Jupiter Trine Pluto in 2024: A Rare Window of Opportunity

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Astrologers Clarissa Dolphin & Jamie Magee explore the astrology of 2024.

On this episode, you’ll learn…
🌑 Why the Jupiter Trine Pluto is the most anticipated transit of 2024 for Clarissa, and why she thinks you should start preparing for it now.
🌒 How 2024 will build upon the efforts you’ve made over the last four years, opening up windows for exponential growth.
🌓 Strategies for working with the fast-paced environment of the year ahead, and why this could be challenging for particular individuals.

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Clarissa Dolphin: What I would advise with this Jupiter, Trine, Pluto thing is to, um, set things up like we were kind of talking about beforehand, before we get this energy fording and partile. Such that you can take advantage of the surprise and shock opportunities that are going to go down.

So what this looks like is, um, mostly I think tangible resources basically feel free to get rid of something to make room for something better. Feel free to, um, eliminate that, which is actually creating baggage and not in not, um, harmonizing with. Your immediate environment, your health, what you consider beautiful.

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Jamie Magee: Hello and welcome. We are so happy to have you here with us today. We are going to be taking a sneak peek into the astrology of 2024 with one of our inner circle astrologers for next year, Clarissa Dauphin. Now, Clarissa was one of the astrologers on our big 2024 forecast panel event where we had a live discussion with five top astrologers.

Now, while the window to catch that replay for free is closed, you can still access it as an inner circle member.

Jamie Magee: For a lifetime, you can join the inner circle right now at a promotional price and get 45 percent off the original price on top of getting access to the forecast replay. As a member, you will also gain access to mastery classes, new and full moon forecast attention, setting ceremonies, and you will get to hang out with many of the astrologers that you see right here on the podcast.

Now to join the inner circle, all you need to do is go to astrology hub. com. Forward slash inner circle. Now, good news for you is today, Clarissa and I are going to talk about a transit that we did not actually get to cover during the event, and that is a Jupiter Pluto trine happening once Jupiter enters Gemini.

Jamie Magee: Carissa, it is so great to be here with you today.

Clarissa Dolphin: Thank you, Jamie, as always. Thank you for inviting me. I’m so excited to talk to you

Jamie Magee: too. Oh my God, Carissa, your, um, energy, I think I’ve said it a hundred times before. It’s just so addictive. So I’m like, Oh wow, Carissa, this energy bump.

I’m going to walk away so inspired and just ready to tackle life because I’m talking to Carissa today. So yeah, thank you. Brilliant. And talk about high energy. Like you were on the 2024 forecast event that we had recently, and that was a powerful experience. Got a lot of our audience and our community really ready for the year ahead.

So thank you for being a part of that. That was magnificent.

Clarissa Dolphin: Also a complete honor and pleasure. And yeah, 2024 is hyper reality. So I’m glad we got, you know, our whole community got a little taste and introduction, not just from myself, but also the amazing other Astrology Hub astrologers.

Why 2024 is a Jupiter Year

Jamie Magee: Amazing. Yeah.

It’s such a, I love those events every year. I can’t even like I even being on this team, like I just cannot wait. And I think it’s probably because it was my invitation to astrology hub anyways. Like I was really seeking something years ago, found that forecast. I was like, I’ve got to be a part of the inner circle.

I’ve got to be close to these amazing astrologers and these minds. And yeah, that was a, it feels like yesterday, but it was forever ago at the same time. It’s a great place to be. So definitely. Yeah. So one of the things that we did not get to in that amazing broadcast was, and I’m a big Jupiter fan. I think everybody knows that, my sad rising chemistry, but it was Jupiter, um, the Jupiter Pluto trine happening once Jupiter enters Gemini.

So that’s gonna be one of the big things that we’re going to talk about today. But before we do, I wanted to ask you something. So before the event that we planned. We asked all of the astrologers, you know, what transits they were really looking forward to the most. And this is the one that you mentioned when in your, when you were like sharing, okay, this is what I’m excited about.

Why was this transit one that you just zeroed in on when you were prepping for 2024

Clarissa Dolphin: because Jupiter trying Pluto is, is compulsive expansion as an energetic force. So that’s when we’re going to blow up. And this is a Jupiter year. Um, Jupiter dominant, right? Because we also have, um, you know, two months before Jupiter conjunct Uranus.

And now on June 2nd of 2024, we’ve got this Jupiter trine Pluto. So we’ve got this like two month window and beyond. of blowing the heck up. Um, and that’s so exciting, right? So there’s like lucky booms and opportunities. And it’s, I think it’s important to prep now. Um, you know, we’re recording this kind of like in the fall of 2023.

Perfect. That if you’re, you know, you’re doing this now, even at the beginning of 2024, because it’s like, do all your business now. And take advantage of these, these expansive energies and the harmonics behind it are really, really cool too. So I’d love to talk to you about that if we have time.

Jamie Magee: Absolutely.

And like we, by blow up, we mean like, this is just amazing, expansive opportunities, know what you want, and you’re going to be able to just be a magnet and bring this to you with a really power. That’s what we mean by blow up. Not like necessarily like. It’s all going down. Run for the woods.

Clarissa Dolphin: Yes. Yes. Yes.

That you, you define the blow up perfectly. It’s not catastrophe. It’s not catastrophic. It’s boon.

Jamie Magee: Okay. There you go. Yeah. I love that. I mean, I just like to make sure that I always get that clarity there because, you know, like semantics and language in the world that we live in today, like after like coming through such a great.

Transition collectively over the recent years, I think a lot of times that I’ve mentioned this in this podcast before people are bracing for what’s next, instead of anticipating it. And I love this Jupiter year is like, let’s anticipate this. And if we’re anticipating it, like you’re anticipating a great trip or a great event in your life, planning a wedding, a birth, a house, something like anticipated like that.

And then you will start to just bring, bring all these creative forces to you. So I love that. That’s the boom. Here we go. Energy like. Time like you deserve it. So I love it. But yeah, let’s unpack it a little bit. Like what, what, what, what are the harmonics behind this transit that we can bring to the table?

Jupiter Trine Pluto & its Harmonics

Clarissa Dolphin: Well, before we unpack it, I just want to mention that we’re not going to have a Jupiter trine Pluto. Again, until, uh, September 24th, 2028. So, it’s like in every, so let’s, like, with astrology and transits in general, harmonic astrology or not, it doesn’t matter what kind of astrology it is. Like, it’s, it’s very much like, this is a four year.

experience where everything you’ve been building over the past four years or whatever, it now peaks and it goes into this flow and expansive mode. Um, so, okay, now let’s do the harmonic. Or unless you want to say something, Jamie, I was just like, I

Jamie Magee: had the number four in my head and I’m sure our numerologist and all the people like thinking about foreign and change and activation are going to be in the comments.

So I look forward to seeing all of you. They’re talking about just this is a 4 year. Like, what is that? Because there’s always more than 1 layer. You know, we can look at astrology and numerology and harmonics and all the different layers and it’s all when it starts singing together like a symphony.

That’s true magic. And I think that’s what we’re embarking on. But yeah, like I’m leaning in. Tell me about the harmonics. Tell me everything.

Clarissa Dolphin: And to your point just now, that’s what harmonics are. This like cosmic magical symphony. And actually astrology is actually number magic, even though we do archetypes and myths and whatever, it’s like cool math.

So anyway, um, let’s talk about the harmonics. So we’ve got like a 23, I’m just going to list all the numbers and we’re not going to get into every single one because we don’t have time for that today. Um, but like the, we’ve got a 23rd harmonic, a three, which is the trine aspect, six, That’s three times two.

Uh, we’ve got the quintile, which is the fifth harmonic, and the novile, which is the ninth harmonic. Um, we’ve also got 143, 13 times 11, and, and, um, 17th harmonic octaves. So what does this all mean? Like, 9th harmonic is healing and community, um, 13th harmonic is singularity, 11th harmonic is an insatiable futurism, and so basically what’s coming up in this Jupiter Pluto situation, and 23rd harmonic is actually interesting because it’s probability, so basically What we’ve got going on, it’s being at the right place at the right time.

What I would advise with this Jupiter, Trine, Pluto thing is to, um, set things up like we were kind of talking about beforehand, before we get this energy fording and partile. Such that you can take advantage of the surprise and shock opportunities that are going to go down. I’m, just looking at the harmonics really quickly to give you kind of like more Um detailed notes, so we’ve got a sun venus Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in the 23rd harmonic.

So what this looks like is, um, mostly I think tangible resources basically feel free to get rid of something to make room for something better. Feel free to, um, eliminate that, which is actually creating baggage and not in not, um, harmonizing with. Your immediate environment, your health, what you consider beautiful.

I think also, um, we can spruce up a little bit and sharpen our minds here in, in, in this situation. Why I’m saying the mind thing is because we’ve got a lot of Mercury, Saturn. Mars, Uranus. So this is another thing where why we need to prep for this before is because, um, we’re going to need to have our marketing program.

You know what? We’re what we’re saying, um, how we are educating people and vice versa. Sharp at this Jupiter. Pluto know what you’re talking about, basically. Um, so really kind of like hone in on your expertise and watch it reach far, um, at, at this time period. And finally, a lot, we’ve got a lot of Mercury, uh, Venus in this situation, um, at this Jupiter, Tri and Pluto, uh, transit.

And what that speaks to is, like, poetic language, um, speaking, writing, listening, et cetera. So, once again, this is an opportunity to, to, to great success, issue a platform, or, you know, what you’re really kind of trying to say. And this is like a perfect situation. After the gnarliness of, of the March eclipse.

Cause March, like the beginning of the year is going to be kind of funky, right? And so then from April to June, when this happens, we’re finally coming into alignment and able to find the right people, find, without, you know, feeling kind of like, uh, antagonism or whatever. So, okay, let me stop talking now.

Jamie Magee: No, it’s brilliant. You can talk forever. That’s beautiful. And I think that that’s, it’s a super powerful thing to kind of know, Hey, this is coming and to get really sharp on like, you know, your point of view. Because I think right now, you know, we, we get really diluted about, you know, what we bring into our lives and what we’re focusing on, especially when we’re in a lot of turmoil personally or collectively.

So I love how it’s like, you know what, this is what feels right inside. Can you imagine like look in Pluto? Yeah. And find that guidepost. And then like, learn everything about it. Like if it feeds your soul, that’s what you want to lean into and perfect. And then that way, if you’re not like, I think a lot of times we want to mirror what’s out there and this, and this sounds like this is an invitation to do with what, to be completely original and within and one of a kind and yeah, absolutely.

Oh yeah. I am excited about this. What can you tell? Like my, my, my Jupiter, my I’m like ready to go. I’m like, what can I say? You know, like, let’s, let’s learn a different, learn something. That’s awesome.

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Challenges to the Jupiter Pluto Trine

Jamie Magee: So what are, like, what are some things we could do to, like, I think you mentioned them already. You were like, kind of get really clear.

What’s your message? What’s your platform? Um, is there any, like, challenges that you could see, um, that would prevent somebody from doing this if they would have to work? Is there any kind of mental, do you feel like there’ll be mental blocks? And if there are, what can we do to overcome those? To kind of get to that

Clarissa Dolphin: exaltation.

Well, so I think that there are going to be mental blocks put potentially for a lot of people who do not possess specific types of natal energies, like if you’re a Venus Neptune type of person or a moon Neptune or a moon Venus, or a 17th harmonic person, I think this entire year might be kind of more challenging than if you are a Mars Jupiter, a Mars Uranus.

a Uranus Pluto or whatever type of Pluto person or an 11th harmonic person, why? Because like, if you are the latter, like I’m Mars Jupiter Uranus, can you tell? I’m 11th harmonic, can you tell? Whatever. You’re just used to being in action, dealing with aggression, right? Cause Mars uranus deals with like combustibility.

I live out here on the streets of Los Angeles, born and raised here. People act crazy out here. You know, that’s the Mars uranus kind of thing where it’s like, okay, yeah, let’s get the total glow up, right? Somebody like a Venus Neptune or whatever. It’s very like, it’s, it’s more dreamy, right? Like it’s more kind of like.

Very sensitive to things that are caustic or aggressive. So what I would advise in that situation, um, and and there’s there’s so if you have like more sensitive placements natally and more sensitive harmonics, um, Take care of yourself when you need to maybe do kind of more like seventh harmonic things like be an introvert, you know, don’t and clear your energy, actually, like literally Reiki all whatever crystals, you know, even just being out laying in the ground or whatever, where the earth sucks up your energy.

Um, really kind of focus on that so that you can come out and compete, right? Because that’s the whole, this year, there, it’s not a yule, lull year. 2024 is going to be like blink and it’s gone. 2024 is going to be like with this Jupiter trine Pluto with this Jupiter conjunct Uranus and all the other stuff going on, Pluto and Aquarius, you know, whatever.

You list all the list of stuff like this is the year where we need to get out of our head and be out. It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking or feeling, just come out, just say what you gotta say, right? That’s why the Mars Uranus people and the Mars Pluto people, we don’t have, and 11th Harmonic people, we don’t have filters.

So it’s easier for us to, like, do this. So does that answer your question, Jamie?

Jamie Magee: Yes, brilliantly. And it reminds me of, like, a meme or a TikTok I saw recently talking about my generation. And it’s like, why you don’t mess with this generation? It’s because they’re, like, the last one that actually handled confrontation face to face.

Like, we weren’t, like, We had a problem. We had to walk up to you and work with it and, like, We had to like, you know, come to an agreement because we still were in the same space or what have you, where today it’s kind of like I can make this comment and run kind of thing. So, yeah, I do think it’s funny how it’s like, you know, like, like you’re saying, just be original, come out, come out and be clear on what you say.

And, um, be very present with your dreams and ambitions. Yes. Super beautiful. Thank you so much. I love your answers. So I have a couple more for you though. Um.

Common Misconceptions About Astrology in 2024

Jamie Magee: Now, if we were to think about 2024, what is the most common misconception that you think that people have about astrology in general that we can clear up?

Like, I know that’s kind of a broad question, but you know, like, and I think it’s probably more common in LA than where I live in the, in the United States, but do you feel like there’s a misconception about astrology and how, if you, if you do, how would you clarify it to anyone that

Clarissa Dolphin: came up with it? Ooh, that’s such a, that’s such a deep question.

I’m going to be honest too. Okay, I know who’s like that! Yes! Pluto! Um. Yeah. I’m gonna be honest with you and this is just my opinion because I don’t want to kind of like ruffle feathers. I, I… Mars Uranus. Like, I am open to disagreement and, you know, uh, tolerant of other views here. I think one common misconception from astro about astrology is that it’s all like the human being has control over everything.

Like, so let me explain that because it’s actually super deep, right? In that I, I do believe that mentally you can kind of create whatever you want, like, honestly, like this is happening to you, you have the power and you have the will to, to redefine the situation, right? And on a spiritual level and as an astrologer as well, I believe in higher cosmic forces.

If we just think about mass. Basic physics, right? Like, I’m only like, what, 145 pounds or whatever kilograms, right? Like, what is Neptune? What is Jupiter in terms of mass? And so then their rotation creates these insane gravitational fields that ripple all the way to, and that goes for every planet and point in our solar system.

So what I would like to introduce into this conversation in response to your question is give yourself a break. There are higher forces that are shaping the reality you’re dealing with. You don’t always have to be perfect to respond to the astrological forces. I think for me, and this is personal once again, that’s where I find comfort and respite in astrology because it’s like, these forces are greater than me.

I can adapt to these forces. It doesn’t all come from me. So that’s what I got to say with that.

Jamie Magee: Yeah, that’s brilliant. I like that. And I think it’s, it’s an interesting kind of conversation. Like I said, it could really be a whole podcast fighting free will, which I know that we do have a couple of those that Rick’s covered on this podcast.

If you guys want to go back to the archives, but it is like, you know, I think when I try to explain astrology to people who don’t understand it and they’re like, well, why do you, why do you work with that? And I’m like, well, I’m not going to try to get, uh, I’m not going to go out in my bathing suit and try to get a suntan in when it’s 30 below 30 below outside and snowing.

It’s all about timing and knowing this is the time of rest, the time of like what we’re talking about with 2024, this is time to grow. So I think that that’s one of the misconceptions is that we read astrology and it’s going to tell us that. Our life is fatalistic. Like this is happening to you. There’s nothing you can do about it.

And you coast through when really it’s like, just like when you’re planning a garden or doing anything in your life, it’s, it’s a flow. It’s a pattern that you tap into. But yeah, I love how you answered that. That’s brilliant.

Advice for 2024

Jamie Magee: So Clarissa, if you could give anybody a piece of advice, which I know you’ve given a lot already about 2024, what would it be if you’re like, okay, you’re going into this year.

Remember to do this.

Clarissa Dolphin: Good Lord. I mean, there are so many kind of levels of advice here. Um. I’m going to do my best to answer that succinctly. I think follow authenticity, don’t think too much, act before you think, right? Like this isn’t like a thinking year. It’s not a septile seventh harmonic year. It’s not a saturnine year.

I mean, that’s, it’s saturnine in Aquarian form. But, you know, depending on whatever astrologer you’re speaking to, Pluto and Aquarius could be more like Uranus Pluto, not Saturn, you know, um. But anyway, I think that also this year, just in general, romance is huge. That’s something, like, if you look at every major, kind of like, ingress or lunation, like the eclipses, or like some of the aspects we were talking about today, in the harmonics, Venus Pluto, and Venus Uranus, Venus Neptune, all super romantic.

Like, I will consume you. I fall in love with you. Now type of energies are kind of like out here. I think that I would follow that. I think. So basically, I think a, um, a huge piece of advice is follow the visceral, follow the niche niche, follow the unique, don’t try to fit in this year, right? Because that’s really not gonna help anything.

It’s not really the, the, the idea of fitting in to some collective, what is normal thing. That totally falls away this year. So I think one thing, one way to anchor other pieces of advice, um, with this, cause this year, so this year is apocryphal shifts on a collective and personal level, right? So it’s like entering the 70s from the 60s and so on.

Like when did the bell bottom disappear? And now we’re in the eighties with like paint on our jeans or whatever, you know what I mean? Like it’s that shift that we’re going to be seeing that, um, in, or instead of thinking too much and kind of getting into your head, it’s just ride the waves up in here.

And part of, uh, riding the wave. Is accepting that visceral because this is a hard year. I think on the body. I don’t think people are really as aware of how much footwork like how much we’re going to be moving this year. Like it’s going to be like boom, boom, boom. And it’s going to be crazy. Like we’re going to be talking about.

We already are. We already see aliens, Bigfoot, species, having, you know, a pig’s heart and you’re human and, and, and plants in, in bio labs from one gene and crazy things like that and other stuff like vortex forces, all this kind of stuff. So what we really need to do is just lean in on it, have our Spiritual remedies, right?

Because I’m like towards the end of the year like with the eclipses and fall and stuff And I wanted to to that’s another piece of advice. I’m, so sorry I’m going all over the place here, but the because of you know, anyway towards the end of 2024 Part of what needs to happen for every individual is, and this is your choice, but I would advise you to get your spiritual practices up.

I don’t care what that looks like to you. If it’s, if it’s going to church or, you know, burning duck blood, you know, I don’t know what that looks like. Um, I’m probably going to be praying a lot, doing a lot of altar rituals, you know, doing some shamanic work, reiki, whatever, sound healing, just do it. Um, and finally, follow Neptune, right?

Because Neptune is not a big thing this year. It’s mostly 2025?

Neptune’s going to be going into Aries, right? So we need, so we need to kind of like, as all this busyness is happening in 2024, we need to relate. To our personal visions, our higher visions, our spiritual visions, while we’re just leaning in and taking a chance while we’re just taking the action and diving in.

Jamie Magee: I love that. And it really kind of like folds in together because you have to have faith. You have to have that inner strength to, in order to conquer what you’re going for and that faith and wherever you find that faith, like you, you mentioned lots of different ways. There’s even more like, and how we define it.

I know that can be a touchy, touchy subject for some, but Whatever you have faith in your higher self, your inner power leaning in on that. It does, it unfolds courage and authenticity. And then you’re like, you’re then, you know, you’re yes. And you know what to follow. And you’re like, no, I can, I can disagree with you.

I can. And also I think, you know, like the whole connective energy and I’ve. It’s just so powerful. And I think it’s, it’s interesting how you can still feel this online, but like, you see like a movement of people kind of all standing for something and not standing with it necessarily in aggression.

Sometimes the most powerful thing is like, I’ll have little tears in my eyes and I’m not a crier as seeing something very peaceful, like happen, like, um, and cause that kind of takes me back to childhood. Like, you know, like you have to, when you answer with kindness, like it, um, dismantles the situation a little bit.

Like it, like it adjusts instead of it being like. Goes up and up like that. That’s, uh, I think there’s an interesting creative way that we could use this aggressive forward motion energy. And I love that. Like, go lay on the ground, get in the sun. And, you know, and also, I think that 1 of the pieces of advice that I would add to this is to watch the wolf that you feed, you know, because there’s a lot of information out there and you could go down a road of like, oh, my God, they’re doing this.

I can’t buy food anywhere because it looks like this or they’re doing that. And fear could really take you away. Or you could say, you know what, not interested, or I’m not going to be on this. I’m not going to feed that wolf. I’m going to feed this wolf and find something that inspires you. And so, yeah, definitely.

And I love that. I love how you brought in a lot of great practices and tools. Is there any other, um, any, any other practice or tool that you’d like to call out? I think we mentioned like rounding and clear diets and stuff. Is there any one other thing that you’d like to bring up?


Clarissa Dolphin: encompassed it all. Yeah, like. If I’m honest with you, if you’re able, just anything physical exercise, like we’re gonna need to release all of this. Plutonic and Martian energy, because like all of this stuff in the harmonics, it’s like sun, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, sun, Mars, Pluto, blah, blah, blah. So if we don’t like release this physically, we will get aggressive with each other.

That’s good.

Jamie Magee: Yeah. And I think you’ve mentioned action a lot. And it’s so, it’s so, um, synchronistic. I think a podcast I was listening to prior to this was talking about how action is one of the most crucial things that you could do. It wasn’t even about astrology. Mindfulness. And it’s like, if you set the action, I’m going to get up at seven, don’t break the promise to yourself, get up at seven and then do said, said task or whatever.

But the action is the most important thing that you can do. Like you’ll understand. It’s kind of like jump in the deep end and then learn to swim. You’re going to, you’re going to learn how to do it, but yeah, definitely physically releasing it. Noticing the little things, all great tips, Chris, absolutely brilliant.

Um, I know all the Mars people out there are like, yeah, it’s fun. Come with me. Let’s go. Let’s get that heart rate up. Yeah, definitely focus where you’re using your energy.


Jamie Magee: So this has been such a brilliant, brilliant thing. I’ve got so many mental notes to keep with. I’m really excited. My fire energy is we’re going to get started with a lot of action. We’re going to make sure we have strong spiritual practices.

We’re going to get to get our initiative and focus right now. Like, where do we want to be? What’s that end goal? Because that’s going to help us start to hone in. On how we can really tap into this abundance that we’re going to be stepping into. And yes, like, every year we’re going to have really high intensity points where we have things leaving and coming at the same time.

We work through it and vice versa. 2024 is no different. But this is definitely a take action step into your authenticity, your purpose, something that the voice that you have within. So, so many brilliant things. Thank you so much for all of that, Krista. I can’t wait to really dive into your, uh, your month as the inner circle guide, because you’re going to be talking about harmonics.

You’re going to be teaching this class. How exciting is that?

Clarissa Dolphin: Beyond, uh, I can’t wait to introduce, I know Rick Levine introduced it, um, via astrology hub with his classes. So I’m really interested in seeing, you know, how everybody vibes with another harmonic astrologers perspective. And I can’t wait to see it applied.

To your life. So this stuff doesn’t sound like, you know, so inaccessible.

Jamie Magee: Absolutely. And the inner circle group, especially like when you get into the, one of the great things about the inner circle is we do have the masterclass, you have the new moon, the full moon and the ceremony. But the community is something that really drew me in years ago, because you could go in there and you can ask a question and you can ask a question to the Clarissa and astrologer.

You’re like, Hey, you taught this class or I have this question about this and get cosmic updates based on it. But just hearing how other people see it. So, yeah, I do think when you’re when you’re when your month comes, you’re going to find students that are like. I know all of this and you’re gonna find students are like, I’m not, I haven’t, I’ve never been heard of this, but they’re going to be coming in.

Yeah, it’s a, it’s a great mix because everyone helps each other. They support each other. And then, yeah, I think as an astrologer, it’s a completely inspiring person on both ends of it, whether you’re an astrologer Are just kind of learning, but that community, especially with this topic, I know is going to be brilliant.

There’s going to be like, well, look at this or look at that. So it’s going to be great. What month are you going to be our guide? I know this month in, um, October, we have Cameron Allen coming up and you are in month.

Clarissa Dolphin: February I’m from February 10 2024 to mid March.

Jamie Magee: How Brian is that like, that’s going to be like, right as we start to escalate into some of this energy, like, well, you’ll be like on the Eclipse, like, is this how you’re going to use this when we get to the, yes, what a brilliant placement for you, Clarissa, you think like some divinity happened to make sure that you were there to get the inner circle members.

Go on the other side. Absolutely. Brilliant. All right. So for all of you out there, if you are not already an inner circle member,

Jamie Magee: you can join right now for a 45 percent off of our regular open price. So you can do that through October 20th. All you need to do to join is go to astrology hub dot com forward slash inner circle, and you will get to work with brilliant astrologers like Carissa each month.

And we look forward to seeing you there. Thank you all for tuning in today. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode. All right. Thanks.

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