Supporting Your Gemini Child

Who is a Gemini Child? A “Gemini child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Gemini, or if multiple planets (3 or more) are in the sign of Gemini.



Your Gemini Child


So you probably found out your child is a Gemini and went online to look at what that means, only to be flooded with the most unfavorable interpretations and distasteful jokes. You might've been startled reading articles illustrating them as anything from two-faced, cheating and a bit of a video game addict. Now you're out there looking for parenting tips on how to mitigate working with a child that might as well be the Looney Tunes Tasmanian devil. 

Gemini Child


Well, the first and most crucial parenting tip I can give you is to ignore literally everything you've read about Gemini so far. 


Geminis are one of the most intelligent, flexible and quick-witted people out there, and while they're not exempt from causing a bit of trouble every now and then—just like everybody else— giving them the space to make these mistakes will be the best thing you can do for them. That's because Gemini learns from experience, and this is a sign who loves a promising venture.


Like Astrologer and Herbalist Cameron Allen puts it on the Gemini episode of Seeds of Light: “Gemini is a jack of all trades, and master of many.”


Today you're actually in excellent hands to explore your child's sign because I'm a bit of a Gemini expert. 


Being one of 6 children who all have a hefty amount of planets in Gemini, I had plenty of time to learn how to work with the Sign myself and how to tolerate when my siblings were getting a bit too mischievous and argumentative for their own good (I'm sure they'd say the same about me). I even asked my father what would be the one piece of advice he'd give to another parent of a Gemini Child, and here's what he said:


“Watching you all grow up felt like being in a never-ending sitcom. It was a lot of fun when I was in the mood for it, but getting you guys to take things seriously was almost impossible. Things only got easier when I realized that joking about something doesn't mean you don't care about it. So if I could instruct the parents out there, I'd say: learn to take a joke.”


Gemini Child – Key Attributes


Besides a good sense of humor, one of the things you'll notice about your child is how curious they are. Most children will go through a phase from around 4 to 14 when “why” becomes their favorite word. The funny thing is that Ancient Astrologer Ptolemy attributes those years to the planet Mercury, who's said to be the provider for Gemini. With that, it's only fair to assume that what would be a decade-long incessant questioning will likely turn into a lifetime of pondering.


Gemini Child Personality

This curiosity, when unsupervised, can get your child into some weird spaces, especially on the internet. Your first instinct might be to censor them, but Gemini is not a sign that appreciates censorship. If anything, the forbidden fruit becomes much more enticing to them.


Still, this level of nosiness is hardly easy to sustain. This is reflected in Gemini's element and mode: Air and Mutable, the most flexible combination of the zodiac. 

I mean, think about it, Air is intangible, fluid, quick and ethereal, and Mutable signs are the signs that sit in between two seasons. With that, it's easy to see that Gemini can't be contained by anyone, even themselves. They're perpetually in flux and moving from one place to the next, just like their ruling planet Mercury, the messenger of the Gods.


Speaking of Mercury, there's a Gemini trait overlooked in modern times that I believe does a massive disservice to the Sign. 


Gemini and Mercury alike have always been connected to games. Today when we think about games, the first thing that comes to mind are video games, trading cards or tabletop games like Monopoly. Gemini might indeed have an affinity towards these sorts of enterprises. Yet, there's one Mercurial activity that somehow now gets attributed to Mars, perhaps because of our simplistic view of masculinity. That is, of course: sports.


No one takes a sport more seriously than Gemini. Mars may be related to iron and weight lifting, but it's Mercury who makes a meal plan, counts all of their calories, stretches several times a day and develops complex workout regimens to target specific muscles that would give them the advantage over their competitors. Introducing your child to that side of themselves will undoubtedly pay off. They may even force you to keep up with your work routine, which could be a good way to connect with them —and have a free mini personal trainer.


Key Challenges for Gemini Children


We talked about how Gemini is not a sign known for containment, and the same can be said about their ideas. Cameron Allen was kind enough to modify the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” when talking about Gemini, but in my personal experience as a Gemini person, the risk of not mastering any of my interests was always an issue I had to deal with, and my 5 siblings all can relate to that too.


Now, things get tricky because forcing a Gemini to do only one thing or finish one project before they start the next won't work either. The best thing you can do as a parent is teach them how to integrate their many interests into one thing.

Gemini Child Parenting Tips

Geminis are typically the people with multi-faceted careers, like a veterinarian who also knits and has an AC/DC cover band on the weekends. Your job as a parent would be to teach them how to integrate all of these things into one big project. Not everyone has the brain capacity and stamina to juggle these many things at once, but luckily enough, your Gemini child is not one of these people.


Take the time to sit and have brainstorming sessions with your child, even if their current aspiration is to be a mermaid who is also a lawyer and runs a coffee shop. Teaching them how to find what connects seemingly disparate objectives will make their life much easier. They'll also have a lot of fun doing that with you.

How To Support Your Gemini Child


The most supportive thing you can do to your little Gemini is to let them talk; the worst thing you can do is let them talk alone. This child craves being heard as much as they love talking. And authentic listening is one that contests, argues and breaks their thoughts apart because that's the only way Gemini learn something new about their ideas.

Parent of a Gemini Child


They don't mind changing their mind because, in fact, it's constantly changing. With their unshakable sense of humor, Geminis are not the type to get offended very easily either. If anything, they love the thrill of a good argument. Yet, this is also something that you may have to teach them how to control.


My siblings and I always got in trouble at school, not because we were troublemakers, but because we always tried to debate our teachers. The more patient educators found that endearing, while others were not impressed.


An excellent activity to ease that issue is implementing a thing I like to call the “book of mistakes.” Instead of having them argue with their teachers or colleagues, get them to write everything they think is wrong down so when they get home, you can go through the extensive list one by one and research together whether that was actually a misinformed statement or not. The good thing about this technique is that it solves many common Gemini problems at once. They'll learn that their opinion is not the most informed, and they'll cultivate patience while also gaining trust in the word of their superiors.


I’m not just saying this because of my own personal Gemini placements, but having a Gemini child can be a lot of fun. All you have to do is be willing to be entertained on their terms, and that means a lot of talking, tons of puzzles and riddles and sometimes even a bit of a prank. If you let them, they won’t shy away from using Gemini's biggest superpower: Time Travel. Because with them, you’ll always be reminded of what it feels like to be a kid again.


So if you’re raising a Gemini Child…


  • Allow them to have many interests while also teaching them how to interconnect all of them.


  • Have brainstorming sessions together about topics they're interested in.


  • Don't be fooled by their joking tone; know that they can take things seriously even when they crack jokes about it.


  • Teach them how to dissect information and how to fact-check without being dismissive of someone's expertise.


  • Get them on an exercise routine to explore their natural inclination towards sports and bodybuilding.


  • Play lots of games together.


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In this Seeds of Light episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Cameron Allen and Host Ana Zaharia discuss how to support your Gemini child. Click here to watch or listen!


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This article was written by Joe Santos.

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