Weekly Astrology Forecast: October 30th – November 5th | Saturn is behind everything this week…

Response-ability = the “ability to respond”…

I love this nuanced understanding of the word responsibility…

Because I don’t know about you, but the word responsibility always carries a bit of burden with it to me…

An heavy obligation or something that you have to “shoulder” whether you want to or not.

While focusing on responsibility as “the ability to respond” gives more empowerment and agency to the word.

But my very favorite word where “responsibility” is concerned is the Hawaiian word Kuleana

My Kumu (teacher) kuleana as one word that means both responsibility AND joy.

They are one in the same, inseparable from each other!

And this week, that’s what it’s all about.

Saturn, the “Lord of Karma” and the ruler of “Natural Law” in this dimension, has been retrograde since mid-June of this year…

And this week Saturn is basically stationary while he’s getting ready to turn direct on Saturday morning.

When planets are stationary we feel their presence even more.

And what this means, is that over the last several months, areas of life that you may need to take more responsibility for have been up for review…

Not as a punishment (although sometimes it can feel that way!) but as a necessary course correction.

Take a moment to consider what this looked like for you… did situations or events align that were encouraging you to take responsibility for your:

  • Finances
  • Health
  • Words
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Thoughts
  • Or some other area of life?  

And in consideration of the Hawaiian word, Kuleana, perhaps balancing out the sometimes heavy feeling of responsibility, with some joy in these areas of your life, is what’s on order?

As Saturn is barely moving at all this week, it’s a good time to spend some moments of stillness yourself, contemplating and integrating the lessons of the last few months. 

On the Weekly Astrological Weather this week, Master Astrologer Rick Merlin Levine emphasized the importance of “keeping your feet on the ground even though there are other astrological influences encouraging us to be ‘pulled into the clouds.’”

He emphasized the importance of “taking care of business” and focusing on “what’s real.”

But that the trick here, is wading through the temporary illusions that SEEM real!

Because as Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Rick offers his extensive and expert guidance for deciphering reality this week, here.

And you get a double dose of his brilliance this week with his November forecast here!

In the meantime, take some time to consider your kuleana… what is yours to do, your responsibility, that brings you joy? And how can you more joyfully approach your responsibilities?

Saturn’s lessons aren’t necessarily easy, but they ARE always inviting us to our next level of mastery, excellence… and joy.

Have a beautiful week,


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Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:


🌬️ Monday, October 30th: Restless Winds with Grounded Tethers

Moon moving into Gemini, squaring Saturn in Pisces

Venus in Virgo trining Uranus in Taurus


As the week dawns with the Moon transitioning into the curious sign of Gemini, there’s an undeniable sense of restlessness in the air. This Gemini energy might make many feel whimsical, eager to explore and learn. However, with the Moon squaring a stationary Saturn in Pisces, there’s a weight that grounds us, reminding us of our responsibilities and the need for a steady center of gravity.

Venus, moving swiftly through the meticulous sign of Virgo, forms a harmonious trine with the unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. This alignment tantalizes us with the allure of the unknown, perhaps presenting opportunities or desires that seem out of the ordinary. It’s like a siren’s call, teasing us with the excitement of forbidden fruit. Yet, as enticing as these prospects might be, Saturn’s presence in the background advises caution, urging us to stay grounded and realistic.

While some might embrace the Gemini Moon’s playful energy, letting their kites soar high, others might resist, feeling overwhelmed or even agitated by the breezy change. It’s essential to recognize that everyone’s astrological chart influences their reactions differently. For some, this day might be about seizing new opportunities, while for others, it might be about finding stability amidst the winds of change.

Remember, even as the winds of curiosity and excitement blow, Saturn’s tether ensures we don’t drift too far from our foundational truths. Embrace the day’s energy, but always with a sense of awareness and balance.

🔮 Tuesday, October 31st: Portals to the Underworld

Moon in Gemini, Venus in Virgo trining Uranus in Taurus

Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Scorpio


Tuesday unfolds with the Moon continuing its journey through the inquisitive sign of Gemini, amplifying our sense of curiosity and perhaps a touch of restlessness. As Venus in Virgo forms an exact trine with the unpredictable Uranus in Taurus, we might find ourselves drawn to the allure of the unknown, tempted by desires or opportunities that seem out of the ordinary.

Yet, as the Moon in Gemini makes quincunxes with the trio of Sun, Mars, and Mercury in the intense sign of Scorpio, there’s a deeper emotional pull that keeps us anchored. This Scorpio energy ensures we don’t get carried away by whimsical Gemini winds, reminding us of the profound emotional depths and truths that lie beneath the surface.

A significant aspect of the day is Mercury in Scorpio forming a quintile with the transformative Pluto. This harmonic aspect stirs the depths of our unconscious, acting as a portal to the underworld. Mercury, traditionally known as the guide between the realms, facilitates this journey, allowing us to access hidden insights and perhaps even manifest some of our deeper desires. This quintile is about making the metaphysical tangible, bringing a touch of magic into our reality.

However, amidst this deep exploration, Saturn’s influence from Monday lingers, ensuring we remain grounded and don’t lose ourselves entirely in these other dimensions. The day might present challenges in balancing our responsibilities with our desires to explore the unknown, but it’s essential to navigate with awareness.

Remember, while the allure of the unknown might be strong, it’s crucial to stay connected to our foundational truths. Embrace the day’s energies, but always with a sense of balance and grounding.

🌊 Wednesday, November 1st: Emotional Tides and Reality Checks

Moon transitioning from Gemini to Cancer by mid-afternoon

Moon in Gemini squaring Venus and Neptune

Venus in Virgo still resonating with its trine to Uranus

Moon in Cancer trining Saturn in Pisces


Wednesday begins with the Moon in the communicative and curious sign of Gemini, setting the stage for a morning filled with mental activity and perhaps a touch of restlessness. As the Moon squares both Venus and Neptune early in the day, there’s a sense of confusion and perhaps even a blurring of boundaries. With Venus still vibrating from its recent trine to Uranus, our desires might feel intensified, and the square to Neptune can add a layer of dreaminess or even illusion to our perceptions.

This combination might make it challenging to discern what’s real from what’s imagined, especially in the realm of relationships and personal desires. The morning hours could feel like navigating a dreamy maze, where every turn reveals both enchantment and uncertainty.

However, by mid-afternoon, the Moon transitions into the nurturing and emotionally charged sign of Cancer. This shift brings a noticeable change in the day’s energy. Instead of the airy curiosity of Gemini, we’re pulled into the watery depths of Cancer, where emotions take center stage. For some, this might mean a deep dive into feelings, while for others, it could be a time of emotional retreat and introspection.

The significant aspect of the afternoon is the Moon in Cancer forming a trine with Saturn in Pisces. This harmonious connection offers a much-needed reality check. After the morning’s dreamy confusion, the trine to Saturn grounds us, providing clarity and stability. It’s a reminder that even amidst emotional waves, there’s a solid foundation we can rely on. This grounding energy doesn’t negate our feelings but rather offers a supportive structure to understand and process them.

Remember, Wednesday is a day of contrasts. While the morning might feel like drifting in a dream, the afternoon offers an anchor. Embrace the emotional tides, but always with the awareness that there’s a steady shore nearby.

🌌 Thursday, November 2nd: Emotional Depth and Cosmic Tensions

Moon transitioning through Cancer

Moon in Cancer trining Sun, Mars, and Mercury in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio squaring Neptune and opposing Jupiter

Jupiter and Neptune in a half square


Thursday’s cosmic landscape is painted with the Moon’s journey through the nurturing waters of Cancer. As it sails through this sign, it forms harmonious trines with the Sun, Mars, and Mercury, all stationed in the intense depths of Scorpio. This alignment brings a sense of emotional depth, introspection, and perhaps a desire to connect with our innermost feelings and intuitions.

However, the day is not without its challenges. The Sun, while in Scorpio, forms a tense square and a half aspect with the dreamy Neptune, adding a layer of confusion, illusion, or even a sense of disillusionment. This aspect can make it challenging to discern reality from fantasy, urging us to tread carefully, especially when it comes to our perceptions and beliefs.

Adding to the cosmic tension, the Sun also opposes expansive Jupiter. This opposition can magnify our desires, ambitions, and even our egos. It’s a day where everything seems larger than life, and we might feel pulled in different directions. On one hand, the Scorpio Sun urges us to dive deep, to seek the truth and transform. On the other, Jupiter in Taurus encourages growth, expansion, and indulgence.

Behind the scenes, Jupiter and Neptune are dancing in a half square, further amplifying the themes of expansion, dreams, and illusions. These two planets, often associated with spirituality, beliefs, and higher ideals, challenge us to find a balance between our aspirations and reality. The tension between them suggests a struggle between our dreams and the practical means to achieve them.

Thursday is a day of contrasts. The nurturing Moon in Cancer offers emotional depth and introspection, while the Sun’s interactions with Neptune and Jupiter challenge our perceptions and expand our horizons. It’s a day to be mindful of our feelings, beliefs, and desires, ensuring we remain grounded amidst the cosmic waves.

Remember, while the cosmos may present challenges, they also offer opportunities for growth, transformation, and deeper understanding. Embrace the journey, but always with awareness and discernment.

🌊 Friday, November 3rd: Navigating Your Dreams and Reality

Venus opposes Neptune, Venus square and a half to Jupiter, Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn stationary direct


On Friday, you’ll find yourself at the crossroads of aspiration and practicality. As Venus opposes Neptune, you might feel a pull towards your idealistic visions. The day illuminates your dreams, urging you to differentiate between genuine inspiration and fleeting illusions.

With Venus’s square and a half to Jupiter, your desires will be heightened. However, it’s essential for you to strike a balance. While it’s natural to chase your ambitions, it’s equally crucial to recognize your boundaries. Whether you’re diving into a new passion or making a pivotal decision, remember that moderation is your ally.

Amidst these expansive energies, the Moon in Cancer offers you a comforting embrace. Its trines and sextiles encourage you to trust your intuition and emotional instincts. It’s a gentle reminder to stay rooted in your feelings, especially when the world around you seems so enticing.

As the evening approaches, the Moon’s opposition to Pluto in Capricorn invites introspection. This is your moment to delve deep, addressing any lingering emotions or unresolved matters. It’s not about getting swept up in drama, but rather understanding the core of your feelings.

The highlight of the day is Saturn going stationary direct. While this signals a shift towards progress, it’s a gradual journey. Embrace patience, understanding that real, lasting change unfolds over time, not overnight.

Transitioning into the wee hours of Saturday, the Moon’s entrance into Leo promises a burst of confidence. From the gentle cradle of Cancer, you’re ushered into Leo’s realm of self-assuredness. It’s a hint of the vibrant energy that awaits you.

In essence, Friday challenges you to harmonize the dreamy allure of your aspirations with the solid foundation of reality. It’s your day to dream big, but also to anchor those dreams in thoughtful actions and introspection.

Saturday, November 4th: Embracing the Unexpected and the Unseen

Moon enters Leo, Mars quintile Pluto, Mercury opposes Uranus, Multiple Septiles


Saturday welcomes you with a shift in energy as the Moon strides confidently into Leo. This transition encourages you to manifest your inner passions and creativity outwardly. It’s a day where your internal inspirations find an expressive outlet, urging you to shine and share your unique light with the world.

However, the day isn’t just about flamboyant expression. Mars forms a quintile with Pluto, transforming what was once a mental or intellectual energy earlier in the week into something more tangible and physical. This aspect is a potent reminder of the deep reservoirs of power you possess. It’s a call to action, urging you to harness this dynamic energy and channel it productively.

Mercury’s opposition to Uranus might catch you off guard. Expect the unexpected in conversations. Words may flow freely, and revelations might surface, shedding light on hidden truths. While this can lead to enlightening discussions, it’s essential to tread carefully, ensuring that your words are both honest and considerate.

The day is further intensified by Saturn’s stationary position, emphasizing the significance of the events unfolding around you. It’s a reminder that while things might seem to be moving slowly or not at all, the universe is meticulously laying down the groundwork for what’s to come.

Now, the septiles. These mysterious, otherworldly aspects dominate the day, making it feel as if you’ve stepped into an episode of “Stranger Things.” Septiles, with their elusive and complex nature, bring forth moments that might feel fated or predestined. It’s as if the universe is weaving a tapestry of events that, while challenging to comprehend, are undeniably intertwined with your journey.

The Moon, Venus, Saturn, North Node, and Mercury all engage in this dance of septiles, creating a symphony of energies that might feel both alien and familiar. It’s a day where the boundaries between the seen and the unseen blur, inviting you to embrace both the known and the mysterious.

In essence, Saturday is a day of contrasts. While the Leo Moon urges you to bask in the spotlight, the septiles whisper secrets from the shadows. It’s a day to be both a performer and a mystic, understanding that life’s magic often lies in the balance between the two. Embrace the unexpected, trust in the fateful moments, and remember that even in the strangest of times, you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

🌙 Sunday, November 5th: Navigating Dreams and Grounding Visions

Jupiter half square Neptune, Moon in Leo squares Mars, Uranus, and Mercury, Daylight Saving Time ends


Sunday feels like the gentle ebb after the week’s tidal wave of energies. As you navigate the day, Jupiter’s half square to Neptune takes center stage. This aspect, lingering throughout the week, amplifies the realms of dreams, imagination, and spirituality. However, it also comes with a cautionary note: with Jupiter’s expansive nature and Neptune’s boundless dreams, there’s a risk of overextending or getting lost in the vastness of it all. It’s a day to dream big, but also to discern which dreams can be anchored into reality.

The Moon, continuing its journey through Leo, forms squares with Mars, Uranus, and Mercury. These aspects might stir up some emotional turbulence, prompting you to assert yourself, seek change, or communicate your feelings. Remember to adjust your clocks, as Daylight Saving Time ends today. This temporal shift serves as a metaphorical reminder to realign and recalibrate, ensuring you’re in tune with both cosmic and earthly rhythms.

The dance between the ethereal and the tangible is a central theme. While Neptune invites you into the world of dreams, illusions, and spiritual journeys, Saturn in Pisces gently reminds you to find grounding amidst the cosmic waves. It’s a delicate balance, ensuring that while you explore the vast oceans of consciousness, you also have a sturdy ship to navigate these waters.

Today, you’re encouraged to embrace both the dreamer and the realist within you. While it’s tempting to float in Neptune’s dreamy seas, Saturn’s influence nudges you to create a scaffolding around your visions. Whether it’s a personal goal, a creative project, or a spiritual insight, it’s essential to find ways to anchor these dreams into your daily life.

In essence, Sunday is a day of introspection, exploration, and grounding. It’s an invitation to dive deep into the waters of imagination, but also to come up for air, ensuring you have a clear path forward. As you navigate the day’s energies, remember that every dream has the potential to be realized, provided you give it the structure and attention it deserves.


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