between people, two or three. And it can also be with, it’s not just sort of love relationships, it looks at the family, business, siblings, things like that. And we’re also looking at like voids in the horoscope as well. So often when you have things missing, for example, that can be just like an element.

So you may have the fire element missing. So often you will be attracted to people with strong fire. And [00:02:00] things like that. So you’re looking at, at voids in the chart and why we look for people to, to fill those voids as well. Make us feel complete, if you like. So that’s what we’re going to be looking at and it will be dynamic and yeah.

Jamie: All of you out there, if you are in their circle, please mark your calendars, get ready for that.

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And we cannot wait for that.

Theme of the Week

Jamie: All right. So. Today we’re talking about the astrology for October 9th. We’re ending this week with a pretty big eclipse.

If you had a way to summarize this week, how would [00:03:00] you summarize it? What would be your word or your theme for the week ahead?

Wendy: I would summarize it, it’s a, it’s a week of, focus on relationships, there is an intensity with it, but it’s a, it’s a time to resolve, create, start working on, you know, relationships, there’s a lot of relationship stuff going on, a lot of the planets are in Libra, uh, this week, but they also rule the planets that are elsewhere in the chart.

So there’s a lot of Venutian energy. So I would say, you know, work on relationships also work on money, whatever you do with money, but it’s a good time to focus on that. Anything Venutian really.. Venus

Jamie: vibes all over.

A Look at the Week & the Eclipse

Jamie: So which transits are contributing to this theme this

Wendy: week? Well, there’s a lot of, um, uh, transits going on.

So we’ve got Astellium and Libra, which is pretty much, for the whole week. We start the week on the 9th with the Moon, Venus and Leo. So they’re really the only planets in fire we have at the start of the [00:04:00] week. This is a more of a fiery start to the week before everything goes into earth and, you know, more, more earth and water stuff.

So, um, make the most of that fire. If you’ve got to do something, get it done. This is a, you know, day of, of a bit more motivated than other days, but again, it’s very much about relationships. You know, these moon and Venus are in Leo. But it’s ruled by the sun, which is in Libra. So along with Mercury and Mars.

So it’s a great time to, to do any negotiation. Particularly financially, things like that, but also negotiating in relationships as well, you may feel that the, the, the issue of compromises is on the table when, when one doesn’t compromise or expecting another to a compromise.

So that. That may be a bit of a, you know, something that needs to be worked out. Now also the, the really other interesting thing for this entire week is not only, of course, [00:05:00] you’ve got the Eclipse, um, building, but also, um, from a, from a very, what we call Ptolemaic, like the major aspects, that Jupiter and Taurus remains unaspected for the week.

So it’s going to be a heavy week on finances, but it’s also, Um, uh, it’s a great time to, you know, get one’s hands dirty, I guess, despite being a Venetian week, but, um, time to, you know, do something, um, craft wise or something like that, particularly as things move into Virgo, the moon and Venus, but, um, you know, it’s a good time to take stock, time to take inventory. It’s a good time to, you know, um, clean out things as well as, because also at the start of this week, Pluto is retrograde, but does go direct during the week, which purge.

Get rid of stuff to,

Jamie: yeah, doubling down on that because [00:06:00] he eclipses the south node like Libra clips. So, what would be a good way to like, recognize some of those eclipse themes that we have coming up, like, is any like, we’ll be looking for codependencies are like any like, and like, how can we.

Wendy: What’s interesting about this particular eclipse too is, I mean, it’s very relationship focused on every level, but it is opposing Chiron, um, in the sky as well. So, often there can be a lack of confidence, and that lack of confidence may not be a personal one, it may be a lack of confidence in the relationship.

So… And, and, and when you’ve got unaspected Jupiter, it’s a bit of a test of faith in terms of one’s relationship. So it’s, it’s about hanging in there. It’s about sort of confronting, and with Chiron, it’s about confronting things of the, of the old, things of the past. So it’s about, the lesson I think is about moving forward, rather than bringing things up.

Um, moving forward, dealing with them, [00:07:00] confronting, confronting them, making things real as well, making things real. Pluto is at a very, very important point right now, so, you know, it’s, it’s important we, um, uh, honor that by, by addressing things that are outstanding.

And of course, with all this stuff and, Libra, it is about relationships. So, yeah, it’s going to be very heavy on that.

Jamie: So if it surfaces, kind of name it, disempower

Wendy: it. Own it, own it, deal with it, take responsibility for it and move forward. It’s a bit, it’s, it’s also an opportunity to sort of let things go, but not bury them.

It’s like letting things go, dealing with them, confronting them. Doesn’t have to be, uncomfortable, but it’s like, it’s just releasing it so one can move forward. Taiwan has a tendency to, to bring forth unresolved issues, but, um, and so there’s a confidence thing there with it opposing that eclipse. Um, so, you know, it is, it’s [00:08:00] about, um, uh, moving the relationship forward.

Okay. And with, with Pluto and Capricorn too, often this is about commitment and things like that. So these issues are going to be quite heavy for that week, I think. Yeah.

Jamie: It’s kind of like, you know, if it comes up, you have to face it, but, like digging it down in there is when it comes back, it’s going to come back with a bigger

Wendy: war.

Yeah, of course. Yeah. Yeah, so, so, yeah,

Jamie: it’s hard to know. It’s hard to say, like, you know, should I say, if I say something, am I like poking at it? Am I digging it up? Or am I, you know, clearing the air and moving forward? And sometimes it’s hard to pick between the two. And I think that that’s something that some of us are working, have been working with.

And as we get into this,

And I’m pretty sure that this new Libra South Node

energy is going to be more prevalent. and,

Wendy: and of course, with that Libra Aries, Eclipse opposite Chiron it is about the balance of that. Yeah. It is about exactly what you just said. Yeah. About how much to dredge it, you know,

But it’s more about [00:09:00] just, you know.

Um, releasing it, you know, owning it and releasing it.


Jamie: Yeah. I like, I like my, my term is always, um, close the karmic knot. Like sometimes you can’t resolve it. Someone else, but like, because they may not be ready to resolve it, but you can resolve it within, like you can end it or begin something the way that you would want it to be begin or ended with you.

So at least, you know, You can feel solid in that. Now that the universe could teach you a lesson about that down the road. But yeah, it’s going to be, it’s an interesting Libra like balance that we’re going to be walking, speaking out a little too much of this, a little too much of that, but definitely processing very dicey week here.

Hey there, it’s Amanda here, and I hope you’re enjoying this episode. I just wanted to pop in and make sure that you know, you’re invited to our free 2024 forecast event. We’re going to be gathering with five top astrologers that you know and love and discussing the major transits of the year ahead and how to work with them.

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Jamie: So, um, well, let’s talk about today because we kick off this week on Monday. I know you mentioned a little bit of it, but what are we working with? Um, Right

Wendy: now. So we’ve got that moon Venus in Leo. So this is, you know, it’s, it’s the only fire, um, for a while. So, it’s important to make the most of that.

It’s a great, you know, use that energy. If you need to really, um, achieve something that involves a bit of push and a bit of shove, you know, you make the most of that fire. Um, and again, it emphasizes relationships with the moon and Venus and Leo as well. In terms of relationships, it can bring up issues of who’s the boss, things like that.

But, you know, it’s, it’s also fun when you get that Libra, Leo, combination, it’s a fun time. It’s actually a really good time to, to go out, even though it’s a Monday night. Um, it’s, you know, school night and all, but it’s a, it’s a great time to go out. It’s a, it’s, it’s fun. People are going to be social, [00:11:00] you know, and if you’re not out, then find different ways to, to socialize because it’s, yeah, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a fun couple of days.

Um, and then things get a bit, bit lower and a bit flatter, but, you know, still enjoyable, just a different energy. So, so on the 9th, yeah, we’re, we’re sort of. um, uh, building to a lot of things. We’re building to the new moon, the, the eclipse, we’re building to, to two planets changing sign, Pluto going direct, um, things like that.

Jamie: It kind of like reminds me of like, okay, we’re done with this, like that work party, like you celebrate because the season’s over, but you know, you’re about to get into something new, but you have to live in the moment.

And it’s always a little bit when the universe doesn’t like line up like it doesn’t think the universe isn’t know, hey, we only party on the weekends, but it’s like you’re gonna have your fun as you start and kind of get a little deeper as the week goes. So, yeah, yeah. Don’t be afraid to go out. Yeah. Go.

And it’s like a great little fun season or approaching holidays. So getting into that, [00:12:00] you know, whatever, wherever you are in the world, your season is definitely changing. So just kind of embracing the end of one and getting ready for a new one and feeling those vibes. So,

Wendy: yeah, exactly. Yeah. And a bit of weather change and you’re going to feel that you’re going to feel that as well.

Yeah. Um,


Wendy: like on the 10th. You know, we’ve still got Moon and Leo, but Venus enters Virgo, you’re going to enter more of a cooler, period,

, it’s still okay. It’s still fun. It’s still a bit upbeat, still, um, quite positive, that sort of thing. And you’ve got Venus moved into Virgo and, you know, there’s the, the, the Venus is starting to create an opposition with Saturn in the sky.

So you’ve got some, you know, Venus Saturn, um, issues, which are often about money or relationships, again about commitment, I think commitment’s going to be a bit of an issue. And like I said, and this is going to be reflected in the news, you’re going to see this about, um, you know, uh, celebrity couples or political couples or things like this, [00:13:00] but there’s going to be, uh, Venus opposite Saturn can be a bit of a dampener, particularly at those early degrees of Virgo and Pisces.

And you’ve still got, um, of course, the Mercury, , Sun and Mars in Libra as well. So, things, uh, are still, it’s not so eventful necessarily, um, from this date. It’s more about, dealing with things, um, good for monetary matters really in terms of, and, you know, again, Sorting out finances.

A Venus Saturn opposition is great for sorting that out. And it’s also great for sorting out relationships as well. I mean, it is a good, um, combination to do that. Um, and Venus really then starts in its journey, um, as it goes into Virgo, as it enters tomorrow the 10th. Um, it starts to build with trying to Jupiter, because Jupiter is unexpected.

But soon it will trine Jupiter, which is the first aspect [00:14:00] besides the moon that Jupiter makes. So that is really quite, it’s quite lovely. It’s quite nice. We’re going to see that later in the week as it, as it slowly builds up to

Jamie: look forward to that. Yeah. The Venus Virgo center kind of reminds me of like, don’t throw rocks and glass houses.

Or that saying of that, because you’re going to, because Saturn’s on the other side, it will be like an instant. Like you say that, like, if you’re going to, if you speak, be prepared to listen.

Wendy: Yeah. Good advice. Really good advice. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Um,


Wendy: and then, you know, and Wednesday, the 11th, this is when the sun starts its, opposition to Chiron.

So this is when, you know, it’s a little bit of, and also the Venus Saturn opposition, so there’s a little bit of self doubt there, um, and also perhaps a lack of confidence. in things bigger than us, it involves the sun, involves Saturn, so it involves sort of parental figures. Um, so you know, there may be some politics there, [00:15:00] like there’s a lack of confidence in there, which, which does have an impact on, on people as well.

Um, the political is personal. And so when. And then on Wednesday the 11th, the moon comes to meet Venus. So we have a moon Venus conjunction in Virgo, which I think is a beautiful conjunction. It’s, it’s in Virgo, which is a sign of the virgin maiden, and with moon Venus there, it’s very much a woman.

Um, placement, I think. So there’s a lot of sort of that feminine, um, goddess energy, if you like. It’s a nice time to, to do some work, start a project. Do some research if you want to, um, it’s a time where you can really make your mind and your body quite, you know, to get them moving.

Um, Virgo is really the only sign that’s both mental and physical. So when you’ve got the moon Venus there, it’s, you know, it’s an encourage, it encourages one to do that, you know, whatever [00:16:00] that is doing a project around the house or in your room or whatever it is or work or studying or anything. It’s sort of, um, good time to plan.

It’s a really good time to plan. So, you know, get the project started by putting things out there, doing diagrams, you know, things like that. Um, also a really good time to get small jobs done. Um, things that have been building up. Moon, Venus and Virgo just manages to get them done quicker, easier. Um, you know, certainly when the The Moon and Venus are in Leo, for example.

Um, so Moon Venus, um, in Virgo opposite Saturn, you know, can feel a bit flatter, but it’s just more about being, it’s a quieter time. It is quieter. It may be tough for those. Who have planets around the early mutable signs, so anyone with the sun around the 23rd, 24th of August, November, March, and May, the sun will pick that opposition up, so it [00:17:00] will affect you quite personally if you’re born within those dates, and if you have other planets at that early mutable degrees, but it is about sort of laying low and just And just, um, chilling out actually, really that’s, you know, what this, these transits are too.

And of course Pluto goes direct today, so it makes its next journey, um, as it as it moves towards Aquarius, um, as it goes back and forth till November next year. , so that will have a big influence too on, on the entire globe when it goes direct. Mostly probably to do with, um, You know, things like politics, economic issues, and things like that.

But the good thing is the moon, Venus is in Virgo, which sort of indicates there’s a plan at hand. And, and, you know, um, the moon is starting to try to Jupiter and Venus is building to that as well. I like that.

Jamie: So even though it’s down, we kind of feel that the deceleration, there’s a plan at hand that we can work with.

[00:18:00] That’s good advice

Wendy: there. Great words. Decelerate. Yeah. Deceleration. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.


Wendy: Thursday the 12th, moon’s still in Virgo. It opposes Neptune, um, in this point. It’s making its way to Libra, but it’s in the middle of Virgo.

Um, Uh, during Thursday. Opposite Neptune. So, you know, things, again, chill. It’s important when these planets are, you know, making aspects and, and mutable signs to go with the flow. Ride the waves. Don’t, you know, go against the, the flow of things. Um, it’s a really lovely time to do something creative.

I mean, Moon Neptune Opposition, you know, it’s especially immutable as, as a sort of recipe for Netflix marathoning. It’s about taking oneself out of things, it’s a very inspiring time, I think, or, and if you’re not inspired, find something to inspire you, you know, turn on some music or, you know, put your feet on the grass or, or look at some paintings or whatever you do [00:19:00] to, to be inspired.

It’s a, it’s a really lovely day to do that, especially with all these planets in Libra, which rules the arts as well. So. You know, Mars is right at that last bit of Libra, it’s, it’s really at the end. So it, it makes that, um, even more, inclined to want to, delve into, into anything arty or, or creative.

So yeah, definitely.


Wendy: And then, sorry, yep. Moving on to Friday. Friday the 13th. So the moon enters Libra today, making its way, to the, to Mercury and the sun. So building to that eclipse, which is, you know, it will oppose Chiron fast. Um, and it is two degrees orb, so the sun has moved on a little bit, but there’ll still be some residue of that, Chiron, eclipse opposition.

Yeah, it’s like, I guess it’s, pat yourself on the back. Don’t, don’t feel like, don’t, don’t feel like your confidence [00:20:00] has to be, compromised at all. So, you know, that’s quite lovely. And also what happens on Friday, which is a really interesting. Day as well, as Mars moves into Scorpio.

So on the day of the eclipse, Mars enters Scorpio, um, which, you know, it’s very, very comfortable in. And, you know, when Mars enters Scorpio, things get a bit sexier. So you’re going to see that. I mean, you’re going to see different things come out, um, in the news, on TV, or on the radio, whatever. You’re going to see some, um.

You know, something of passion. And this is a great time to do, you know, find your passion, make it work for you. It’s also trying to Saturn. So it’s really good for disciplining as well. Mars, Saturn in general feel like driving 100 miles with the brakes on, but when you’re in trine and in water, it’s a bit more fluid. And it’s a bit easier.

So it’s about finding your pace and, um, enjoying that, finding that passion and, [00:21:00] and enjoying it.

Jamie: So Mars goes into Scorpio like right in the middle of the week as we’ll be feeling that as we go into the eclipse energy. Yeah.

Wendy: Yeah. We’re going to feel that last bit of Libra when, when Mars, you know, when Mars is at those last degrees of the sign, you can really feel it.

So in Libra. You know, that, that day you’re going to have a lot of relationship stuff and, and, and, and, you know, um, going on, um, and, you know, in, in the greater society, which we will all be, um, you know, feeling as well. So there’s, yeah, and, uh, it’s a, it’s a, it’s an interesting energy. It’s, it’s about resolution, I think.

Uh, and so, yeah, and as it moves into Scorpio, um, it becomes less compromising, but it does become passionate and it does yeah, sexy if you like. Yeah.

Jamie: I like that. I like that. Yeah. And so it’s, and there’s a resolution and, you know, even if it’s non compromisable, that’s kind of leads back to like leaning on your boundaries.

Like what you have, [00:22:00] you know, like I’ve, I’ve, I’ve hit my straw. This is where it’s at. And like, I can love you from a distance if I need to, or we can, or it could also speak to deeper commitments. Like we’re not going to, we’re not going to date and kind of dance around this. We’re going to put a title on it and we’re going to, it’s all, all or none kind of thing.

Like, you know, like commitment. So

Wendy: yeah, that’s a great description. Coming out of Libra can be quite, you know, back and forth and back and forth. And as it goes into Scorpio, it arrives at lands and it, yeah. And it’s like, well, this is what we need now. Um, and, and yeah, it’s great. And it’s really comfortable there.

So, uh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Jamie: All right. So now we’re, we’re getting close to the day, the eclipse.


Wendy: Yeah, Saturday we have the eclipse. So the moon goes past Mercury, um, and then it, um, joins the sun. And this is when we’re going to have the eclipse at, you know, 20 degrees of Libra.

Um, and it, it [00:23:00] actually, you know, I mean, I know I talk about major aspects, but it sort of does form a yond with Uranus and Neptune as well. Um, so, you know, so the eclipse, has, um, A quincunx to Neptune and as well as to Uranus. So there’s going to be, uh, some really interesting things going on, um, in the larger scheme of things that we’re all sort of going to be pulled into in a way.

So there’s going to be a, there’s going to be a lot of focus on that during that week. Um, and this day it’s going to culminate.

And so when you get an eclipse like this as well, especially in Libra, there’s a real building to it. And so, you know, I, I always think it’s not the best to, sometimes it’s best to wait till after that moon has passed the sun, because there is an intensity, and with Mars and Scorpio as well, it just very fresh into that sign by one day, it can feel like a little bit of a pressure [00:24:00] cooker, so it’s, it’s often, it’s a good idea to just wait until, things have deflated a little bit past that eclipse.

So even though you’re resolving things, um, in the meantime, it’s, it’s more about the planning of that, I think, and then after that eclipse, it’s time to, Make the real decisions that need to be made and can be, particularly while Mars is now in Scorpio and Venus is in Virgo, so, and their, and their sex style, really.

So, um, yeah, it’s a, it’s a very, it’s quite a, it appears that it’s not a solid time, but it, but it actually. It’s like it’s a very formative, and, you know, quite a creative time. even things like, um, social policy in terms of relationships.

This is a very good, day in transit for this day and even for the surrounding transits of the week to actually make policy. on that.

Jamie: So it’s an interesting energy because [00:25:00] it’s going to like provoke you to feel reactive, but that’s probably where you have your missteps. And so like listening, like, you know, reading past the headlines, reading class, the little, you know, tick tock blurbs or whatever, and kind of going deep and getting different data points would help you understand how your reaction or your response to this can be in a more, um, It would have more opportunity to grow and have an impact on the social policy.

If you really, like, know all sides of it, because then that way you’ll be able to dig in a little bit deeper. And I can definitely see how this could be a global political issue and how that could almost, you know, seep down into the family and the relationship dynamics where, you know, one person’s You Media is telling them one thing and one person’s medium is telling them another thing and then just not knowing where it is in the middle and then taking reaction on that first like emotional, emotional energy that comes up and, you know, maybe like, I love how you’re saying, like, you know, go with the [00:26:00] flow, let everything land, um, you know, be very curious about, well, what, what is, what provoked this?

How did we get to here? How do we resolve this in a different way? But, you know, Um, it’s so funny that you mentioned Johnny because I, uh, because I was just watching that like they have that now on. Yeah, I was like, I didn’t follow it to begin with, because I don’t really follow social media for certain reasons, but I was like, man, I can see why this was such a draw.

Wendy: Yeah, and I think there’s going to be more of that. And I think, you know, in my own way, you know, I don’t know if you’ll follow the things like. What happened with the Spanish football team and things like that but it was very much about in this particular week, all this Libra, very Venetian.

It’s about women. There’s some really strong women’s stuff. So I think there’s going to be, um, uh, quite a, uh, a push, particularly with that Mars going into Scorpio, the Venus sat in opposition, but then it joins with the [00:27:00] moon and things. And so. I think, it’s going to be a real a real, uh, interesting week for, for empowering women in some way.

So there’s, there’s a lot of, things like that. So, so unfortunately women at, you know, it has to, something happens. There’s usually an event that triggers these sort of things. And so it’s a bit like, you know, something where women stand out. Um, and, and, you know, because there’s a bit of a battle here too, you know, it starts with the, with the weekend with Moon, Venus and Leo.

And then you’ve got the Mars going into Scorpio and all that sort of thing, but there’s a, there’s a bit of a pushback with the Venus Saturnal position. So it feels like there’s like, you know, there’s a real sort of, um, strength found in women this week to do something. And I’m not sure what that is. Um, but it’s, it’s sort of where women are called to, to, to think quite deeply about things

Jamie: be, it’ll be fascinating. And the good thing is all of you that are listening, you [00:28:00] follow astrology.

So you’re aware of the energy. If someone like looks at you and says, Hey, what’s going on? You’re going to be able to say, all right, like, let’s just watch. Let’s be curious. And then find, find our purpose and find our calls. That doesn’t mean like be quiet when you have something that needs to be said, if you have a social policy, a cause something that you want to stand up for clarity in that event.

Um, we’re definitely not saying we’re saying like, you know, like get, get really get into that Mars Scorpio, get very strategic and dig in and find an action plan that they’re never going to see coming, but they will never forget like, that would be a good motive to kind of, to work with this energy, but it’s

Wendy: going to be.

Yeah, and exactly. And it’s, it’s, it’s a really quite a special energy too, I think, and the weekends on the Sunday the 15th with, Venus, you know, building to a trine in Jupiter. But if anyone has, you know, planets around the sort of, mid, mutable the earth sign. So if you’re born from. [00:29:00] From it would be from the 28th of August to the 7th of September, or the 28th of December to the 7th of January, or the 28th of April to the 7th of May,

You’re building to that trine to an unexpected Jupiter, so it’s quite lucky. There’s quite, it’s a bit of a golden horseshoe with, you know, so, so Jupiter and it’s sort of, it’s a, it’s a very solid position where Jupiter is in Taurus.

It’s very comfortable there. Um, and so there’s, there’s sort of, , a silver lining, I think, to, to this particular week. So the more you put plans in place, the more things you confront and deal with, particularly in relationships and finances. You know, you can tap into that Jupiter and Taurus as well and, and sort of really put things in motion.

It’s a very special time. It’s a time you’d look back and think, ah, we made that plan that week.

It will be quite a memorable week, um, in that regard with that unaspected Jupiter, [00:30:00] because it will land things, and it, you know, things are usually, it’s quite a, it’s a very fortunate position, so,

Jamie: Okay. And even if you don’t have like any. Your son’s not there. You, this is somewhere in your chart. So there’s a certain part of your life that will kind of have that tendency too. So I love that you kind of gave that insight of like where to look. Cause it’s always good to take the, the big, huge energy and dial it down into your chart and say, you know, that this is going to ping a little bit deeper for you.

So, and this is, it’s always good to know when you have a bigger opportunity to work with too.

Wendy: Yeah. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a really lovely week. It was a really interesting dynamic week. Um, lots of things changing with Mars and Pluto and, you know, Venus and things like that. So quite eventful.

Jamie: I love, I love everything that you said.

Final Thoughts from Wendy

Jamie: Is there anything that you would like to like add in to, I’ll try, I’ll do my very best to summarize your brilliance here in just a second, but is there anything else, any other notes on any of the days or the energy flow that you want to

Wendy: mention? I just think with the energy [00:31:00] flow, it’s like, it’s something don’t, don’t, don’t.

Don’t push it. Don’t fight it in some way. It’s about negotiating. It’s about mediating. It’s about compromising on all sides. It’s something like just pick up and call someone if you need to, don’t wait for things. It’s actually a really easy week to sort things out.

So I would just say, make the most of it. Don’t, don’t. be fixed about things, um, you know, just, just, just move with it and do what you think is right because there’s some, yeah, good, good transits out there to, to work with.

Jamie: All right. I love that.


Jamie: Okay. So this week, we, one of the themes that we have is really go with the flow.

It’s a very Venusian week that we’re working with. So Venusian things would be money and relationships, things that make us feel like in our body, things that we love. And, you know, those could be some tricky things. We want to, you know, go with the flow as we work with this energy. If something comes up, we want to name it, disempower it so we can process it and move on to [00:32:00] something different.

Um, we don’t want to bury anything because it’ll come back twice as hard, but we have a lot of opportunity to work with both sides of this coin in a very Libra way as we go into this week. Monday is going to be a good day to go out, even though it’s a Monday, it’s a school night. Kind of go out, celebrate, see a change or something.

We’ll kind of feel that vibration into Tuesday. Wednesday, the temperament changes a little bit. We’re going to get a little bit more grounded, a little bit more. Um, maybe spend some time alone. We have a lot of opportunity to be creative, to process some things like, you know, what do we want to end? What do we want to begin?

Why do we want to do this? What would be healthy for us? In this process. Um, and then as we get to the weekend, we get closer to that eclipse energy. So anything that’s, you know, codependent, unhealthily balanced, we’re going to see like some situations kind of adjust there. We could see a lot of things come up in the news.

It’s like a person around relationships, celebrity relationships, or even policy, even politics in some regard. And with this, we do want to be observant and let it land again, go [00:33:00] with the flow, do your research, understand how you feel, and then get really stealthy if that Mars Scorpio and respond to react the way that you need to.

And you can, um, then on the other side of this, we’re going to be really looking at, you know, um, you know, we’re going to move from that Libra energy of it could be both trying to balance it.

So like we are this to that commitment and you’re going forward towards a different direction. And you highlighted some great, um, great times or work ways to use this energy, because we are, even though we kind of go in this really light and we come in deep and we’re trying to resolve things, we do have a lot of opportunistic energy to look forward to as Jupiter starts to make his trying in a couple of days.

So is that, is that how you, did I, did

Wendy: I, that’s brilliant. I think you’re very insightful and I love your, I love your recap on it. Yeah. It’s fabulous. Brilliant.

Jamie: Well, it has been a pleasure to be here with you, Ms. Wendy. And I cannot wait again, like I mentioned at the beginning of this broadcast for your inner circle month that is coming up in October. And if you guys are in the inner circle, please be sure to mark your [00:34:00] calendar. It’s going to be a great teaching, a great new moon and full moon forecast.

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Jamie: astrology hub.

com for slash inner circle. Now, every link that you need is below this forecast. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to answer them for you too. But again, Wendy, thank you so much for being here. And I want to thank you. It’s been a pleasure. And I want to thank all of you for tuning into this episode, for being a part of this community and as always for making astrology a part of your life, we’ll catch you on the next episode.

As [00:35:00] you know, I talked to a lot of astrologers, and they all seem to be saying something similar. That we are in the midst of big, collective changes with Pluto moving in and out of Aquarius. Deep and radical transformation. New technologies emerging that bring with them both opportunities and challenges, and the continued breakdown of our old systems and structures.

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