What does Jupiter in Gemini Mean for All 12 Signs of the Zodiac

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Astrologer Christopher Renstrom & Amanda Walsh explore the astrology of 2024.

On this episode, you’ll learn…
🌑 About the complexities of Jupiter in Gemini and its contrasting nature with Saturn, exploring how these two celestial bodies bring up moral and ethical dilemmas.
🌒 How the Jupiter-Saturn square influences our perspectives on community and individuality, urging us to navigate between collective needs and personal struggles.
🌓 The role of astrological transits in shaping our moral compass, especially when faced with challenges that don’t have clear-cut answers.

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Amanda: Hi, everybody. It’s so great to be here with you today. We have a very special show planned for you. We’re going to be doing. An extension of our 2024 forecast event that we did last week because there were some very important things that we didn’t get to cover. So today we’re going to be talking about big Jupiter transits of 2024, including the Jupiter Saturn squares, Pluto squared Jupiter, and Jupiter in X.

Gemini. So Jupiter moving into Gemini, basically all of Jupiter’s movements and angles of 2024 with one of our inner circle astrologers for next year, Christopher Renstrom, who you all know and love. And so if you are somebody who loves getting a glimpse of the energies ahead, so you can prepare yourself, body, mind, and spirit, and also make your plans.

If you are someone who loves. To see how these movements of energies will affect you personally, you’re going to want to make sure and stay till the end because Christopher is going to do Jupiter in Gemini through the signs. So you’re going to get to go through the Zodiac and see some of the main themes for your Zodiac sign.

And for those of you who don’t know him, Christopher Renstrom is an astrologer who is widely known for his astrological storytelling. His knowledge of history and myth and his ability to weave these things together to give you a deeper, more soulful understanding of astrological archetypes and how they are alive and moving in your life.

So, Christopher, welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. It is so great to have you here.

Christopher: I love it when we get to visit together. It’s so such a wonderful thing. And thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me for inviting me on. It’s always a pleasure. It’s

Amanda: always a pleasure. Okay, so let me ask you this one question.

Why are you excited to talk about Jupiter’s dance next year?

Christopher: Because I think it’s going to be a great lifter for everyone and we could use it. Jupiter is in an air sign and so it’s going to be like literally a breath of fresh air that’s coming into everyone’s lives. Once it begins its tenure in Gemini on May 25th of 2024.

And so, I think it’s something that we can all very much use right now. Personally, I think it’d be better, it’d be nice if Jupiter got to Gemini a little sooner. Hard work! Gemini is an air sign and Jupiter is a sky god in Greece. And so Jupiter in Gemini is going to be a lovely, lovely breath of fresh air.

Ooh, that

Amanda: is really good to hear. And so we’ll, we’ll be going into lots of the specifics and nuances of that in just a second. A little bit more about Christopher. He’s published some awesome books. Two of those are the cosmic calendar and ruling planets for unruly times. And he also did courses with us based on those books.

So if you want to check out those courses, we’ll put them in the show notes, but they really helped to bring his books and his writing to life in a, in a really experiential way. And he’s also our weekly horoscope columnist. So if you love Christopher and you love his approach, you get to have him in your inbox every week, going through the signs and how the energies of the week are going to be alive for your sun and rising sign.

If you are not already signed up for his horoscope column, go to astrology hub. com slash. Make sure you get on that list. That’s totally free. Finally, before we go into the episode, we, I want to make sure that, you know, that our inner circle membership is in it’s very limited time promotional period right now, it’s almost over, but you can hop into our monthly membership right now, where you get to learn from Christopher and many other master astrologers every single month.

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and transform their lives in the process. So like I said, Christopher is an upcoming teacher in the inner circle in 2024. And so by being here today, you’re getting a taste of the quality of the teachers and the energy of this community. So any inner circle members who are here, please say hello in the chat.

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Jupiter in Gemini

Amanda: Okay. So Christopher, yes. Which Jupiter movement should we start with? Like, which, which one makes logical sense for us to like, let’s, let’s dive into the stream right here.

Is it?

Christopher: Well, probably Jupiter entering Gemini, right? All right. So let’s talk

Amanda: about that. So talk about that, like, from a big picture perspective and then we’ll go through the signs at the end.

Christopher: Because then we can sort of set it up and then bring it all together like,

Amanda: yes, you’re so good at that. That is what you do every week.

So well, you set it up and bring it all together at the end.

Christopher: Well, it feels sometimes like Snoopy at his typewriter, but yes, that is what we aim to do. The first thing we need to know about Jupiter is that, uh, it, spends really pretty much, for the most part, one year in each of the zodiac signs. Okay, so, so everyone gets a year of Jupiter blessings, which is wonderful.

Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and higher purpose. So when Jupiter is moving through your sign, for instance, You will experience good fortune coming into your life. Um, and with that good fortune, hopefully we’ll come, uh, raise a rising of consciousness and even of moral obligation, uh, to yourself and to others.

Uh, I love Jupiter. It’s a benefic, and it’s not just that it brings good things. I mean, Both benefics bring good things. Benefics, by the way, are Venus and Jupiter in an astrological chart. And they bring good things through other people. Okay, so these are not planets that are really connected to like, I’ve got to do this by myself!

Or, you know, like, maybe one day someone will notice me. You know, no, these are planets that are sort of like, Hey, how you doing? Knocking on the door and like, you know, you want to come out and join us? Do you want to come and, and, and play? Do you want to come and be part of, you know, this thing that we’re getting together?

So there’s a very welcoming, inviting energy to both Jupiter and Venus, but Jupiter is pretty much like the great inviter or Jupiter’s the great welcomer. Okay. So when Jupiter is going through, um. your sign. It’s, it’s really what you’ll experience if you think of like a sailboat. It’s like the, the wind has risen, your sails are open, and the wind has filled the sails, and it’s moving your boat forward.

Okay. It’s really, um, the way that I like to talk about Jupiter and the effect that it has when it’s passing through your sign. And so on, uh, May 25th of 2024, Jupiter will, will enter the, uh, Harried. Sign of Gemini . Okay. And this is something that I think Geminis are going to enjoy quite a bit. Not only will there be a feeling like things don’t have to be so hard and so difficult, such a headache, right?

But it will be this feeling that things are really coming together as Jupiter enters your sign, , Gemini. is really a lovely sign. It’s the first of the earth signs. The air signs, excuse me, uh, the air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. So these are signs that are very much, their focus is very much on relationships.

It’s how people get along with each other. Uh, Gemini is siblings, you know, our first relationships when we’re growing up. Um, are with a sibling. If we didn’t have a sibling, then it’s a next door neighbor or playmate or something like that, you know, so appear a kid. That’s pretty much our age. Um, and so this is where the idea of twinning and sibling relations comes from.

It comes from the zodiac sign of Gemini, and it’s a lovely sign because, um, in a lot of Psychology books, for instance, like Freud goes on about this forever. Okay. It’s just, you know, the, the, the primary relationships are with the father and the mother and, and, you know, um, Oedipal complexes and, and all these sorts of things.

And this is going to set the stage and the patterning for the rest of the life or things like that. Um, I don’t want to contradict. Ziggy. But in the work that I’ve done over the decades, I find actually the primary relationships are the ones formed in childhood with other Children with other people who are of the same age.

So it’s gonna be a brother, a sister, sibling, or it’s going to be friends. And so that experience of peers is something that’s very important. It’s very much wrapped up in the third house in the astrological chart on that experience with Peers is very character forming, for you, uh, learning how to win and lose.

You learn with, with peers, with other playmates, you know, and what kind of a winner or loser are you? You know, when you win, are you like, yeah, I won. And is everyone like, Oh yeah, he won. Or are you like, I won and you didn’t, you know, I mean, like, you know, how do you win? Do you win gracefully or do you win horribly?

And the same thing could be with losing, you know, how do you lose? Are you kind of I wasn’t so good in that great game and they’re like no you weren’t but you know what we could play again. Okay, let’s okay That’s a good loser or you could be like I lost so it can be that so so all of these interactions, these interchanges we have with peers, with children our own age, when we are a child.

These really go on to influence and inspire the way that we’re going to interact when we get older. You know, um, is our idea of building a company going to be like squashing everyone under our feet? Or is it going to be sort of like, okay, it’s your turn to shine or to bring something to this team or to this group effort, you know, do you treat a customer or client like family, like there’s someone really special or do you treat them like a demographic, you know, sort of like, hi, no, that’s it.

Oh, wait, you’re not interested in buying that. Okay. Next, you know, these are the things that we learn in these early stages in these early ages. This is why the third house is so important, in an astrological chart, because it’s really going to tell you, you know how the fourth house can sort of tell you about the home that you were raised in?

The third house is really going to tell you about your childhood, okay? It’s really going to tell you about how you got along with the other kids. You know, uh, or was that a scarring experience? Was that a triumphant experience? Was that, you know, lovely experience? I wish I could go back to being seven again, you know, or was it, you know, wonderful.

My, my Best years of my life were when I had a tricycle, you know, that, that sort of a thing. And, and these are the things that are going to be coming through with Jupiter and Gemini. It’s going to be this idea of friending again. It’s going to be this idea of talking to people one on one, you know, not as huge masses or giant, enormous demographics or anything like that.

It’s talking to people one on one, being friendly. with people because someone helped you out. You’re gonna help them out. And so this is what Jupiter really teaches as a planet. Good begets good with Jupiter. Okay, so Jupiter’s idea is that if something good is done for you, you pass it on to someone else.

Okay, you I think there was a film from a book a while ago called Pay It Forward. You pay it forward. And you don’t pay it forward with an expectation of being praised. You pay it forward because someone did you a good deed. And so you’re going to do someone else a good deed, you know, maybe someone you don’t even know.

So this kind of bono me, okay, this getting along with everyone, it’s a very Jupiter idea, but then you put it in a Zodiac sign like Gemini, and that tells us. where it’s playing out, you know, and it’s going to play out with siblings. It’s going to play out with friends. It’s going to play out with neighbors.

It’s going to play out with the people you talk to every day. And even if you’re involved in sort of power relationships with clients and bosses and CEOs and things like that, there’s going to be a friendly quality that comes out, a collaborative quality that comes out. And, I just think It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s people getting to know one another again.

We’ve spent so many years like arguing or yelling or whatever at one another. And Jupiter in Gemini is just, it, it introduces humor. It introduces play, which is such an important word with Gemini. It breaks the ice. And it gets people sort of chumming around again. Mm.

Amanda: Wow, Christopher. I have to say. That those words are so welcome right now.

I am craving that, like that one on one that real, like playful, personal. I think I literally said the other day, I’m so excited to someday have a place where I can record these podcasts. We’re like, Christopher, you and I could go to lunch afterwards. I know

Christopher: best thing ever. Or take the podcast to lunch with us.

Yes, exactly!

Amanda: And invite everybody to watch the recordings as we’re doing them. That, I’m craving that like at a deep soul level. So this, yeah, it’s almost like sensing the Jupiter and Gemini movement already and like, okay, let’s go, let’s do it, let’s figure out a way to to have more of that personal interaction.

So, this is great. So, I have a question. You’re saying that if Gemini is your sun sign, this is gonna be a welcome relief for you. Is it also if you have Jupiter and Gemini in your natal chart, is this also a particularly like cozy, comfy place for you

Christopher: this next year? Well, where you want to look in a natal chart is, is where Gemini is.

Okay. And so you want to see what house Gemini is associated with. Is Gemini in the House of Finances? Is Gemini in the 8th house? You know, is Gemini in, you know, the frolicking 9th house? I mean, you know, where, where does Gemini show up? And this is where Jupiter, it’s basically, it’s almost like imagine a planet as someone walking with a lantern, you know, and you’ve got a house and you’ve got these beautiful rice paper windows or something and, and this, uh, lantern goes past, you know, that’s the planet going through the house, you know, you, you see this light going past.

So where does it show up? Where does the planet show up? You look for the house that Gemini, uh, is ruled by the Zodiac sign of Gemini in your chart. Perfect.

Amanda: Okay. We’re going to go through all of the placements at the end of the episode, so make sure you stay and or come back if you have to, if you have to leave for a little bit, make sure you come back so you can hear how it’s going to affect you personally.

I love what you just said about the lantern and the, and the, I always think of it as a spotlight, like there’s a spotlight, but yours is much more. Beautiful. I like that image a lot.

Review of Aspects

Amanda: All right, so let’s talk about well, I’ll give you the option to either talk about Jupiter Saturn Square next. Or the Pluto square Jupiter.

Which one

Christopher: would you like to go with? Well, first of all, it’s a trine. Oh! Okay. And it’s not a square. Yeah, and so that’s a, that’s a very good and Wait, which one’s a trine? The Pluto, the Jupiter trine Pluto. is

Amanda: okay. Yeah. Well, that makes it a lot, maybe a lot better,

Christopher: but it makes it kinder and gentler.

We could use some trines, uh, for, for everyone who, who may or may not know this. We have different aspects in astrology, a conjunction, a square, a sextile, an opposition. And these are basically, uh, dispositions or attitudes that the planets take up with one another. You know, conjunction is we’re on the same page, and an opposition is we’re hopelessly polarized and there’s no bridging the gap.

Okay, when you have a trine, that means that the, that it’s two planets. in different signs, but like element. Okay. So if I’ve got a trine and I’m saying, and Amanda says, okay, Jupiter is going to be trining Pluto. What does that mean? Okay. I know that Jupiter’s in Gemini because I’ve been talking about that.

And that’s what today’s episode is about, right? It’s Jupiter in Gemini. So I’m going to be interested in planets that are in the other two air signs. Okay. And the other two air signs, because you get three planets per, per element or three, three signs per element. Okay. The other two air signs are Libra and Aquarius.

So I know that Pluto has entered Aquarius at the end of January. It’s maybe January 20th, 25th, I forget the exact day. And so it’s, it’s, it’s there in Aquarius. not moving very fast because it’s a modern, it’s furthest away from the, from the sun. So Jupiter, when it enters, uh, Gemini, May 25th, on June 2nd, okay, which is roughly what, maybe about 10 ish days afterwards, um, on, on June 2nd, Jupiter forms its first trine to Pluto.

Okay, so a trine is a facilitating energy. It’s, it’s a supportive energy. You know, I really want this to happen, and so the trine comes in and says, you know, let me reach over here, you know, to get this book you can’t get and bring it down to you, and here it is. So, so the trine is there to help you to accomplish or to achieve your end, or to simply help you get to where you want to go.

Each aspect in astrology has the character of a planet, a square, you know, which can be very combative, has the characteristics of Mars, okay, an opposition which can be polarizing and very, very distant has the character of Saturn. Trines have the character of Jupiter, okay, so they’re protective and they’re supportive.

This is what the, these are the two elements. These are the two ideas with the trine. Okay, which we could use a lot of trines in the world right now.

Jupiter Trine Pluto

Christopher: So with Jupiter entering into Gemini and forming a trine to Pluto and Aquarius, it’s almost like letting a drop of a drop fall into a puddle and then the ripple effect goes further and further and further and further and further.

All right, so basically whatever Pluto in Aquarius is intoning, okay, Jupiter is going to match that harmony and it’s going to effuse, it’s going to go out further. I often like to describe Jupiter, you know how you can have a candle in a room? In the dark room, candle in the dark in a room and you can see like around that candlelight.

But if you put that candle in like a storm lamp or, or a glass lamp, the light diffuses. This is what Jupiter does. It diffuses the light. It diffuses the energy. And so Jupiter forming and trying to Pluto and Aquarius diffuses this, Pluto and Aquarius is very much about. How we’re all getting along in the world that we’re living in.

Okay, what would make a good utopian or paradisial or wonderful society to live in? This is the great question of Aquarius. And Pluto’s going to be asking this question. What Jupiter does, which is so lovely, is that it takes it down from the podiums, it takes it down from the well, I think, you know, you know, it takes it down from all of this.

Highfalutin, or all this incendiary, or all of this, you know, I don’t even know who I’m, you know, writing all these horrible things to on the other side of this internet thing. I’m just gonna send, send, send, send, send. It takes it away from all of it, and it’s almost as if everyone’s gonna be transported and sitting face to face with one another.

Would you say the things that you can say, you know, from the distance of a keyboard? Would you say it to someone’s face? If you saw that person, if you saw what that person was really like. So, what’s lovely about Gemini is that Gemini doesn’t tell you what to do. You know, it’s not one of those pontificating signs in the Zodiac, and we have some of those.

But anyway, Gemini doesn’t do that. Kind of like, okay, you know, uh, you said you always wanted to meet so and so. Did you know that I know her? Uh, Rihanna, come on over here. You know, Gemini like sits you down with. And so all of a sudden, you know, you go from like, I’ll never have to like see this person face to face to you’re seeing this person face to face.

How is that going to change the way that you relate? How’s that going to change the way that you talk? You know, and, and, and, and so this is what Gemini, it, it gets, it. Get rid, it gets rid of the distance and it makes everything very intimate and very close and it’s much harder. You know, if you’re, as Amanda said before, having lunch with someone to continue being so like, you know, um, opposite in everything, you know, it’s much harder if, if they’re, you know, they’re pouring you coffee, you’re sharing a salad or something like this, you know, and, and, and this is the lovely thing about the Jupiter and Gemini with that trine, it’s going to actually break up or bringing down to more accessibility, this, this, this, You know, almost rocketing of insults and things that goes on and just where people can sit and, and, and be with one another one on one.

Amanda: I love that with the Aquarian flavor. So it’s like, is the microcosm of my intimate engagements with people one on one. If we were to, like you said, have this ripple effect or, you know, have this like diffusion of energy. And let’s pretend that this little conversation we’re having. Was amplified and everyone was having this kind of conversation.

Is this the kind of world that I want to create or live in or advocate for? So it really is bringing that personal responsibility into this. You know, we, we have these ideas of what the world could be, but can we actually live those in our one on one

Christopher: relationships? And because it’s Gemini, it puts it into action.

I mean, a wonderful, a wonderful thing to think of with Jupiter and Gemini is the art of conversation. You know, it’s the art of conversation. Talk, listen, you know, discuss, share. You know, it’s a conversation. It’s something that’s friendly. It’s not. You know, it’s not yelling and screaming at one another, it’s not what You have a conversation, you discuss topics, you go off on something, you, you know, do a fun tangent.

I mean, certainly you have one of those friends where it’s like, you know, Oh, we’re supposed to just get together for an hour, but you know, it’s going to be like 15, you know. You are one

Amanda: of those friends for me, Jupiter. Jupiter, I just called you Jupiter. Christopher. I love this. And also the art of conversation requires.

A sincere curiosity, which is such a Gemini thing. I mean, I is

Christopher: always curious, right?

Amanda: I mean, in order to actually have a conversation, you have to be interested in the person that you’re having a conversation with and vice versa, or else it’s either totally one sided or you’re like, you’re saying it’s combative or you’re just waiting for the point where you get to say the thing, which is also not a real conversation.

Christopher: Right. And it’s also being sensitive to the person you’re talking to, you know, if they’re nodding off, okay, uh, bring the monologue to a close, maybe ask them something about themselves. Right.

Amanda: That is a good call. Yes. Oh my gosh. I love this.

Yeah. So the Pluto and Aquarius trine. And then Jupiter in Gemini is really gonna bring that that lantern into this area of life where we’re, yeah, I love

Christopher: that. And it’s gonna get people talking. What’s nice, there are two other wonderful virtues that come with Gemini as well. Talking and asking questions without knowing what the answers are.

Okay. So just putting out the idea and exploring it. Okay. This is, this is one of the great virtues. They love to play with an idea, you know, and, and, and it’s just, and you can see that kid come out when they’re playing with an idea. They just, they just love to, to play with it. And the other, uh, virtue of Gemini is debate.

Debate isn’t yelling at one another. And this is something that, you know, I don’t know if you had debate class in high school or anything like that, but this was the wonderful thing. I saw this episode where they were teaching debate. to these kids at the school in Harlem. And oh my God, the kids were like eight and they were like, you know, like magnificent debaters.

I mean, like it was extraordinary how they were doing it. But a debate is you take up one side of an argument, another side of the argument, you have that thing. You, you argue pro or con. But then what happens is that you switch sides, and you now have to come back from the other side. And so it’s not about an argument and outshouting someone, it’s an argument and having two ideas.

You know, I’m going to argue this side, but now we’re going to switch and I’m going to argue this other side, you know, and that kind of trying on of an idea, you know, and that kind of like, how do you line up the points and, and, and taking it out of this fury and this yelling and this insulting and this awful thing and turning it into.

You know, that’s really stimulated my mind. That’s really stimulated conversation. I, you know, I, I never thought of it like that before. These are the lovely attributes of Gemini.

Amanda: Ah, wow. We could so use that. I love just all of us taking that as okay. During that period of time, that is sort of the challenge, the invitation.

How often can we do that? How often can we try on the other perspective and go, God, you know, I can kind of see why they’re saying that. I understand. I might not agree with it. But I can understand at least on some level where they’re coming from. I mean, if we, if we had been doing that the last three years, like would have saved us a

Christopher: lot of angst, a lot of words, a lot of, uh, aggravation at the Thanksgiving table.

Amanda: Oh my goodness. Yes. Okay. So this is the, again, the Pluto and Aquarius trine. Jupiter and Gemini and it’s happening. You said June 2nd, June 2nd.

Jupiter Square Saturn

Amanda: And then the third one that you wanted to talk about was, and I believe I was right when I wrote down a square, Jupiter, Saturn square,

Christopher: right? And that’s going to be two and three because it, it, it, it, it squares two times in 2024.

Amanda: Okay. So what are the dates of

Christopher: that? Okay. The first square is going to be August 20th. of 2024. And then the second square will be on Christmas Eve of 2024.

Amanda: Okay. And it’ll be really interesting to hear how this, this configuration has a different flavor. So it’s a square and then it includes Saturn. So tell us how that, Gemini’s experience.

Christopher: Absolutely. I just have to make a quick note. I’m not going to go into it because it’s a whole thing. Okay. This is part of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction, which Ancient astrologers used to time cycle changes, okay? And so we had the first conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in an air sign starting off the air cycle in, uh, December of 20.

It was right before 2021. So there was a conjunction of the Jupiter and Saturn. Okay. And now, they’ve moved to, a square, involving the air and the water. So Jupiter has moved to, an air sign and then at squaring Saturn, there’s going to be an opposition square and then they can join again in a different air sign.

This is the dance that they do. I’m not going to walk you through the choreography, because quite frankly, I’d rather watch Fried and Ginger. Okay, but anyway. But I do feel compelled to point that out. All right. Well,

Amanda: Christopher, so, so, just without going too deep into it, because I know you just said you don’t want to.

However. Does it have flavors of what was happening in December of 2020? Oh God. I don’t know if I love

Christopher: that. But I know, I know because it’s like, are we over that yet? December, 2020.

Amanda: I was, that was a really hard time for basically everybody.

Christopher: We all stepped over the threshold to our new age together. Yes. I

Amanda: feel like we’re still stepping.

We’re still, we’re like in the process of stepping.

Christopher: I think we’re more like toddlers who are trying to like get up on the, chair to balance. Okay, that’s good. Um, what the

square does, what a square does is that it brings up two competing ideas. Okay. Kind of like that debate I was talking about. They bring up two competing ideas and so, uh, they’re either going to stay in conflict with one another or you have to find a way to work with each of these ideas, maybe find the.

A way to turn it from something competitive to something collaborative. Okay, so the two ideas that you’re working with is a Jupiter in Gemini. Okay, Gemini, as I said, is an air sign. It’s very curious. It’s very conversational. It’s very one on one and it’s very, very friendly. All right, and Jupiter is welcoming.

Okay, that’s that’s pretty much what it does as a planet these days. Uh, Saturn is foreboding. Okay, so Saturn doesn’t want to be welcomed. It can be more distant. It can be, you know, more suspicious. Like why are you being so welcoming? Jupiter, you know, um, but Saturn knows what it’s like. Jupiter wants you to be a part of, okay, it’s an integrating, uh, planet, it’s welcoming, integrating planet, Big Ten philosophy, all opinions are welcome here, okay, whereas Saturn is I am, I am apart from okay, so it’s Jupiter is like, I want you to be a part of this conversation and Saturn is I’m apart from this conversation.

Okay. And sometimes we were kind of like, well, why are you being so snarky, stinky pants? Why can’t you just like, you know, join everyone or whatever? And Saturn’s like, I don’t join everyone because, you know, I, I have reason not to join. Everyone or something like that. I feel like an outsider. I’m ostracized or you all bullied me in the third grade and I hate you, even though I showed up at this 50th high school reunion or whatever.

So, so Jupiter is a part of and Saturn is apart from. And I did a lot of thinking with this one because I was like, how do you explain the John and the Pisces? And I’m gonna use an example that I think we’re all pretty familiar with. Um, it’s a little on the heavy side, but I think it’s actually going to really illustrate the point Jupiter and Gemini is going to be very newsy It’s very like what’s the newest idea the new technology the new whatever like?

Oh, that’s fun. That’s you know, that’s Okay, so so it’s it’s driven by curiosity and and it’s driven by the next fascinating, interesting, breaking story, if you will, right? So if we think of things like, a natural disaster, a shooting, God forbid, something in which Misfortune falls upon a people, you know, maybe it’s a, it’s a city or a state or it’s a region.

Okay. Um, and, and, and it’s tragic. It’s, it’s, it’s absolutely horrible. Uh, something that we see happen all the time, the way we get this information mostly is. Uh, the network news will descend upon this area, you know, this, this place of disaster and the cameras will show up and they’ll have microphones and they’ll be like, can you tell us something?

And people are like, it was, you know, and, and, and, and, and, and so people have a chance to sort of talk about it and, and we all view this and some people say we view it vicariously, but actually I think many of us also view it very empathetically. We’re very like, Oh, you know, and so what happens is that this tragic event creates a community.

And Okay. Around it. Okay. Where people are like, I can’t believe this happens. Where’s the GoFundMe? How do I give to something like this? How, how can I help out? You know, I’m seeing reflected in the, in the tragedy of these people, horrible things that happen in humanity and we should all pitch in and be there for one another.

Okay. And so this goes on for like, the breaking news. They call it breaking news. It goes on for a day, it goes on for maybe a few days, maybe it goes on for a week, okay? Then, it’s not a story anymore, right? It’s not a story anymore. The cameras are like, you know, we feel bad about your whatever, you know, we’re leaving, we’ve made friends, I’ll never talk to you again, but you know, bye, you know, or it’s like, we have another breaking story.

It’s like a tornado or something. They, they leave, they go on. And the community that had been so under the spotlight is now like, left. So in some ways that Jupiter and Gemini can be kind of like the descending news team. Okay. He wants the information it’s involved. It wants to hear all of these things that, you know, uh, different versions of what’s happening or whatever.

This is very fresh and everyone’s like very much, you know, communing with it. You know, no one’s kind of like, Oh, you know, and no, they’re like communing with it. You know, TVs or Twitters or social feed or whatever. Um, but then it leaves. And then the people who were focused on are kind of like left and they’re kind of like, um, well, we’re still struggling with this, you know, we’re still struggling with this tragedy.

We’re still struggling, but everyone’s gone and left. And, and, and, and maybe, uh, the people say, well, something really happened. We have to like change things or whatever. And other people are like, Oh, you know what? This tragedy had happened to you. I felt really bad. It gave you a go fund me, but that’s like six months ago.

And I don’t really want to hear about it anymore. Okay, so Saturn and Pisces is the part that says it’s not okay. We were hurt. We need to do something about this. And the Jupiter in Gemini is we talked to you about that already, you know, but we have to go on to something new. You have to go on to something new.

You know, we have to open up the school again. We have to open up a forest ranger or whatever again. Or we need to bring tourism in again or whatever. Like, we’re so sorry about the tragedy and we feel so much, but you know, these things have to get up and going again. You have to get the economy circulating again.

You have to get people circulating again, this, you know, and so you can sort of begin to understand that there’s two very different. views here. You know, there’s like, well, I’m not over what happened to me. And then there’s like, we all need to be over what happened to you and, and we’ll remember it and, and, and things like that.

But we really must go on life. Life goes on, you know, you know, come, come join with us. So, so, so there’s this kind of friction. And so you may experience in your own life. Hopefully not what I used as an example, but you may experience in your own life this feeling of what I would call with this Jupiter Saturn square, this feeling of being a conscientious objector, conscientious objectors.

And there’s a very long tradition of that in America. I believe it starts with the Quakers. I think as early as the Revolutionary War, are people who will not fight a war. Okay. And in the heat of the war, everyone’s like, well, you have to pick a side. You have to fight a war. Who are, you know what?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. Like that’s for like someone. Yeah. Yellow, you know, being called yellow or whatever, like a coward, you know, and they would be like, no, I’m, I’m choosing not to fight this. And, and, and when, you know, the drums of war banging and people are like, no, peace, peace, everyone’s like, Oh, you, you know, you yellow, you yellow person or, or, or peacenik or whatever the term is, you know, and they maybe even laugh and ridicule because you’re not going along with everything else.

I’m bringing up to you more dramatic, more extreme part, maybe even darker versions of this, but to stand apart and say, no, I don’t think we should do that. The strength of standing apart and saying, no, I don’t think we should do that. This is going to repeat a mistake. We’ve seen what happens when you, you know, retaliate in such a way that’s a Saturn and Pisces place.

Okay, but a Jupiter in Gemini may not have much patience for it. It might even attack it, make fun of it, argue with it, you know, because Jupiter in Gemini is trying to enlist to, to get on board. I’m just giving you a very, uh, hopefully, uh, an example you can sort of see in your mind, but an example you can apply to different contexts in your life.

You may feel yourself in 2024 being on one of these two sides. Either the conscientious objector, you know, the person that everyone’s like, why can’t you just like, you know, like, like move on and, and, and be a part of everything. You know, you, you might feel the, the apartness of that, the solitariness. of that.

Okay. Or you might be the Jupiter in Gemini, which is kind of like, you know, if you stay in the dark corner, if you stay depressed, you’re not eating, you’re not sleeping. You know, there are other people who have gone through this. I’m not trying to, uh, devalue your experience, but I’m trying to get you to share it with someone else who’s gone through this.

Won’t you come and be a part of our group or therapy session or, you know, people against your people for. You know, so this, you know, so you may find yourself on one or the other side of this or you may find yourself struggling, you know, um, am I enlisting and, and maybe being a little insensitive with the enlisting or is the enlisting coming from a good and sincere place?

You know, am I refusing, you know, to, to be drawn in? Is that coming from a good place or is that, you know, um, the, the, the stance that I’m taking?

Amanda: I can feel this one so viscerally right now, Christopher, because it’s exactly what’s happening on Maui. There’s the people that are like, we need to get tourism back up.

We need to get the economy going. We need to get people here. How can we enlist people to come here? And then you have the other people going, Whoa, like, no, it is way too early. People are still completely displaced. There’s so much. pain still, how can we even be thinking about the economy? So, but then you have people that, that they can’t stay here because they can’t, they’re, they don’t have jobs anymore because there is no economy.

I mean, it’s very complex and it’s really challenging to know, like, what is the right thing? And that’s when you were just saying you may find yourself. You know, it’s maybe my Gemini moon because I can really go. Oh, wow. I see that. Oh, wow. I see that. I really Yeah, really see both perspectives and my heart goes out to both perspectives It doesn’t there doesn’t feel like there’s a right answer here, which is Which is probably that nature of the square, right?

Like, this feeling that there isn’t really a clear resolution to this

Christopher: challenge. Well, the beauty of Gemini is it’s not interested in the answers, it’s interested in the questions. You know, that’s the beautiful thing about Gemini. And when you’re, whenever you are dealing with a Jupiter Saturn square, you are dealing with a moral dilemma.

A moral, an ethical quandary. That’s what those two planets and squares always bring out. You know, I just don’t know what to do. I’m, I’m pinned on the horns of a dilemma, you know? And, and when we’re pinned on the horns of a dilemma, we want to get off those horns. They, they’re sharp and they hurt, you know?

But actually being pinned on the horns of a dilemma gets us… to broaden our thinking, you know, to broaden our perspective and to search for different avenues and different conversations. Wow.

Amanda: You just helped me. You just helped me with this very specific. I know we’re talking about next year and we’re talking about everyone collectively, but asking the right questions and being open to a different solution that we’re not even maybe thinking about right now.

That is something so we can keep that in mind next year when we find ourselves in these situations where it’s like. Eek. Like that doesn’t seem great. That doesn’t seem great. Or like I’m clearly on this side or I’m clearly on that side, but I need to understand the other side in order to come up with a resolution that, yeah,

Christopher: that can work.

It helps the idea of debate because empathy is a beautiful, lovely thing. But what astrology also teaches us about empathy is that it’s connected to an element water, right? You’ve got three other elements. Okay, so, you know, empathy is wonderful. It can be this sense of like sharing and it can be this idea of caring, but what can also get caught up in empathy is this agreement or acceptance, and maybe it’s not about agreement or acceptance.

Maybe it’s about when you look at another point of view. Looking at another point of view, not sympathizing with it or trying to make it like yours, but actually, you know, if you’re standing on home plate, walking on over and standing on first space, okay, that is not the same place as home plate, okay? And that’s what, for instance, debate can do.

You have to go and take that other side. You know, and so it switches. It’s something that goes with our bicameral brains. I mean, you switch hemispheres, you know, and and so that’s a it’s a different way of understanding. It’s different from empathy. It’s not better. It’s not worse. It’s a different way of understanding of apprehending of comprehending.


Amanda: we’re going to go through the tour through Jupiter and Gemini by sign

Christopher: before we


Amanda: that. One of the things that you were just describing in terms of that debating and flexibility of mind is something that is so core and central. To the way that the inner circle is designed because, because just by being exposed to a different astrological practitioner, a different astrological lens or perspective, we avoid that trap.

of getting stuck in this is the way to practice astrology or this is the way to interpret this energy or this transit or this aspect and it’s it’s so valuable and especially if you can do it at any point in your trajectory with astrology, you will cultivate that flexibility of mind that then enables you to pull on different tools and techniques when you need them to answer different questions with a different perspective when you need them.

And I’ve seen, I’ve seen all of it and I’ve experienced it myself getting trapped in the, Oh, I use this house system because that’s what my teacher used, but then getting exposed to another house system and going, Oh God, like everything, the chart changes when I go to that other house system. What do I do with that information?

And does that mean that the way I was practicing before was wrong or flawed? Am I a fraud? You know, all these things.

Christopher Mastery Class

Amanda: So, you’re going to be one of our teachers next year. which is such a gift and you will be teaching a mastery class. Can you just give us a glimpse into the mastery class that you’ll

Christopher: be teaching?

Well, what I wanted to take on, I’m, I’m very kind of drawn to moral quandaries nowadays. Moral quandaries? Moral quandaries. Moral dilemmas. Yeah. Yeah. And I’m kind of doing that flip, that hemispherical

And we’re all, you know, we, we all pretty much learn in astrology, good planets are good, bad planets are bad, you know, there’s the planets in the light and the planets that are in the shadow, you know, this, this conversation or sometimes war that goes on between them. But I’ve done a lot of looking at charts and thinking and all those sorts of things, you know, but I wanted to teach a class that kind of like switch the hemispheres a little bit.

on that idea. And so the first part of the class will be, um, when good planets go bad or good planets gone bad. It’s like what happens when good planets actually are not bringing. Good things, you know, and maybe are enabling or, or, or, or augmenting, you know, and then of course, if you’re going to do that, you have to do the flip and that’s bad planets make good when bad planets make good.

And you know, what, what, what do the. bad planets bring that’s actually a good thing that we wouldn’t be able to if it weren’t there. So I just wanted to sort of play around with that idea and play with different chart signatures and things and would definitely, um, you know, uh, maybe perhaps in the Q& A we can look at charts and things like that of, uh, of the people who are participating and just sort of play, kind of play around with the labels.

There, you know? Mm-hmm. and, and, and not getting us to debunk those placements, but to deepen our understanding of those plans.

Amanda: So good. Okay. So every teacher in the inner circle teaches the members a mastery class. So every month you get a mastery class, as well as a, a lot of other things. But the mastery classes are either sold as standalone classes in our academy for $97.

Or some of them are never sold. So they truly become inner circle, exclusive mastery class teachings. If you love learning from multiple perspectives, if you love using astrology as a guide for personal growth and development, if you. would be interested in being immersed in a community where we’re having these conversations all the time with each other, where you can actually ask questions to the teachers as they’re facilitating their teachings each month, then the inner circle is a great place for you.

And right now is absolutely the best time. to jump in and try it out. It’s right now, 45 percent less than it usually is, and you can jump in, see if it’s right for you. There’s no contract when you join, so you can try it, but now’s the time, because you’ll get to lock in the best pricing that we offer all year long.

So you can go to astrologyhub. com slash innercircle, join Christopher and 12 other incredible astrologers next year for a journey. Like you get to be on a journey every single month. You get to go deeper and deeper and deeper into your astrological learning and knowledge and grow as a person as you do it.

So check it out again. Astrologyhub. com slash inner circle. There’s just a couple more days of our promotional

Christopher: period. So just a couple more days,

Amanda: a couple of days. So now is the time. Check it out. All right.

Jupiter in Gemini Through the Signs

Amanda: And also now is the time to go through the signs. So, Jupiter in Gemini through the Zodiac as perceived by the masterful Christopher Brenton.

Christopher: Thank you.

Push him out in front of that curtain.

Amanda: Christopher, go.

Christopher: You’re on. Jupiter in Gemini is going to impact different signs. differently. Okay. It’s going to be wonderful with the air signs.

Jupiter in Gemini for Geminis

Christopher: Okay. So, first of all, as I mentioned earlier in the broadcast, if you’re a Gemini, Jupiter going through your sign is going to be really, really terrific.

It’s, it’s the wind picking up and filling your sail and taking you to those destinations that you want to go to, whether it’s like long journey or a point that you want to make or a career transition. Or another part, another way of living in your life, you know, this, the wind fills the sail and propels your ship forward.

So, so that’s going to be the big impact with, with, Jupiter in Gemini. What Jupiter is also going to give Gemini is protection. That’s one of the functions of the planet, we know of it as reigning riches and benefits and things like that, but the planet also protects, it protects your interests.

It also can protect your body. It can protect your thoughts. Okay. So these are things that are connected to Jupiter. Um, so this is going to bring. a stronger sense of self to Gemini, and a stronger sense of personal conviction, uh, which Geminis can use. They have a, you know, they, they like to question and look under the surface of things, but sometimes they can get lost in their own argument, or they don’t really have the conviction that, that they feel.

And the Jupiter brings that kind of like, you know, Full chest, you know, that luster, that a little shot of Sagittarius there, the Gemini, so, and, and, and that can be good for, for, uh, zodiac sign like Gemini. So, um, this sense of really wanting to move forward in my life and to explore the different options and alternatives and variables in my life.

This is something that will definitely be going on with Geminis.

Jupiter in Gemini for Aquarius

Christopher: The other two signs that benefit right off the bat are going to be Libra and Aquarius. Okay, because what Jupiter will bring is people into your life. Okay, uh, and, and so, um, you know, if you’re Libra, And you’re, you know, you’ve been on the relationship back burner for a while or not really interested in relationships or things like that.

Jupiter will bring that into your life. If you’re an Aquarius, it will have the same function. Um, when I look at these passages, um, I always work with solar charts. And so, um, When I refer to a solar chart, um, a solar chart basically means I’m going to be using your, uh, sign in the rising placement and then determining the house from that.

So, um, for Aquarius, it could be a very romantic period. What’s coming on this year? There may be a concentration on children, arts and entertainment, tournament, you know, the way that you, The way that you celebrate life, you know, is going to be very, very powerful. And Jupiter will bring in like minded people or people who will be supporting you in that endeavor.

Certainly in the area of community or group, which is a province of Aquarius. And as I mentioned before with Libra, the idea of a relationship. Christopher

Amanda: real quick, I have to ask this, are we looking just at our sun sign or our sun and. or rising sign?

Christopher: Uh, jot down both. Okay. Okay.

And where I learned that is when we did our episode on, um, I think forecasting a lot, we’re saying, Hey, this really shows up as rising. So I would do both. Okay. So if you’re Gemini Sun, take notes. If you’re Gemini Rising, take notes. If you’re Aquarius Sun, take notes. If you’re Aquarius Rising, take notes.

Okay. Perfect.

Amanda: And same with Libra, because we’ve been talking about Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini so far. Right.

Jupiter in Gemini for Libras

Christopher: And so with Libra, um, in the solar chart, the Jupiter appears elevated. And so there’s going to be a real interest in other people’s other communities outside of what you’re used to. And so that may be something that you really, um, you know, get a fascination with.

You might also get a fascination with a spiritual path or calling that’s different from the one that you’ve been on. Um, and you may also get involved in, uh, community politics on just like a grassroots level. Uh, another idea, you know, uh, be enterprising is perhaps going back to school or updating skill sets.

Things that are very much of the Ninth House. But it’s curiosity about Ninth House. It’s curiosity about different spiritual paths or different views of looking at the world. It’s not about doctrine. It’s not about, you know, the fast and hard rules. It’s just about exploring this path and exploring this idea.

And so, for Libras, this might. conflict with, your day to day routine. Uh, that could be a spiritual discipline that asks you to change the way you eat or to meditate at certain hours or something like that. And so, you know, you might be like, Oh, this is really exciting. This is like, I’ve really found myself.

But maybe your spouse or major family members are like, why are we eating this and we used to eat that? Or why are we changing, you know, the way that we do these things? So that might, you know, bring up a bit of conflict. Or maybe at work you become very conscientious. You know, you, you, you’re fascinated by a philosophy and you see all this waste or whatever going on at work.

And so that might put you in conflict there. With Aquarius, again, that idea of community coming around you can be strong. and and very welcome for the aquarium. But Aquarius gets really uncomfortable when there’s too much attention that’s put on it. So there may be this feeling of stepping forward out of the anonymity and being more of a voice or more of a presence in the community.

So the air brings more people into your life, but it’s not just like more people to talk to. Whenever you have more people in your life, it gets political, but I’m using political in terms of the concerns of who gets to talk and who listens and how everyone gets along. So, you know, with the infusion of that, and Jupiter is usually associated with the new, so it can be new friends, new neighbors, new co workers.

It can be fun at first because it’s fresh, new and different. But you also have to get to know their body language, their signals, the way that they communicate what their concerns are. Okay. And so this, this kind of like infusion of this new energy is going to very much put the air sign skills to the fore and the air signs enjoy this.

So this is something that that you’ll absolutely, you know, enjoy.

Jupiter in Gemini for Fire Signs

Christopher: What fire signs are going to get out of this is this idea. of working with other people. Fire signs aren’t into really working with other people. They’re into It was my idea! I scored the touchdown! What did you think of me in that play, especially act two, scene four?

Wasn’t that just like, did that just make you want to cry your eyes out? Okay, so, so fire signs are very much like, you know, this is my mission. This is my challenge. This is my passion, you know, and so you bring in air and air does two things. Jupiter’s and Gemini, Gemini’s and air sign air does two things.

It. Inflames the fire. It makes it more so, uh, whenever you see reports on forest fires and things like this, the big thing that everyone’s always worried about is the wind coming in because it propels and moves the fire forward. This is what air does and it will do it with fire signs. Okay. They’ll become even more fiery than they were before, but the Jupiter and Gemini there is, is, is there to remind you that there are other people who help you be you.

Jupiter in Gemini for Aries

Christopher: Okay. For Ares, this may bring, things up with siblings, or with people that you, share your life with. Certainly the idea of how you work in a team is going to be affected by Jupiter being in Gemini if you’re in Ares. Ares is a team player. But it’s kind of like the star quarterback, or it’s the tightest tight end, or, you know, it’s got this thing that it does that is really, you know, you know.

But, and so the Gemini is going to be like, well, maybe you need to recognize what so and so did, or the efforts that so and so, you know, put on in. Maybe they, you know, are helping you to perform that piece, or they’re helping you to get what you want. And that always can be a little stymieing to Aries, because it’s kind of like, um, I have to rely on someone else or, you know, deal with someone else’s business.

You know, so Gemini, Jupiter and Gemini is going to be good things from other people, but also, you working or coordinating your efforts with them.

Jupiter in Gemini for Leos

Christopher: With Leo, it’s going to be the idea of really recognizing. , those people who have helped make you, you, you know, and a lot of times we’ll hear about Leo and it’s ruled by the sun and it’s the star and it’s, you know, ego, ego and all about me and all these sorts of things.

But what we tend to forget about Leo is that it’s named after the lion and the lion is the only one of the big cats that has a family. Okay, you know, we think of Leo Leo Pride. Oh, they’re full of themselves, but we forget that it’s Leo Leo Pride Leo family. Okay, so family is enormously important to a Leo.

And this is something that may also be coming out and playing out for Leos. But it’s not really your own tribal family, but seeing the family outside of your own family even. Okay. There Leo’s looking forward to a really, really like from May 2024 on, there’s going to be real elevation energy and Leo’s life elevation energy.

It sounds like a mountain climber, where people in high. Friends in high places, people in positions to further you, to promote you, are going to be very, very powerful for Leo. And that’s something that begins in that May 2024, and it continues through the year. So, um, there’s going to be, you know, praise for Leo, but patrons also kind of expect something in return.

Okay, and so Leo’s going to have to, um, you know, remember in the thank you speech to mention the agent and the producer of the, okay, it’s not just like, my Oscar, I want it, you know, it’s like, and I want to thank, you know, Beverly, my agent, you know, Bev, you know, it’s the idea of thanking and recognizing.

people, and this is actually a good practice for Leo with Jupiter that’s moving through, uh, the Gemini.

Jupiter in Gemini for Sagittarius

Christopher: With Sagittarius, it’s the most challenging position because Gemini is the opposite sign, and so, Sagittarians may spend that May period through the rest of 2024 feeling very split about things, asking the question, should I stay or should I go?

Because Jupiter if it’s in Gemini is like, Oh, go, go, leave. Let’s let’s go, you know? And so, uh, the, the Sagittarius is like, but I’ve got things set up in my life or whatever right now. I don’t know if I could just like go or leave. So Sagittarians might find themselves in a funny predicament. Where, you know, they have been the adventurer or whatever, and they’ve actually come to a point in their life where, you know, things are set up, but, you know, someone else is saying, but you can do so much more or go or leave all of this and they’d be maybe like fighting for holding on to what they to what they actually have, but that Jupiter and the 7th house will be in relationships, of course, but bring a lot of You very strong influx of people from other cultures and other places into your life.

And of course that does nothing but delight a Sagittarian. Sagittarius loves different peoples, different cultures than the one that they were raised in. And so that will be really, really exciting. But, um, at the same time, those might bring in questions of affiliation or questions of Alliance. You know, where do they stand with, with something like that?

Because it’s. the opposite sign. So, so there is going to be friction in terms of like, do I side with you or do I side with me? And what we were talking about before with Amanda, the idea of the hemisphere switch.

Jupiter in Gemini for Water Signs

Christopher: Okay. So when we get into the, water signs, with the Jupiter in, in, in Gemini. That’s not an easy fit.

If I can just sort of like remind you very quickly of the example that I gave you, you know, um, our community has, has been hurt. We don’t feel like moving on. And, and air signs are always kind of like, air signs aren’t really, air, air signs aren’t get over it. I don’t want to communicate that about air signs because they aren’t.

But it is the nature of air to circulate. Okay, to circulate around a room, to meet different people, have different conversations, regardless of whether you’re a Gemini, Libra, or an Aquarius, okay? And when you open up your windows or doors, the air fills your, your house and it circulates and there’s these lovely scents and aromas and things like that.

Um, so it is the nature of air to circulate in a very different way than water circulates. It’s, you know, water’s more following the current, or… Deep dive into things so you can sort of imagine the friction that can happen. Water signs may feel like, kind of like if you had ever had that incident where it’s like, Hey, you know, Jimmy, you’re, you know, here’s a party, you know, uh, everyone likes you.

Why don’t you go out and make new friends or whatever. Parents said like, make new friends. And it’s like, uh, how do I, okay, so, Water signs might find themselves a little bit, sort of like, how do I make new friends? And they tend to be like shy and retiring. So water signs are going to find their comfort zones played with, you know, and that’s kind of the beautiful thing about Gemini. It’s like, it’s a bit of a prankster. It’s kind of like, um, where’s that, where’s that thing that I left on my table that I’d left for just a moment and now it’s not here and people are like, you know, there’s a prankster side to, to Gemini.

And so Gemini in a way is going to be kind of like fooling with water signs to make friends in different places.

Jupiter in Gemini for Cancers

Christopher: With cancer, what’s going to be interesting about The Jupiter in Gemini is that the Jupiter in Gemini is going to be doing a lot to change can’t to change the story that cancers have told themselves about their life.

Okay. Now, I don’t mean like, you know, cancers have been telling themselves a fiction. That’s not what I mean at all. The story, the narrative, I guess, is the current way of putting it. That they’ve told themselves about their life. You know, like, uh, this is what happened. And, you know, my parents got married.

I was raised like this and da da da da. Cancers may have experiences in this period of time from May 2024 to, to the following year. They may have experiences in which the story is being changed. Okay, now I’m not saying because someone’s like those weren’t your parents at all, you’re a changeling, I’m not saying that at all, but what I’m saying is like, maybe you hear a different version, or this is, you know, a father that you found so forbidding, you meet a friend who was best friends with your father, and the friend reveals a side of your father you didn’t know.

Or, or maybe it’s a mother that you thought could do no wrong. And then there’s a friend, you know, that was a rival of hers in high school, who’s like, oh, your mother was a real. So, but, but it’s something that’s going to sort of change the narrative, change the way that you understood your life. It’s not going to be this big reveal and I’m, I’m, I’m Anastasia, you know, it’s, it’s not going to be like that.

It’s going to be like, it’s going to get you to look at your past and your history and, and the expectations you have of yourself that might’ve been set up from that. It’s going to get you to look at it differently. It’s not uranium. It’s not a debunker. Okay. It’s a Jupiter. It’s going to get you to look at it differently.

And by looking at it differently, it may actually allow you to explore different things that you didn’t feel like you could explore, for yourself. So that’s something that, um, cancers are going to be dealing with.

Jupiter in Gemini for Scorpios

Christopher: Scorpio, Jupiter is going to be appearing in the solar eighth. So it’s really going to be changing the people that you rely on and depend on in your life.

And it may actually bring people in your life that you feel are more reliable or dependable than the people were before. Or you might look at reliability differently. You know, you might think of it as inter reliability or something like that, but, but Scorpios. Kind of don’t want their eighth houses messed with.

It’s like cancers don’t want their 12th houses messed with, and Scorpios don’t want their eighth houses messed with. But there may be changes in finances, and, financial alliances. And those changes may simply be along the lines, you know, not too dissimilar from cancer with Jupiter and the Solar 12th, it may be along the lines of like, Well, okay, that’s the way that you’ve been storing your money or investing or whatever, but you know, you could change it and actually make more or do something different with it.

And a Scorpio at first might be like, no, no, I can’t. I’ve always been with the, you know, Lansley and Lansley firm, you know, and then all of a sudden it’s kind of like, well, maybe I should be changing the way that I think about these things or the way that I strategize these things. things. And so that could either happen financially or again, even emotionally, things come up not to question in a challenging way, but things come up to maybe change the narrative in a way.

And that would get you thinking about, you know, what used to be, I will never change my feelings about, you know, finances or emotional security, or I will never change my feelings about You know how I get obsessed with things ever, you know, and it may actually change that and sort of breathe some air into the corners of the Scorpio horoscope, which have always been like hands off because it’s always like this, you know, sort of thing.

Jupiter in Gemini for Pisces

Christopher: And then finally, with Pisces, uh, the Jupiter. May bring about a move or a relocation altogether, and it might have been something that you’ve been talking about for years, but this may be the period of time when you actually do it. And what may also be connected to this idea of a move or relocation might even be a return.

It might be a return to maybe somewhere you had lived before. Or, um, or, or, or, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re given, someone requests you to come back and help and, and you do this, but then you, you know, find like this place that you were raised or lived in when you were younger has changed a lot and actually might have some great appeal to you.

Okay, so there could be. move or relocation or change, but it could also be based on, because the fourth house is our roots, actually going back to where you originated or your family originated. So it doesn’t have to just be you. Maybe you were raised on Coney Island, but your family is from you know, the Ukraine or, or, or, or something like that, you know, or, or, or Eastern Europe.

And maybe you go back there, you know, there might be an ancestral thing that, you know, calls to you. But, um, that, that could also very, very much be in the cards and definitely a change in the way that the home is set up for Pisces is there. But again, what I want to say is that this is a Jupiterian change, a Jupiter change in immutable sign.

It’s not a uranium change. So it’s not like, you know, like, you know, we’re being thrown out of our house of 35 years. It’s not going to be like that. It’s, it’s, it’s friendly. It’s a, it’s a friendly, adaptable change.

Jupiter in Gemini for Earth Signs

Christopher: And then finally, when we get into the earth signs. What we are dealing with, is something that two out of three of the earth signs can’t stand.

Okay, so I’ll just go ahead and be forthright about that. You know, Virgo, I’ll leave for a second. But, um, the reason I say that is because, Taurus and Capricorn’s don’t like options and variables. Okay, now Amanda is a great exception because she has a moon in Gemini. So she she’s like, you know, but but but Taurus and Capricorn for the most part are like variable option, not interested.

Okay, so there’s like, you know, a fixed way.

Jupiter in Gemini for Taurus

Christopher: And so what Jupiter is going to do is going through a financial house for Taurus as well. It’s actually going through the way they manage their own finances very powerfully. And so Jupiter’s going to be playing around with the rules of the game.

It’s going to be playing around with the way that you’re used to or accustomed to doing things. And some Taureans might be like, Oh, this is fun. Why didn’t I do this like 10 years ago? You know, sort of thing. And other Taureans might be like, you really don’t like this. You know, so, so, so there’s going to be a sort of coaxing, cajoling quality to this Jupiter, you know, going through finances and, and getting one to reorganize or to rethink in some way.

And that might also apply, even to the way of your thinking, rethinking or revisiting a stance or a stand that you’ve taken. But certainly Jupiter in Gemini is going to, bring in a more experimental quality to Taurus. Thank you. And I think kind of Uranus with its shakeups through the sign has actually gotten Taurus in the mood for that.

So, um, you know, Taurus isn’t going to be traumatized by that. It’s going to be more kind of like, um, you know, this, this is a curious idea. This might be something that’s worth exploring.

Jupiter in Gemini for Capricorns

Christopher: Capricorns are going to have a little bit of an issue. With the, uh, Gemini transit, Because Jupiter in Gemini is going to introduce all these possible ventures, all these possible projects.

Uh, I want you to think of it as the golden apple from, you know, from, uh, from, from Greek myth. Atalanta’s golden apple. You know, that there’s another shining object, or another golden apple that goes dribbling across the path of the Capricorn. You know, and Capricorns usually have a plan and they stick to it.

you know, this Jupiter Gemini is going to be like, Oh, I, I can’t pass that up. I can’t pass that up. I can’t pass. Oh, that looks, you know, so, so Capricorns are kind of, kind of become. Gemini’s for a year there. They’re going to be like, that’s a new idea. That’s a fascinating. That’s a bright, shiny object. I, I really want to know what that’s like.

And this is a good thing, but, uh, but for Capricorns. don’t have the cultivated Gemini muscles, okay? If you’re like a Capricorn Sun or a Capricorn Rising, unless you’ve got a Moon in Gemini. But they don’t have the Gemini muscles, which are okay.

That looks fun. I can put this over here. That looks great. I’ll get to it eventually. Mmm, that’s more important. I’m going to go with that, then get to this, and then get to that, and then loop back for the other. Okay. So, so this is the way that Gemini’s can like juggle different things at the same time.

Capricorn’s more like… You know, Juggles like to throw the ball up and catch it and the idea of like throwing, you know, like they’re not fit for that. Okay, so there’s going to be a big learning curve with that for Capricorns where it’s like, you kind of have to keep up with all of these things and you’re going to have to change your format or change your game plan.

And this is something that might enliven Capricorns or really exasperate or exhaust them, you know, at the same time, but it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a good thing. But the thing to watch out for is. You know, after years of planning and building solidly one thing after another, and now it’s kind of like, you know, Black Friday, you go running into the store and grab whatever, um, are you going to end up with an arm load, full of rotten fruit, you know, like, uh, uh, shining objects that don’t go on to become things, the seeds of ideas that never get completion or fulfillment, and so that’s going to be the very, the very strong or big challenge for, for a Capricorn.

Jupiter in Gemini for Virgos

Christopher: For Virgos, it’s actually a really nice, combination that they’re going to be experiencing. They’re going to be having in the solar chart, Jupiter going over the top of their chart. So there could be changes in career tracks, career paths, definitely a change in status. Usually when you have Jupiter at the top, it’s, it’s like a promotion or an elevation.

Now he’s going for the water. So that’s something to work for. Uh, that’s something to look for. Uh, but Virgos have this idea of working for type of thing. And then when you’ve got a Jupiter going over the top of the chart, this can be. rewards and recognition. We all say that we want rewards and recognition, but some of us can get very anxious about rewards and recognition.

You know, rewards and recognition can suddenly be like, well, do they expect more for me from me right now? Or, or am I on top now? And then someone’s going to throw me over, you know? So, so these might be things that come out with, uh, Virgo, which tends to go for more modest or, or sometimes even administrative or bureaucratic positions.

Positions where they’re part of the framework or the fabric, but they’re not the ones calling the shots. The Jupiter and the Gemini is going to put, uh, Virgos into a calling. The shots, uh, place. where they have to take the responsibility, where they get the recognition, or they get the heat. So there’s going to be this continual feeling from May of 2024 into the following year of like, Virgos being asked to step up to the plate, and what does that mean?

And, and being a Virgo, they’ll probably be like, I don’t know if I have the qualifications or the credentials, I can’t possibly do this. And so, you know, Gemini being the sibling sign of Virgo will be like, Oh, you got it, you got it, come on, just do it. And Virgo’s like, No, worried, perspiring, I don’t have credentials.

And Gemini’s like, Do it, do it! Okay, so, so for Virgos, listen to the co worker, the friend, the family member, the loved one who believes in you more than you believe in yourself and gives you that helpful, you know, push forward. And even if you do a pratfall, at least you made a grand entrance.

Amanda: Wow. Speaking of grand, that was amazing.

Thank you so much, Christopher. Let us know in the chat, was that helpful? I know I was furiously writing down notes. We were speaking about both Capricorn and Aquarius, and then of course I’m thinking of all the people in my life and writing down notes for them too. So, Christopher, thank you for that. I know it’s like, Kind of exhausting on

Christopher: some level.

Well, it’s kind of fun. It’s like a game show, you know, you’re like, what’s France?

Amanda: Yes. And I know that in the, in your early astrologer days, you were doing those kinds of like quick readings for people. Right. Like, oh yeah. Yes. And everything. Okay. Well, it’s, it’s definitely paying off and we’re so grateful for your ability to just do that.

Like, wow. That’s it. That’s like, that’s just. Getting at one point you were speaking. I’m like, it’s almost like watching like a gymnast or a dancer or somebody at like the top of their craft, just doing their thing and just being able to admire like that culmination of. So many years and so much practice and so much, so much expertise all in one, like little moments.

So thank you for that because you are just, you were truly masterful. I mean, really like, wow. And it’s so helpful to all of us because you just went through and pulled out some gems. We can really hold onto these things as we look forward to 2024. So thank you for that. I’m so happy you’re going to be a teacher with us next year again in the inner circle.

If you love Christopher and you didn’t take his cosmic calendar class with us, that’s another incredible class he did with us and the planets course. So we did the planets course last year as well. We’ll put those links in the chat. We’ll put them in the description. And then of course. He will be one of our teachers next year.

So if you want to jump in, jump in now, get our best pricing, learn from Christopher and other incredible astrologers too, and practice that. It’s a great group. It’s a great

Christopher: group. It’s a fantastic group. Yeah. Yes.

Amanda: Yes. So you’ll, you’ll be practicing your flexibility of mind. You’ll be practicing all these things.


Amanda: Just a few like highlights, like big picture of what you brought up for us. I start a few things in my notes. So, getting used to talking to people one on one, really engaging in these more intimate kind of conversations with people, practicing the art of conversation. That’s another big thing. It’s going to be more friendly and collaborative.

People actually getting to know each other. Super nice. A breath of fresh air. It’s another thing I wrote down. And then also this idea of the conscientious objector. With the one saying, no, like join the group, be a part of it. Um, you know, share, be, be with us. So this, this sort of conflict that we eat, we may either find ourselves on one side or the other, or, or really like not knowing which way to go.

Right. And then you went through all the signs and all the specifics.


Amanda: So this has been so fruitful. You have been on for an hour and 21 minutes, Christopher, like on, so thank you. I hope you can go take a nap or something.

Christopher: I’ve got a reading.

Amanda: Oh my goodness. Well, maybe maybe it’s a good warm up for

Christopher: that.

Well, it’s it’s wonderful because I just can’t. I mean, I hope you guys, you know, out there. I hope some of you really, really do pursue an astrological practice. It’s just so delightful. You know, when you get to read for someone and just that interchange of stories and experience and being able to, like, speak a language and, and watching them take on the language and, and it’s just, it’s such a beautiful thing.

And that’s one of the things that I so love about Astrology Hub is the community and just everyone sort of discovering little nuggets and things like that of astrology together and really talking to one another. It’s a, it’s a beautiful thing. And astrology is a beautiful art form. You

Amanda: know what? Even if you’re not going to be an astrologer, just getting to the point where you can be helpful to the people in your life, you can look at the people in your life, their charts, you can, you can help answer the big hard questions that people have.

And even if, you know, You don’t have to get paid to do that. You could just, that could be something you’d love to do. And I know there’s so many people in our audience who would put themselves in that category. There’s about 8%. Yeah. 8 percent of our inner circle members are like, I’m either a professional or I’m on that track and then the rest are just like, I just love it.

And I want to like be in, in the conversation as much as possible. So I love what Lieutenant Charlie said. This is so great. And I’m saying yes to this right now. Can we call Christopher Jupiter from now on?

I literally had one of those Freudian slip moments. I called you Jupiter and I met you on Jupiter. I mean, it was, so yes, Lieutenant Charlie, I’m I’m in on that one. If, if Christopher’s okay with it. Yes

Christopher: I am. I don’t know if my ruling planet Saturn is going to be doing that. , but ,

Amanda: I mean you definitely have such a Jupiter energy.

Christopher: So generous. So it’s conjunct. It’s conjunct Saturn almost exactly in my charts. Oh well there we go. Yeah. So yes. Alright, .

Amanda: Well, and with the setter flavor, because there’s such an organization to your thoughts, there’s an organization to the way you present and the way you do your work. But yet it’s so generous and so expansive and so so Saturn’s going to be okay with that.

I’m sure. Yeah,

Christopher: I think so

Amanda: too. Okay. So everyone, thank you so much for being here. It’s really fun to get to do these lives every once in a while and really get to engage with you and see your comments and kind of get a glimpse into where you’re at. So thank you. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for being a part of our community.

If you want to go even deeper in our community, make sure you check out the inner circle. We’re gonna leave you with a little, a little, um, ad for the inner circle. Team has put together is beautiful. I think you’ll like it. And we’re just so grateful that you’re here. So thank you everybody for making astrology a part of your life, whether you join the inner circle or not.

We love to engage with you on the podcast and here on YouTube and Facebook, wherever you tune into us. And just, we’re so grateful that you’re in our audience, in our community. Yay. Okay. Christopher, thank you. You’re incredible.

Christopher: It’s so great to see you again.

Amanda: Okay, take care everyone.

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