Weekly Astrology Forecast: October 23rd – 29th | Eclipse #2: CHANGE

On my wedding day, I had a friend who would pull me aside every now and then and say, “Stop, look around you, take this in…”

These simple moments throughout the swirling day, brought a profound connection point for me… 

Helping me appreciate the beauty of the moment and the simple truth that this moment, surrounded by my most cherished friends and family, would never happen again. 

So I’m going to play that role for you right now…

STOP! Look around you, take this in…

We’re right in the middle of this powerful “eclipse portal…” 

And the evolutionary possibilities for you are amplified…. But you have to pay attention! 

  • What story lines are unfolding? 
  • What challenges are you facing? 
  • What decisions are you making? 
  • Have you had new realizations about yourself in the past few weeks? 

The content of your life RIGHT NOW has heightened significance. 

And the opportunity this week, as we come up on the Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Taurus, is to finally make the changes recent realizations have made clear for you.

Our Weekly Weather Astrologer, Nura Rachelle, said, “Right now is the time you can make that big change, if that’s what you want.” 

She also emphasized considering, “What are the physical actions and changes you can make that bring you more power?” 

So many of the realizations I’ve been having during this eclipse season have been around places where I have felt disempowered throughout my whole life. 

You may have heard me admit on the “Budgeting Podcast with Georgia Stathis” that I’ve never enjoyed personal budgeting and therefore have always felt a blindspot around my expenses (she said this is normal for Aquarius Rising and we really need professional help in this area!)…

And TIME has always been something I’ve struggled to get a handle on… making me live in a perpetual feeling that there’s literally NEVER enough time to do what I need to do…

Plus I’ve struggled to feel 100% in control of my physical body…

Knowing that strength training is more and more important as I age, but experiencing consistent back injuries that stop my progress whenever I get going on a new routine. 

So in order to take “physical action to experience more personal power” in these areas of life, I’ve implemented several changes…

  1. I finally downloaded a budgeting app to my phone called “EveryDollar.” It syncs with my bank account and makes it easy for me to plan and track my spending. This is my first month doing it and already I have had HUGE realizations from the visibility it’s giving me!  
  2. I’ve implemented something I call the “Golden Hour” where I plan the day ahead each night before I go to bed. I list everything I’m grateful for, schedule out the next day, and list 3 Results I want to accomplish. WOW! This one practice has given me a whole new relationship with time.
  3. I started a strength training program but I’m going SLOW. I’m easing into it, giving my body time to adjust, listening to my body’s cues… and seeing this as a lifelong practice, not a short term “hack” to get where I’m trying to go. 

As a result of these changes I’m already feeling newfound levels of personal power around my money, time and physical body…

And this is the type of change that’s on offer to us ALL right now! 

So once again…

Take a moment to breathe in what’s happening in your life. 

Are there changes you’re making or that you want to make? 

Are there aspects of life that you’ve been frustrated with that you could begin making changes around? 

We can do this together, with the support of the astrological tides, and this powerful eclipse energy. 

If there are things you’re doing I’d love to hear! Let’s celebrate each other’s successes, ride this powerful portal of change…

And come out the other side, delightfully surprised at who we are becoming. 

Cheering you on from Maui,


P.S. As we come up on the Full Moon, I wanted to share a beautiful Full Moon photo one of our community members took! This one is from Gabriela Alves in Portugal – thank you for sharing, Gabriela… I love the mystery and magic in this photo! 





Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:


🦂 Monday, October 23rd: Illumination in Transformation

Sun Enters Scorpio

As the week commences, the Sun makes its annual journey into the intense and transformative sign of Scorpio. This shift marks the beginning of Scorpio’s solar season, a time characterized by deep introspection, transformation, and a heightened awareness of the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

The Sun, as our primary source of light and vitality, illuminates the qualities and themes associated with Scorpio. This is a time when the hidden, the secretive, and the transformative aspects of life come to the forefront. It’s an invitation to delve deep, to confront and embrace the shadows, and to shine a light on areas that often remain in the dark.

For a more personalized understanding, consider where Scorpio resides in your astrological chart. This will indicate which area of your life is currently being spotlighted. Whether it’s relationships, career, personal growth, or another domain, this is where you’ll feel Scorpio’s transformative energy most intensely.

During this season, you’re encouraged to become more conscious of the continuous cycle of death and rebirth that Scorpio represents. It’s a time to acknowledge what needs to be released, to make space for new beginnings, and to work more intentionally with the transformative processes at play.

Remember, while transformation can sometimes be challenging, it’s also a necessary part of growth. As the Sun shines its light on Scorpio’s domain, embrace the opportunity to become more aware of your own evolution, to work with it consciously, and to find empowerment in the depths of change.


🌌 Tuesday, October 24th: Structured Compassion and Emotional Release

Sun’s Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Pisces

On this day, the Sun, positioned at the early degrees of Scorpio, forms a harmonious trine with Saturn in Pisces. This celestial alignment offers a unique blend of Scorpio’s depth and Pisces’ boundless compassion, presenting an opportunity for structured emotional exploration.

The Sun trine Saturn invites you to create a vessel or structure around the profound watery experiences you’re navigating. This might manifest as seeking guidance or mentorship. Saturn, often symbolizing the wise elder or mentor, suggests that now might be the time to turn to someone who’s walked the path before you. They don’t need to be a master, but perhaps someone a step or two ahead, offering insights and perspectives that can guide your journey.

While Scorpio’s energy pushes you to confront and delve deep into emotional pain points, Pisces reminds you to approach everything with compassion. Remember, this journey is all about understanding the human experience, and compassion is its cornerstone.

Although the Sun’s trine with Saturn is fleeting, lasting just a day, its influence, combined with the natural trine between Scorpio and Pisces, will ripple throughout the month. This period is ripe for emotional processing and release. It’s a time to feel safe, supported, and encouraged to let go, especially as we navigate the eclipse portal.

With the eclipses centering on the south node in Libra, there’s a collective call to release projections in relationships that no longer serve us. It’s about shedding attachments, especially those that veer into codependency. Scorpio’s energy will aid in confronting these patterns, while the Sun trine Saturn will empower you to establish healthier boundaries. Embrace the power of a divine “no,” ensuring that when you say “yes,” it’s with full heart and intention.

As you move forward, remember that while the following days might seem slower in celestial activity, the emotional awareness and intensity will remain heightened. Stay grounded, and let this day’s energies guide you in navigating the emotional waves of the week.


🌊 Wednesday, October 25th: Cathartic Release through Compassion

Moon’s Dance with Neptune in Pisces

Today, the Moon aligns with dreamy Neptune in the intuitive sign of Pisces, amplifying the Sun-Saturn trine’s energies from the previous day. This celestial meeting beckons you to explore areas in your life where emotional release is needed. It’s a day to dive deep into your feelings, perhaps confronting memories or emotions you’ve kept at bay.

Neptune, ruling over the realm of movies and music, offers a unique way to navigate this energy. Consider watching a cathartic film or listening to evocative music that stirs emotions within you. By immersing yourself in another’s story and holding space for their healing journey, you inadvertently catalyze healing within yourself. It’s a gentle reminder that compassion, even for fictional characters, can lead to personal growth and release.

However, it’s essential to tread carefully. Neptune’s influence can sometimes blur the lines between reality and illusion. While it’s okay to lose oneself momentarily in a movie or song, it’s crucial to remain grounded, ensuring you don’t get lost in deceptive realms. Avoid indulging in substances that might cloud your judgment or perception, as Neptune’s energy can amplify their effects, leading to confusion.

Today, embrace the power of discernment. While you engage in external experiences, be it a film or music, always ask yourself: What is the purpose of this? By maintaining this awareness, you ensure that you harness Neptune’s energy for healing and release, rather than getting ensnared in its illusions. Remember, today is about shedding illusions and embracing genuine emotional release.


🔥 Thursday, October 26th: Aries’ Awakening | Deep Dive for Purpose

Moon in Aries over the North Node

Today, with the Moon in Aries passing over the North Node, there’s a powerful reminder of purpose and direction. This isn’t just about revisiting past challenges or traumas; it’s about understanding that every experience has shaped the new version of self that’s emerging. As we’re in the midst of this eclipse portal, there’s a sense of anticipation for what’s to come, especially with the reverse eclipse portal six months from now focusing on new beginnings. Chiron’s long stay in Aries has brought healing and growth, pushing us to ask: Who am I? What do I want? Today, the Scorpio energy helps us release and create space for the new. Dive deep, but remember to come up for air, knowing that this emotional work is paving the way for something beautiful.


🎭 Friday, October 27th: Emotional Resonance and Release

Moon in Aries

Today might feel like an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s one that leads to profound realizations. Whether it’s through an immersive experience like a film, song, or even a motivational speech in a packed auditorium, there’s a chance to connect deeply with collective emotions. These moments, where emotions well up seemingly from nowhere, are opportunities to recognize, name, and process them. It’s about understanding the power of shared human experiences, the vibrations we feel in a room full of people, and the boundaries we might need to set. As Saturn reminds us, we can’t run from these feelings. Instead, we’re encouraged to stay present, to feel, and to understand the deeper truths they reveal. Remember, the spirit of humanity is alive, resilient, and powerful. Embrace the Scorpio wisdom today: be present, be powerful, and recognize the strength within.


🌕 Saturday, October 28th: Illuminating Eclipse

Full Moon Eclipse at 5 degrees Taurus

Today marks the culmination of the energies we’ve been feeling throughout the week, with the Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus bringing everything to light. This Venusian eclipse emphasizes the inner side of Venus, urging us to reflect on our relationship with ourselves and our bodies. While Scorpio might have us in a constant state of anticipation, waiting for the next big thing, Taurus brings a grounding energy, reminding us that we’re always safe in our bodies. It’s a day to recognize that while we might never be “done” with our healing or evolution, there’s also a constant state of being okay, of being good. Taurus assures us of this. As the moon illuminates the night, it might reveal things we’ve been avoiding or subconscious blocks we weren’t aware of. Embrace this transformative energy, allowing it to shed light on areas of growth and evolution. Remember, while the journey of self-discovery is ongoing, there’s also a deep-rooted stability and safety in simply being. As we approach the end of the week, take this time to reflect, embrace the revelations, and prepare for the week ahead.


🔮 Sunday, October 29th: Words as Catalysts

Mercury’s Dance with Jupiter and Mars

Today, Mercury, the messenger planet, takes center stage, guiding us through a transformative journey. As it forms an opposition with the expansive Jupiter, there might be moments of self-doubt, especially when faced with the vast unknown. This is a natural part of our conscious evolution. Before a breakthrough, we often encounter resistance, questioning our beliefs and the path we’re on. Remember, it’s okay to momentarily falter; it’s a sign that you’re on the brink of a significant realization.

Later, as Mercury conjuncts Mars in the depths of Scorpio, it urges us to take action. This energy might manifest in the words we speak, prompting us to assert ourselves and express our desires. It’s a day to experiment with our words, observing how they influence our actions and the world around us. In Scorpio, words have the power to hypnotize, to shape our reality. What narrative are you choosing for yourself? Are you speaking words of limitation or empowerment?

Today challenges you to be brutally honest with yourself, a gift of Scorpio’s energy. Reflect on where you want change, how you can influence it, and the role your words play in this transformation. Remember, your words have power; they can be the catalyst for the change you seek. Embrace Mercury’s wisdom today, reminding yourself of the influence you wield through the words you speak.


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