Time to Purify

[Cosmic Insider] Time to Purify 🔥



This week is the perfect time to consider different aspects of your life and ask the “Marie Kondo” question… “Does it spark joy?”


If the answer is “no,” it may be time to thank it for the lessons and experiences it provided… and let it go.


If the answer is “yes,” this is the time to make sure you are truly honoring by providing it with space nourishment.


The astrology this week is encouraging you to fan the flames of what’s sacred in your life – this could be a project you’re working on, a relationship, a dream or idea… and let go of anything that isn’t.


With the first quarter moon in Virgo and prominent Vesta placement, upcoming Inner Circle Astrologer Nura Rachelle (who joined me on the Weekly Weather) also says it’s important to slow down this week so you can move forward with clarity, spaciousness and focus.  


Here are some additional ideas from Nura to really harness this week’s Virgo/Vesta energy…


Purification. Since Vesta is traveling through Pisces, it is especially important to purify your emotional space, and you can do that on a physical level by treating your body like the sacred temple that it is.


Devotion. What are you devoted to? What is that sacred flame within that is worth protecting and creating space for? Whatever it is, make sure you are giving it what it needs to burn brightly. 


Cleansing. If the energy in your space is clean, your energy, your creativity, and your relationships can flow. Clear out your physical spaces, consider a fast for your body, and/or simplify your schedule. 


You can even look at where Vesta is in your own chart for more insight into where you may need to do some self-care to replenish your inner flame. 


Nura says it’s “full-on goddesses this week”, so check out the full episode for her complete rundown of the days ahead. 


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Until then, keep your sacred flame burning. 


Sending you my best,


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