Time for honesty and sharing your truth…

[Cosmic Insider] Time for honesty and sharing your truth…


“Astrology is very complex but it’s not meant to be complicated. Everything builds on everything else… It gives you that roadmap.”


—Astrologer Scott Tejerian, Weekly Astrological Weather



The Full Moon in Sagittarius is just hours behind us, providing you an opportunity to pause and consider this…


Is there anywhere in your life where the energy feels stuck or stagnant? Where there’s truth you haven’t expressed for fear of the repercussions? 


With the Full Moon in Sagittarius just hours behind us, it’s time to have those honest conversations, the ones that could light a fire, but in doing so, the energy is freed and able to MOVE.


Intuitive Astrologer, Scott Tejerian joined me on the Weekly Weather to explain that right now we are in a culminating moment that began with the Gemini New Moon a few weeks ago, that was all about gathering information and connection.


What did you learn in the two weeks? 

What connections have you made?

What answers did you receive? 


Because now is the time for you to express those truths.


This theme of gathering and sharing information continues with Mercury returning to its home in Gemini.


So you have even more opportunity to embrace your curiosity, learn about the things that light you up, and gather knowledge to share with the world.


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This is an incredible chance for you to continue with the Sagittarius energy of this week so you can get your questions answered about the next 6 months, gather astrological insights and share them with the people in YOUR world. 


Can’t wait to see you soon!


CEO & Founder


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